Shehr e Zaat Episode 1 in High Quality – 29th June 2012

Shehr e Zaat Drama Episode 1: Shehr e Zaat Drama serial is based on Urdu novel written by Umera Ahmed . It is about a romantic perfect beautiful couple. Mahira Khan is playing the roll of Falak Sher Afghan with Meekal Zulfiqar as Salman Ansar, Fazila Qaisar as Mahira’s mother, Farooq Zameer as beggar, Mohib Mirza as Hamza, Samina Pirzada as Falak’s Nani. Directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat and here we are providing you the Episode 1 and details of Shehr e Zaat Drama after some time that modern fashionable girl Mahira Khan will split into the light of Islam after getting into it she will not want any other luxury any desire of love its a strong soul touching drama…Watch Latest Shehr e Zaat Episode 1 in High Quality – 29th June 2012

  • hiba

    I would say Aisha khan Would have done this character better than Mahira.. Sorry MAHIRA’s Fan. If you guys remember Aisha in Kuch pyar ka pagal pan bhi thaa” You would agree with me.
    Good story Umaira Ahmad May Allah bless you..

    • Tania

      Agree with u Hiba.. Ayesha Khan is nodoubt superbb actress… her face expressions, way of dialogues delivery are just awesome, and she knows how to act in particulate situation, afterall she is a matured actress whereas Mahira is just a new comer, i hope she will also become a good star like Ayesha Khan n other good actresses in future. anyhow i Love Umaira Ahmad's novels, n this novel is also master piece of her like others.. Drama is too good..:)

      • Hnne

        not aisha khan , but mahira b nahi , she is doing very artificial acting .. would love to seee a new face ..

        • mano

          charchter demand is 20 years old pretty girl, not 35 years old aysha aunty, and not ordainry looking women like mahira, i think sanam baloch and ayza khan probably the best for this charchter, they are more pretty and more younger then them

        • gull

          ager sajal ali ko is cracter kay leay choze kartay to zeada acha tha woh bohat beautifull hai or young be ,ab bas be karain bachono ke maoon ko layna kisi young ko be moka dain,mahira aik bachay ke man or ayesha ka zekar ho raha tha woh be ab amma he lagte hai

        • Abrar Shah

          yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……..!!! Not Ayesha khan…..??? wo 35 years ki(according to MANO) ho kr b… 20 year ki girl bn skti hai….. she is Awesome Actress.

    • Javeria

      I agree with you! mahira is doing a good job but ayesha khan would be better.

      • sadaf nawaz

        but javeria & hiba ayesha is too old to play the character of a young girl,though she is doing characters of college girl bt enough yaar,would have no freshness& sorry to say no INNOCENCE(thats what MAHIRA has)

    • savera

      and what about saba qamar? I think she also fits very well in this role and has superb acting skills!

    • Rubab

      Ayesha tu nahi definately Mahira b nahi. We need news faces.

  • sada ad

    amazing novel. .
    insan ko logo se mohabbat krke waqti khushi milti hay bt ALLAH se mohabbat krne walay walay ko daeemi

  • saba

    love the play, already read it but it cmz awesome and outstanding.

    one thing more "Princess Pose" lolllxxxxx….. keep it up

  • SanaS

    OMG I'm already in Love with the Drama!!! Especially the Humsafar touch is out of this world!!!! Mahiras acting is Amazing, the Best!!!!! Can't wait for next week <3

  • Aneeb Younas

    Hahaah I loved the Humsafar reminisce.

  • Aqsa

    very very awesome can't wait till next friday love the drama and the beautiful MAHIRA KHAN

    • Ahmed

      Wait kro Aqsa……………….. besabri achi nhi dear:-)

    • Aneeb Younas

      I love Dridays!!! Jus cus of JUmmahhhh 😛

  • Kashaf

    Amazing drama

  • Sal

    novel main Falak ko jitna khoobsoorat bataya hai mahira utni khoosoorat nahi lag rahi. Aaj ki episode achi thi. specially HUMSAFAR wala part funny tha.

