Review: Shehr-e-Zaat: Episode 14

“Zindagi main boht sari galltiyan ki hain LEKIN sabse bari gallti Allah ko Bhoolne ki kee hai… ”


” Insanon ko pooja nahin jata, meney Salman ka buth bna liya tha , usski parastish ki…… ”


” Barra ghuroor tha na mujhe apne husn pe, Allah ne mujhe meri owkaat dikhaa di ”


” Ussne (Salman) mere sath burra nahin kiya, MENE khud apne sath burra kiya hai ”


Last week’s episode was thunder and lightning, this episode was the calm after the storm and a painful period of soul searching for Falak. This was deliberately a slow moving episode and throughout this week’s episode, SIX phrases caught my attention more than anything else – FOUR of them are above, TWO I shall discuss towards the end as I conclude my commentary on episode 14.


The metamorphosis is complete. Takabbur ka penkar, ek aajiz, faqeeri mujassama ban chuka hai. Fakkhar-e-husn aur anaa-parassti abb ishq-e-khuda main baddalti nazr aati hai… It is is simple : Guidance from Almighty Allah is sudden, it is not saught but is granted and even that is subject to one’s ‘neeyat’ and motives. Falak hidayat paa geyi hai lekin at huge cost because she is the ‘chosen’ one.


We see the huge gulf in thought between Falak and her mother who still cannot come to terms with Falak’s ‘mental breakdown’, as she refers to it. Falak’s ‘antic disposition’ reminds me very much of Shakespeare’s Hamlet who ‘seemed’ to behave insane in the face of great adversity. Falak ke sath ek boht barra saneha hua hai but she is not mad or insane or even in need of a psychiatrist as both her friend and mother suggest – she is need of love, understanding and of course, time which is the greatest healer. Nani is still there, offering her wisdom, hikmat and love to Falak. It is as though everything else is dark but Nani is the only beacon of light or ‘waseelah’ in her life that will guide her towards Allah. Falak blames herself for what has happened but little does she realise that this is a trial, an ‘azmaeyish’ that is designed to bring her closer to her Creator.


Meanwhile, Tabinda is shown as an unrefined, socially unpolished and pretentious woman of dubious character, jisse na baat karna ki tameez hai aur na uthney bhetney ka dhang. Many low to middle class men and ladies are very well mannered and cultured but this ‘namoona’ is an exception ! That reminds me, ‘..aaye tey sabhee tarha ke jalwey mere aagey..’ LOL 😀 Infact, I will go one step further and say she is ‘mun-phatt’ and doesn’t really know what to say and when to say it. She openly tells Ansar, Salman’s father, that she is a divorcee yet she doesn’t behave like one. She does not speak with respect and humility towards Salman’s father, even though he is a lot older than her as well as being her employer. In our society, a mature and divorced woman does not discuss a failed marriage so openly as Tabinda does and at this point, my suspicions are confirmed that there is more to come from her. Yeh awrat boht hee mashkook aur fasid (corrupt) lagti hai. The plot will develop further once her motives for marriage to Salman are uncovered. Congratulations to Nadia Afgan for admirably portraying the character of Tabinda. This talented actress is doing a great job, bravo :-) We, the audience, realise the gravity of what has happened when we see the stark difference between Falak and Tabinda. They are the antithesis of each other. It seems Salman has been ‘sponged’ by Tabinda for quite some time as she tells Ansar of all that his son has gifted her. Ansar is shocked, so are we but are we ? Really ? Qasam Abida Parveen ki ghazal ki ???!! Love is blind – Isn’t Salman behaving exactly as Falak was ? Chasing shadows and craving for something that does not feel the same way about him ? Another lesson is being taught to the audience : Falak loved Salman to the point of madness, but Salman did not reciprocate this love. Now, Salman loves Tabinda to the point of madness and has forsaken his marriage to Falak for her, yet Tabinda does not seem to love Salman. Salman is shown as a foolish and stupid man who is running around in circles and arguing with his mother, but sooner or later will regret his decision. Let’s see what happens next 😉


” Salman tou wohi dekh raha hai jo Allah ussey dikhana chahta hai, wohi kar raha hai jo Allah us sey karwana chahta hai ”


” Ussne mujhe ghar se bahir nahin nikala, mein khud woh ghar chor ke ayi hun ”


Does the above line mean WE, as humans, are not responsible for our actions ? NO, we are directly responsible for our actions. Allow me to explain. There are ALWAYS two paths before an individual, the morally correct path and the incorrect path. Our destiny is shaped by the decisions we make. Those who seek Allah’s proximity (qurb) and indeed are blessed by him, ask Allah for guidance every passing moment and will always be amongst the ‘faayezoon’, the successful ones. Their pain, miseries and sadness will be tribulations from Allah in order to make them better human beings so they pass the ultimate ‘examination’ that this life is and henceforth, prepare for the hereafter. Their sorrows are designed to purify their ‘nafs’ (the part of a human that controls desires), a process knows as ‘tazkiya-e-nafs’ or spiritual purification which can only be achieved by the individual going through some sort of tragedy in his/her life. However, those who chose the wrong path, don’t consult Allah or ask for his guidance and continue with their lives. To them, jeena marrna ek hee baat hai because their souls are dead, there is no awakening of Allah in their souls. Almighty Allah expounds upon this reality in the Qur’an. The ‘chosen’ ones will always make the right decisions, even though some decisions may give them pain – this is for their own benefit, Allah’s ‘maslehat’ is behind this for he knows best, e.g Falak has a miscarriage because Allah knew what would happen further down the line so he saved her from a greater calamity – ultimately, the Creator will grant them patience and fortitude and their loss will always be compensated whereas those who ignore Allah and his bounties will not be compensated, they will continue life as normal, neither for the better nor for the worse – they will simply go through the motions of life. The patient ones who are blessed with pukhtagi, sabr, istiklal and estikamat will see the signs of Allah’s grandeur in all their work and successes. They are the ones who are steadfast and at the first sign of sorrow will not give in but rely on Almighty Allah. The process of sorrow and hardships for the ‘chosen ones’ is a state that keeps him/her in remembrance of Allah, they always smile no matter what turbulence and pain of circumstance is taking place inside of them. Therefore, Salman is continuing with his life doing what he has to do ignorant towards Allah and so Allah lets them be. Therefore, Salman wohi kar raha hai jo Allah us se karwaa raha hai and Falak BHI wohi kar rahi hai jo Allah us sey karwaa raha hai – the difference is in the neeyat towards Allah. Remember, it is not Allah’s will that Salman is the person he is, Allah has given him a choice but Salman doesn’t want to conform to Allah – I hope the depth of this can be understood. Agar ap Allah ko chor do, nazr-andaz kardo gey, framosh karo gey tou Allah bi apko framosh karey ga – why ? To make you realise, that he is our ONLY salvation aur hamarey saare raaste ussi tak wapis jaate hain, faqqat ussi tak, because he is our Creator and has right over us. Salman ko Allah ne chora hua hai, to do as he wills. Those that realise this, will ultimately turn to Allah for their needs and comfort as Falak did. One makes their own destiny and Allah knows who’s destiny will bow down before him and who’s won’t because he knows our ‘fitratt’. He knows what we will end up doing, yet still he has given us ultimate control, opportunites to mend our ways and choices because we are Ashraf-ul-Makhlukaat’ (greatest of creations). This is the MERCY, rahmat and greatness of Allah. How many people turned to Allah after tragedies and pursued his intimacy, and how many did so for a while and then gave up and turned back to their normal lives, AND how many didn’t remember Allah at all and continued with their lives on a normal basis ? THEREIN lies the difference.


