Sara Chaudhry First Interview After Leaving Showbiz

Watch Sara Chaudhry First Interview After Leaving Showbiz


  • Nuzhat

    Mashallah..Allah her aik ko hadayiat kay rastay per challaey..Amin

  • sabz

    Mashallah thats great but i would like to know who is SARA CHOUDAURY?. what did she do in showbiz?

    • Sara

      She was in a hit drama called Tere Pehlu mein.She was an actress.

    • sonia

      sara work is geo tv darama/ tere pehlu mein/ sabz go to google search sara chaudhry

  • aliya

    masha allah……v nice.hats off 4 sarah

  • aisha


  • Nawaz

    Sara baji Ap pe ALLAH ka Karam or Rehmaten nazil hon….1 orat ka palat kar Deen k raste pe chalna koi aam bat nahin hoti ..or asa bohat kam dekhne men aya hay …bs ye ALLAH ka KARAM HAY AP PE ….


    OR hm sab ko deen ki samajh ata frmay…..

  • mona khalid

    mashall allah jab bnday ko hadiyat dy to aisy hi dat hy ……..

  • Africat

    Mashallah, Good turning point…!

    But mujhy abhi tuk samajh main nahin a raha k west main khawateen kon see aisi jobs ker rahi hain jin k baray main Sara jee TV pay baat nahin ker saktin?? What ever you read is not true about west.Yeahan bhi hajaabi khawateen hoti hain jo west main bohat respected jobs ker rahi hain :S

    • infinity

      she actually meant the stuff that goes on in some parts of Lahore (heera mandi) and some other cities….that is really common in the west..

      • http://u Tahseen

        @Infinity: Sorry to be so blunt but women in the West are not prostitutes. Nor are women in the East all oppressed slaves.

        • infinity

          i totally agree….i never pointed out that all women in West are prostitutes and all women in East are opressed….i my self am living in Canada and have seen both sides of the coin :)

      • Sani

        Apparently some ignorant people think that west is what's shown on MTV. Seriously people!! Women in the west don't walk around in their bikinis or go nude. There are many people who have good family values and believe in God though it may not be Allah but they are also god fearing people. So get off from your high horse and open your eyes!!

    • fareeha syyed

      she was not tlkng abt aal the women… she was jxt gvng info abt some women who r doing shameless jobs .. got it africat

    • Maheen Abdalla

      I totally agree with you. People always have wrong concept about western woman,i believe they have more dignity and respect than any other part of the world. I think she has very little knowledge about the western women and she is talking only base on some website.

      • http://u Tahseen

        I agree. It is easy to attack "western women". What is she basing this on? Is it from watching American soap operas? It is just as easy as attacking "eastern women". I have lived in the West my whole life, I have met women who are wonderful, moral, great mothers, same as in the East. I think that once people throughout the world understand this, the world would be a better place. I pray for that day. That will truly be the age of enlightenment for us all. Ameen.

        • Maheen Abdalla

          @Tahseen, I live in USA for past 12 years and know how American woman works hard to make her living. Good and bad is every where but just to comment on something you really have no idea about,it is ridiculous. I like the fact this lady is trying to get more close to Allah and everything but she does not have right to say disgusting things about women working abroad.

        • Tahseen

          I completely agree with you, Maheen! I also think that her comment that most movie stars in the West die of suicide or drug overdoses is silly. Where is the research to support that?!

    • Tanya

      You guys are attacking Sara without even thinking much about what exactly she said.

      She did NOT said that ALL women in West are doing bad kinda jobs.. I also live in canada… and I know that there r many professions like nude dancer, strip club dancer, erotic massage worker, sex worker etc that r not common in Esat…

      she is only talking about that particular strippers and stuff like that which is way too common in west, but she is NOT at all generalizing all western women.

      So ppl, stop post marting her one sentence , instead learn from her and ask Allah to guve us hidayat too.


  • irfan

    allah pak hr urat ko hidayat de ameen.

    • sonia

      man to

    • SARA

      har urat ko hi nai mard hazraat ko bi dayn…

      • http://u Tahseen

        Truly. Mardon ko pehle dain!