    • me

      I think Mahira's acting is a perfect represention of the proud, free spirited and devil give a damn, you only live once attitude of the current elite youth of Pakistan. Also, everybody knows that she was praised in Humsafar for her beauty, not her acting skills. Lets all move on from this "she is not hot enough" debate.

      • kitty

        for GOD sake es sy zyada proud aur arogant tu ayesha khan n mahnoor lagtein hain apnay dramo main,,ye tu kafi average lag rhi hai…..m not sayng she doesnt have beauty bt not" FLAWLESS N DIE FOR" its reality!!

        • aaiza

          peoooople Mahira has an innocence. Disappointingly, aisha n mahnoor dont have it. her face is soo pure.. her acting is gr8.. dont criticize her for gods sake. dont watch drama keepin in view the novel. watch for wat it is. im sure u guys wil admire it..

    • kitty

      i so agree with u…na tu wo koi extra rich type lag rhi hai…ajeeb sy baal bikhray huay….n then evrybody praising her beauty..lolz.character main wo sophisticated loook bhi nhi……otherwise drama is good so far…..

    • sadia ad

      mahira waqae itni khubsurat nai hay novel main bht khuoobsurati btai hay uski. .

      sanam baloch bhi bht cute hay nd young bhi bt we want new faces

  • savera

    hey ye to director hai na is dramay ka, right?

    • me

      yes. Sarmad Khoosat appeared as Asad Jalil.

  • http://TUDUKULU NIDA


  • sahar

    it was bit boring but i guess next episode would b intrsting az mikal wud b thr in 2nd:p

  • me

    Loved how the director made a guest appearance as Asad Jalil in this episode and how they incorporated his super hit drama Humsafar into the dialogue. I guess Umera Ahmed is not overly fond of arts students/mujasma sazi. Her novel and drama lahasil also revolved around an arrogant and selfish art student named umm mariam.

  • ghazalaz

    good yaaar..

  • hurriyat

    it was really good..mahira and all acted so well…and story is really so amazing…lesson for youth.

  • Mama

    Seems like a great drama

  • malik

    it sounds splendid!!

  • pahtoon ym

    this episode were just ok…

  • aaiza

    the drama is awwwwweeesoome… Mahira is luki gorgeous in it and if u guys notice her acting is better than humsafar. gr8 work mahira n sarmad…

  • brits

    awesome,luv it

  • metallic aqrab


  • rabia majid

    not sooo good. mahira over acting ker ri thhe:P itni pretty tu hay hi ni or sub us ko asay sir pay chara rahay han .. cheap, words check karo princess or alla balla , novel k hi hasher ker dia , itna class ka novel or itna 3rd class drama

    • sadaf nawaz

      very bad Rabia,dont be soo quick in giving comments,lets see the whole serial then say something,i am sure novel would get more fame after drama had been aired,bt should wait till 3rd,4th episode,anyway writer wanted to convey the msg which Mahira would beautifully portray as one can see in promos,i think u r not a fan of Mahira thats why hurried to vomit out ur inner hate…ch ch ch.

      • adiba

        tell me the story of novel

    • kiran

      i dun know where in which scen u felt she is doing overacting???????????? she has proved her acting skils in humsafar as well clear n the role which she is playing must need that atitude thats y she doin that… she is playing a girl who cant even recite BISMILLAH properly than what do u expect from the girl that she shoul b shy? or she should b calm or very reservd person??? oh come on give us huge break with ur idiotic coment :p

  • Javeria

    This drama is gonna be great! BTW…I luved the humsafar part 😀 LOL

  • Iqra

    mahira looks like aunte…rich b nae lag rahe…kuch missing hy…

    me ne story sunii hy…:D

    • kitty

      shukar hai koi tu meri baat smjha…….dats xatly wat i felt…jis jis ny novel prha hai wahi es missing thing ko smjh skta hai…..

  • Fazzi

    O my God, Umera Just ruined actually novel by modifying it for drama serial. Novel is much much better….

