Review: Shehr-e-Zaat: Last Episode

Honestly speaking I did not expect Shehr-e-Zaat to end this way, I thought that Falak would never go back to Salman and lead a happy life without him but I am extremely glad that the message that the writer put forward was that following the path of Deen makes your life in this world so much easier. There are times in every person’s life when there are defining moments in our lives; we stand on the crossroad wondering where to go; which path to take? Today we saw a very confused Falak in the same situation too and learned that our religion tells us everything we need to know about this duniya. Naani put it so beautifully; nothing more needs to be said. Indeed Salman lost on all accounts and Falak was a winner in the eye of her Lord and got what she desired the most in this world too. Although, Falak stated herself that she did not feel the same love or attraction towards Salman but Naani’s words that it was Allah who put Salman in that position so he would come back to her were more than enough to convince Falak and I must say me too! Allah is Ghafoor and Rahim, The All Merciful, He forgives man for his gravest mistakes if he truly repents than why can’t humans do the same?


For a second there, I did think that Falak should not have gone back to Salman but when I saw Falak few years later, asking her daughter if she had said her Fajar prayers, I too was convinced that Falak indeed had won. All the pain that Falak went through did not only change her life for good but also saved another mother from becoming “Mehrunissa” and another daughter from becoming “Falak”…bravo!


There were so many dialogues in today’s episode that were simply soul stirring but the one that truly made me think were the lines Falak says to Salman when she breaks his sculpture. Indeed if we look for perfection in everything, we are bound to be clueless and discontent with life. Humans must work on their relationships in order to make them last and same is true for our relationship with God. At the same time the message this drama puts forwards is that Human are meant to be imperfect , no matter how “secure” or loved a person feels in a human relationship one should not put the love for a man above the love for God.


I must add that this ending reminded me of Durr-e-Shehwar’s last episode, although the circumstances were very different but it definitely left me with the same feeling. Everything was wrapped up beautifully in a very subtle manner and I will leave it upto you all to share some of your favorite dialogues from today’s episode.


Umera Ahmed gave us so much to ponder upon and get inspired from, so a big thanks to her. I must say that there were a lot of times when Mahira Khan’s acting could have been much better but I guess it was upto the director to extract the best out of her. The play was prolonged unnecessarily, Umera Ahmed herself stated on her facebook page that the play was being stretched unnecessarily and she would have liked it if it could have ended sooner. All the other actors were absolutely brilliant Mikael Zulfiqar, Hina Bayat, Samina Peerzada, Seemi Pasha, Nadia Afghan and Mohib Mirza in particular were absolutely flawless. We should have more plays like Shehr-e-Zaat on air, it is the need of the hour but I think such plays should be short and to the point.


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Fatima Awan.

  • Ayesha

    Wonderful drama …..I hope we get things like these on television more and more…..:)

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    • Ashir

      Great Drama…..Great lesson for all us

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  • lalal

    really nice ending, but i would have liked it more if the last scene also included salman

    • FatimaAwan

      Yes Lalal, it would have been nice to see Salam in the end too .

  • maha

    last scene was best.
    dil ajeeb shay hai naani ajeeb cheezain krne ko kehta hai.
    Allah insan ko sab kch dikha kar kehta hai k ab bta tera meray siwa kaun hai?
    Cheezain bay haya nahi hoti un se jo mansoob kia jata hai wo ba-haya ya bay-haya hota hai. Haya b nazar mai hai aur bay-hayai b.
    These 3 lines sum up the whole story.
    I just love umera ahmad's lines. They are so convincing :)

    • FatimaAwan

      totally agree with you Maha , Umera Ahmed is a great writer.

  • isma munir

    marvallous story…

  • maliha

    i agree with the above review. we need more like shehr-e-zaat and durr-e-shehwaar. and they are definitely close to reality with meaningful messages and of course dialogues. hats off to the writer for this last episode. and i am looking forward to seeing more meaningful plays like the above-mentioned with messages for our youngsters and everyone in our society.

  • Sal

    Acha drama tha. End bhi buhat acha tha. Maza bhi aya or seekhnay ko bhi buaht kuch mila.

    Ab main chahti hoon k koi Umaira Ahmed k likhay novel IMAN, UMEED OR MUHABBAT per drama banaye. Us novel ka message bhi buhat acha hai k kisi bhi shakhs k liye us ki muhabbat say ziada us ka iman important hona chahiye. aaj ki generation ko ye maloom nahi hai shayed is moozon per drama banay to usay daikh ker hi inhain samaj a jaye.
    and i want to see MIKAL ZULIFQAR as IMAN ALI / DANIEL ADGER.

