Rishte Kuch Adhore Se Episode 8 in High Quality 6th October 2013

Rishte Kuch Adhore Se Episode 8 in High Quality 6th October 2013

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  • Raabi

    I wish I could sue the writer for writing such a trash…

    • Raabi

      Kiran aur Geti, dono mn se kisi ka nikkah nhe hua….

      • sohaib

        somebody here wrote before that this drama is somehow a copy of one or two star plus “dramas”. if this is the case, then the “Writer” is a plagiarizer. Pakistanis copying indian crappy “dramas”, indeed a rip off!!

        • Raabi

          Very old trend, Indians take ideas from English scripts and we borrow it from India. Plagiarism is legal in our continent :)

  • Hooriya

    Teri nigah-e-naz main mera wajood, be-wajood….

    Meri nigah-e-shoq main tere siwa,
    Koi nahi…..

  • nida

    i don’t agree k nikah kiran se hua hai q k nikah tau mard aur aurat dono ki marzi se hota hai arsal ne tau gaiti se nikah k liye qabool kiya hai tau wo talaq kaisay de ajeeb hee drama banaya hai

  • Gina

    Yes I agree. Nikah is done with the consent of both man and woman. Kiran didn’t consent for her Nikah with arsal. She was acting on behalf of gaiti. As I look at it Kiran was acting like a representative for gaiti. And gaiti had given her consent for this Nikah. So the Nikah is done between gaiti and arsal. I donno why they’re trying to make it so complicated.

  • Neha

    Nice drama but so confused

  • sagittarius

    Means what the media is promting by doing
    such a pathetic serials do think about……….

  • http://www.buzzpk.com/ Muhammad Ahmed

    Pakistan main majood kisi bhi fiqay ya masjid kay kisi Imaam say poch lain or ager phir bhi yaqeen na ay to Pakistan kay Sharai Qanoon say bhi pochlain.. yeah Geti ka hi hova hay kun kay gawahoon nay us kay nikah ki gawahi di hay jo kay sab say important hota hay.. or yeah qabool hay qabool hay wali rasam sirf Pakistan may hi hoti hay dosri Muslim countries may nahi.. or jo Nikkah nama hay yeah bhi sirf or sirf Pakistan ka law hay.. Nikah kay asli gawah sirf or sirf Dulha dulhan kay wakeel hi hoty hian hay.. or on sab nay Geti kay Nikkah ki gawahi di hay

    Pata nahi writter or Hum TV walay yeah sab galat dikha ker kia sabit kerna chahty hain.. bilkul asi hi story aik Indian drama ki bhi thi lakin woh Hindu hum Muslims.. koi to khuda ka khoof karo zalimoon

  • NRatter

    I don’t know—it seems as if many people are upset with the story line & feel that it crosses a limit–both culturally and in concern to our deen. For me the story is more about the father & mother’s relationship versus all the other story lines. In fact everything is happening because of the father’s angry, unjust behavior towards his wife. While he is a very loving father, he has totally broken every ounce of self respect & confidence in the mother. Kiran sitting in during the nikah on her sister’s behalf is merely collateral damage, all resulting from an unhealthy relationship between the parents. This just goes to show, if there is no respect between a husband and a wife, if there is no communication, and the husband (and in some cases, maybe even the wife), suffocate their partner with anger, control & bezithee all the time, then the results are always negative & unhealthy. Mia nai asay dhuba kai rakha hai biwi ko kai unkay awaz yah aanay sai yeh bechari kaamptheen hai. Parents need to be loving & respectful towards each other and towards their kids–if they aren’t, then naturally people end up doing things behind their backs out of fright.

    • Gina

      i agree. this is more about the parents unhealthy relationship. if the father wasnt so terrifying this wouldn’t have happened. but the whole scenario is so forced, gaiti going out for singing tryouts when clearly she has been raised in such a conservitive household. and her thinking is clearly very conservative except for this zidd to go see rahat. the writer is trying too hard to make a different story.

  • manal

    Stupid drama.
    I think writers need to pay special attention on anything they associate with any religious scholar.For sake of making a drama they just cant use a scholar and alter facts.Anyone having little commen sense can understand that boy gave consent for Gaite so there is no point of Kiran having nikkah,

  • anum

    Ajeb episode the aik tu gayti ka makeup zero or oppr se ous expressions koi itna baywakoof nahi hota k ap k attitude ko na samjahay par kisi nay bhi nahi feel kia k gayti khush nahi , ager she feels k woh galat kar rahi hai tu ous ko inkar kar dayna chahiya tha ab eoh aik najaiez riahtay se ous ghar may kasay rahay gi pata nahi kia ho ga

  • Taufiq Ahmad

    Thats totally absurd and against the Islamic Laws. The writer must be given a public thrashing for writing this nonsense and illogical and against our traditions in which marriage is holy and sacred. In this drama they are making mockery of relations. Shaadi kisi se nahi hui hai.

