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Review: Ashk: Episode 9

Ashk just keeps on getting better and better, yes I mean it better at giving us all so much to talk about! We were all so curious to find out who will get drunk next and one of the readers said it would be Rohail and my reply was nay been there done that but guess what Bedi Singh comes all dressed up to Zebu’s welcome party or more like the official mu dikhai with a “drink” to add some color to the festivity, after all what is a party without a drink or too. All the characters in this play are just too cool to be true!


The episode opened with Rohail waking up in the middle of the night only to find out that his wife is “missing” and finds her in the middle of nowhere enjoying a drink (thankfully this one was non alcoholic) and having a chit chat with a total stranger. Did Zebu forget all her values back home? Sure she was the bubbly sort but seriously how can anyone get up in the middle of the night and walk out of the door especially when it is their first night in a new country. I have a feeling that Rohail is going to be spending quite a lot of time playing the bodyguard to his “trophy wife”. Honestly speaking I did not feel sorry for Rohail at all, serve him right, after all he should be punished for getting married to someone like Zebu but like the guest at the party points out “Dil Tu Khoti Pe Bhi Aa jata Hai”, yes she actually said that and that too to Rohail’s mother. So, that pretty much sums it up.


The highlight of today’s show had to be the scene when Zebu turns up at the party dressed up as a contender for the Wicked Witch of The East competition (did she borrow the lipstick from Madiha? I couldn’t help but wonder). Since everyone had gathered to see just how pretty the bride was so Zebu thought “Mei Bhi Sub Ko Bataoo Gi Mein Kitni Khubsuraat Hu”. First she tries so hard to make a total fool out of herself and when the guests can’t help but laugh at her (which I thought was rather odd) she starts crying…hmmm did I miss something? I did not get that part at all. I do understand only too well that Zebu is doing all this to belittle Rohail so he would regret his decision but how can she not see that she is demeaning herself even more by doing all this.


On the other side Mehru “Sharm o Haya Ki Sari Deware Phalang Ke” goes to her uncle and requests him to talk to her father and he obliges. We have yet to see what the outcome would be.


Today’s episode with all its awkward moments was better than the last one, I guess we should accept the fact that there will be a drinking scene in every episode and Dil Tu Khoti Pe Bhi Aa Jaata Hai sort of dialogues should not shock us anymore. What I fail to understand is that how could a writer like Zafar Mairaj who has won so many awards for his writing skills come up with a script that seems like it is a product of a thirteen year olds’ imagination?


I decided to highlight the dialogues that will interest my readers since the dialogues today were more bizarre than filmi.


Watch ASHK Episode 9


Author: Fatima Awan.

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