Falak’s words are very powerful and one must read between the lines to understand the ‘bareekiyan’, intricacies and ramifications of this statement. The line about leaving home has an obvious meaning which is easily understood but yet there is a more deeper, hidden, underlying message and it is this which impresses me. Falak has not been thrown out of this materialistic world that was devoid of God and religion and ignorant towards Allah’s blessings and bounties, BUT she chose to leave herself. It’s as though Falak ne apni ‘maadyati’ (materialistic) zindagi ka libadah utaar kar penk diya ho because it began to suffocate her. She was looking for extrication of her soul and Allah granted her a divine opportunity albeit she had to suffer immense psychological pain and strain in the process. It is interesting to notice that whenever Falak speaks to someone, she is simultaneously engaged in deep thought as though she is in a trance. What is this ? This is not madness, it is a transformation occurring within the confines of her soul and Allah’s love and mercy is finding it’s way in there.


In the final analysis, the words of Abida Parveen are so apt : ‘ Kya kya huwa hangam-e-junoon yeh nahin malum, kuch hosh jo aya tou gariban nahin dekha’ – Falak’s transformation is complete. Her journey towards Allah has begun and she realises that in relation to Allah, she was living a life of obliviousness and ignorance which is why she hates herself towards the end of this episode and is seen throwing around her clothes. Now that she has finally woken, she is astonished by what has transpired in all this time. She was blind to the love of Allah and his majesty. This is a sufi poem that talks about ‘marefah’ or recognition of Allah, but can also apply to two star crossed lovers. The real meaning can be explained in just one line : ‘Zahid (the muttaqee, pious, arif) ne mera hasil-e-imaan nahin dekha’, Falak is calling out, ‘Hey Zahid the pious, look at the level of my imaan too, it’s not just you.’


Nani says, ” Allah kehta hai jab insan Allah ko yaad karta hai tou Allah bhi insan ko yaad karta hai ” In the glorious Qur’an, in Surah Baqarah, Allah says just that, ” Remember me, I shall remember you. Thank me, don’t ignore me ” – Falak’s character is the direct translation and example of this great ayah, she is learning to obey Allah and remember him, after years of ignoring him :-)


The dialogues are so deep that any number of reviews cannot do justice to this serial. I love this play and wish I could write more commentary on this. This play is titled, ‘Shehr-e-Zaat‘ which really means, ‘Shehr-e-Allah’ but how can Allah have a city and what does it mean ? When one pays further attention, one realises that ‘zaat’ is Allah and that ‘zaat’ is contained within every human being but it requires us to find it. When Allah’s love enters our heart, it becomes a dwelling for Allah. This dwelling within us is likened to a ‘city’ which is large and expansive just like the breast of a human in which the heart resides. Hasn’t anyone heard the Qur’ani verse from Surah Qaf, ‘Allah is closer to you than your jugular vein’ ? Has anyone heard the phrase , ‘Dillon main rabb bassta hai’ ? This is EXACTLY what Shehr-e-Zaat means to me. This is my definition of this great masterpiece of a play. I pray that the public will take great inspiration from this serial and realise the true ambition of life, that is, proximity to the ‘force’ that created them in the first place. We forget this ‘force’ way too often :-(


Once again, it’s been a great privilege to write a commentary for Dramas online and I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience. A special thanks to Captain and the team, jeetey raho. Geez, that makes me sound 50 years old !! 😉 Thank you to all the team @ HUM TV for an eye-opening drama serial that educates us. Please forgive me. I apologise for the length of my synopsis, which I KNOW is supposed to be brief, but I felt compelled to write an extensive review as I believe the circumstances in this instance are exceptional 😉


God Bless You All


Author: Mikaeel Alamzeb

  • sadia

    i m bit week in urdu.. what is the meaning of paristish…. then one thing i m not understanding what zaat is representing here.. i mean why the word zaat has been emphasized.. plzz explain.. thank you.. i m loving this drama and feeling every words .. every sentences..

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      Sadia, 'parastish' means to worship, 'poojna' kisi cheez ko. It can also mean 'over the top' devotion to something.

      Don't worry if your Urdu is weak, it is always better to ask thna stay silent, and if I can't answer your question, someone will always step in – there are many very helpful readers here on the Shehr-e-Zaat forum :-)

      With regards to 'Zaat' and what it means, please refer to the review of episode 9 and I'm providing the link below so you won't have to spend time finding it. Have a read. It basically signifies the struggle between the wants and desires of an individual who is the 'wajood' and his spirit (zaat, the pure part of a person) that represents Allah, who can be found in every human if they are willing to strugle and search for him within themselves. If this confuses you, don't worry. Just check this link and see if you understand the concept of 'zaat' any better after reading it :-)

      • sadia

        Thank you very much..really appreciate it

    • Tanya

      PARISTISH means worshiping.

      ZAAT here means inner self… the emphasis here is not on self only, but the real self and real soul within, which if one recognized he/she can reach to even Almight God and can realize the real purpose of his/her life.

      • sadia

        thanks tania… in bangladesh pakistani channels r not available so have to rely on online materials….

