Review: Shehr-e-Zaat: Episode 11

I have been following this play right from the start and even with all the hitches and glitches I had with it so far I could not help but watch it week after week, hoping in particular that one fine day I will be able to relate to Falak’s character. Guess what? The wait is finally over and today for the first time I thought that Mahira Khan totally stole the show, she conveyed Falak’s feelings beautifully; from her conviction that Salman could not hurt a fly to knowing that Salman managed to very conveniently fall in love with someone else while she was busy trying to make him fall in love with her. The way Falak asks Salman for the first time if there was another woman in his life and how quickly she is convinced that she was wrong in thinking that was so aptly portrayed. No wife would want to believe that her husband is cheating on her and would be just as easy to convince.


There was a great deal about today’s episode that struck a chord with me. Falak telling naani Salman muje bhool gaya hai and naani explaining to her how we all forget Allah every now and then but when we turn to him he forgives us. But Falak finds it easier to act on Mehrunissa’s advice who tells her to look her best in order to get her husband’s attention. Although turning to God may have proven to be equally easier and without a doubt much more beneficial but I guess Falak needs to learn that the hard way. The huge difference between how naani looks at things and the way Mehrunissa does could not have been more apparent. The scene where Falak is shopping and is drawn towards her reflection in the mirror was also very nicely done. How eager was Falak to do get Salman back, feeling completely inadequate because Salman would not give her due attention.


Today for the first time naani’s words echoed in Falak’s mind, otherwise she does not give what naani says a second thought. The way Falak finds out about Salman’s affair was very well-done. The chemistry between Mahira Khan and Meekal Zulfiqar was beyond amazing, the exchange of glances and the conversations were very well-timed. There were a few things that Falak said about Salman to naani that took me by surprise because it didn’t sound like she was talking about Salman at all but I am not going to go into the details because today’s episode for me was the best one so far. Until now I have been nothing but critical of Mahira Khan’s acting in this play but I must say her performance today changed my opinion completely and I am hoping that she continues to enthrall the viewers with her performance.


After watching today’s episode, I am definitely looking forward more to SeZ, the show, and not just naani’s words of wisdom.


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Author: Fatima awan.

  • Amara

    2dayz episode waz da best so far~!

  • Rose water

    best one …lovely review

  • nabeela

    exactly the last scene was just too well done. . .

  • dex


    i actually had a hard time choosing between the episode or your reviews. Today, i completely agree with you and i couldn't have said anything better. i loved the scene where falak comes to find sbout salman's affair and yes mahira and meekal did awesome today. just one thing that i feel like falak should've found out earlier about salman's affair so it would've been shocking for us too. but todays episode was amazing.

    • Fatima Awan

      Thank you Dex, I am glad we are on the same page:)

  • Hammu

    Couldn't agree more Fatima.SeZ has slowly won my heart.Maybe it is the words of wisdom by Naani or the lesson hidden in the drama.Mahira Khan was totally awesome.I guess the real drama has started now ! Now i'm looking forward.

    • Fatima Awan

      Hammu where have you been missing? No comments from you on Ashk's thread. It is nice to see you on this thread..don't disappear now.

      • Hammu

        I'm here Fatima.Read your review on Ashk but didn't got the time to reply because of the weekend.Anyway don't worry,i'll be there from the next episode.I can't do the mistake of missing them 😉

  • SK

    Loved the last scene, both were amazing. I loved mahira even more today, her expressions touched me. Thanks Fatima, glad you are liking mahira now, she was awesome.

    • Fatima Awan

      Sk Yes the last scene had to be the best..really looking forward to what comes next.

  • Afia Qazi

    I thought Mahira was doing a good job before as well and loved her performance today too. The way she winced upon touching Mikaal's things at the end was superbly done- well done all! Specially Sarmad!

    Mikaal has been consistently good in his roles recently and this is no exception. He portrayed Salman's feelings so well – of knowing he should not be unfaithful but still going ahead with it…Oh Salman Ansar, why can't I hate you?

    • SK

      Yeah really wanted to hate salman Ansar bit just couldn't…there was something helpless about him today, he conveyed the guilt so well that it was hard to hate him.

    • Fatima Awan

      Afia, I know what you mean had he not "stolen" his wife's jewelery i would have felt the same too. Being unfaithful may not have been in his control but how could he steal Falak's jewelery and give it to the other woman, IF that is what he did. That was really below the belt.

      • Afia Qazi

        I didn't see the start of the show so didn't know about the jewelery :p

      • quraitulain

        yup, that behaviour cannot be defended, but, all the more evidence of how helpless, and blind his feelings have made him.

    • sp

      Because he has acted beautifully. We just can't hate him because he has portrayed his role in such a complex way. Not an easy thing to do. However, in contrast Mahira's expression was FLAT!

    • dex

      i hav to sya… i have been hating salman's character but this episode just made me love him

      • Fatima Awan

        really Dex, howcome?

  • Annie

    glad you finally liked an episode Fatima :) Thanks again for your very candid review. Really liked Mahira's acting today esp. in the last scene.

    Did anyone else feel like they shot the 3 scenes of Salman Ansar coming home and opening the bedroom door in one go? He was wearing the same clothes in all of those scenes it was funny 😀

    • Fatima Awan

      lol you are right Annie..good observation!