    • adiba

      what is the story of novel?

      • hamza

        Umera didn't ruin it .. its the director's fault !

  • huma

    can anyone tell…where is that shrine in first part of drama

    • Someone

      It's Makli graveyard in Thatta, Sindh. Its considered to be the biggest graveyard.

  • adiba

    some 1 plz tell me the story of novel?

  • Kainat Balouch

    Very Nice Serial Mujhy Bohot Intazar tha Is Serial ka Well Acha Tou Hoga hi q ki Is mein Best tum Best Actors Jo hy .. Like Mahira , Mohib , Samina Ji , Hina Ji , Mekaal , Jalal ,Seemi ,Sohail, Nadia , Munawar ..Woooow What a Serial Woow 1st Epi Bohot Acha Tha Woow I Hope Agy Bhi Acha Hi Hoga ……..

    • Crazy -fan


  • Amna

    Wow this drama looks interesting and so far the first episode is alright. I don't hate Mahira or anything infact I loved her in Humsafar but I don't think she suits the role for this drama, she's not that beautiful just average looking , don't know why ppl think she's an extreme beauty , am I the only person that think she's just okay looking. and also she does overacting at times. I would like to see some other actress portray this role. Someone more beautiful and doesn't overact and speaks the dialogues with emotions but I cant judge her now since its the first episode , she is new so lets see more of her and I hope she fulfills and improves her acting skills. Best of luck Mahira!!

    • Rubab

      I think the same about Mahira I guess Iman Ali could have been the best option. Also we need new faces,

      • kitty

        yes iman ali…is beauty n brain combination!! i remember she ince did dis spoiled arrogant daughter role n she did it awesome….even in khuda k liye she was awesome….n mahira tu mujhy abhi bhi bechari khirad he lgti hai uljhay baal,no gait…..sad bt reality!!

    • Soma

      Tu aap chalee jati auditions ke liye. Better-looking and better actress.

    • ammie

      han bilkul app chali jati auditions k liye.. achi khasi hai aur acting bhi koi cheez hoti hai… the director is far experienced than you and he knows what he's doing…

    • jas

      she is verrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy gorgeous and prettttyyyyyyyyy

  • Iqra


  • sohail

    humsafar track was soo goood…… ans mahira you rocks again Insha Allah.. and fawad tooo

  • saba

    mahira khan looking awesome…. but i love the khirad character more and more….

  • shafaq fatima

    Mikaal iz looking too handsome, love it , dis drama might replace humsafar…sarmad khoosat ne fawad khan ko tu bakwas drama ashk diya hai aur mahira khan ko itna best drama Shehr-e-eZaat diya hai….I tink MIKAAL ZULFIQAR will be da next Heartthrob of Pakistan :)

  • shafaq fatima

    Mahira and Mikaal r looking lovely together nd i don't know why people r criticizing mahira, she iz a very good actress and beautiful also, we don't have any other actress for dis role, Awesome cast e.g Mikaal, mahira and Mohib etc

  • Sana

    hahahahah..NOW that was funny..cheapster and cheap Pakistani drama ki ringtone… 😀 😀

    but yes mahira is not that pretty as portrayed in novel…lekin shaed novel parh k hum aik imagination create ker letay hn jo k perfect hoti hy or real life m wo mil hi nae skti…

  • Rubab

    Why its moving so much when mahira is on the screen. Is it the camera or the mAhira. I was having NAusea.

  • Maheen

    So far, so good. Mahira is doing okay, and I do think she is acting like a typical spoiled, rich, arrogant girl. As far as beauty is concerned, what's more important is not how she actually looks in a drama, but how the other actors respond to her to convey that she is very beautiful (like how Hamza and Asad react to her. While we may not think she is stunning, the fact that these two characters consider her so is enough to send the message that she is seen as beautiful). I have never seen a film version of a book I've read where the characters look like what I imagined. But the concept behind this story by Umera Ahmed looks excellent. I am looking forward to this.