  • Fatima Awan

    Thank you for another wonderful review Mikaeel…I thought this was the best episode so far, i loved the Hamza falak scene in particular.

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      Thank you for your kindness, as always, Fatima. I wanted to mention this scene but I deliberately left it out. I will include this small and intimate scene in my next commentary.

      It is ironic what Falak says to Hamza when he proposes marriage to her, despite being engaged to someone else : " Kya yeh zaroori hai ke main tumhari mangeytar keliye Tabinda ban jaon aur tum Salman ? "

      Simply awesome. No further comment.

  • baacha

    dont knnow magar drame me wo dard nai hai jo dil ko chooo jaye, shayad ap sab agree na hon magar muje aisa he lgta he

    • clutch

      mujhe bhi yehi laga

    • Bazinga

      hahahha…..bacha u proved u r bacha….to understand the real essence of this drama 1 should hv such tragic experiences in his/her life…

  • Optimist


    I enjoyed reading your review. You have beautifully connected the episode with Quranic verses and explained well the hidden meanings which may not be so obvious to the new generation living abroad who do not understand Urdu in such depth.

    I wish to add the comparison that Falak makes between the love she had for Salman with the Love of humans towards Allah. I loved how she realizes that her love and madness towards Salman was a waste of time and if she had spent the same effort in loving and seeking Allah's love she wouldn't have been taken for granted. Allah would not have abandoned her sincere love and efforts, but would have returned it with multitudes.

    I also loved how she responds to the friend by saying, no one offered me a psychiatrist when I was going crazy int he love of Salman, but now when I am doing the same for Allah's love they are offering a psychiatrist.

    Thanks for the detailed critical review. I have enjoyed reading Fatima's reviews and now yours are just as good!

    Keep up the good work!

    • Optimist

      I just wanted to add a suggestion for reader's benefit. Please add the reference of chapter and verse when quoting the Quran next time. I understand you didn't use exact verses and also mentioned the Surah, but more specific reference will be beneficial to those interested. Jaza-k-Allah!

      • Mikaeel Alamzeb

        @ Optimist

        Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement, may the Almighty elevate your rank, status and darjaat, Elahi Ameen. GBY, Sir. You're welcome, any time. I agree with your analysis. You are absolutely correct.

        I am very glad that you have understood the drama and the lesson it is teaching us. Boy oh boy, what a drama. My dear Brother, I used the exact Qur'ani ayahs with their correct translation but I should have referenced the verses. Thank you my kind Brother for pointing this out. I had the ayahs and their verses to hand when writing but due to some 'ghaflat' I forgot to mention them. Please forgive me for erring, my Brother. I will list the references now :

        1. Surah Qaf, (50), Ayah 16, regarding Allah being closer to us than the jugular vein (hablil-wareed)

        2. Surah Baqarah (2), Ayah 152, regarding remembrance of Allah and how we should thank him and not forget him.

        Inshallah, this error will not happen in the future.

        I have enjoyed your feedback and analysis. Please keep writing. Do not underestimate the power of your opinion. Comments like yours inspire me to write and I need this encouragement :-) Allah apko khush o khurram rakhey aur jazaa-e-kheyr ataa karey mere Bhai :-)

        • Optimist


          JazakAllah for adding the references and thanks for prayers. Allah apko bhi aur behter likhnay ki taufeeq day. Ameen.

          Mrs. Khan

  • Mrs Asim

    Mikaeel ap MASHALLAH apni understanding say bhi 50 saal k hi lagtay hain.after reading ur review( a very beautiful one indeed) i have again started to think about all those questions I too often think about…if i asked here then it will start a long argument.but one of the question taht is too much bothring especially jbsay main UK aai hu..k if after facing hardship a muslim turns toward ALLAH,its only because he somehow knows about Him,now if my nextdoor young christian or athiest girl went through same hardships n were not able to reach Him,is she responsible for that? hm jo born muslims hain ,why we r blessed like that? ajkal toa phir b keh saktay hain k everyone can know everything,but what about the person living on a far island,100 years back?only ALLAH knows his maslehat,sometime i think that may be for that person it was enough to recognise ALLAH or His majesty through Nature only.(sigh) shayed ye drama or uper say apka review hain hi kuch thought provoking:)nice work,ap b jeetay rahye.ALLAH apsay koi boht acha kaam lay.AMEEN

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      @ Mrs Asim

      Salaam UK walo ! I read everyone's replies and comments and enjoy what people write. Their feedback is invaluable BUT I must say I enjoy your comments very much. Now I know what Fatima means, ke apki shabashi ka mazza hee kuch aur hai :-) GBY. Keep writing, this is great stuff :-) I will try to answer your question in my humble capacity.

      We are Allah's makhlooq/creation. It doesn't matter whether we are Jewish, Christian or Muslim. Allah sabka hai aur sabki sunnta hai aur response bhi deyta hai. If Allah did not respond to other people from other religions, he would not be 'Allah' and it would go against his justice and 'adl'. Allah is Raheem and Rahman, both compassionate and kind. Han yeh sach hai ke Musalmaan par Allah ka khas karram ho sakta hai because we belive in his prophet, Khatam Un Naabiyeen, Mohammad SAWAWS, whereas other monotheist religions do not believe in his risaalat.

      You wrote :

      "if my next door young christian or athiest girl went through same hardships n were not able to reach Him,is she responsible for that?"

      Everyone's circumstances are different. It's going to be a hard job to convince her agar wo ek athiest hai ! It's a complicated question that cannot be answered in one or two lines. First of all, if she is atheist, why is she so ? Kya usskey maa baap bhi aise tey or is she just ignorant of God ? Kya usskey andar 'shaoor' hai that this world did not come about by coincidence and that it was created by a 'force' ? Kya ussey pta hai ke woh jo rizq khaati hai, it comes from somewhere and that 'someone' sustains her ? If she realises these things or even has a small inkling, then maybe we can make a start. Remember, the blessings of Allah upon his creation are not based on religion, they are based upon 'neeyat' and motives towards him. Allah's mercy and rahmat is so expansive and great that a person can do one great thing (nayki) and Allah will bless them and change their life completely. BUT…. I strongly believe and I have seen this with my very own eyes, that those who don't believe in God ALWAYS call out his name for help when they are distressed – it is a NATURAL thing to do becasue he is our Creator. Allah kehta hai, akhir tum meri taraff hee lowto ge. Allah can turn a heart towards himself in an instant, pallak jhapakne main, but he knows best who's intentions are pure and who is fooling around and therefore, jissey hidayat paani hogi, wo kisi bi tarha paa jaaye ga whatever the circumstances or situation and whatever his creed or religion. There are some wonderful people around like Jews and Christians whose IMAAN on Almighty Allah is very strong, why would Allah deny them ? They too will enter Jannah but they will be asked about why they did not believe in the Seal of Prophets. Allah itna Kareem hai that his mercy is mysterious and he may forgive them for being misled by their elders, yeh bhi tou ho sakta hai na ? The Lord moves in mysterious ways, it's all about 'maslehat'. For those that are not granted this 'hidayat' and don't find him, all I can say is that those reasons are best known to Allah – after all, he knows best na :-)

