Review: Zard Mausam: Episode 19

Finally, the moment that everyone was waiting for, Aimen Waqar is headed towards the right direction for a change and has realized there is more to life than having your own way. What I appreciate is that it wasn’t a lecture from Mehru, Waqar or Tariq which made her realize that her actions were going to take her nowhere but the change came form within her. The sad fact is that it was Aimen’s biggest mistake that changed her for good (hopefully). I can’t help but wonder if Tariq will forgive her for killing his child once he finds out. Something tells me that he is going to find out at some point. Ayza Khan’s acting was brilliant as usual but I must add here that it is great to see Aamir Qureshi performing after what seems like a very long time and he is doing complete justice to his character. He is a multi-talented performer who I would surely want to see more of. He was the perfect choice for playing the patient and caring Tariq. The direction and the production house deserve due credit for choosing a very gifted cast.


Momo, just like anticipated, is doing exactly what Nine wanted her too. She is falling into a trap without having the slightest clue. No matter what amount of force or strictness Mehru may use, she can only exercise a certain degree of control over her daughters. I totally did not get where the cell phone came from..did Nine give It to her? Mehrunissa obviously does not know about it.


Leaving the house to Aimen could in no way have proved to be a good idea and we saw a very naive Aimen getting exploited at the hands of servants. But one must hand it to Tariq for keeping calm and giving Aimen the time and space she needed to figure things out for herself. Even after Mehru discloses the secret about Aimen’s engagement to him, he manages to stay as composed as one possibly could in that situation. I got a feeling that Mehru shared the engagement details with Tariq on purpose, just to do her bit to make life difficult for Aimen. She kept on telling Aimen to keep good ties with her husband but the fact is that she cannot bear to see her happy. That is the reason why she constantly keeps on telling Tariq to be strict with Aimen. Mehru knows only too well that being strict with Aimen is not going to get anyone anywhere.


This was an interesting episode; I really enjoyed the subtle way in which the transformation in Aimen was shown. The next episode is bound to have even more surprises in store. I am hoping that Aimen will stick to her apology and that she really has realized that she was wrong. I would be really disappointed if she goes back to being her old self. Zard Mausam is much better than many of the plays on air nowadays in terms of acting and direction in particular; too bad it is not getting the attention it deserves.


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Author: Fatima Awan.

  • bounty

    The review on episode 19 of Zard Mausam was well written by Fatima Awan. Well just to answer a question that Fatima Awan was stumbling over…The cell phone that Momo had was of Aimen's which she left at her parental home after getting married to Tariq. It was not given by Nine to Momo. But Momo stole it after Aimen leaves their house getting married. This is also elaborated in episode 18. Hopefully that should answer the query. Looking forward for more interesting episodes of Zard Mausam, a decent family play.

    • Fatima Awan

      Thank you so much Bounty. I wonder how I missed that part, will definitely watch it again.

      • Kainat

        yeh, it is Aiaman`s cell and just in last episode she was telling to Nine that Aiman left it there.

        And now momo is spoiling herself.. actually i like the strictness of mehru towards her daughter, its always needed on this earth for the certain time period (in my opinion)

  • chinchinchoo

    Hmmmmm! I am sorry but I can only think negative! To me it feels like that something wrong will going to happen to Tariq when Aimen finally realize, God knows for how long, that she is not right! To my surprise how come the JoJo does not know that aimen is preggerz as she was the on who took aimen to dr.

    • Fatima Awan

      Chinchinchoo…you are right about Jojo not knowing, we can only wonder!

  • chinchinchoo

    Fatima this line in your review upset me to core "but wonder if Tariq will forgive her for killing his child once he finds out"

    It was her child too.. carrying a child and aborting a child why this decision always rely on men? I truly not favour this act, but the circumstances did favour this act. Please this society has to change the thinking AURAT KO AULAAD HI BAAND KAR RAKH SAKTI HAI!

    • Tanya

      Chinchinchoo ! I think u r reading too much into it.

      What Fatima meant (as per my opinion) is only that Aimen has killed her/their child without letting Tariq know a bit, thats why she wrote in that perspective as "his child" also bcoz Aimen was not at all interested in having a family due to her immature stubborn attitude.

      You should also see and appreciate that Fatima wrote that its good that Aimen changed with HER OWN WILL without her husband or parents lecturing her.

      So I think u took her "HIS child sentence quite in a totally other way.

