Sari bhool hamari thi Episode 1 in High Quality 21st August 2013

Saari bhool hamari thi Episode 1 in High Quality 21st August 2013

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  • views on Saari bhool….

    Aik to Geotv kay har serial main chichori larkiyan or lafangay larkay dikhatay hain. Geotv bazaher to aik Pakistani channel hai magar andar say approach saari Indian hai. Pakistani culture ko TABAH karnay main Geotv ka bohat bara hath hai. Aise lagta hai jaisay koi conspiracy hai.
    Main nay us waqt say Geotv dekhna takreeban band kar diya jab say Geo nay aik audio ye keh kar sunai kay Qaid-e-Azam ki awaz hai jo kay wo Hargiz na thi.

    • Ibad Rao

      Your opinion is biased. Several of the GEO serials were superhit. Mine is similar opinion about ARY DIGITAL. Nowadays ARY is showing most vulgar scenes and cheap dialogues in its plays. So far as this particular serial is concerned I don’t see any scene which can be called vuglar in this episode. I think you have not watched the serial at all.

      • Geotv Murda Bad

        If you don’t consider the scene between Areesha and Sufaan at 6:42 part 1 as cheap than I simply cannot help you.

        Besides, Geotv tried to distort the picture of Sayyids through its serial “kash main teri baiti na hoti”. Everybody knows that Sayyids are descendents of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). Geotv conveyed only one message; Look viewers! This is the way Sayyids behave or should I better say “misbehave”. Only one character was emphasized being Sayyid and EXACTLY THIS character was presented as extremely cruel.

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  • Aisha

    liked the 1st epi… aiza is shooo cue <3 danish and ayeza make a very good couple….. :)

  • Syeda

    Adha Novel kaat kaat ker, aik hi Episode main dekha diya :O And Honestly Ayeza and her mother and Afaan is not doing justice to their role so far. Aresha ki mother k role main kisi or ko lena chahiye tha. Story is moving quite abruptly without establishing strong ground. They fast forward story without developing characters in the first episode :/

    • arslan

      lagta ha novel par par ka writer or director he ban gaye ho

  • usa

    First episode is not bad. The novel was too slow but serial is not slow at least in the first episode.Basically a worthwatching serial.

  • Abbas

    The heart of the drama is the story, and so much has been shown in the 1st episode that it’s like a fast moving train. Will i be waiting for 2nd Episode?? No..

  • GulParii

    soban,uski maa aur soban ka bhai noman lalchi hain unko areesha ki jaidad chahiye……..

  • mehak

    ajeeb hai