      I have endeavoured to answer your question in some small way, according to my naqas-ul-aqqal. Keep writing your wonderful remarks and passing us your feedback. Do not underestimate the power of speech, it is an invaluable commodity. I am inspired when people write to me, even if they criticise, for I learn something new every time I reply to or read comments.

      Thank you for the beautiful dua right at the end of your remarks. Ap ney itni barri baat bol di, ab mere jaisa aajiz aur haqeer insaan kahey bi tou kya kahey… sivaey isskey ke Allah apko apki soch se bi zyada nawazey aur apki aur apkey ehl-o-eyaal ki zindagi main sukoon aur khushiyon ke anbaar lga de, Elahi Ameen :-) Will remember you in duas. Take great care.

      • Mrs Asim

        thank is a miskeen sa word but i dont have anyother word right now:)g i also reach the same conclsion mostly k we cant undersatnd His mighty plans,kya pata wo sirf niyyat dekhay,may be we cant understand the meaning of christin and jews when He mentions that they cant enter in jannah despit of their all good deeds.who knows.may be mujhay is bat pay boht say thumb down milain but honestly mujhay lagta hay k available tafaseer main b kafi zyada ayah unexplained chori gai hain.the thing i was asking u …m as a muslim(being born in a muslim family,otherwise i dont think myself to be ever able to reach the ultimate truth myself)can turn to Allh easily ,while a modern christen girl wud turn to Him after very long struggle(if she be even of good niyyah,coz niether her family nor school nor culture told her about God~)Y m so blesses? mainay aisa kons ateer mara hay?i dont doubt on ALLAH ki answer to this is k i will be questioned more tighly n will be punished more severly(coz i was already enlightend)n she will have a good chance in the end:)what u say?i mean k born muslim hona jisko hm previlage samajhtay hain wo infact responsibility hay,isnt it? n tahnks to remember me in ur duas,i really need it.JAZAKALLAHU KHAIR

        • Mikaeel Alamzeb

          Mrs Asim, ap ne bilkul bjaa likha, darusst kahaa. Aisa hee hai. I can't really add more to this.

          Sometimes, insan ko dil ki sun-ni chahiye, kyun ke dil kabhi jhoot nahin bolta, dimagh phir bhi kabhi na kabhi 'mislead' kar sakta hai. What you have just said is your own intuition because you came to this conclusion after deep thought and analysis. I'm glad this drama is making you evaluate and analyse. You have answered your own question. Well done. Dil se poocho, dil jhoot nahin boley ga chunkeh dillon main tou rabb bassta hai na :-) GBY always.

        • Optimist

          Mrs. Asim,

          May I try answering your question? You said, " Y m so blesses? mainay aisa kons ateer mara hay?" I think this is a great blessing for us to be born in a Muslim family, and we should be as thankful to Allah as we can, but do we thank Allah enough for that? and do we really realize that this is a blessing? I do not think so. However, what matters more is that how we make use of this blessing? do we seek understanding of our religion directly from Quran then practice our religion and do we share our knowledge with others? It is all muslim's responsibility to spread the word of Allah to the best of your ability.

          Regarding your next door neighbour, as Mikaeel also mentioned that it is about 'Niyyat'. people with pure souls can be born in any family, their pureness will seek Allah and Allah will give them guidance and make way for it. Humans are born with an ability to make decisions, and it is that ability that makes them responsible for their actions. Once they mature, they can differentiate between right and wrong. People who are atheists still follow moral values, and if they have goodness in their heart and not evil then Allah can give them guidance. If Allah wish, he can keep a person away from guidance even after having them born in a Muslim family. We should seek Allah's guidance.

          I met a converted muslim in USA, who told me she knew there was something more about God, so she was not satisfied with what Bible taught her. She said, when she came across Islam, she knew it was the right religion right away!

          I hope that answers your question.

          P.S. Dr. Zakir Naik have some very good speeches on how to approach an Atheist.

          Mrs. Khan

        • Mrs Asim

          @optimist.thans for ur reply.i agree what u said,both points are understood.but dont u think that comparing to non muslims its too much easy for us to turn to ALLAH?after facing a hardship or in old age etc.why r WE blessed and THEY r not?i cant think any other reason then k we r blessed and as a result we r in a more critical situation,since we r answerable.well this is just one question,i have so many more:) may ALLAH guide us all to the eternal truth.AMEEN

  • hamna

    your review is so fantastic that I don't have words to appreciate! I'm totally speechless, you fulfilled the need of elaboration greatly! Thank you so much!

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      @ Hamna

      Thank you, GBY :-) Those are very kind words for my simple efforts. I'm really glad you and others have liked my endeavour. Please keep writing and do not underestimate the power of your opinion, it is invaluable for someone like me. Btw, what was your favourite scene and why ? Is there anything you could relate to in this drama ?

      You're welcome, any time :-)

      • hamna

        My pleasure :) I'll keep giving my opinion if you keep writing such great reviews :) I don't have one favourite scene in this episode, this was the best so far! I liked the scene of hamza & fifi, of falak rubbing mud on her face, the scene when she talked with her friend! In a nut shell I loved every scene of falak :) Mahira khan did a great job!

        • hamna

          I can relate to many things, for instance people do consider you mad when you talk about Allah or conservative too! One thing more, True love should only be for Allah SWT! He'll love us more in turn & never lets us down unlike human beings!

        • Mikaeel Alamzeb

          @ Hamna

          "True love should only be for Allah SWT! He’ll love us more in turn & never lets us down unlike human beings!"