      • Fatima Awan

        Tanya You are right, that is what i meant. I think tariq has been wronged in this particular case and we should actually be saying it was his child too because Aimen got the abortion done out of her own free will but the poor guy did not even know that she was expecting. I especially feel sorry for him because he really wanted a child and shared his feelings with Aimen too but she did not for a second think of him before going ahead with the procedure.

        • chinchinchoo

          Tanya and fatima! Yes I do understand what does Fatima mean but I contradict! Yet they shown it really finely that the girl is immature, she doesn't have family (sort of step family she has), She liked someone, wanted to marry another and end up having a child with someone. Ahhhhhh! actually the phase they shown is that she has gone into war with herself! a state of rebel and in that situation when she hardly bother about Tariq and the coldness in her attitude it shocked me at the first place how come the relationship has gone to that level? So in my eyes she has done it right because If you dont like someone you have all the right not to have kid with that person. Marriage can be forced but family can't be forced! Now I think it will be Zard Mausam in her life. A girl when in search of love will find her love but it will be too late! I am looking forward to Aamir Qureshi as to see how a mature man can face the circumstances like that. Hats off fatima for writing the review as I must say this drama is lot better than the other craps going on (I better not name them).

        • Tanya

          Chinchincho.. I understand what u want to say about the miseries of Aimen…. but dont u think she was overly dominating for the whole life until Waqar went for a few years only recently, she even continuously suppressed the rights of momo and joji who are also Waqar's read daughters and the full focus was on her throughout her childhood and adulthood.

          Agree she is going thru unsettling phases, but Islam do not give permission of abortion at all that too just with an excuse of not liking your husband.

      • Fatima Awan

        Chinchinchoo (please give me the background behind this cute nick:) You know my sympathies were always with Aimen, if you read my previous few reviews you will know that my opinion of Aimen changed when she fell for Sir Tahir. I think Waqar is to blame for how Aimen is, first he spoiled her and then left her in the lurch, she was used to having her own way and disciplining her the way mehru did was in no way right. You are right this time Aimen has bitten off more than she can chew, killing that baby was the worst decision she made and that is the reason she is lost and feels no contentment. ZM has always been one of my favorites, I think it has a lot going for it.

        @ Tanya you are right but let me add that it is not just about religion but it is also inhuman to kill another person, no matter what religion one follows, so what if that baby was not born yet but it was a living entity. But let's not go into that discussion because it may prove to be neverending:)

  • Tanya

    Very good review Fatima. Written in a balanced way which is your forte, nothing over the top or dramatic or not anything shallow or over critical, and the balance is the beauty of your writeup :0).

    Yes it was definitely a better and happening episode. What I like about ZM is that despite of such strong serious theme it never goes overboard, loud, melodramatic or filmi. Reminds me of good serious plays during Ptv's time in early 90's like drama Zard Dopehar, Kasak, Aahat (sania saeed's first drama) and Nijaat etc.

    Sania saeed is a brilliant actress… Her whole body language depicts the venom inside her, and she actually does looklike a step mom without those crude loud filmi expression. She mold her whole self according to every character, such a brilliant actress.

    Maybe some will disagree but I think Aiza suits these type of characters, she is soft spoken and has very soft features, but somehow I always feel a subtle kind of stubbornness in her personality..even in Mi Raqsam where she is playing a baychaari's character, you feel sympathy for her but not of that degree, but nonetheless she is one of the best additions in new lot of actresses.

    Fatima, what you think about Kiran Haq ? (playing 3rd wife of Moulana in Mi Raqsam) I think she is also a great actress with great expressions, and fits into all types of +ve and -ve roles easily.

    Fatima, I have a suggestion. People are moving towards Pakistani dramas in huge number day by day… they need to know our artists and their names..Dramaonline is the biggest hub and community for Pakistani dramas.

    Why don't u write in your great style an article with name something like "small actress, big talent" on such actresses who are not lead, mostly play secondary roles but are very talented people watch them often in various dramas, but people rarely know their names like Kiran Haq, actress played Momo (anjuman of bikqees kaur), Jojo, Farhana Maqsood and many other 2nd fiddle role playing actresses. That way it will be a great introduction of these actresses too and their names and in which plays they acted.

    • Fatima Awan

      Tanya, Thank you so much. Coming from you it really has to be a compliment:)That is a very good idea and i will definitely write about such actors/actresses. I agree with you all these actresses are very good performers and they are getting enough work too but we don't see them playing lead roles. I like Nine's acting too, anyone who knows her name? Sometimes it is so cumbersome to find the names of these actors. I really miss the good old PTV days when the names of the actors were shown with the name of their characters.I did write an article about promising new actors a little while back, did you read it?