  • Shoaib Laghari

    Na to Gilti ka Nikah hua hai. or na hi Kiran ka..kiyoon k Gilti ne Nikah k liye haan nahin ki. our Kiran se nikah k liye Arsal ne haan nahin ki…..Molvi ne jo Nikah parhaya hai wo Gilti ki haan k bagair Na mukamal hai…..

  • Aasma

    In my opinion every thing that is going on is because of getis mom. She herself is the injured party but tht nikkha episode that happens was her moms fault just to make a songle moment right she did all the wrong things just because shes afraid of her husband. At moment she could have told her husband that getis not home tht was a less traumtic in frpnt what all is going now at present.getis dad would have kept her daughters honour in front her inlaws. Like u suddenly ask for nikkha shes at friend etc etc give me an hour let me go get her or what ever. Situation could have been handled wisely. Her mom should have told her husband. And now the more evil thing is that she let her daughter just go for rukhsati when the mufti sahib has clearly tiold her that getis not the one who got married. Why allall this now. Bad very bad

  • Shoaib Laghari

    Bohot hi afsoos hai k is drama main Mufti ne Galat FATWA diya hai….ye galat fatwa ager drama ki story ka hisa hai… phir bhi bohot galat kiya hai writer ne ……..Is tarha Pakistan ka Media Islam k barey main galat Maloomat de raha hai

    • lady

      agreeeeeeeeed…. bilkul ghalat fatwa… kunk aisa nhi hota nikah.. ye tou inhin ne hinduon ki rasam dikhai hai, usmai hojati hai ghalti se enwein bhi shadi.. nikah mai tou shart he aaqil, baaligh, marzi shamil etc etc… bkwaaaaaaas… pta nhi ho kia gya hai HUM tv ko… bht bht ghalat msgs phela rhy hain ye log…

  • smg

    A similar soap was aired on colors (indian) in which the elder sister went for the Nach le auditions and the younger sister ended uo taking the Phairas but the elder one was the one jiski rukhsati hui… and after some time the younger one got married to the groomz other brother… so this trash has been taken from an indian soap

    • Rajput

      What was the name of that indian drama or any hint? @disqus_cKq0gfENr1:disqus

  • gull

    writer nay bohat galat drama likha hai itne umer ho gae islamic books parhtay hoay masail suntay hoay hum nay ajj tak aysa na parha na suna ,……sab ka damag kharab kea hoa hai is daram nay ,…..actually nikah kay leay gawah honay cheain or dulha dulhan ke raza mandi bas mojodge zarore to nahi hote gawaha he kafe hotay hain ,…nabalig bacheon ke nikkha be hota hai un kay waldain he kartay hain jasay hazrat ayesha ka hoa tha kea unhon nay kabol hai kabol hai kea tha nahiii un kay waled nay nikkah parhwa dea tha 4 gawahon ke mojodge main woh to chote bache then khalte pher rahen then lakin nikkah hoa na ,….aysay he kabol kabool ka koe chakar nahi hota ,…nikkah gaiti say ho gea simple ,…us banday ke neat be gaiti say nikkah ke the gawaha be usi kay thay name be usi ka pokara gea ,….kiran say to sawal he payda nahi hota nikkah ka ,……fazoool darama hai band karo is dramay ko logon ko gumrah kar rahay hain logon ko phalay he deen ke malomat kam hai oper say aysay dramay dekha kay bayragarak kar rahay hain

    • Gina

      That is my thinking too. Nikah ho geya hai gaiti ke saath. They r giving out wrong info in the drama

    • fairy

      you r right no nikkah with kiran sawwal hi paida nai hota but gaiti does not even know whats going on at home. although she was also interested in arsal but uska nikkah kaise hosakta hai?? i mean theek hai nikkah ke liye larka or larki ki presence zaroori nahi hai magar atleast dono ko pata to ho k unka nikkah ho raha hai?????? i dnt know i am really much confused i think islamic scholars should take notice of this drama if they think its against islamic laws then this drama should be banned.