          So true, so true. Human beings were created to err and make mistakes, it's in our DNA. Hazrat Adam and Hawa (AS) were fooled by Iblees and committed sin by eating fruit from a particular tree which Allah had forbidden for them. It was a trial. Allah punished his prophet but his punishment was reduced because of Allah's clemency and mercy, instead Nabi Adam AS and his wife lost the exalted rank and status they had before.

          We should always have TRUST in Almighty Allah, poorey vasookh aur yaqeen-e-kaamil se and only then we will be able to fully marvel and appreciate his greatness and rahmat. GBY. Thank you for a wonderful feedback and beautiful comments regarding Almighty Allah.

  • bounty

    WOW what an outstanding and powerful review…Very well elaborated, job well done Mikaeel Alamzeb….Keep it up!

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      @ Bounty

      Thank you for beautiful words of encouragement. I'm glad you enjoyed my piece. What was your favourite scene and why ? Keep writing. Everyone's contribution counts and everyone's voice is equally important. GBY.

  • rose water

    Wow…u described it very welll…. u were right ..words khtam hojayein gye is play ki bareekian batanye main..i agree with you ..i just want that you should discuss that beach scene even ..when falak said : yea pathar hamare ghar hain , yea garian hain …: cuz that is reality … yea sab cheezon ki hasiyat in patharoon ki tarahn hai.. i love falak conversation with hamza too.. OMG what a serial … great one ..each n every thing was very great .. it has a great impact on me ..its like IMAN TAZA HOJANA …:)

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      @ Rose Water

      Thank you for the kind words RW, GBY :-) Yes, I can't justify this episode with any number of reviews but I promise to discuss BOTH scenes in my next commentary, Inshallah on Friday/Saturday. Please keep writing and commenting because the thoughts/views/analysis of people such as you have a profound effect on people like me when writing and replying to your comments. Do not underestimate the power of your voice :-)

  • jaani

    loved yr review i just wanted to keep reading, excellent!

  • Aiman

    What an excellent review! I just can't stop reading it again and again..Thumbs up :)

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      @ Aiman

      Thank you for the kind words. GBY. What was your favourite scene and why ?

  • Xara

    Very nice review nodoubt of an extremely deep story.

    Just don't agree with your analysis of this dialogue

    ” Salman tou wohi dekh raha hai jo Allah ussey dikhana chahta hai, wohi kar raha hai jo Allah us sey karwana chahta hai ”

    I think the writer here is trying to say that it is Allah who puts love in the hearts of human beings for each other and at this time HE has taken away the love for Falak from the heart of Salman and taken away Salman's 'nazar' from Falak. Falak says these words is actually acknowledgement tht it is a trial for her from Allah and had she kept some sort of relation with HIM this would'nt have happened. No amount of beauty or good looks can woo someone if Allah does not put love in the heart for the other.

    This will further clarify in the story when Falak feels that she has somewhat developed a bond with Allah she will start getting everything she once longed for.

    Please correct me if i m wrong friends…:)

    Btw i'm amazed at what a deep person Umera Ahmed is. Love all her plays. The best dialogue for me is last weeks when nani says 'Allah ko mat bata ke mushkil kitni bari hai, mushkil ko ye bata ke tera Allah kitna bara hai.' Wish we would remember this everyday:)

    • ina


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    Haven't read a review better than this EVER b4 !!

    i highly appreciate Mr.Mikaeel 4 his efforts in writing dis. U truly summarized da essence of this novel+drama in ur review, Awsum Man !

    It clearly shows wht u urself hv extracted 4m dis serial, n dats da main thing 2 be done by da viewers! Compreheding the real meaning n soul of it !

    drama n its dialogues r awrdy SUPERB, cant praise them enough, fall short of words everytym…

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      @ Pinkilicious

      That is most generous of you. I'm really glad you like this drama and can relate to it in some way. Your words are very kind but even more important is your contribution. Thank you :-) I'm very humbled indeed.

      Btw, the lingo you have written sounds like a black Afro/Caribbean guy talking in the High Street !!!! Lolzzzz 😀 Are ya fram Barbaydaaas man ? Just jesting. Tc & keep writing. Everyone's remarks are important and they encourage and inspire me, including yours :-)


      • Pinkilicious

        Me a guy, n that also black Afro/caribbean :O dats 2 hard on me plzzz 😛 atleast u cud have softened ur guess a lil considering my nick, wch sounds TOO sweet 4 an Afro guy 😛 😀 .. m a simple girl 4m Pakistan 😉

        LOL 😀

        kher 😛 its nyc 2 c U responding 2 each ov ur reader :), dat shows how much ov a devoted writer u r !

        lukin 4wd 2 more such gr8 reviews by u !

        HaPPy WriTing 😉

        • Mikaeel Alamzeb

          @ Pinky Jee

          Hmmm… yes, you are right and therefore accept my apology… LOLLLZ 😀

          I endeavour to reply to as many readers as I can, mainly because it is discourteous to just read people’s comments and pass them by – after ALL the time they have taken to read my reviews, a word of thank you does not go astray. It's only fair and polite, hai na ?

          Stay safe, well & happy. GBY !

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    Is drama se kuch seekhoun ya na seekhoun, Mikael you quoting and relating the quranic verses were done impeccably. I really enjoy the drama and even more how you have so thoroughly explained every little feeling. Drama k sath sath now I look forward to your reviews! Great job!

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      @ G.I

      Thank you mere Bhai, boht shukriya, inayat. Ap jaise bhaiyon ki dua ka talabgar hun aur umeedwar bi.

      I'm glad you liked this episode and I'm happy that you were able to resonate with it's message :-) I read the remarks of everyone and it's wonderful to see so many people enjoy Shehr-e-Zaat. Acha lagta hai. Ap yunhi mohabbat se likhte raheyn, apka mowaqqif aur nazarriya boht ehm hai mere liye. Ap kaheen bi mujhe 'guide' kar sako, ya achi se achi naseehat kar sakho, please don't hesitate, bila-jhijjak bta deejiye ga. Thanks again Bhai. All the best. GBY :-)

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    beautiful,comprehensive,illuminating,inspiring,realistic,Allah's blessings to be acknowledged…….cannot find the right words to describe the depth of understanding you put into words …whenever i watch this serial ,i always relate to it .Our own life-experiences slowly find new [hidden],links/roads to Allah's divine Power….weshould regularly ask help from Him to keep us on the right walks in Sher-e Zaat ….thank u 4 a great review ..salaam and looking forward to more in the coming days

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      @ Mrs Nur

      Thank YOU for your kind and sweet words of encouragement. I'm so glad to hear 'Shehr-e-Zaat' is resonating with your soul. Alhamdo Lillah. Great stuff. May Allah bless you with happiness and spirituality.