  • rubykhan

    it was an amazingg…..episode!!!!!! luved the characters….n mahira…she looks fabulous..MashAllah…i hope this drama is another blockbuster…after of luck..for the entire team…luv it!!!!! cant wait for the next episode…..

  • Hisham

    Actually these dramas r only d 1 dat we cn sit with our families n cn enjoy them.

    Thank God we are out of Indoan movies world….

    Thank to Pakistani Drama Industry, n special thanks to HumTv for directing such beautiful dramas…

    All the best wishes for Shehr-e-zaat team too… :)

    • Maheen

      I completely agree. Most Bollywood, and even Lollywood, films are vulgar, violent, and disgusting. They do not reflect Pakistani values, nor do they teach audiences anything useful to better themselves and their society. Dramas are excellent, and they have placed Pakistan far ahead in terms of good entertainment in South Asia. Congrats to Pakistan for this great achievement!

  • Raza

    The drama is going gud, characters are ok, nothing special, Mahira needs to focus on her acting a bit, as she is not doing too gud. Story seems strong.

    • Sarah

      Mahira is not a goood actoress



    humain q ishqe ilahi nahi hota….mera dil bhi karta hai k main malang ban jaow…lakin nahi….jesay real life main ishak or mohabbat nahi hota asay he shaid kisi ko zat nai milti….shaid koi khushnaseeb hota ho….

    concept is owsome and i like samena peerzada role the most. then mohib mirza and then mahira……

    • paulalewis

      ku k dear hum ALLAH se ishq krna chatay hi nai hum is dunya mein itne involve ho chuke hai hai k hum Allah se ishq k bare mein sochtay hi nai and agr dekha jai to humhai dunya mein b is kie bhja gaya hai k hum Allah se ishq kare and is dunya ko b nibhaye bt alas mein sochtay hi nai to kase ALLah se muhbat ya ishq hoga hum is dunya mein logo se muhbat to krte hai bt hum Allah ko bhool jate hai k phla haq ti is zaat ka hi hai ………..

  • Wajeeha Latif

    mahira's mother is Hina khwaja biyat…not fazila qaiser..!!

  • Wajeeha Latif

    Mahira's mother is Hina khwaja biyat….not fazila qaiser !!

  • Sarah

    Novel ka beragark kar diaaaaaa…….!!!!!

  • Sehar

    This first episode was definitely on the slow/boring side so waiting for the drama to pick up acceleration in the upcoming episodes. As for myself I simply love Mikaal Zulfiqar's acting-and ofcourse his personality and looks! Mohib Mirza is one fabulous actor and so are Samina and Hina. Mahira is doing good aswell.


    bohat bohat bohat acha drama hai i like it veryyyyyyyyyyy much jitna novel acha hai umeed hai drama be otna he acha ho ga ,……aik bat hai hum novel ko focus kar kay bathay hain humain drama ko focus karna ho ga aea dricter nay kitna acha kam or kea kam kea at the end hum keh sakain gay week tha ya nahi ,….but now the topic and all is good ,good luck for every one…..

  • affy

    First mistake …Lol maira's mother is not faazila qazi

    2nd this was 1st ep and it was so boring ….

    Ajeeb Sa laga mujhe.

    Humsafar k ring tone hahah cheeep Pakistani drama khud k

    Serial k insult lol

    • Aneeb Younas

      The following is an answer abt Humsafars serial insult. Written by Sarmad Khoosat himself "shehr e zaat-episode 1: ….so just in case any writer/director got offended by the dialogues when falak (mahira) talks to her mother (hina bayat) about asad (me….the loser rishtay waala larka)fuzool dramay dekhta hai woh larka'….. those lines were added by ME….just to add cheesy humsafar reference….. and if it sounded like ridiculing anything i ridiculed my own play (cos i was just being funny and i have a sense of humor and a heart to laugh at myself and i don't take myself that seriously)…..hence UMERA AHMED had nothing to do with that ad-lib ….. i mean she shouldn't be blamed for any offense that it might have made………but seriously, grow up people!"