  • Angel

    mashallah…wht a wonderful turn in Saras life….Khuda tallah hum sab Mussalmano ko sahi Rasta dikhaye aur Hidayat de….

    • humna


  • Tahseen

    Good for Sara if she is truly happier now but why do people who "rediscover religion" whether it be born-again Christians or Muslims who have "seen the light" have to become so extreme? I don't get it. There is some debate about hijab in our religion. Nowhere does it say that women have to wear niqaab and hide their faces. I am also always wary of people who say that women in the West are all sad and manipulated. It is just as wrong as people who say that women in the East are all oppressed and downtrodden. Humans are the same everywhere. Woman in the West are not monolithic. Anyhow, to each his/her own.

    • javeria

      i have to say you are the only one who makes sense here,having a correct perspective in life is a gift.Do cherish it.

      • javeria

        however i am not on board with the perspective of Quran to be left on floors but that again is our separate schools of thought.I get your basic view point that it should be read often and not ignored rather then kept in shelves but totally agree with all the rest you said.

        • Tahseen

          Thank you, Javeria, for being so open minded. Like yourself, I completely disagreed with the Quran being left on the floor too. I was really shocked and I don't follow that but just as you are open minded enough to understand my point, I was open minded enough to understand the other person's perspective. Thank you so much.

  • madiha

    masha ALLAh ALLAh is all da time helpfull…she is very nyc ..n i sudy with her…Allah sub hadiate daye ameen

  • mozna

    MASHAALAH ALLAH sub ko naik amaal krnay ki hidayyat day Ameeen….!!!

  • salma rani

    MahshaAllah may Allah protect her ameen. i was a big fan of her.

  • sahar

    very write, when i listen to quran and its translation on my laptop, i feel like Allah is talking to me. but then my room mates insist on reading it from the book Quran which is the arabik version only. They think reciting Quran is a blessing, what i learnt from my mother is, understanding Quran is the biggest blessing.

    • Uzma

      One should always try to understand the Quran.. But there is a reason Allah SWT chose Arabic to Be the language of Quran.. And there is reward aloone in reciting it in arabic and learning tajweed.. To pronounce the letters the right way… We all should strive to learn the basic understanding so we understand the meaning when we are listening to the Quran… Thats the haq of tilawa as the Allah tala says in quan as well..We are blessed that Arabic is very close to Urdu in reading and writing .. I have seen mashaAllah reverters learning it who spoke English all there life…

      • Mrs Asim

        dear Quran ko perhna SAWAB hay, us per ghor karna HIKMAT hay or uspar amal krna NIJAT hay.waisay i felt that farah herseld is ready for hijab INSHALLAH

    • http://u Tahseen

      I agree with you Sahar. In the Quran itself, it says repeatedly (for those of us who have taken the time to understand it) that we have sent the Quran to you in your OWN lanuage so that you may understand it. The Quran was sent to Arabs in the desert and they understood it. We are not all so lucky, therefore focusing on correct pronounciations is not as important as embodying the message becoming better people, a better community and embodying the principles contained therein. Allah will understand us in every language. In Pakistan, people put the Quran on the highest shelf and ignore it. When I went for Hajj a few years back, I found Qurans on the floor of the Masjids and when I tried to pick them all up, I was told that we don't worship the book, we worship the message. I wish that we Muslims believed and embraced that.

  • fari

    i have always loved her since tere pehlu mein

  • mimi

    thats very nice…but why she neglecting her health? its not necessary that you put on weight just to prove you have no love for duniya. just a thought…

    • sahirash

      she is wearing Burqa…………which is supposed to be loose that's why she is probab;y looking like this……..belive me the Burqa or Abiyas u see lots of woman wearing today is nothing but jst a fashion statement………….i think she looks great this is how it shoud be worn…….

  • Zara

    Agree with Tahseen.. :))

    • http://u Tahseen

      Thank you, Zara!

  • fareeha syyed

    thtx is real changing.. ALLAH hum sabko deen ki samajh ata farmae.. aameen

  • maria

    mimi may be sara is pregnent so thats why she put on her weight

  • khuram

    Masha allah……….

    Allah sb muslim ko hadayat den.