      Do keep writing and commentating and if there's anything in the way of advice you can offer me or improvements, please feel free to input. Duas are invaluable source of inspiration, shurkiya :-) All the best. Will be hoping to read many more comments from you in the near future, Inshallah.

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    the way u explained ths line is beautifulllll werna i took it as normal dialouge jo k orat bolti jb wo ghar chor k ati…but the thought u put in ths is awesome ….. <3

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      @ Bazinga

      Shukriya & thanks for the awesome words of encouragement, it means a lot to me when the readership can understand what I'm trying to explain. It's not easy ! I'm glad that you have successfully related to this drama and understand it's message for it is very simple : Love Allah and he will love you back.

      Keep writing and contributing to this blog on Dramas Online. People like you make it popular and thus, more and more people come back and watch the dramas to leave their input. Everyone's comments are important. Thank you & GBY :-)

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    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      Thank you for the sweet words. GBY. May the 'force' be with us all in everything we do, every day in every way :-)

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    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      Dear friend, ap aisa nahin kaho. Don't feel like an 'anpar' – kuch logon ko kuch baateyn jaldi samajh main aa jati hain aur doosron ko thori dayr se…

      I'm glad you like the message contained in this drama. It's one of the BEST plays I have seen.

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    Awesome review or in your words commentary 😛 tabindas character is beautifuly explained! secondly the way u have explained THE CHOOSEN ONES by Allah…WOW! bht ala

    May ALLAH GUIDE us ALL….ameeen

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      Hi Bakhtawar,

      It's great to see you again, I STILL remember my promise to you of explaining the OST of Shehr-e-Zaat. I'm working on it. I have been preoccupied with a lot of other work. Just give me some time and I will post it here :-)

      Thank you for your sweet and kind words, as always. Ap boht ache hain, really. I'm really glad that people are relating to Shehr-e-Zaat. I think it was a slow starter but it is gaining more and more fans. Kaheen na kaheen, logon ke andar Falak ki jhalkiyan hain, Salman ki bi, Hamza ki bi, Tabinda jaise boht log hain and there are wonderful and wise people like Naani around some of us too.

      I thought Tabinda's character is wonderfully portrayed. What did you think ? Iss ke baare main kya bolun ? Boht hee barra namoona hai 😀 !!

      Keep writing and contributing. If I'm lacking anywhere or if there are any improvements I can make, please guide and advise. Stay well, stay safe. GBY :-)

      • bakhtawar zahid

        its ok take ur time me intezar kar rahe ho:-P

        Kaheen na kaheen, logon ke andar Falak ki jhalkiyan hain, Salman ki bi, Hamza ki bi, Tabinda jaise boht log hain..well said aisa hai,gunaho ke noyat mukhtalif hai per jo gunahgar hai aur unhe apne gunaho ka ahsas hai they r realting themselves!

        tabinda ke kia he khene hai.hahahah! bht zabardast acting ke nadia afghan ne..bht ala 😀

        • Mikaeel Alamzeb

          Han na ! 😀 Yeh tou hai.. Tabinda's character is really meaty. Will be really interesting to see what happens next.. ahhh, the suspense 😛

  • Mikaeel Alamzeb

    @ Bakhtawar

    Forgot to add, isn't it just so funny when Ansar says to Tabinda : " I wish I could shoot you " 😀

    • Aliza

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    • bakhtawar zahid

      hahah too much funny! and the expressions of tabinda at that time ohoo hahah 😀

  • Annonymous

    I agree with every every word of yours. A wonderfully written review. My favorite dialogue in this drama so far is by nani, Allah ko ye na bata ke Teri Mushkil Kitni Bari hai..Mushkil ko ye bata ke Tera Allah Kitna bara hai.. 😀

  • quraitulain

    I agree with the review, and would like to add, I loved how Falak leaves Hamza speechless, by comparing her position in his life to that of tabinda in her own life. It was a very moving and spiritual part of the episode. At this point you are convinced, this is a changed, spiritually evolved Falak; but then….. it is always easy to thwart the advances of some one you do not love, and much harder to push away from someone who mesmerizes you. Therein lies the test.

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      @ Quratulain

      Great to see your remarks once again Quratulain. Ap ney boht khoob aur pukhta baat kahee hai…. "therein lies the test."

      Please always add your input and guide and advise if there is anything I can add or improve upon. I'm glad Shehr-e-Zaat appeals to you :-) GBY

  • Noor Hamza

    excellent review.

    would like to add to your comment about how Falak's tazkiya-e-nafs process has begun. the drama is a nice portrayal of how most of us have base souls (nafs-e-ammarra) where the focus tends to be on 'I'. Some of the main characteristics, as shown in Falak's character, are anger, rancour and backbiting. Life has its ways of shaking the human soul through losses, sufferings and illnesses to realise how nafs can lead one astray.

    The progression from there is towards the blaming soul 'nafs-e-lawamma'. Allah has mentioned this nafs in the noble Quran. The characteristics of this awakened nafs are taking responsibility, seeing one's own faults, subsided but lingering anger and criticising others (as shown by Falak's agitation and shouting episodes with her mother).

    I am not sure that the time allows the drama to show further progression of her character into the real spiritual stage which is known as nafs-e-mulhama and then mulhima. This is the real goal of spiritual awakening for most people. Howeever, for those interested, the whole discourse on self improvement can be found by many sufi scholars.

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      @ Noor Hamza

      Salaam & thank you for your contribution, wonderful to see your spirituality, Sir :-) Thank you also for your kind words, I take great confidence, courage and encouragement from them.

      Yes, the Qur'an speaks to us about three stages in the metamorphosis of an individual – TWO you have mentioned in the correct order and the THIRD, according to my naqas-ul-aqal, is 'nafs-e-mutmainna' which is a state of spiritual perfection. The last few verses of Surah Fajr in the Glorious Qur'an talks of this state where Almighty Allah is absolutely elated and pleased with his servant. Our discussion will become very lengthy but for the sake of brevity, I agree with you 100% – Falak is at the first stage but this is a very complicated topic indeed !!