    • jas

      look man dont u dare to say such things hamsafar was super dooper hit blockbuyster serial same will be this serial; u mind ur tongue plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz try to love ur country and its stuff idiot

    • jas

      look man dont u dare to say such things hamsafar was super dooper hit blockbuyster serial same will be this serial; u mind ur tongue plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz try to love ur country and its stuff idiot it shows his great sense of humor and judging himself

  • Kala Bhoot

    This Makli graveyard is really very beautiful. Title song by Abida Parveen is melodious. Mahira khan is looking pretty and overall first episode is nice & interesting.

  • Aryaan

    100% a Blockbuster :)

  • Hetal HAyat

    i lyke de misic…its an excellent Sofi kalam:)

  • zakir

    nice drama; surely can't match mishi khan herat kada….

    • Kala Bhoot

      Mishi Khan's drama on similar topic was Ajaib Khana, not Herat Kada.

  • talha

    yeh Top of de list rahy ga

  • sana

    very nice waiting for next episode..

  • zia ur rehman

    Buhut acha drama rahega deaknee mai maza ayee ga…

  • irfan

    beautiful drama. lakta hai yeh bi humsafar ki tarha hit hoga. good job mahira

    • http://not rafia

      han yr

  • Kiran_ottawa

    I LOVE the topic of this drama…we really are getting far from religion…. I am looking forward to next episode =)

    Mahira's character is gr8 but I felt she was lil overacting or may be that's how it is suppose to be :)

    Loved Sarmad's appearance too however humsafar's song was a lil cheap but fun LOL

    • kiran

      yup u rite :) actually the charachter which MAHIRA is doing its about a girl who cant even recite BISMILLAH properly so she is playing that role briliantly agay agay daikhye hota hai kya :) mahira has provd herself in humsafar so no question on her acting skils she is so wonderful actress :)

  • fatima

    novel was more good than drama……………..!!!!!!

  • Zaofishan Zainab

    O'my GOD bless sher-e-zaat wid great succes lik hmsafar,i like this drawma…

  • Gull rose khan

    Ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff keyia drama hai

  • layla

    Ap sub aek dusray reply kar rahay ho "BUT" wu is play main samjh kya rahay hay ye nahe samjh rahay ap ko dil say dehk aur demag say samho aur dunya main rehtey way ,i mean dunya kay kam kartay way allah ko palu , im sure Mahira khan acting kartay way he bot say seen main allah ko paya ho ga apnay ap say kuch kaha ho aur waqt aus nay allah ko aya ho ga , PIZ THINK ABOUT becoz hamay bot zarorat hay is bat ki PLZ.

    • wajiha khan

      ur absolutly right

  • sAniYa kHan

    mujhe lagta hy ye drama hamari aj kal ki zindagi ko zahir kar rha hy

    isliye plzz is drame se bhi sabaq seekhyn :)















  • Afzaal

    ppl seem so confused …cant apprecite whats b4 them….keep wishing agar aisa hota to kia hota……Its an excellant drama Bravo!

  • http://home junaid malix

    jo b ho ma to mahira ka liya drama dakhta ho bs sooo cute….

  • Abid-Abudhabi

    No words for apprecition, Sarmad kia kamal ki direction hai, hur character lug rha hai ki realastic hi,its realy a time bond production, i do not know when Umaira has wrote this novel, but some one says it will change the trend of not only Dramas but surely will make a big change in cultural values, the each and every word and sentence and dialouge is so inspiring definetly it will beat all the records of all the woods. Hats of to all Production team and all the cast.

  • Mohammad Arif

    Wah ! kamal kar diya Umaira Ahmed , kiya topic ko touch kiya ,excellant , poetry bi fit chuni hay , I hope next bi esi tarah likho gi ……………

  • sobia

    mohib looking damn cute! or his role???