  • waqas

    sara fm100 par rj bi thi can anyone tell me?

  • Armaan

    ALLAH PAK hum sab ko hidayat dey ameen khas kar larkiyoon ko

  • fatima


    sister sara i am so happy for you , and believe me a good Muslim husband who is close to religion is the blessing of ALLAH , same happen to me my husband is like ur husband ,and he make me able to understand what Islam is about for a women , and i can now say that Islam is the solid protected shield for a lady. i do pray KHUDA tala mujha bhe QURAN ko tarjumah ka sath parhana ki tufeeq ata farmaya( ameen) MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

  • Kala Bhoot

    Kafi motee ho gayee hai Sara …. aik dum double!!!

    • sahirash

      she is not looking fat….for God sake she is wearing Burqa in which ur body shape shoud not be shown……………….it is jst so sad the way some people are commenting abt her figure and ignoring what a really hijab shud be……

      • Uzma

        I second u sehrish

        • UMER FALAK

          Kaala Bhoot has said disgusting things like his name. Nadia's remarks are also disgraceful. You people are betrayed yourselves and discourage those who follow the right path.

          You people should watch and rethink your words. If you have no Hidayat then do not try to defame those who have been turned. Keep your cheap comments with you and leave this forum.

        • Kala Bhoot

          @UMER FALAK

          Your comments are disgusting and disgraceful like your ugly face!!!

          You really need Hidayat.

          Keep your cheap comments with you and leave this forum.

        • Kala Bhoot

          @UMER FALAK

          You also need some mental treatment!!!

      • K

        happy that she has turned towards the right path but she has put on weight because the burqa doesn't add 20-30 pounds ….

      • Kala Bhoot

        I never said anything about her hijab ir burqa or how her hijab should be…. Some people surely need some eye exam and should be shut up!!!

    • nADIA

      yes you are right kala bhoot, she has grown fat, burqa bhi wohi physique batata hey jo neechey hota hey neechey koi extra frame tu nahien laga hota.asal mien aksar loog apney aap ko chour detey hien.

      she has gone to a good path but shud take care of herself as well.

    • Kala Bhoot

      Sara has gain a lot of weight and now she is almost double!!!

  • suhana


  • fakiha shahid

    i m really very shocked … n happppyyyyyyyiiee toooo :)

  • fakiha shahid


  • Aryaan

    Masha'Allah, Allah hum sabko hidayat de, Ameen!

    • Qamar-un-nisa

      MashaaALLAH love to know about sara love you …..

  • Ahmer Khan

    sara, i have really no words to describe that how gr8 decision u had made and truly it is some thing which is beyond ur imagination specially for a celebrity. SubhanAllah truly, jis ka hath Allah thaame ose phr kisi sahare ki zarorat nhi.. Allah hum sab Muslims ko Rah-e-Hidayat dikhaye coz hum sab ye toh sochte hain k future me main Dr, Engineer etc bano ga/gi , bahar jao ga/gi, ye krao ga/gi etc but ye koi nhi sochta k I'll become a good Muslim n human being as well in future… think abt it…!!!

  • kcvlcvv

    dafaq happened to her!!!?!??

  • Muhammad

    Unbelievable. I cannot believe that she was so soft from inside and needed only hidaya. Mashallah.

  • brits

    awsome sara jee…luv u

  • Saima

    Sara chaudry may itni khush hoon apko daikh kar k app soch nahi sakti ,u know pathan se zeyada log q allergic hote hai??? Q k woh allah k zeyada qareeb hote hai…aur pir jo against hote hai woh kis waja se hote hai khair app ko daikh kar ajeeb kisam ki khushi hovi hai allah faisal lala ki tarha sab ko husband day amin

    • jawad


  • rao


  • Aisha

    May Allah bless all of us

  • Zakir Hussain

    Mashalla Mashalla

    Sara g waqie jannat ki haqdar hain


  • ayesha

    really loved it !! mashaALLAH !!! sara aapi keep it up !! ALLAH apko deen ki raah mai kamyab karay !! ameen !!! stay blessed !!