      Keep writing my Brother. It is wonderful to see so many people interested in this drama and interacting with each other via their comments. Great :-)

      • Noor Hamza

        I like the way you respnd to most of the comments individually. Thank you for taking the time. :-)

        The Tazkia-e-nafs process (you have rightly pointed to Surah Fajr) has seven stages as follows (this is not my opinion/interpretation btw)

        1. nafs e ammara (the base soul)

        2. nafs e lawamma (the blaming soul)

        3a. nafs e mulhama (the inspired soul- receiver of good)

        3b. nafs e mulhimma (the inspired soul- giver..)

        4. nafs e mutma-inna (the reassured soul)

        5. nafs e raaziya (the pleasing soul)

        6. nafs e marzziya (the pleased soul)

        7. nafs e kaamliyya (the sacred/perfect soul)

        In verse 48 of Surah Fajr, the next stages to nafs-e-mutmainna are mentioned.


        • Mikaeel Alamzeb

          It's a pleasure Hamza. I endeavour to reply to everyone, mainly because it is discourteous to just read people’s comments and pass them by. After all, everyone is busy and they have taken the time and effort to read my reviews, therefore a word of thank you does not go astray – it's only fair and polite :-)

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  • Zahra Mirza

    Good to read another review from Mikaeel. I loved this episode. Though I've watched it twice as I was surrounded by many folks the first time I saw plus also because I wanted to comment on it properly. :)

    I loved how Falak compared her life to the pebbles. Indeed the material that you run for in this world carries the value of a pebble for sure. For me it was THE BEST scene so far.

    The dialogues were perfect, Nadia Afghan fits to the character so well, Salman's yelling scenes made me laugh because he sounds really funny, Nani & Falak's scene was another eye-opener which was simple yet clear. Plus one more point to be added. Nadia Afghan is not only a divorcee as you've mentioned in the review. She is a widow as well like she admits it in front of Ansar saying she went to jail on the accusation of murdering her husband. LOL.

    While reading the novel I felt they should've told how Tabinda lured Salman into her trap but now after seeing the drama I feel there's no need. They've basically showed the 'Nafs' of a human being. Like in the first half of the drama Falak liked Salman even though to many he was clearly not worth the attention that Falak paid to him & now in the second half it's totally justified that Salman's nafs is out of control & to many Tabinda may seem like a lady having all the bad traits but for Salman she is everything.

    Hats off to Umera Ahmed for giving us such a beautiful masterpiece & well done Mikaeel on such a review. :)

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      @ Zahra

      Salaam, it's great to see you again this week Zahra :-) I take courage, hausla and confidence from your kind words. Thank you. GBY. I think this drama will get more and more interesting and we might end up feeling very sorry for Salman, at some point. Let's wait and see.

      • Zahra Mirza

        Walaikum Asalam Bro.

        Now that I wait for the episodes each week I do wait for your say on this serial as well. :) You're doing a good & detailed job. HEHHEHE! :)

        Yes, I know Salman will end up realising how & why Falak loved him & he will then reciprocate his love & undo all the wrongdoings of his. Interesting is the one word that sums it up all. :) Can't wait.

        • Mikaeel Alamzeb

          @ Zahra

          Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn ??!! Ap ne flow tor diya, mazza khrab kar diya !!! 😛

        • Zahra Mirza

          HAHAHAH! Nahiii bhai meinne kahan flow tora aik to jinhon ne Novel parha hai definitely they know the story aur dusre jinhon ne sirf drama dekha hai I guess hamari awam itni aqalmand to hai k predict kar sakay k aggay kya hone wala hai? 😛 HAHAHH! :)

        • Mikaeel Alamzeb

          @ Zahraaaaaaaaaaaaa

          Hmmmm… Ok Behna Jeeeeee.. Let's see k daal kaise gallti hai 😛

          Really looking forward to tonights episode !!

          Stay safe, well & happppppppppy Gurriya !

          Regards @ Duas


        • Zahra Mirza

          LOL! Thank you bro. Yes, I can't wait either but I watch Shehr-e-zaat on Saturdays because of the time difference. I am actually in a +5 hours zone from Pakistan & by that time I'm snoozing. Hahah! Will watch tomorrow Insha Allah. :)

        • Mikaeel Alamzeb

          Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oye, Oye, Oye….. ??? 😛

          Am I right, you're down under yah ?

        • Zahra Mirza

          HAHAH! You're spot on Bro. Yep I'm in Australia. & Oh I see a dislike on the comment in which I've mentioned about the time zone. I don't think it was offensive. LOL! Seriously people!?!?!?! LOL!

        • Mikaeel Alamzeb

          Han na !! People !! Ufffff… I saw it too, mujhe bi boht ajeeb lga. Guess what, stranger things happen na LOLLLLLLLZ.. Geez, G'day maaaaaaaaayyyte.. it's 150 to the green, what club next Zee ????!! (Crazy stuff !! I'm talking about golf in case u hadn't clicked LOLLLLLLLLZ ! 😀 Isn't it great to have a laugh here too, once in a while ?? :-)

          Check out the review on Saturday night, from one Pommie/Pakee 2 an Aussie/Pakee.. Over n out.. May God Bless You Always.. Take great care & all the best… Mikaeel

        • Zahra Mirza

          Yeah! Through with the episode now looking forward to your review.

          Err! I didn't understand the golf part lol as I'm not into it but yeah from my side all cheers for the Australian Rugby & Australian Open. 😛 HEHEH!

          Now let's see how many dislikes I get. LOL!

          People seriously need to get some life. Eh!

  • Arezo Fatima

    I am very much impressed by your written skills and enjoyed reading your review. Well done.

    GOD bless you!

    • Arezo Fatima

      Beautiful dialogues, especially when she said "Mujhe meri awkaat pata chal gai" and "Salman tou wohi dekh raha hai jo Allah ussey dikhana chahta hai, wohi kar raha hai jo Allah us sey karwana chahta hai ”

      it made me cried….:(

      Beshak jab ALLAH dilon pe mohar lagaday tou woh shaks apny nafss ka ghulam banjata hai.

      • Mikaeel Alamzeb

        Thank you Arezo, not for the praise but for the wonderful encouragement that accompanied it. Allah apko khush o khurram rakhey, always :-)

        The scenes in this episode and the last were very mighty powerful indeed and they will 'move' any individual. Please do keep writing and commenting. It is very gratifying for me to know what people are thinking about this drama, as it unfolds. Stay safe, stay well but most importantly, stay :-)

  • aliya@UK

    Dear Mikaeel, your knowledge about all this is amazing. Loved the review!!! Keep it up. Although reading from the review i feel as if u havent read the novel. Please read it , it will make all the dialogues clearer. The drama is not doing justice at all to the beautiful written piece of Shehrezaat.Tc,

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      @ Aliya

      Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement. I take great courage, himmat, hausla and confidence from your words and those of others too.

