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Review: Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay: Episode 1

Tanhaiyan is back with a bang after 27 years. I was looking forward to this play more than any other. Tanhaiyan sequel is almost like a dream come true and there are so many expectations attached to it. When Tanhaiyan originally went on air I was very young but those were the times when everyone whether they were 6 or 60 used to watch the 8 pm PTV plays, it was like a family get-together! Yes, the times when dramas used to make families come together….good old days. Nowadays we have too many dramas and too many televisions in one household and very little time. And yes the load shedding doesn’t help too, so basically times have changed! At that time I enjoyed Sania and Qabacha’s scenes the most, I thought they were hilarious and Sania was too cute for words. Few years back I decided to watch this legendary play again and it was then that I was completely able to understand the depth of the story and the characters.


The promos of TNS and the cast members in particular grabbed my attention. I was reading in the Express Tribune the other day that out of the total 16 cast members of Tanhaiyan six were living and the rest have passed away. All of these cast members except for Shehnaz Sheikh will be part of the sequel along with some great actors like Javed sheikh, Alishba Yousuf, Syra Yousuf, Shehroz Sabzwari and Shehryaar Munawar among others. The play has been written by Haseena Moin and Muhammad Ahmed and directed by Marina Khan. The interesting thing about this play is that it is being aired on PTV home and ARY digital at the same time. Without further ado let’s talk about today’s episode.


So, did this first episode meet my expectations? The answer most definitely is yes. It was great to see all the original characters on screen once again. All of these actors may have performed numerous roles after Tanhaiyaan but like many other people for me Marina Khan will always be Sania, Asif Raza Mir Zain and Badar Khalil Aani…I am sure all of you know what I mean. The first episode mainly introduced us to the original characters in particular and how they have changed. The person who has changed the most is Faran (Qazi Wajid), he has turned into an introvert and keeps himself occupied with his books as if he is looking for an escape in them. His dream where the judge declares him guilty suggested that he holds himself responsible for something that happened in the past. It maybe this sense of guilt that keeps him from socializing with others and has turned him into a bitter person. Aani (Badar Khalil) is trying very hard to cope with her troubled marriage but still manages to have a good time with Sania (Marina Khan), who is bubbly and vibrant just like she was so many years back. Sania never got married and is working in a youth centre. Zara is living abroad after getting married to Zain (Asif Raza Mir) and has two daughters. The entire episode focused on Zara in particular, maybe because she won’t really be part of the play but it seems like the story is going to revolve around Zara’s daughters. So indirectly the plays will be about our heroine Zara…I figured that from Zains’ dialogue when he says “ab yehi Zara hei”.


I thoroughly enjoyed Durdana Butt’s character; she definitely made me smile more than once. Overall, this episode gave me a chance to watch my favorite characters on-screen again and I am really glad that the Tanhayain team decided to join hands for this sequel. This first episode left me with a lot of questions and I am looking forward to finding the answers. I must add here that Zara (Shehnaz Sheikh) is going to be sorely missed. Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay is going to be a 13 episode serial, so I am guessing that they will keep it short and sweet.


Fatima Awan.

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