Promising New Actors:

The last list I made of promising new actors a few months back contained the names of Umer Naru, Yasir Shoro, Naveen Waqar, Annie Jaffrey and a child star. Since then many new faces have proved that they are equally talented. I take pride in the fact that our entertainment industry is filled with amazing talent. We have seen some of these actors in many of the dramas but I think that they are capable of doing much better and they should be given a chance to play a lead role in dramas. I must give credit to Tanya here for inspiring me to go ahead with writing this article; otherwise the reviews keep me occupied enough. I request everyone to add new names to this list and also give your opinion about the actors who are part of the list.


1. Sheryaar Munawar:


I don’t think this actor needs any introduction; he has stolen the hearts of many with his amazing talent and has done a great job of playing Urooj in MDKJZM. I really want to see him perform a character where we also get to gauge his dialogue delivery. In my opinion if an actor can do so well without uttering any dialogues, I am sure he can do wonders while playing other characters.

Shehryaar is an IBA graduate and lives in Karachi.


2. Kiran Haq:


Another emerging young talented actress, who seems to have a natural aptitude for acting, we saw her playing Mansoor’s sister in Durr-e-Shehwar and she is performing in quite a few plays at the moment. I am certain that Kiran Haq will go a long way, here is wishing her all the best.




3. Maya Ali:


I am certain that a lot of people will agree with me that Maya Ali is a very gifted young lady and she has a very cute face. She played Durr-e-Shehwar’s sister in the play and I am looking forward to watching her play the lead role in Ek Nayee Cindrella.





4. Yumna Zaidi:


The first time Yumna Zaidi caught my attention was when I saw her performing Sadaf’s younger sister in Thakan, most of us I am sure do not think very highly of Mehak but one must appreciate the great acting done by this gifted actress.












5. Hamza Ali Abbasi:


Yes, we may not like the Omung Lassi add and we all hate Salaar but the actor playing it has tons of potential and he is definitely someone I would want to see more of on television. Hamza ali Abbasi has acted in many International projects as well and also directed the film ‘Mud House and the Golden Doll’. He is an actor, writer and a director. We will also be seeing him in the upcoming Pakistani Film “Waar”. Having started off with theatre, this actor is bound to have a very promising future in films as well as in dramas.




6. Maheen Rizvi:


This list would be incomplete without this endowed performer, she is another actress who was born to perform. We have seen her doing complete justice to her roles in Zard Mausam and Bilquees Kaur but her fans want to see her playing a lead role because she truly deserves it.









Please feel free to add to the list and share your opinion about the actors in the list.


Author: Fatima Awan.

  • i luv fawad

    I HATE kiran haq a lot she should leave the drama industry i like the rest though shehyar is very talented

    • caroline

      yap i also like shehryar as he is cute smily and inocent but i realy realy HATE kiran haq very much

  • Maliha

    very excited to see shehryar in zindagi gulzar hai. He is playing Osama (fawad khan's best friend).

    • Khurram

      fawad khan ko jitna rise hamsafar ne diya tha uss se ziada fall Ashk ne de diya hai

      • IT

        i don't think fawad ki image ashk ki waja se zyada khrab hui hai because his fans still like him. agar ashk ki story achi nahin thi is ka matlab ye to nahin hai ke fawad ki acting mein koi problem thi.

        people are still waiting to watch him in zindagi gulzar hai.

  • esha

    mehreen rizvi is awesome!!!

    • nidakanwaln

      lol yeh awesome hai its very

  • baacha

    sheharyar, yumna zaide, maheen rize is good


    atleast humayun saeed,faisalqureshi ahsan khan se jan chote ge in new faces k waja se


    i realy like maya ali in dur e shehwar,..

    and shehryar munawar is so handsome

  • Khurram

    seen maheen rizvi in many playes but in most plays she seemed to be ignored like in kafir, bilqees kaur

  • Hammu

    Totally agreed to the guy who's at the top ! He deserved that spot ! Yumna and Maya are very cute ! And yea .. Hamza may not be people's favorite these days but since people are cursing him in real life,that means he's a successful actor and he has accomplished what he was given ! I would really like to see Maheen in more leading roles.She is far more talented than those side roles !

    I would like to add Shamreen from Bari Aapa.She seemed quite talented.And the adorable Jojo (Anum Fayyaz) from Zard Mausam.After Shereyar .. she would be 2nd on my list.And great list Fatima.I like how we are introduced to new faces.

    • Fatima Awan

      Hammu her name is Sarah Khan.

  • Farah

    Wow, a truly gifted list. It will be nice to see some fresh, young,faces on our tv screens. The boys playing the lead in " Eik naye Cinderella "are also new & cute.

  • humaira

    we need some more male actors. sick and tired of same old faces.

  • fb

    Durr-e-Shehwar k brother-in-law ka role jis ne kiya tha woh bhi acha actor hay wesay…..fatima achi list banaey hay aur plz ek list aur banaeen jis me best negative role list ho esay characters jinhain dekh kar hamara dil karay k inhain qatal he kar dalain nahi tou phir galli to zarro niklay mou se…

    ek list aur jo k star plus ki bahoon(daughter in laws)jesay characters hain achay yanni zarorat se ziyada achay allha miyaan ki gaey jesay

  • Fatima Awan

    FB his name is Umer Naru and he was in the last list I made a few months back:) very good idea especially villians one.. I can think of many!

