Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa Episode 50 in High Quality – 20 January 2013

Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa Episode 50 in High Quality – 20 January 2013




  • xaini

    is draMay mai actorsss k expressions nd unki urduuu…wahhh dil khush hugaya :p

  • mehreen

    this is a great drama… i hope people could actually realize the art and beauty behind this…

  • Malix

    The Ist 30 minutes of this Episode ….Marvellous Dialogues..Amazing Characters :)

  • Umeed

    hahhha…. what are the dialogues of BADRIKA….!
    I cannot stop laughter……ohmg

    • zaeem

      exactly badrika rocked today.
      when she told the names of 70,80 and 90 decade heros…. and the expressions of both sisters were marvelous.

  • Aysha

    I loved Rooh afza's mother…where is she?

  • wisechap

    The scene between Shakooran, Nazir and Roohafza was amazing. Badrika was also peeping through a window. All the four characters are played by the same actress but can anyone can point out any similarity in acting , getup or dialogue delivery in all the four characters in a single scene.

    • babar

      hey i dint notice that ,ur right , dats amazing yar

      • wisechap

        That is exactly what I mean, it seemed that all these characters were portraying different personlities that is why nobody notice this. This the seccess of Hina Dilpazir.

        • babar

          yeah may be that is how th director wanted to show his work , this scene must would have been a challenge for the directer

    • Umeed

      and u forgot the role of BANGALI BAJI…… shez also Hina dilpazir.

  • nadia

    u know when my mother get upset we just play qudusi sahib ki bewa for her on dramasonline though all days of the week and we enjoy alot all the by watching one episode for six time such a superb comedy of all time.

    • babar

      lol i watch each episode min of 4 times lol

  • nadia

    plzzz isss drmaaa ka atleast 200 episode tho hona chahaya plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • waseem

    It is very nice and entertaining drama but some charater bored thier role should be decrease such as Rooh Afza.

    • babar

      ur right roh afza and bewah bot are taking it lightly now

  • qurat

    hina dilpzir chaaaaaaaa gae hai :) best drama!

  • abubaker

    shakooran and nazir was amazing so beautiful actress

  • babar

    cmon guys this episode deserve 9.s rating

  • naveed

    Main Hina Dilpazeer ki adakari ko pasand krta hoon, magar qadosi sab ki bawa shro shoro main acha tha, magar ab fahsashi zayza hi, oor family kay sath bath kar nahi dekha ja sakta hai, lehaza mahbani karin or dramay main fahshi kam karain. thanks

  • Sobia

    Aay bhaiaa deerama tu mujhay itta pasanad hai ky pocho matti……

  • yaha

    rooh afza kya acting ki hai hina app tho legend ho aisa drama pehla khabi nahi dhaika hamaray apna mulk ka drama superb hai aur hum proud krty hai apna dramo aur apni indutry paa

  • mehreen

    ajj kal ka tenshion ma itna fresh drama wow iliachi halla ,rooh afza aur bashir r g8 overall sub ek sa bar kr ek hai…………….keep it up ARY

  • ammara

    if you are tensed upset and so on watch this drama 😀 u’ll feel awsome 😀

    • Arif


  • Tayyeb Noor

    3rd calsss

  • ffdg



  • awais khan

    i love roh afza actting hahahahaha jab wo kehti hay guurrrrrrrrrllllll hahahhahahaha

  • Seriously

    Such a fazool drama

  • ali

    bakwas drama bund ho jana chayi