      • Tanya

        thnx Fatima, ofcourse its a compliment. Yeah plz do write coz secondary fiddle actors dont get that much spot even their names r not known mostly despite of being great actors. Yumna zaidi, Ambar khan etc r also such names, I missed that article I think, if u can gimme the link that would be great.

        Yes I agree… ptv days where the credits were in huge sized urdu with character names was a great idea to give due credit to all.

        I remember all the names of ptv days's character artists till now like Tasneem Kausar, Asim bukharu, Inma Khan etc.

        Btw Fatima, I think some really GREAT plays have been shown from channels like Aplus and Express which I think a notch above even the mainstream channels' dramas like Anokhi and Siraat e Mustaqeem..

        are u watching siraat e mustaqeem? its a great great drama reminds me of golden era of Ptv's Lahore center dramas. Why dont u write reviews of it, anyhow its anyways about to end.

        also do watch Main Muhabbat aur Tum, a very good play.

        • Fatima Awan

          Tanya I have heard that Sirat e Mustaqeem is a very good play but did not get a chance to watch it, you know too many plays to watch too little time;) I tried to catch up once but the videos took too long to load and I gave up. I will try again, if the videos load faster i will definitely watch it since you highly recommend it.

        • Tanya

          Fatima.. u should MUST watch sirat e mustaqeem, in my opinion its the BEST one in current lot..even better then one of my fav MDKJZM dont miss it at any chance.

    • Fatima Awan

      Jojo's name is Anam Fayaz & I think Shehryaar Munawar Is a very promising new actor too.

      • Tanya

        Fatima, I googled the names with Zard Mausam's end credits and checked the pictures.

        Momo's name is: Maheen Rizvi

        The kid played Momo's childhood name is : AREESHA

        she also appears in many dramas like in Behkawa, Rog etc.

        have checked Nine's name but could not find it.

        • Fatima Awan

          Tanya thank you for that, I knew what Momo's name was but have no clue what is the name of the child star who played Aimen's childhood, i thought she was exceptional. Seriosly looking for names of the actors shouldn't be so tough, I usually follow the same method you did but one really needs to take time out to do that. here is a link to two of my articles which I would really like you and others to read:)

        • Tanya

          thank u Fatima.. great articles, keep writing like this…very interesting insight.

  • Mrs Asim

    very good review n as always ,very well writen.but Fatima i dont feel that Mehru is still having negative feelings for Aimen or atleast trying to break her home…may be she really want Tariq to controle her in one way or other…may be she thinks that she couldnt do it but Tariq being a husband would be able to controle her through strictness.she doesnt like Aimen ,but still she knows well that if Aimen would be successful in her matrimony then she would come back in her home..which she cant afford most of all.what u say?

    • Mrs Asim

      o i mean that if aimen would not be successfull

    • Fatima Awan

      Mrs. Asim a part of me did feel that way too and I in no way felt that mehru was trying to break Aimen's house but I did feel that she wouldn't mind making things somewhat difficult for her. I could be completely wrong but when she told tariq about the engagement, it seemed intentional. You are right she would never want Aimen to come back to her father's house.

  • Ghada

    Nice review :)

    I think Aiman is one of the most brainless girls in the world! I have 3 reasons to back myself up:

    -Even though her cousin betrayed her, she's still waiting for him!

    -She got such a nice and caring husband and she always tries to distance herself and argue with him!

    -Lastly, she destroyed her own happiness(the child) just because she didn't like Tariq!

    What is with her?! I was really starting to get annoyed with her. but when I saw the next episode preview, I was like "Fiinally! Aiman is finally being smart" lol It seems killing her child has changed her, a lot! She is a lot nicer to Tariq now! I kinda see a happy ending but you never know, it IS Zard Mausam we are talking about.My predictions can go terribly wrong. What if Tahir comes back?! I certainly don't want that to happen, but I get this feeling that he'll return :(

    In the beginning, I thought maybe Mehru really wanted good for Aiman but maybe not. I wish she treated her like HER child.

    Asif doesn't seem to be a bad person. I am looking forward to how Momo's story goes too.

  • aysh

    its all coz of her stepmom, aimen is trap in dis situation….d sudden change of behaviour in mehru after her dad went out of country, d rude behaviour force her to get engaged to afan… just to escape from dat life as his father was also not beliving her..she messed her life…hope dis drama has good ending

  • hafsa

    hey can u please let me know in short the story of the last 3 to 4 episodes as i missed them n cannot find a proper site to display the episodes now! the video option given on this site are helpless so i wud b thankful if u help me out in ths case!

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