    • fb

      thanks a lot Fatima.khosh raheay

  • Rubab


    • Fatima Awan

      Rubab I know there are many more new faces but these are my favorites among all the newcomers…feel free to add to the list plz.

      • Aleezey

        Yes, there are many more. D

  • hina

    kiran huq is best

  • Afsheen R

    Nice to see young people come to our amazing TV industry. I applaud all those Directors & producers who take a chance on these young people.

  • sparky

    Yumna zaidi ki acting. hats off yaar. shes brilliant at such young age. i was amazaed by her acting in thakan.

  • precious mahi

    sheRyaar MunawaR & yuMna zaidiiii

  • precious mahi

    sheryaar munawar & yumna zaidiii

  • pakistani

    shehryar hamza and maya seems promising to me

  • husain nasir

    Shahryar Hamza. The deaf n dumb lad has looks– acting we shall judge when he speaks in a drama..

  • husain nasir

    Sorry meant Hamza Ali Abbasi— typing error Shahryar Hamza !

  • anoshia

    yumna and sheryal r vry good kiran haq is doing good acting in mi raqsam

  • ak

    shehryar munawar and the young girl yumna zaidi

  • Afia Qazi

    Good concept and selection, enjoyed going through them all.

    maheen rizvi was impressive even in maat- saw her there first.

    Hamza AA is making another film, this one with ahsan khan in the lead.

    • Fatima Awan

      Don't remember Maheen's character in maat.. Refresh my memory.

      • tani

        no need

  • sara

    well shehryar is nycc but….hamza looks like robert pattinson 😛

  • http://none sara

    shereyar is nyc but hamza looks like robert pattinson 😛

  • Fatima Awan

    hey guys Shehryaar Munawar commented on the last MDKJZM is the link

    • Ghada

      Wow!Yay!Congrats Fatima! :) So happy to see him there! :)

      • Fatima Awan

        Thanks Ghada. The comment is for everyone here on DOL, that is why everyone should Know how much he appreciates how his fans feel about him.

    • UA

      Wow thats great so nice of him credit goes to you Fatima you gives such a great reviews. Just love this drama should be on top of the list every month. I am talking about the rating.

      • Fatima Awan

        UA, that is very sweet of you but it would be very unfair on my part to think that i deserve all the credit. The real credit goes of all of you, who read the reviews and share what you think about the play on the thread and the real credit also goes to these celebrities who don't take fame for granted. Keep reading & commenting:)

  • sss

    How come you have forgotten to add Rushna ( Mansha Pasha)from Shehre zaat? I think she is cute and very talented. She has been liked by many viewers and I think she is also doing very well in ' Madiha Maliha'!

  • LOL

    Wat about the guy who played durre shahwar brother in law he was just amazing!!!

    • Fatima Awan

      Lol he Was in the last list Which I made a few months back.

  • ayesha

    tooba,s sister in Man jali dnt knw her name she is also coming in new drama serial Saat pardon mai…. i liked her acting in man jali

  • UA

    Shehryar munawar and Maheen Rizvi are very promising. Just love Shehryar's acting and expressions. Maheen is coming in a leading in Tv one's drama (pehli andhi mossam ki) and a sitcom meri wives kai liae

  • anoshia

    lol dur e shwar,s dewar was there in the last list of new actors

  • yf

    Ya,Rushna should be added to the list of promising talented young people

    • Fatima Awan

      Mansha Pasha has been doing great so far, you are right she deserves to be in the list.

  • yf

    Please put a photo of Rushna (Mansha Pasha)Does she live in Karachi and is she studying? Would love to know more about her!

  • cracked

    nice article … shahryar and yumna seriously deserve great round of applause … they both r cute and doing marvelous job in their respective roles

  • cracked

    there is this new boy in many dramas … may b u have mentioned him in any of your previous articles …. one of those twin brothers who was in khushbo ka ghar, meri laadli …chandni and many others… also nowadays he is in piya ka ghar pyara lagey

    • hana

      OmG he is SO cute…his bro too haha! i think one's name is Hammad…

  • Sehar

    Fatima, I really have to mention this one guy who is in a negative role. I think as viewers we lean more towards the "good guys" but this one actor ( I don't know his name) has truly done justice to his role. The drama is "Maseeha" and the drama is horrible-But this guy has played the role of a "tutor' and is teaching one of the two sisters. I tell you he has done one hell of a job portraying this nasty character. And he is worth mentioning. One day I just decided to check "masheeha" out and clicked on this episode in which he appears. It was the creepiest acting ever but definitely one of the worthiest. I really really want you to see just his bit in the drama and you'll see for yourself. His name deserves to be in the list up there!:)

    • Fatima Awan

      Sehar i stopped watching Maseeha after the 11th episode. which episode was he in? I would definitely want to find out who he is. send a link.

  • Tanya

    very good article Fatima…. shorty but informative

  • samy

    Hamza Ali Abbasi is a an eye candy! wish to see him more often

  • zunesha

    shehryar munawar best actor aiza and shehryar best couple