      I endeavour to reply to everyone, mainly because it is discourteous to just read people's comments and pass them by – after ALL the time they have taken to read my reviews, a word of thank you does not go astray.

      No, I have not read the novel but I know that the drama is slightly different, some tweaking here and there I guess. Thank you for letting me know Aliya.

      Please keep writing. We have some wonderful readership here who really understand this drama and relate to it in some way or another. God Bless You :-)

  • amin khan


    Wah bhai wah Mikaeel bhai, kamaal keeta tussi. :)

    I have been fortunate enough to read your review. MashaAllah, you hit the nail spot on. People like you are blessings from Allah who shows people the right path… in such an enlightening way.

    Who are you man, really?

    I'd like to connect with you… as I have been on a continuous lookout for people like you.. who have the knack and true understanding of spiritual practices.

    Anyway, I congratulate you on being such a clear and persuasive writer who has done a great service in getting the right message across.

    Like you, I loved this drama very much… from the day I saw its initial promos of the fakir.. and trust me I never watch any drama.. as I consider myself more than a drama.. LOL :)

    Jazak Allah khair.

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      @ Amin Khan

      Salaam, GBY. Ey twaddi inayat tey karram nawazi heggi jerra tussi sannu iss qabil samjeya, enni mohabbat ditti aur saddey tajziyey nu pasandd kitta.. Allah twannu khush rakhey, pagh laggey rehnr.. Allah tennu enna dey enna dey ke twaddey kollun sambhalleya na jaavey.. :-) 😀 Seriousley Dude !

      Tussi wee ik drama heggey oh ? Imaan nall ??!! Allaaaah ! LOLLLLLZZ..

      Thank for your beautiful words of encouragement, they give me courage, hausla and confidence.

      Some readers mentioned that they like the fact I write back and reply to comments. The reason is simple. If people can take the time out to read my review, it only takes a few seconds of effort for me to reply back so why not, hai na ? I love the interaction with readers, especially with regards to this particular drama which is an amazing piece of work.

      It's great to read your feedback Amin, everyone's voice is important and everyone's opinion invaluable. Likhtey raho aur jeetey raho mere Bhai :-) May Allah bless you, Allah mere Bhai ki har haajat bhar laaye, Elahi Ameen.

      • amin khan


        Bohot shukria aapki muhabbat aur duaaon k leeyay.. Allah aap ko en sab duaaon sai bhee barh kar nawaazey.. aur aap k dono jahan ki zindagi ko kamyaab kar dey.. khair aur aafeeyat k saath.. Aameen

        MashaAllah.. it's refreshing gust of change that's encircling us via Shehre-Zaat

        I wish and pray more and more people live the true spirit and essence of Islam… in everyday life.. and may Allah guide us to the path which leads straight to Him…

        Love to all,


  • Annie

    Another GREAT Review!! JazakAllah Mikael for explaining things so well :) Looking forward to reading you more!

  • Mairah Khan

    Great n awsum thoughts Mikaeel Alamzeb .. DO you write review fo al episodes ov shehar e Zaat .. ??

    • Mikaeel Alamzeb

      @ Mairah

      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, it is humbly acknowledged :-)

      I have only recently started reviewing, that is, episodes 13 & 14. Inshallah I shall continue to do so – until people are bored and someone kicks me out !!!!!!!!! 😛

      If I have the kind words of readers like you, I shall continue with my efforts. All the best & MGBY :-)

      • Sadaf

        Your reviews are a sur dard and you need to get a life. Don't you have a family or job? You are trolling this site the entire day waiting for someone to comment. You seem like a 60 year old retired man who has nothing better to do.

        • Maria

          Therz always one who'll make such comment… Tu khud kya cheez hai, phappey kuttni ?

          Your immaturity is obvious, with a comment like that all I can say I think u've gotta big chip on your shoulder. Baccha bi soch samaj kar likta he. Nearly everyone has so far appreciated these reviews and u taking a cheap shot ?

          Sadaf, I think YOU are only one who need to wake up from ya deep slumber and getta life, looks like therz no fun n games in yours… Such a bechari you are, tere liyey tou rona ata he

          @ Mikaeel Saheb

          Don't be out off by rude and elementary ppl like this, keep up ur work. Manhoos log har jaga paye jaate hein, khas karke hamare pyare mulk men !! 😛 aj Sadaf naam ki cheez bi dekh lee hehehe 😛 :O 😀 what a patakhaaaaa 😛

        • Sadaf

          Haye sadke jaoo mikael sb ke, maria ap mikael ki choti behan hei? Bara dum pe paoo ayaa haii aap ki. Mei kon hun??? Mein pichlay janam mei ap ki ama thi is liye tameez. Ap se baat kis ne ki hai waise bhi.

        • Maria

          Insaan ki baat jeet se usske ilm o shaoor ke aalim se fowran ashnai ho jati hai… na apko baat karna ka dhange hai aur na tumne koi bi samajdar cheez likhi hai.. pta nei tere jaise manhus log mun uthaa k kahan se aa jate hain 😛

          EVERYONE respects the reviewer, it's not about choti behn. respect begets respect. ap kisi ki izzat karo ge tou kal koi apki bi izzat kare ga, so u have failed on the first count anyway LOL 😛

          chaloo bhar pani main dhoob ke marro !

          pichley janam main meri maa thi ? LOL.. ur a crazy girl.. Allah tujhe hidayat de ! then best thing is ke mamma jee try and set an example for your daughter so she doesn't turn out like you !! Aur han, rahee baat pichley janam ki, mein ek musallman hun ALHAMDO LILLAH, dun believe in last life, i believe in the present and after life !!

          replying to u is not necessary, so this is last one. dangarr kaheen ki..

        • Maria

          Aur han !! Sadaf !! Tabinda ka character tere pe fittttttt suit karta hai, no joke 😉

  • Fatima Awan

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      • Fatima Awan

        Namaloom thank you for the comment:) we believe in giving people a second chance.

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    Very well written! Good job :) keep it up!

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    Very detailed and simpleway of explaining the Tasawwuf