  • zara

    such a slow dragging drama…. they just spoiled the novel completely. the girl in the novel does not wander aimlessly without dupatta on beaches n other places. she goes to villages to teach poor children, does humanitarian works, wears the cheapest of clothes ,covers herself head to toe reads quran translation n strives her best to get closer to Allah. when she goes to pray salat tasbeeh in a mosque a lady repeats the same words to her as tht faqir which makes her content finally then when salman comes back she just goes back with him without any hesitation n tht was the beauty of the story. as she knows tht it is from Allah tht he has come back n she warns him tht i wear chadar now n m not ur type ne more. n she goes back without ne feelings for him. i think wht was a spiritual story they jus made it into a love story in the drama.

    • Menahil

      Btw umera ahmed herself scripted this play aw well! Tho idk cuz I didn't really read the book but one thing i do knoe : the only 'love story' left in the end was btwn. Falak and Allah!!

      • zara

        i agree Menahil , but through out this play falak is shown as thinking over how much salman had hurt her.however in the novel , she is shown to move on and strive to get the love of Allah thru her actions. which was missing here so iguess i felt disappointed.also each scene was sooo slow

    • Ms. Khan

      Sounds like the novel version is even better, and I can relate to your feelings. If you have read a book, then watching the telecast keeps you in a state of comparison, and you consciously look for similarities and differences. The differences most often disappoint the readers. However, most viewers have not read the novel and to them it was an independent story. I have enjoyed the drama, as it is. It did occur to me that when they are showing the transformation of Falak into such a spiritual person then why not her appearance resembles the character i.e. hijab. Also, I felt confused when Falak had worldly thoughts of not forgiving and not accepting Salman's apology although she recognized that it was Allah who made him apologize. There was a bit of contradiction in character there which might have been not there had the director followed the script from novel.
      I wonder why must writer make these changes for drama in her own story? hmmm some external pressure?

      • Quraitulain

        I think it was changed to make it more believable and closer to the rich pakistani of today. And change comes slowly, so it is more believable that Falak's first response is anger and discomfort, rather than immediate acceptance.

    • Zahra Mirza

      I completely agree to you Zara when you talk about the changes that the character of Falak does in Novel. I would've loved to see her being more modest & dressed up according to Islam because that's another very important part of Islam which can not be over-looked.

      I am also not too happy with the changes made to the actual story of a novel. But still this thing should be appreciated that it was Umera Ahmed who re-did the story. Human learns at every point of life so I believe Umera Ahmed must've felt these changes could also polish the story that's why she changed it a bit.

    • Sumbal

      agreed!!! she was wandering here n there!! they shouldnt spoil the novel!!!

  • mayal

    com'on yar.. mahira k acting k tareef nahi ki. bht achi acting thi.. character bht dificult tha usna acha nibhya.. thri bht flaws to sb k actng ma ate hain..
    awsume drama. loved ur review :)

    • FatimaAwan

      Sorry Mayal, I wrote what i honestly felt about Mahira's acting, I know so many people loved her as Falak. Thank you for having a big heart and loving the review anyway:)

  • nada

    fatima as always i said that ur review r always best.i never followed this drama but i was waiting for the last episode bcoz majority people said that in the last episdoe there is a mesege n yes very true there was a messege.awsome ending what a messege from Flak and Nani.hats off to the team.

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you so much Nada:)

  • Noone

    Your review and the last episode of this drama made me cry………….MashaAllah……

    • FatimaAwan

      awww that is so sweet Noone, keep reading and commenting:)

  • Annie

    Thanks for the review Fatima :)
    I have been loving SeZ from the beginning because there is such a dearth of thinking type dramas these days. It was good to sit down and learn a lesson in hopes to implementing it in my life inshAllah. We need constant reminders like these to drive home the concept of self, selflessness, and selfishness. Splendidly written by Umera Ahmed. Yes, it could have been shortened by a couple of episodes, but overall I can't complain too much about that since these types of plays are so hard to find these days.
    My favorite dialogues – quite a few – the one you mentioned about imperfection and perfection at the end. And when Naani asks Falak to forgive because Allah is the Most Forgiving and Most Merciful, you wouldn't want Allah to not forgive you on the day of reckoning. I LOVED how Umera used references directly out of the Quran. I needed that reminder again even though I just read that ayah last night in reference to Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra) :-) I so need to implement that in my life on the constant basis.
    The other one was the scene between Mom and Daughter when Falak tells her mom it is not a saaza and it is not too late to ask for forgiveness from our Raab.

