Review: Zard Mausam: Episode 12

Today’s episode had so much to offer and I enjoyed every bit of it. For those people who have been complaining that this play is slow, this episode should be the big leap forward.  In the previous episode after the treatment meted out to Aimen by Mehru, Aimen decided to go by the rules, but the conversation with her father and his lack of trust on her turned things around and Aimen decided her sacrifices were not going to get her anywhere and since her father did not believe her anyway so there was absolutely no reason for her to be submissive. So, from now on it is Aimen’s life her way, I must say that the Aimen-Mehru relationship is turning into a duel and both are very strong contenders! What Aimen did today was totally wrong but I would give her more of the benefit of the doubt than I would give Mehru. While, Aimen is doing all that she is to safeguard her own interests and survival, what Mehru is doing is out of sheer hatred and revenge. So, even with all that Aimen did today, she still has my sympathies. Mehru, on the contrary lost my vote today yet again, when she lied to Waqar about Aimen being interested in Affan. Whatever Aimen did, it was because she is young and naïve but Mehru is wise and cunning, that totally changes the dynamics for me. I must add here that Sania Saeed is doing a brilliant job of playing the evil step-mother; she has proved yet again that her versatility as a performer is unmatched. Sometimes she says more with her expressions than with her words.


Affan being interested in Aimen, was an easy guess but the proposal came rather too soon and Aimen is merely going along with it because like her friend said this was the only way she could escape the life she was living in her own house. Aimen’s meeting with her grandfather was extremely moving, from the grandfather’s side if not from Aimen’s. I find Aimen’s character particularly interesting, although she is in a weak position and any other girl in her situation would be looking for a savior but Aimen is not, she is strong and unlike the grandfather presumed would not fall for the first man who tells her he is interested in her. Her father gave her enough love to give her the confidence she needs to get through difficult times all by herself.


Babar’s revelation to his mother was another very interesting and touching development in today’s story. Babar has always been the wise one, even when he was living with his Grandmother; he was always opposed to her mother’s behavior towards her brother and his family because his biggest concern was that they may be thrown out of the house with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Babar may have grown up but his insecurities have not left him. I really felt for him and he was so right in telling his mother that she should think about him and not be so keen on making Aimen’s life miserable because that may backfire. Whatever Babar had to say made a lot of sense to me. I wish his mother would have listened to him and stopped playing games but Mehru will be Mehru. Her bitterness will never let her forgive Aimen for something she never did!


One thing that totally took me off guard today was what Tahir did . I would much rather have seen him as the dignified teacher he was till now and it would have been good if he kept his feelings to himself.


I have to say that Tahir’s relationship with his dada and their conversations have to be the highlight of the show, their love-hate relationship is bitter-sweet and adorable. The chemistry between the too is brilliant and a treat to watch.


Zard Mausam is definitely turning out to be a great show and I would highly recommend that it should be moved to the 8 pm slot. The direction, the brilliant performances and most of all the permanent sobriety of the show never fails to impress me. Kudos to the entire team of the show for a job well-done. Looking forward to the next episode.


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Author: Fatima Awan.

  • uneza

    u hav written in 1st para that

    " I must add here that Sania Saeed is doing a brilliant job of playing the evil mother-in-law;"

    im confused?

    • uneza

      it should be mother na

      • Fatima Awan

        Uneza thank you for pointing out the typo..yes it should be step-mother:) and thank you for reading the review.

        • uneza

          ur most welcome

          i read almost all urs reviews

  • kainat

    ohohoo.. Mr.Tahir ne tu darra hi diya (his scene with Aimn) aur bhaee kiya zaroorat thi itna gissa pitta dialogue marne ki ( tumhe kisi ne kabi batya hai tum kitni khobsorat ho)

    and yeh, Fatima what a sweet fight between Tahri-dada, that none of them ever mind other, and like Tahir always ignores and makes funny faces.

    Thankyou Fatima :) i enjoyed both, drama & preview

    • kainat

      i enjoyed both, drama and *Review

    • Fatima Awan

      Lol, you are absolutely right about the dialogue, i thought he was joking!

      Thank you for liking the review.

  • Monima

    Can anyone tell who is right??

    Aimen or her Step mother???

    Why her mother is behaving like this????

    • Fatima Awan

      Monima read the review, it may answer you questions.

  • rubab

    i liked ur review fatima. i am loving this drama, everybody is doing briliant job.thumbs up.but one thing which is very important to me is " waqar's behaviour" .he should hav treated his daughters equal, when momo n jojo came to his house. he payed extra attention to aimen, which was truly irritating for mehru n her daughters.mehru was already very jealous with aimen n sara.waqar would have reduced that hatred by treating them equal.he showed that he always loved sara n aimen n never mehru and her daughters.

    on the other hand mehru is also doing wrong by making aimen's life hell beacause of her jealousy and revenge.

    • Fatima Awan

      Thank you Rubab. I totally agree with you Waqar's attitude was not only wrong but extremely unjust too. But Mehru never had the guts to take a stand for her daughters, she decoded to punish Aimen for something her father did, who is completely helpless with her father gone. Yes Mehru has been wronged but i don't like her negativity & canniving nature. The lies she tells Waqar about Aimen say a lot about the kind of person she is. And Sania Saeed is doing such a great job of making me hate her character:))

  • S. A. M.

    I must say that the acting direction production everything is excellent. all the characters are putting life into their roles. there is no overacting or creating unnecessary sensation.

    my favourite role is that of Sania Saeed because the way she is expressing the decades old hatred towrds Aimen is something that can only be seen and understood but cannot be reduced into words. this role could only be performed by an artist sania's caliber. Ms. Awan has done a great job in her preview. I wait for the drama because it also helps in understanding what impact strong love can have towards children as in the case of aimen her father's love has made her stand tall against all odds.

    • Fatima Awan

      Thank you Sam, i am glad we agree.

  • Tanya

    Seems like writers of current dramas have shortage of female names.

    in Sheher e zaat its Mehr un nisa (Mehru) = hina bayat

    in Ashk its Mehr un nisa (Mehru) = resham

    in Zard Mausam it is Mehr un nisa (Mehru)= sania aaeed

    • Fatima Awan

      Yes Tanya you are right, good observation:)

  • Amna

    Your reviews are always the best Fatima. I really enjoyed reading it.

  • Ani

    …but I doont like the way dada-pota talk… :(

  • misha

    so lush drama yar i just love it per mahira is looking so cool in drame humsafar