Reema Expecting Her First Baby – Latest News

Leading Pakistani film actress and producer Reema Khan is expecting her first baby and she had extended US stay till August 2012. Reema khan got married to American based Cardiologist Dr.Tariq Shahab on November 16, 2011 at Virginia United States.





The Reema Khan and husband Dr Tariq Shahab are very happy to become parents whereas Reema expressed her joy saying, “It’s the biggest gift for a woman to become a mother”. Reema’s friends Rambo, Resham and Sahiba also congratulated her.



Recently, the couple Reema Khan and Dr Tariq Shahab also attended a reception in White House Washington, being invited by the US President Barack Obama to speak over the Bill to cut taxes. The reception was given to 100 Pakistanis by US State Department. We wish Reema Khan many blessings and good luck to be a mother soon.

  • aqil is mail

    cograts Reema

  • aliya


  • Hammu

    lol .. that was fast 😛

    • Hibah Shah

      No woman, She should have got pregnant right away.I think you think She's 21 😛

      She had to hurry up mann cause of her age.

      God Bless Her And New Baby

      • Hammu

        I don't know her exact age .. but i do know that she's not 21 😛 yea .. but still it feels like y-day she was getting married.Time flies 😀 😛 Ameen :)

  • http://wariii wari

    wOOOoooo yumMmMiiii :)

  • http://gg ganda bacha

    congrats reema

  • hania

    truly strange, bri speedain hain ………. but congo reema

  • samina

    kya baat hey ji, itney repeated abortions kerwa key bhi dobara forn pregnant ho gaien..koi asar nahien hoa

    • Soma

      What a disgusting to say about another woman. And that too during Ramadan.

      Are you proud of yourself for making her sound like a whore?

      • NK

        I agree with Soma. Everyone who is commenting indecent shows her/his own personality. I really feel pathetic for such sick brothers and sisters. They really think they are pios, pristine and pure but I have a big doubt on it.

    • box

      I 100% agree with Soma!

    • Maryam

      you're so disgusting Samina!

      • samina

        u are disgusting as well maryam.hypocrate

    • samina

      HAHAHA.. What a group of angels lurking here, reality is bitter accept it, jo haqeeqat woh hey tum loog ko acha lagey na lagey.. bunch of hypocrates.

    • samina

      yeah , samina said true it absolutely true . i know the doc who used to perform her procedures,samina yahan loog bohat parsa banien gey yeh sab wohi hien jo mouqa miltey hi batien bhi banien gey.

      • maryam

        samina ji aap apni baat ki taeed ker rahi hien

        ya aap koi aur samina hien?

        • Kashaf


  • saiqa

    all da best…

  • sana

    dear, congratulaion….. u r on the right way married life now becoming mother …u r lucky one like aish

  • Tanya

    Yeh Reema ka husband hai yaa father ?


    Aik gandu aurat, gandi nasal ko hee janam daey sakti hai.

    • box

      Please watch your tone!! I feel pity on you and your thoughts!!

    • Anum

      Kisi Hollywood ya Bollywood ki larki kay baray mai tou aap kay yeh khayal nahin hon gay shaid, rather I am pretty sure….hypocrisy at its best

      • http://yahoo shee

        apne garibaan me dekho kia pta ap is se b zaiada bure ho..

  • box


  • Sumaira

    Seriously yeh buddha toh reema ji ka abbo lagg raha hai, naa keh shohar

  • samina

    yes iam another person.-:D,i ddnt even notice it.:-))

  • http://gg Dia

    congo congo reema but yeah to is ka dada lag raha ha 😀 humain kha lena dena

    • sweeto

      wo os ka dada lgy yeh nana is sa ap ko kya….jb koi lena dena he nhi ha dia..hud he kaha humain kya lena dena

      • SmOkY aAsShh

        i think sweeto is a very big fan of reema's…cannot hear any bad coments abt her..rite?

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  • dua

    is pic mai zaida budha lag raha hai..but i seen their wedding clips on tv..itna budha nahi lag raha wahan..n by the way reema kon si bachi hai..!!couple is ok.. bcoz after all he is educated yar he is qualified Dr from card holder..n reema's education,i think she is not even matric..but its their personal life..i dont want to get into dat..

    i just wanna say..congrats reema..!! May God bless both of u wid a sweet kid..!!!

    • sweeto

      dua u r totl wrong fst f all u said so many things abt reema at end u said tht its her personl lyf n u dun interfare….g8..i jxt wana one thing say good abt her r bad its mean u r double fce person n who lyk ur comment may be ur frnd n sick lyk u..

  • Kashaf

    Congrats reema:)

  • aliya

    reema is soooo pretty nd decent…pta kon log hain jo usy burah samjty hain..i thnk meera k frndz he ho skty hain esy jealous

  • Haleem Barkandi

    admit it or not, reema is hawtest paki ever!!!!

  • gabru jawaan

    yeh bacha mera hai is budhay main itni himmat kahan reema sach bata do pls sab ko mat daroo is duniya se lol

    • SmOkY aAsShh

      ye kia bongi hai?

  • ZaAye

    congrats to her :)

  • saadia

    Mashallah Reema many congratulations both of you, May Allah swt give u healthy & long life baby A'meen . again God bless both of u.

  • Syeda Rizvi

    congrts reema love u..

  • shabana hamid

    Great news Congrats Reema and her Husband.

  • sweeto

    congrats reema..n god bless..dun mind abt cheap people hve vcomment abt u…not all sum f them..n i hope they r geting jelouse frm u..

  • Muhammad uSMAN

    Many Congrdulation to Reema and her Husband.

  • http://gmail rabia

    congats…….reema g

  • http://gmail rabia



    wah bhai bht jaldi agay agay jary ho …

    chalo mubarak ho

  • http://facebook sparrow

    khuda ap ko pyra sa baby yr checkss..pinky pinky:-P

  • saba

    congrat to reema and her old husbnd:-P



  • monis

    wow congarjz to aunty reema :p

  • monis

    congrats :p

  • Naziya ansari



      i liked loveing….any thing tbout leve

  • Naziya ansari


  • Faizan

    Congrats dear reema g….i think she is really wise lady decided to got marry and leading a happy and beautifil life ofc… good future of film industry so lead a happy life ….

  • naz

    congratulation reema ALLAH apko hamesha khush rakhy.ameen

  • Suny


  • farah

    REEMa KO MUBARAK HO…….ALLAH jab nawazta hay to age naih dekhta ,,,,,,agar ap sab ko reema ka husband old lug raha hay to reema bhi above 40 hay ,,,,,,,,achi dua dain to zaiada accha hay