    Ah SeZ I will miss thee but thank you Umera for such a precious gift that we can come back to over and over again.

    • FatimaAwan

      I know Annie, you are one of those people who never gave up on SeZ…honestly speaking there were times when I thought it was getting awfully repititive but overall a great effort. Thank you so much for reading the review and commenting:)

  • Annie.D

    My fav dialogue from today's episode was when nani tells falak ke zindagi ke faislay dil se nahe karne chahye, Rab ki bheji kitaab (Quran shareef) se karne chahye.

  • KalaBhoot

    Nice drama, nice ending, & nice review.

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you KB.

  • Ms. Khan

    Thanks Fatima for a speedy review. I just loved this drama, story, direction, acting, dialogues and overall message all were best! I agree that there was an unnecessary stretch, but the last episode was well done!
    Although, Salman didn't deserve Falak, but I had a feeling that he will realize his mistakes and Tabinda would show her negative side. I loved the dialogues between Nani and Falak when she convinced her to forgive Salman and presented her as a winner. Also, as you said the dialogues when Falak breaks the statue and realizes the wrong attachment she had with it in the past. Salman was speechless :) I liked the facial expressions he had being speechless. Oh yes the dialogues betweeb Falak and her mother were also good. "there is no time to repent to Allah, he forgives our previous mistakes and also rewards us for the rest of our life. I have enjoyed this drama!

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you Mrs. Khan for reading the reviews and giving your feedback, i really appreciate it.

  • yasmin

    few dialogues in the drama teaches lots of things,like "haya bhi nazar me hai aur behayai bhi"
    superb drama,i think they must have shown falak more towards allah,she was till the second last episode in the grievance of her broken marriage.

    • mrs irfan

      respect plzz wen u write ALLAH…… with capital "A" not wth small "a"

  • Afia Qazi

    Thanks for the prompt review Fatima. I too was initially surprised that Falak went back to Salman but it was done so beautifully that it didn't look out of place. Mikaal acted his part so well that inspite of everything he did, I was rooting for Salman.
    I do wish they'd shown a couple of scenes of tabinda becoming a nuisance, eventually leaving. Hard to think why she'd go in for an abortion? Wouldn't she have gained even more had she had a baby? But those are just my thoughts. All in all, I loved the show.
    Some viewers have commented that Falak was shown without a dupatta. That maybe true but she was always shown to be decently dressed. She does start wearing a dupatta more often than not. These changes take time and should be gradual if they are going to be permanent. I've seen many people who have this see-saw relationship with religion/hijabs/'bold' clothing….they oscillate between the two extremes. I feel Falak's transition was shown perfectly.
    Thank you all for this great journey!

    • FatimaAwan

      Afia thank you for reading the review and commenting. I always enjoy your comments because they are so honest:)

  • Bia

    Agar drama chota hota tu aur acha hota.. mujhe bhi falak ki lines bohat achi lagi aaj ki epi mein.

  • Hira Saleem

    This drama is the best example to learn that when you'll love Allah, Allah's people will love you automatically. No doubt. And all people who are commenting about this drama that it was slow, rubbish and blah blah. Please at least learn something from it or at least appreciate their efforts. Tremendous job. It helped me to change myself and my life style

    • Tahseen

      How sad that you are changing your lifestyle because of a drama!

  • farina

    i think that the drama length was perfect…it shouldnt be less that that…director did the right decision…its a beautiful drama….want more n more such dramas to be made.hats off!

  • Amin

    novel se bhi Ziada acha likha tha yeh Drama Umera ne. she is after all the best writter at present. :) and now I think Umera should have written "merey darad ko jo zubaan miley" . At least she would have put the religious aspect with the hope in ALLHA to spend the journey of your life and not just the story full of discourgments.

  • Sadaf G

    Excellent review Fatima. I agree on every point but I must defend Mahira , she did an amazing job . This is only her second gig,and I cannot imagine another in her place. I really think Salman had a lot of maturing to do, before Falak went back to him. I guess love is a disease not easily recovered from :).

  • Anwar

    lovely end.

    Allah ki muhabbat key ilawa harr mohabbat ko zawal hai phir wo bandey ko dikha key kehta hai bta tera merey siwa kon hai

    haya bi nazar mien hai aur bey haya bi nazar mien hai . Farewell shehr e zaat.

    • Quraitulain

      That was my favourite dialogue of the episode… love will last except ALLAH'S. I must admit, I was crying at those words and when Falak is finding it hard to forgive. This is true for daily life. Forgiveness does not come easy, which is why in the eyes of our Lord, those who forgive have a very high position. Wonderful drama.