    • WARDA


  • Qamar-un-nisa

    i love to know about sara

  • jawad


  • Maham

    Mashallah so happy for her Allah us ko aur hum ko bhi hidayat aur istaqamat atta farmayay Ameen

    • Shahid Rafiq

      Sirf kehnay se kuch nai hoga dear thori koshish or Niyat bhe krni prygi.. phr dekhna Inshallah sb sahi ho jaiyga

  • Shifa

    Masha'Allah ….. after a big fame its v difficult to leave that …… But Allah has blessed with hidaya …… May Allah also show us the right path n give the strenght to go through that sirat-e-mustaqeem till death ….amin

    • Shahid Rafiq

      its totally regarding "Hidayat" from the Allah Might Allah Pak… May Allah AW also grant us such Hidayat….

  • Hifsah

    Massallah , it's difficult to describe it in words and the only thing that can be stated is that change comes from heart and hidayat is given by God

    • Shahid Rafiq

      yeah u r right its really difclt to describe, but we can appreciate her with our words and prayrz as well as we eachother….. remember in ur pryrzzzzz

  • sana

    well-done Sara……Allah ham sbko aisa kr de..ameeen….

    • Shahid Rafiq

      Ameen summameen…

  • mahimsyed

    amazing allah hm sub ko is tarz pa chalny ke tofeeq ata farmaye n God biess u may u achieve ur goal.

    • Shahid Rafiq

      Ameen Summameen

  • zahir khan

    Allah pak Sara behin ko is iqdaam per isteqamat naseeb ker dain.

    • Shahid Rafiq


    • Abdul Basit


  • Shahid Rafiq

    you deserve for a standing ovation my honourbale sister, kash Ummat-e-Muhammadi ki baki tmam khawateen b samjh jain k unki asal mairaj kya hy…. Ameen

    • Tahseen

      What about men? If they don't lower their gaze and don't gawk at all women, then every pardah is useless.

  • Seema

    Subhan ALLHA…! Allah hum sub ko hidayat de.

  • sarah

    mashallahhhhhhhhh amazngggggggggggggg ..salute too u sarah chaudhary

  • muz

    I just cant express my emotions for Sara…

    Allah pak aapko bht istaqamat day.aameen

    grls when they go to university they dnt start doing veil n abaya k log kia kahain gay pehlay asay aatee the ub esay ..but sara has set up an example for those that its never too late..

    thumbs up for her

  • ayah

    mashallah, very impressive..

    • Hamza Javed

      SALAM Bhai

      ALLAH capital letters main plzzzzz

  • Erum Rizvi

    I am glad Sara you have found a right path, may Allah give you strength and patience to do the right thing. I just have 2 questions about the niqaab: what will you do when you will ho for Hajj, because you can't cover your face over there? # 2 is: what did you do when you had to take a photo for your passport? Trust me friends I am a good practicing Muslim myself and I am happy for Sara but covering your face is not necessary in Islam.

    • ayesha

      salam !! mai zayada to nahii jantii deen k baray mai magar jitna jantii hun utna batana zaruri samjhtii hun !! islam mai face ka cover karna (veil) farz nahii hai wajib hai ,agar farz hota to har aged banday ko bhii har haal mai karna parta … wajib farz k bht kareeb hota hai but still ye wajib hai isiliay ahraam ki haalat mai chehra cover nahii kartay ye ALLAH ka hukaum hai and majburi mai bhii utaar saktay hain jesa k passport pic k liay id pic wagera k liay !!

      lekin ye parda (veil) apko bht saari burii nazron se bachata hai !! :) aur ye azmaai huii baat hai !! i hope you get it !! :)

      • erum

        parda is farz to cover the face is farz and passport ki baat hai wo aik majburi hi is maiijazat hai chehre ka parda hi farz hai

        when u r balig and marte tak parda karna hai and dadi nani sab pai farz hai

        • ayesha

          i started covering my face when i was 14yrs old and now m 23 but sorry to say you are wrong !!