    • wajiha khan

      very trueee he loooookkk sooooooo awesmmm:)

  • ayesha kashif

    can anyone please tell me the name of the actress playing nani`s maid?? bechari she has played the role of a maid over and over again,,,,in maat,qissa chaar darwesh, kaala jadu and many more…is she the national ONSCREEN maid!!!!(hahahahaha)

    • bareera

      ya really tru lolxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • sobia

      a real maid

    • Kala Bhoot

      The real name of nani's maid is Nighat Sultana.

  • Khurram Shahzad

    Beautiful…..stunning…..thumbs up for U

  • Khurram Shahzad

    Beautiful & stunning…….thumbs up for UMERA AHMED…

  • Shayaan Ali

    zabardast zabardast zabardast drama will be suprerbbbbbbbbb hit like humsafar In Shaa Allah superb story gud cast,nice ost n mahira luking sbs mean simple but stylish n sarmad's entry is rally very surprising 4 me:)

  • Shayaan Ali

    zabardast zabardast zabardast drama will be suprerbbbbbbbbb hit like humsafar In Shaa Allah super story gud cast nice ost n mahira luking sbs mean simple but stylish n sarmad's entry is really very surprising 4 me :)

  • Shayaan Ali

    lolzzzzzzzzzzzz humsafar tou world wide drama tha or falak ne nhi dekha????????? its too funny naaaa??????;p

    • wajiha khan

      yup reaaly but waqaii bohat log abhi ayse hain jinhoony nai dekha humsafer

    • kamyab

      mane nahi dekha humsafar drama.. it is worth to watch it? lekin 1 ya 2 jaga nam suna jese apse to would u recommend it? and plz tell me zaida lamba chora drama to nahi i mean koi 50 60 episode wala.

  • Rocxtar


  • vania

    very dissapointed… mahira is not the ''falak''

  • syedamir

    i like it

  • Gull rose khan

    Hmmmm upload all dramas like thz I mean ! In a part;)

  • bareera

    lov dis drama…………………..keep it up

  • wajiha khan

    waooo totlyy awesmmm strtingg very nice dramaa nd just waooo i hopee till the end itsss gonaa be aaa best drama ever….. <3<3 goood luck all sherezaat team:)

  • Dyashankarpanday

    A great start. Very interesting. A different story. Mahira sounds so bold in here. Congrats to whole team.

  • jas

    yar look u all who dont like mahiira she is not sooooooooooooooo good actress but she is reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy verrryyyyyy pretty . dts a fact although she doesnt look soo rich in serial bet yet reallyy beautiful. i love her and serial is wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    • kiran

      actually in the feild of acting the actress who should b calld out BEAUTIFULL ACTRESS is one who is powerful in acting who has expresions who can act in any sort of role n thats what MAHIRA can do so no doubt she is beautiful actress with brain :) love her

  • jas

    the male lead chosen for serial is perfct meekal; is relly a heartthrob. love u

  • damman khan

    ohh i love this drama

    • jas

      me toooooooo

  • jadul khan

    i love this drama soooo intersting lovely specially mahira is great

  • rahul khana

    great drama but couple acha nhi men yeh drama siraf mahira ki wajha se dekhonga because i love mahira

    • jas

      no dear yar meekal and mahira loook sooooooooo coooooool together. perfect match mekal is so goooood both in loooooks and acting like mahira

  • mishi khan

    drama bht acha haai story amazing he mahira bht achi he or humsafar ke bare men sun kar bht bht acha laga drame men

  • pretty doll

    great super drama waiting for 2nd episod mahira looking sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful

  • Sana

    Next Episode Kab Lage ga ?

  • rwana jinay

    its a good drama like it very much………. luv the play …….

  • zoya


  • jas

    whoever of u guys out dr visits this page plz leave a comment on this;


    i think both r super coooool and goood so they look veeerrrrryyy nice together. what do u people say?