  • Shahana

    Excellent review Fatima….every words seems to match with my feeling about the drama!. Great message by Ham TV !!

  • asad shaikh

    but the cat she made in the end was pathetic as compared to the sculpture she broke!

    • sami

      ya coz sculpture was her love salman and cat was tabinda :p lolxxx

  • saif

    in india v r not getting this quality of dramas, superb drama, superb artists.
    i also loved to watch dur e shahwar and thakan.

  • Hamdan

    The special thing of the Shehr-e-Zaat is STORY it contains,for this credits goes to umaira ahmed.

  • talea sana

    really i was not expecting that drama will end in this way…awesome ending it showed d msg that one who starts following ALLAH'S way ALLAH starts making his/er work…GOD opens d way 4 them…

  • saba

    drama was no doubt more impressive than novel reading for me bcoz of dialogue play by mahira.superb lesson and acting.i wish mahira should make setteld her real married life by same promo :-)


    what a end,,,,,
    umera ahmed ko mera 100 baaar salaaam,,,,
    kitni khubsurti se kahani khatam ki h 1 message k saath,,,,,zabardast…
    mahira is dammmm gud..
    par sbse pyara charactor samina peerzada ka tha….unforgettble…itna khubsurat k unke charactor se 1 aqeedat si hogaeee..jab jab wo screen pe ati to unpe pyar ata jese apni ammi pe ata h….i love u so muchh samina g,,,,,
    dur-e-shehwar k baad shehr-e-zaat thank u so much umera ahmed & humtv ki rooori team ko.ese classics k liye..
    overall superhit ,,,,dil jeet lia.

  • hira raees

    i loved it

  • sami

    Fatima, ur artical is very good and i totally agree.

  • Mariyam

    Lovely drama.. A great lesson!! Love Allah above all and you will have the best from the world and aakhirat.

  • scorpio 29

    u must watch movie- hazrat yousuf!

  • Aimen

    I really loved this drama and agree to your article….but I think Mahira was great as Falak, especially towards the end…

  • aaaaa

    best show

  • Fajar

    thanks a lot for your review. After reading your review it feels awesome because you extract all good points of it and put them in front of us. This is simply awesome because it says what I want to say, what a viewer feels. So very very nice
    and again Thanks a lot!!!

  • maryam

    i am experiencing this kinda situation in my life…………….i was totally mad about my hubby………i am still so much in love but now i have realised the reality of love……..and m content ………great novel

  • Zahra Mirza

    Finally, great show great end. I give all the credit to Umera Ahmed for stirring such thoughts in the minds of all the Muslims through out the world by sharing such stories with us. I completely loved Nani & Falak's scene & the dialogues were beautifully written.

    I completely fell in love with when Nani tells her that if Salman didn't ditch you at any point in life you wouldn't have gone back to the path of Allah or you wouldn't have loved Him. What Salman did to you was actually a favour. Beautiful words.

    I agree to a certain commenter named Zara here too that they should've shown Falak a bit in an Islamic ensemble because that's an important part which can not be over looked too but over all a very nice play. Not too happy with the changes made to the actual novel & the prolonging but over all a good effort.

  • yasmin

    I loved the dialogues from this drama, i have an request,everyone here plz post their favourite dialogues frm the drama,it will be fun

  • annie


  • FatimaAwan

    Thank you so much everyone for reading the review and commenting. I agree with Zara in particular, I would have liked it also had Falak's transformation been shown in that way. There are contradicting opinions about the novel and the drama some people think the novel was better and others like the changes that were made in the novel. I have not read the novel so I can't really comment on that. so, who is looking forward to Zindagi Gulzar hai:)

    • Zara

      Thank you so much Fatima, Means a lot. I always read your reviews and agree to them, although its only recently that i have started commenting. Sez drama was i think made for the masses and for people like me and you it was great nodoubt but lacked a little depth as it had in the novel.
      waiting for Zindagi gulzar hai too….impatiently..this time i will not read the novel as soon as i see the promos like i did with shehrezaat.:)

      • FatimaAwan

        lol Zara I was very tempted to read the novel too but a lot of people told me it was a bad idea, so i didn't and I guess it is because if you have read the novel, you watch the drama with some preconcieved notions. I will look forward to your comments on Zindagi Gulzar hai threads:)

        • faiza

          just chota say noval tha . it take ur one hour . it is mush better then dram. shehr-e-zaat

  • Fare

    What a great end I really appriciate

  • waleed butt

    " awsome & superb drama in pakistan history and also in whole world…. this drama also givs us a massive leeson… and we got it mustl… i saliut the writer's thinking…… "


    EXCELLENT……………. I HAVE NO WORDS***************



  • saleem bhatti

    fatima as always i said that ur review r always best.i never followed this drama but i was waiting for the last episode bcoz majority people said that in the last episdoe there is a mesege n yes very true there was a messege.awsome ending what a messege from Flak and Nani.hats off to the team.