  • Sadaf Y

    This truly was one of the best episodes . It was heart wrenching … I know Falak is an ungratful arrogant fool but don't all of us have weak points in our characters..? Mahira is amazing and Mikaal just brilliant .

    • Fatima Awan

      Totally agree falak is all that but now I think Salman is worse, even with all her shortcomings Falak was very honest with Sulman, she did not deserve all this, well no woman does!

      • quraitulain

        I actually liked Meekal Zulfiqar's acting better than Mahira's, maybe because her reaction as a thwarted wife being cheated on, came as no major surprise. But the helplessness in Salman's eyes, the guilt in his attitude and plea to Falak, stating that he never intended to hurt her… was as if he's on a drug he can't live without or stay away from. A drug that might have shattering consequences on his current life, but when he is on it, gives him so much more than his present life/ wife does. Not supporting him, but well portrayed by the actor. I think deep in her subconscious, this fact struck Falak too, becoming partly the reason for being speechless.

  • khadeeja

    Awesomely done! Fantastic and heart wrenching scenes!!!

  • isra

    I disagree about Mahira's acting. Not in todays episode atleast. She did not show any emotion in the end. She just found out that the love of her life, her obsession, her entire being, her beloved husband, is in actuality in love with another woman – and she just stood there. Lost in space. Show some emotion man. Anger? Hurt? Sorrow? something. She had the most blank face. Thats unreal. It made the slow drama even more boring.

    • Fatima Awan

      Isra, I think she was in shock, I am sure there will be a lot of crying in the upcoming episodes.

      • Drama Buff

        Wow Fatima we have written diametrically opposite reviews this time. I have to agree with Isra – Mahira Khan was totally FLAT in terms of expressions especially in the second half of the episode…

        • Amna Khuram

          I agree wid Fatima that Falak stood there bcoz ov shock, stuck in the answer given by Salman…. whom she use to worship, finding it hard 2 accept that she lost her husband n still she z not given the right 2 ask abt it….wen she will accept it….she will hv every emotion as a kind of reaction….

        • Sana askari

          I agree With Fatima's review i did not like Mahira before too but in this episode she performed very well. Drama buff sorry to be rude but you sound desperate your comment says people who disagree with this review should read mine and stop criticizing for the sake of criticism. Again sorry for my honesty

        • Pareesa

          OH Dramabuff why not Sarmad khoosat offered you falak's role as only you know how to react in a particular situation, what expressions to give etc etc….. sorry but if you don't like something it doesn't mean that the stuff is not good it is simply matter of your choice. Mahira is just perfect here and also Sarmad's direction is superb.

    • isra

      Even shock has an expression. Her face was blank and empty. As if someone stole her cookie. And Fatima every expression does not mean 'crying'. There are many other ways to express sorrow and hurt. Actors should know this. They have to express what they can not say in dialogues through their face expressions.

      On a side note, I love your reviews for most of the shows. However, I hold my opinion for this episode. Mahira definitely has potential but she is has a long way to go.

      • Fatima Awan

        Isra, i totally get what you mean:) keep reading & commenting.

  • mhamidch

    beautiful love this drama

  • Zartasha

    I think Mahira has a long way to go in terms of acting . She acts better when she has to act serious but carefree and bubbly ? I'm sorry but it seemed she was trying to act like she was a teenager

  • maria

    mahira's acting was convincing in yesterday's episode. The revelation left her in shock,hence in an utterky helpless state. One could feel her pain through her body language. Her being 'static' and 'flat' signify her numb state .

    Oh one thing. Mahira's make-up was hideous . Red lips and kajal laden eyes make her look unattractive.

  • sami

    I must say the last scene was excellent. a very well directed scene n nice acting from both of em for the 1st time in this serial.

  • nisha

    darama shere zat is so nyccccccccccccccc.maira khan u look very nyc in humsafar but nt in shere zat.

  • afzal


  • Rijaa

    Love Mahiras acting!!!!!! I think her acting is better here than humsafar

  • Ayza jawwad

    To be very honest only three characters are perfoeming their roles very well; Hamza, Salman and Falak's granny. Rest of the characters are there just to fill their places.

  • hoorean

    Oh thank God you finally liked it. Simply said Mahirah is just falak. Loved the way she played falak from the beginning. And who ever is saying Sarmad has not well directed this play. Must say Sarmad and everyone involved has done a tremendous job in visualizing this masterpiece of Umera Ahmed.This is the best one aired these days.

    In the last scene Falak was in shock and mahirah portrayed that numb, shocked state very well.

  • http://[email protected] zaheer

    heart touching drama

  • http://Goggle Mona khan

    It's really something' diff and beautifull this time which is full of love and craziness touched everyone's heart and soul love you guys for a wonderfully piece of work

  • saleeyha rana

    bilkul mry sath bhi aysa hwa tha but frq sirf itna ha kh wo lrki mry hubby ko like krti thi or ab wo un k sath ha or mein yahan………..mein ny jb yh play pharha tha tu soch tha kh aysy bhi ksi k sath ho skta ha kya ab yaqeen aa gya…….