  • Ms Najam

    Fan of umera ahmed…lyk fahad said in his show….she has n ability to write a simple situation….VERY SPECIAL….early writings of umera….drama is really gud so far…Mohib's character is inspiring….gud addition…gud work

    mahira is lukng beautiful….nd its hard to find NOVEL's characters r description…live on earth…so we shud appreciate d gud work…instead lingering to unnecessary objections…

    no doubt meekal is lukng smart…wd spects…

    nd sarmad plz dont do any kind of unnecessary or irrelevant additions…lyk a few in humsafar….plz

  • lavz

    its funny how he is askin her about her own drama

  • ateeb

    dear admin purani episodes ki reading men itna tym kiyun lgta hy adhay ghantay men sirf 2 mins ka drama he read kia

    • http://pakistansocial majan khan

      bht acha novel he dekhty hain drama kaisa he ab shuru krna he

  • Mo

    Yar typically Pakistanis. We fall in love with everyone who comes in TV, movies or even commercial. We prefer only beautiful faces and director can pick non talented and beautuful man or women and can make them star.

    Mahira khan is one of the example whose face is always expressionless. Same applies on the Hero of Roshan Sitara (Don't know the name) and the actress from Mera naseeb Syran Yusuf, Model Hammad, Model Aijaz Aslam, Adeel Hussain who should learn to act.

    But because of the good story (Novel), writeror Director we don't want to miss the serial.


  • Umariya

    Very very boring…disappointed by mahira acting

  • MurTaza Sathio

    Interesting drama.. Especially the Humsafar touch is out of this world!!!! Mahira's acting is Best!

  • areeqa

    achaaaaaaa lag ra hy bt mahira k dramy hamsafar ki to bat hi or thi tht was soo nice

    • rizwan

      hi plz koi nice drama btao na i am so bor

  • zakar ali

    i can,t see dram this becuz you tube is bloked

  • Saima butt

    Salman ka bhai kahan gaya??!

    • Saima butt

      I mean salman eklauta kab tha uska aik bhai b tha uski mom apney dosre betay ko Q bhul gayen , worst mom of the year:((

  • Asif nawaz

    speechlessss………i have no words to express my feelings…good job

  • Tayaba Memon


    • Faizan Memon

      <3 Tayyaba

  • Khurram

    looking nice in start of drama…

  • shireen

    Where is the link to episode 1?

    • immo

      dont now :(

    • rizwan

      hi koi nice dra
      ma btao na piz

  • ammy

    yaar i dont like mahira khaan i mean girls wala face hi ni hai iss flak ka,pata ni kis ne issko actor bana dala iss ka face bht hi fazool hai or acting soooooooooo over hai

  • ismail khan

    i love mahira khan so much

  • Sahib

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    Allah apni naimato ka shukar chahta hai humse , humain uss ke naimto ka shukar ada karty rehna chaiyh .Our muhabat to Ji sab se bari naimton main se ak hai . Kissi ko Allah apni naimat bohat azmaishon k baad ata karta hai oussy bohat zeyda uss k hasool k leyh intzar karwata hai ta k jab wo naimat us shakhs ko milly to wo uss ke qadar kary shukar ada kary appny KHUDA ka.Our kissi ko Allah apni naimat se bin mangy he nawaz deta hai .Asy log bohat khushnaseeb hua karty hain mager Sahib baat phir wohi shukar pe aa kar thehar jati hai.:) Our jin ko binna mangy naimat milla karti hai akser wo uss ke qadar nahain karty tab ALAH un k dilon main kissi aisi haqeer cheez ke muhabat dal deta hai jo k unn k haq me theeak nahain hoti our na he unn ke rasai me hoti hai , aisi mubat naimat nahain saza hoti hai ek azaab , tab wo uss ke chahat main khuwar hoty hain log unn per hansty hain k iss ke ankhon per pati bandi hai jo aisi cheez k leyh khuwar ho raha hai jo uss k laiq he nahain per sach main uss k dil per muhar laga di jati unhain achy bury ke tameez khatam ho jati hai our jab wo uss lahasil ke chahat main thak kar choor ho kar ghir jaty hain toot jaty hain tab unhain dekhaya jata hai k unhon ny kiss naimat ke nashukri ke .

    From Novel :Khyal-e-dil se Khyal-e-jan tak .

    By : Tariq Mehmood Sahib

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