  • Farhana Akhtar

    The more religious Falak got the more depressed she became. By the end it was like she'd forgotten how to smile.

  • arif

    i want to say that try to show real muslim girl …..hmen ye b dikhain k aurat ka maqam kia hai islam me usk liye apko islamic woman ka image create krna chahye,,,but u can see dupata to hai he ni,,dupata aurat k liye he bnaya gya hai…try to create the image of muslim woman plz…

  • umer

    Always say Allah …Allah is beautifull and Allah likes the most to call him Allah…God is just the translation..but the happiness and closesness is in the word Allah SubhanAllah :)

  • umer

    There should be some other drama's based on Man's life because they always portrayte women .the most innocent.In the society there are men who find difficulties with thier spouse not only women …but actually its beautifull message in the drama…but usually many people finds it boring…so sad

    • FatimaAwan

      You are right Umer, men in most of our plays just marry another woman if they are having issues with their first wife and that just sort of changes it into a woman's story then.

  • Ali Hassan

    but if there were suleman instead of falak, he never forgive her, so in my opinion a woman can sacrifise everything, she forgave suleman's every mistakes, inshort woman have a big heart than a man.

  • faiza

    Dear Members,

    The following dialogue in drama serial "Shehr-e-Zaat" was not written by Umera Ahmed. It was added by the director without the consent of writer and the writer have complained against this to the production house.

    "Cheezein beyhaya nahi hoti hain un say jo kuch mansoob kiya jata hai wo unhey beyhaya ya baahaya bnata hai. Haya bhi nazar mein hoti hai aur beyhayyai bhi."

    Admins : Umera Ahmed Official

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you Faiza:)

      • faiza

        thank you

  • Tahseen

    Alhamdollilah, Mothers are the only creatures on earth who we can blame for all of the problems in our lives, especially the ones wrought from our own stupidity and they will accept the blame and love us nonetheless. Mothers are truly a blessing.

    Interesting that Falak forgives everyone, in her new saintly avatar, even Salman who dumped her for another woman but has to take that last dig at her mother. Sadly, Falak will never know the value of this blessing until it is gone but what an easy target in the meanwhile! Interestingly, Mehrunissa is a wonderful daughter since she never blames her mother for anything even though I am sure that she made many mistakes as well. Too bad that Falak did not learn that from her mother's example.

    I can say that I am glad that this drama is over. It fell off the rails at some point and never quite made it back on.

    • azra

      I agree with you..this is a very biased,male centric and derogatory script..Im amazed that a female could denigrate her own sex so much.A male is allowed to do as he pleases but in the end the female accepts him in just the devilish avatar that he would be and instead very ridiculously blame her mother for her husband's wayward ways..this stupid drama should have been banned,had it been shown in the developed world

  • Ms.m

    Where did hamza go?

  • faiza


  • nadiahassan

    hazma k tu ziker nai tha novel main

  • saqib

    excellent …superb drama gr8 job by the team
    more plays shuld be made lik shehr e zaat .shehr
    e zaat aids alot to understnd how to strengthen the
    relationship with Allah . excellent review too

  • xfvjjbb

    very good drama

  • Shehla

    Amazing … Allah ki muhabbat k siwa hr muhabbat ko zawal hy … No doubt …

  • Farzana Amin

    I loved the drama till the last episode. I didn't like it when Falak told her mom that if she had given her the knowledge of Deen then her life would have been different. There is actually no question of "IF" in Islam. Anything that is happening in someone's life is with the will ALLAH (SWT). Qadar is extremely important in Islam. I wish the writer didn't this particular line in the drama. It could have been the best drama I have ever watched. Loved how they have shown Allah (SWT) guidance on someone. Please forgive me if I have hurt anyone's feelings by writing my opinion.

  • dr.alia


  • Fathima Afra

    whatever the ending was, the drama did teach us a good moral..It applies for all youngsters who run behind worldly stuff
    inspiring story and great acting by Mahira Khan :)

  • ahmed hassan

    it was an awesum play I believe taught us well ,and when u want to put such things in the form of a drama we should give it space ,its not a documentary about islamic evolution but a drama and needs some dramatic changes also ,different idea and well executed ,mahira is always good in her expressions and a great actor