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Review: Zard Mausam: Episode 19

Finally, the moment that everyone was waiting for, Aimen Waqar is headed towards the right direction for a change and has realized there is more to life than having your own way. What I appreciate is that it wasn’t a lecture from Mehru, Waqar or Tariq which made her realize that her actions were going to take her nowhere but the change came form within her. The sad fact is that it was Aimen’s biggest mistake that changed her for good (hopefully). I can’t help but wonder if Tariq will forgive her for killing his child once he finds out. Something tells me that he is going to find out at some point. Ayza Khan’s acting was brilliant as usual but I must add here that it is great to see Aamir Qureshi performing after what seems like a very long time and he is doing complete justice to his character. He is a multi-talented performer who I would surely want to see more of. He was the perfect choice for playing the patient and caring Tariq. The direction and the production house deserve due credit for choosing a very gifted cast.


Momo, just like anticipated, is doing exactly what Nine wanted her too. She is falling into a trap without having the slightest clue. No matter what amount of force or strictness Mehru may use, she can only exercise a certain degree of control over her daughters. I totally did not get where the cell phone came from..did Nine give It to her? Mehrunissa obviously does not know about it.


Leaving the house to Aimen could in no way have proved to be a good idea and we saw a very naive Aimen getting exploited at the hands of servants. But one must hand it to Tariq for keeping calm and giving Aimen the time and space she needed to figure things out for herself. Even after Mehru discloses the secret about Aimen’s engagement to him, he manages to stay as composed as one possibly could in that situation. I got a feeling that Mehru shared the engagement details with Tariq on purpose, just to do her bit to make life difficult for Aimen. She kept on telling Aimen to keep good ties with her husband but the fact is that she cannot bear to see her happy. That is the reason why she constantly keeps on telling Tariq to be strict with Aimen. Mehru knows only too well that being strict with Aimen is not going to get anyone anywhere.


This was an interesting episode; I really enjoyed the subtle way in which the transformation in Aimen was shown. The next episode is bound to have even more surprises in store. I am hoping that Aimen will stick to her apology and that she really has realized that she was wrong. I would be really disappointed if she goes back to being her old self. Zard Mausam is much better than many of the plays on air nowadays in terms of acting and direction in particular; too bad it is not getting the attention it deserves.


Watch Zard Mausam Episode 19


Author: Fatima Awan.

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