    • saba

      dear erum,ajkal itne fitne hai k chahra chupana zaroori hai. ap khud soche k jub quran me aurat k liye ye hukam aya hai k jab wo bahir jay to ahista qadam utay take koi mard uske zewar ki awaz na sun jab aurat ki zewar ki awaz ka b parda hai k kisi mard k dil mai kuch galat na ajay to chahra jo insani jism main sub se khubsoorat cheez hai uska chupana kitna zaroori ho ga.koi mard kisi aorat ka chahra dek kar hi us per aashiq hota hai na k hath paow dek kar.

  • amna


    • Muhammad

      ma sha allah i like it a woman look so beautyfull in hijab always

  • Maham bajwa

    A.o.a Sara mujhy ap ko es tarhan dekh kar bht bht bht khushi howe hy ALLAH tala sub muslim women ko ap ki tarhan change lany ki tofeek ata farmaye AMEEN I AM VERY HAPPY

  • aadi


  • janees

    wakye may mjy bhot lesson mila i like sara chudry.keep it up

  • Amna

    Niqab in Islam is a much debated topic. However in Surah Ahzab it is stated that Muslim women should cover their faces so they may not be harmed.

    • Tahseen

      This sura indicates that women should draw some of their outer garments over themselves. Sura Al Noor talks about not displaying female charms in public except what is normally seen. Most Islamic scholars, even the most conservative ones, take this to mean face and hands.

    • Muhammad

      mashaallah its very nice to see you in hijab i wish i should b all woman have respect in hijab

      • Tahseen

        Women in Islam should be respected whether they wear hijab or not.

    • Soma

      Please provide the text where it mentions ABAYA in Quran.


  • Hussain Lashari

    love u sister and love ur religious sharing on fb.

    • Marry

      aoa hassan can u send me the link i wanna c also thnx (FB link)


  • Tanya


  • Maham bajwa

    A.o.a Sara mujhy ap ko es tarhan dekh kar bht bht bht khushi howe hy ALLAH tala sub muslim women ko ap ki tarhan change lany ki tofeek ata farmaye AMEEN I AM VERY HAPPY

  • Sani

    Soon she will selling her "Designer abaya line" that will cost thousands of rupees and will be out of reach of most of the muslim women. Seriously don't these people think what Islam says about spending money like that.

    • Tanya

      has she done that ?

      why r u blaming her for no reason ?

      kisi par tuhmat lagana aur budgumaan hona bhi gunaah hai.

      See thats the problem with us as a pakistani nation overall… instead of learning something good, we are always keen to find faults in others, even those faults that a person has never committed.

      • Sani

        I am not finding fault in her neither am I trying to put her down. And how about you stop stereotyping Pakistanis as a whole. I am just stating the obvious. This is what happens, since they are out of money in one way they will try to make money in other way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But if they talk about understanding the real meaning of Islam and trying to be a true muslim then they should see that a common man in a poor country like Pakistan can't afford their expensive designer clothes. She has already mentioned that she is thinking about bringing an abaya line.

        • Tanya

          and did she mentioned that her abaya line will be REALLY EXPENSIVE that ppl will not afford ?

          FYI she is doing business in Use/arab emirates with her husband where abaya is a need and ppl can easily afford it,…. she HAS to make a living, as she cannot die hungry, so why not an abaya line for arab women where she actually do busniess.

          anyways its quite amazing that u have find only this in that long interview having so many insightful n beautiful things to learn from.

          Afsas humari hur achchi cheez may say bhi keeray nikalny waali zehniyat pr.

    • Khurram Shahzad

      I think people think what they wanna think and that's why , HAZRAT ALI KA FARMAN HY KEH AAIB NIKALNE WALAY KI MISAAL USS MAKHI KI TARAH HY JO SAB JISM KO CHOR KAR SIF ZAKAM PAR BETHI HY…….i think leave this house fly ' Sani' on his/her own 😉

  • Soma

    Ah ok, advertise karne ki kya zarorat thi?

    abaya pehn liya na, ab taqreer mat dey khudara.

    Pakistan has always been a Muslim nation. The way the women have dressed has always been Islamic. I dont understand why do they have to wear arab clothes in order to appear more "muslim". Abaya is not part of the Pakistani culture. Duppatta is.