      • Cumar Ateeq

        agar kisi aurkay naam kay saath nikah kisi aur ka hojata hai to phir dramay kay har actor aur actress ka saik doosray kay haath nikah hua wa hai.
        What a disgusting show such a big crepe
        Hum Tv nay to deen e islam ko mazaq bana kar rakh diya pehlay ramadan mai behuda dramay aur such type of serials that misguide people like Humnasheen Kadurat Aseer Zadi and now R.K.A.S

        • fairy

          right hum tv ka standard ab gir gia hai

    • lava

      u r right, i completely agree with u, nikah ka masla bht ghalat portray kiya hai is drama main. islami aur sharai lihaaz se gaiti hi arsal ki biwi hai, logon ko gumrah kar rahay hain, hum tv should be shameful on this… and this should be banned…

  • Masi Museebatay

    this darama is just shit,wast of time,if girl n boy R AGREED wakeel in most of cases wakeel R father uncles n other head of the family,can sign as and witness and nikah khawan recite all conditions which were done in this case ,and her name was told loudly n her sister wrote her name on papers.they R just wasting our time.

  • mehvish

    bakwaas drama. logo ko misguide kr rha hai media

  • Hi5

    ese kisi b nikah ki islam main koi gunjaish nhi jis main kisi eik ki b raza mandi na hou..
    aur yeh sirf dhoka hay…
    ghattiya dramas peish kar k sabit kerhy hain k yeh media muslims nhi balky shid non muslims k liy kaam kerhy hain..

  • naveed ahmed

    I think we should wait for jawab-e-shikwa


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  • kehkashan shahbaz

    pagal pana h……drama km bilawjhy ki dramy baziyan zada h

  • InnOcent Pari

    the funniest moment whn he use to say nashukri aurat,,,,,,,,lol i cnt stop laughing on tht,,,,:D

    • falto

      I know it’s really funny bulbulay yaad aa jata hai lol……………..geethi ko to dil cha raha hai kay 10 jootay lagaoon baicharay arsal ka kiya qusoor hai jo us kay saath itni batameezi ker rahee hain apni ghaltiyoon ki saza us ko dai rahee hain aray bhai jab usay pata hee nahi hai kay masla kiya hai to woh kiya help karay ga bulkay ulta samajh raha ho ga kay geethi kisi aur ko pasand kerti hai aur shadi zaberdasti hoi hai. ……..stupid aurtoon ki poori fauj hai is dramay main .

      • InnOcent Pari

        hahahahha…yes ryto

  • hassan

    naikah kisi ka bhi nahi hua. ajjeb tarhan say mazaq bana rahay hain deen ka kuch to sharam ani chahye.arsal kay facial expressions scene kay according nahi hotay

  • hassan

    arsal kay facial expressions scene kay according nahi hotay.

  • hassan

    getti ronay wala face mat banaya kare ajeeb lagti hai aur face football ban jata hai.

    • Alee

      hahahah waqai

  • hassan

    itne sakht husband kay bawajood getti ki ami kitnay wide neck kay kapray pehnti hai aur dupatta bhi naam ka lati hain

    • Alee

      es bat ki ejazat di hui ho gi na us k husband nay eslye pehn lyti hogi 😛

  • falto

    dulhan kay dress ka neck bhi to wide hai pata nahi abba nai ijazat kaisay dai dee .mujhe aisay loog zaher lagtay hain jo duniya kay saamnay kuch aur under sai kuch.

    • Alee

      hm meisy hr aik hi aesa hay
      andar kuch bahar kuch r
      bht km log saaf n khary r munafiqat sy paak hoty hain

  • Hooriya

    WE Never Pay Attention to a Part of Body Unlesss it Pains.
    Dont Let it Happen in Relationships

  • simy

    kitna baqwaas drama hai, is sub mein arsal ka kya kasoor hai, itna bara tamasha banaya huya hai, gussa char raha hai dekh kar

  • Dani Kashif

    inthihai ghatia drama full star plus ki tarha chal raha hai itna bhi nai hota yaar
    apne shohar ka darr hai par Allah ka darr nai hai jo ye kia is aurat ne bilkil fuzoool story hai ajeeb bila waja ka be tuka routoo drama hai yaar…… juxt cant tolerate :/
    full of stupidity


    hum tv k humesha ache dramay hote hain pr yeh drama acha nae hai….fake story …..in logon ko is tarah k dramay ne banane chahiye …….bore and fake story


    good drama,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Hassan Abid

    this is bullshit…

  • jansu


  • asim