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Review: Shehr-e-Zaat: Episode 11

I have been following this play right from the start and even with all the hitches and glitches I had with it so far I could not help but watch it week after week, hoping in particular that one fine day I will be able to relate to Falak’s character. Guess what? The wait is finally over and today for the first time I thought that Mahira Khan totally stole the show, she conveyed Falak’s feelings beautifully; from her conviction that Salman could not hurt a fly to knowing that Salman managed to very conveniently fall in love with someone else while she was busy trying to make him fall in love with her. The way Falak asks Salman for the first time if there was another woman in his life and how quickly she is convinced that she was wrong in thinking that was so aptly portrayed. No wife would want to believe that her husband is cheating on her and would be just as easy to convince.


There was a great deal about today’s episode that struck a chord with me. Falak telling naani Salman muje bhool gaya hai and naani explaining to her how we all forget Allah every now and then but when we turn to him he forgives us. But Falak finds it easier to act on Mehrunissa’s advice who tells her to look her best in order to get her husband’s attention. Although turning to God may have proven to be equally easier and without a doubt much more beneficial but I guess Falak needs to learn that the hard way. The huge difference between how naani looks at things and the way Mehrunissa does could not have been more apparent. The scene where Falak is shopping and is drawn towards her reflection in the mirror was also very nicely done. How eager was Falak to do get Salman back, feeling completely inadequate because Salman would not give her due attention.


Today for the first time naani’s words echoed in Falak’s mind, otherwise she does not give what naani says a second thought. The way Falak finds out about Salman’s affair was very well-done. The chemistry between Mahira Khan and Meekal Zulfiqar was beyond amazing, the exchange of glances and the conversations were very well-timed. There were a few things that Falak said about Salman to naani that took me by surprise because it didn’t sound like she was talking about Salman at all but I am not going to go into the details because today’s episode for me was the best one so far. Until now I have been nothing but critical of Mahira Khan’s acting in this play but I must say her performance today changed my opinion completely and I am hoping that she continues to enthrall the viewers with her performance.


After watching today’s episode, I am definitely looking forward more to SeZ, the show, and not just naani’s words of wisdom.


Watch Shehr e Zaat Episode 11


Author: Fatima awan.

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