    • Khurram Shahzad

      She is not advertising but encouraging other people to follow the Islam in its spirit. And who the hell are you to criticize a Muslim woman if she is going on the path of truth. I think you are a 'LIBERAL' Muslim in another words christian funded people…

      • Tahseen

        @Khurram: Ah typical propaganda. When you have no answer, make unfounded accusations that is all a plot..sad..

      • Soma

        Please stop talking.

        • Tahseen

          @Khuram Seriously, you are just showing your ignorance!

    • HJ

      So you agree dupatta is a part of Pakistani culture? Looks like Paki women need to be reminded of this since I rarely see women DOPATTA in Pakistan. What say about sleeveless outfits? and scratch that! What say about the kameez when it goes up and down because of wind and women show it all? Abaya is not Arabic to be specific, just a better way for the women to be covered in accordance with Islamic teachings which, I'm sorry to say, your SHALWAR/KAMEEZ does not fulfill the purpose.

      • Soma

        LOL! what?

        You wahabis need to realize that this kind of attire originates from Gulf countries. It has never been part of the Pakistani identity.

        Stop selling out your values and country.

      • Sanam

        I agree – exactly

  • Faraz Ali Hydree

    Very good,Allah istaqamat de,or wese b abaya ,burqa,niqab islamic rules ka main part he,burqa pe tanqid galat he

    • Tahseen

      Burqa and niqaab are not part of Islamic dress! There is some debate still about hijab. Both burqa and niqab were a part of the dress of the Turkish Pashas who felt that they did not want the common folk seeing the women in their harem. FYI- you cannot wear a niqaab at Hajj!

      • Soma


  • Arsalan

    Masha Allah, Aik Aurat Sudhar gai puri Nasal sudhar gai.. Allah apko or hum sab ko deen pe chalne ki saa'dat naseeb farmaye..!!

    • Abdul Basit


  • Sullah ul din Mir


  • raja imran rasheed a

    Allah aap ko sabit qadam raky.ameen and i think hum mardoon (males)ko theek huna hu ga .insha Allah sub theek hu sakta hy.we are proud to be muslim.

    but unfortunate we all not act like muslim.

  • raja imran rasheed

    we are proud of you.Massha Allah

  • Marry

    mashAllah may Allah bless u sara n all of us as well..Ameen

    Allah jsb chahata hai apni khas rehmat k derwaze khol deta hai Allah se ye he dua hai k Allah pak humee bhe apne pasandeeda logon mein shamil rakhe…impressive show mashALLAH n Ferha has done dat beautifully apni bhe baat kahi or sara ki bhe suni…sakoon mila dekh ker…very nice

  • hamid

    Mashallah we are proud at you sara you shows an example for youth and specially all working women ,every thing can possible .God bless you and your family .

    • Sana

      Bullshit. This woman is so stupid. Covers her face as usual in arab nations and you hypocrite encourage her absurd behaviour. It seems to me that Pakistan will end up in Stone Age.

      • Abdul Basit

        R u idoit Miss sana! u have no right to say about our great Islamic Sister! she is right on her path and i must say that every muslim women must have hijab and make a symbole of our islamic religion! pakistan is going wrong because of some people like u who forget ALLAH and islam! pakistan is not going in stone age that u saying ,pakistan is only standing because of these people who remember ALLAH and follow islam so plz if u r muslim choose right path like this great sister!

        • Sana

          There are much more ways to live a life. But you all only see the one to wear this daft hijab or to wear a mini-skirt. On which planet do you all live. Ludicrous.

          I think you all must realise that also the islam is becoming more liberal. People gets a wrong picture of Islam just because of you all hypocrits.

          If you all are keen about hijab then wear it for yourself. The majority of woman abhorred this symbol of depression through religion and men.

          There are many ways to live out your religion. Like you accept

        • Sana

          Addition: like you accept saras lifestyle you should also accept women with other attitudes towards life. Than you are not god to judje what is right or wrong so you have no right to condemn women like me. You can treat your own wives or daughters so if they are foolish not to raise their voices against you.

