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Shadi Mubarak – Saadi Ki Shaadi – Ep. 11 review

Finally, finally, finally! After ten episodes of senseless dancing, things going wrong at the last minute, and everyone on the verge on losing their sanity, Shadi Mubarak FINALLY featured the wedding of Saadi and Faraz. This entire blooper-infested episode was comical at best – honestly, at times, you can only laugh at the way the story has been executed.


Oh yes, of course, the bloopers were apparent throughout. Khala Chaklala was wearing a dress in which she had been dancing at the mayun. Her makeup fiasco happened in another dress entirely. Ghazanfar’s wife was complaining about oiling her hair and no water coming in the taps, but when this episode started, her hair didn’t look remotely as if they had been near oil. And for crying out loud, why the heck was Saadi wearing spectacles on her wedding?


Overall, the story managed to move forward but honestly, this is a drama serial which you can only watch after fast forwarding a number of scenes. The reason I am watching this is Saadat of course, who never disappoints me with her sharp, witty dialogues. Even in this episode, she blurted out a sharp retort to Moomal who was asking Faraz for one lakh in dhoodh pilai/joota chupai rasam.


“Larki, mera beta job karta hai! Koi daakoo nahin hai.”


We also got a glimpse into the Saadat VS Saadi showdown as Saadat shed off all pretense in front of her neice cum daughter in law. Exactly what her plans are you can’t tell – except that she intends to make life a living hell for Saadi.


Overall, I feel the story had potential but the execution has been shoddy. There really was no need to introduce filler dances, sport characters like Mami Manchester, or try to produce the whole thing as a rip-off of the Baraat series. These very things have, in my opinion, put off the audience majorly.


I do hope this production will serve as a learning experience for all those involved with the serial, and motivate them to go for quality in terms of content as well as execution.


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Written by Drama Buff

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