          And i want to say something to your Argument that in the west the number of Sexual assaults is much higher. If you only think that wearing more liberal clothes in Public cause more Sexual assaults then you are very blockheaded. That would mean that the male Gender can't control their drives when a Woman without hijab stands next to him. I'm Sorry but this is bullshit. In islamic Countries women are also been raped but they don't go to authorities because they fear repudiation. In the West the women fight for their right. And you must also be aware of that in your 'holy' Nation Pakistan there is Prostitution as everywhere. On the One sight you Kind of man critizisea

        • HJ


        • Sana

          On the one sight you claim a woman should wear hijab due to religion and criticize the West. But your 'holy Nation' can't get rid of Prostitution for example because also in Pakistan there are men who don't want to Miss this. The same men criticize women who are not wearing hijab. That means you men can do whatever you want, Drink alcohol, go to prostitutes…. But on the other hand you want to command what women should do or not. From my Point of view i think you are wrong. That is really hypocritical and also god knows that. So please shut up and think about if women like me are in injustice or hypocrical men like you.

        • Maryum

          Sana u r muslim???

        • Tahseen

          Good for you, Sana! I read that if a woman is strong and has strong convictions, she can fight 1000 evils, if you are merely hidden away then you are weak and a single devil can overtake you. I am proud to see that you can stand up for your go, girl!

        • muz


          Sana dear…. everyone has an inner to scold him/her when they r wrong… some ppl listen to it whilst others (like u) start criticsing others instead(who r on right path)…. so wt u r saying is simply a useless try to satisfy ur inner that u r rite… and if our religion is in our hands then y Allah sent his last prophet n quran n keep quran n hadith alive as such uptill now????

          i m confused plz satisfy me because i m facing discrimination in england but not finding any good reason to leave my islam,s ways n veil n abaya….

      • moaz shaikh

        liberalism does not get a Muslim anywhere.

        Stone age? You know secular countries encouter more rape cases than

        Islamic countries. An ignorant is much more likely to approach a girl.with mini.skirt as compared to.a.girl in hijab. Islam is the truth.

      • HJ



        • Tahseen

          @HJ Please study our religion yourself and try to understand that nowhere does it say that Muslim women should cover their faces nor does it say that we should sit back and abuse other religions. BTW-Study some other religions too. Christianity did not make adjustments according to their "ease".

  • Hussain

    Well looking at your Islamic sister as you called her.I wanna know whats Islamic about covering her full face.I see all the scholars giving their comments on this.Keep a difference between extremism and Islam.Dressing up like a ninja doesn't make you a Muslim and is a sign of extremism.Its easy blaming West for everything.

    We call them shameless they call us ignorant…well we are the ones lining up in front of their embassies to get a visa so that we escape our so called extreme society.

    You know its the truth but when we have no answer we use the abusing policy.So all your bad words are heartly welcomed.

  • khudeja

    m sorry sana btt main aap ko yahi kahna chahn gi ka burqa aik muslim aurat ki nishani hai stone age ka log tu kapra pahanta hi nahi tha jasa aaj kal boht sa soo caould modren log nahi pahanta…:) main na parha hai ka Allah jisaa mutabar samjhta hai ose ghilaf main dhanp data hai quran ka ghilaf kaba ka ghilaf orr Allah na shaiad sara ko bhi muqadas samjha ise lia ose ka dil main iman ki roshani dal kar osa bhi dhanp dya…..God bless u sara Allah tumhain her naak kam ka ajar da orr hum sub ko bhi naak rasta pa chalna ki tofeeq ata farmaya…:)

    • http://no saqib salman

      nice wording khadeja n also so impressive yar ……….keep it up

  • Zermina Tariq

    Ninja Buffalo

  • Maryum

    My dear sis bro! Jab koi bora kaam karta hai tu osay nahi chortay aur jab koi waqai acha kaam karta hai tu os may kerray nikalty ho app sab :( achai ko zaror apreciate keyia karay allah ki raza k leye… Jo sana (nt saying abt sana chaudry) jaisay larkyia hoti hai wo sirf dunyia walo ko daikhanay k leye hoti hai plz dnt mind bt its true cox i m also girl n i better understand ..sana chaudry ne jo step utayia hai buht bara step hai allah hamaray saat b balai karay amin sum amin

    • Naina

      U r rite. Wat is wrong withu ppl. What she did and whatever she is wearing , she is not forcing u to wear . U wear wateve u like.she did for Allah . And u r making fun , using bad words for her hopeless.

    • habib ahmadzai

      Masha allah behen

    • habib ahmadzai

      Allah sara ko bolund daraja atha farmayi aor jo aor behne os ko b. Thanx sara ramadant barakat ki waja se

  • shambeel


  • farah


    • JUNAID


  • farah


  • Angel

    MASHALLAH..she is a blessed it is her own choice about dressing..whatever she is, she is much better than others now.Because she herself said about veil that still there are some confusions and discussions about covering and veil.But what she is doing that is satisfying her n surprisingly her fellows are also getting inspiration from her..!

  • http://javedali4291 javed ali

    assalam o kam sara sister app yaqeen karian k mujhay bohat khushi houi hay k app ko allah rab ul ezet nay apni raha main qbool kar lia hay allah app ko jzay khair ata farmaaiy aur app k zariyay say bohat say musalmano ko allah pak apni raha main qabol farmaiy ammen app mearay liay bhi khass khass dua ki jiay ga k allah pak mujhay bhi apni raha main qabool krain aur naik hidayat day aur app allah kay un khass bando main say hain jo allah nay apnay deen kay kamk liay chun liay hotay hay yaqeen karain k app bohat kush naseeb hain k app ko allah pak nay apnay deen k km k liay chun liya hay app mraray liyay bhi khass dua ki jiay ga allah pak app ko deen main aur taraqqi ata farmaiay ammen sumamen asslam-o- alakam-wrha-mathla-hi-wabara-ka-thau,





  • Zubair

    really i appreciate sara:)

  • http://hotmail yasir

    you even did not care if in the future eithr european countries or america allow you to enter in their countries,,,,, this is the real love for islam and you will be a role model for other models of showbiz.

  • Erum Rizvi

    I appreciate her decission and congratulate her, but I still want to know what will she do when she will go to Hajj. It is wajib to cover your whole body except your face means no face covering. Also for passport picture, did she open her face or she didn't. If people say majbori may you can do this or that I personally don't buy this. If you are covering your face then you should do it everywhere. in Islam you don't have to cover your face, their face is their identity which shouldn't be hidden behind the veil. I am a proud Muslim and I am not afraid of this world and I am not going to hide my identity and dignity behind the veil.

    • saba

      dear erum,hamari shnakht or pehchan chehra nahi bulke humari pehchan muhammadi hai .humari pehchan hazrat khadija hai.jub hum upna zahir unki tarah bana de ge to logo ko pata chal jayga k hum musalman or shareef hai warna chahra to non muslims b nahi hum main or non muslims aurtow me farq hi kia raha.meri behen,heera to chupa hua hota hai use her era gera nahi dek sakta.

    • zee

      she will cover the face in hajj too because the thing is, that no cloth touches the face, but woman can cover the face by wearing a hat and cloth over a hat…
      in case of majboori like pic taking for passport or nic, women can do that…
      if u try to understand her point of view, you will understand…

  • batool

    great MASHA ALLAH :)hum sb bhi is raste pr chlein ameen nd hats of to sara.

    • sundas khn

      sara salam hai app ko app ne bht acha kamm kiya hai MASHA ALLAH…………

  • RABI


  • M. Farhan Mallick

    Assalaam-o-Alaikum Warrehmatullahi Wabarakatuh Masha’Allah Sara Baji) Mujhay Waqayi Mein Bohat Khushi Huwi Hai Aapka Yeh Interview Dekh Kar. Meri Bas Yehi Allah Pak Se Dua Hai Kay Hum Sab Ummat-E-Musalmano Ko Deen Kay Rastay Pe Chalnay Ki Taufeeq Ata Farmayein Ameen Suma’Ameen. Bas Aap Meray Liye Yehi Dua Kijiye Kay Main Jald Se Jald Hafiz-Ul-Quran Ban Jaon Aur Allah Pak Meri Aur Meri Family Ki Her Pareshani Her Takleef Her Mushkilat Se Door Rakhein.