Shehr e Zaat Episode 18 in High Quality – 26th october 2012

Watch Latest Online Shehr e Zaat Episode 18 in High Quality – 26th october 2012

  • Saima Bashir

    I was expecting the same story, same dialogues. So true. we exactly feel the same….. just my words…….my thoughts……I am speechless…….

    • Bhoot

      ye real life nahi hai.. Abi Drama buhat kuch hidden karhaa hai.

      • Saima Bashir

        Of course ye real life ni hay. true ye boht kuch hidden kar raha hay….boht say aansoo jo insaan nidamat main Allah k hazoor bahata hay…..vo karb jis main insaan aagahey k vaqt hota hay…. aur vo sakoon jo Haq ko paa lainay k baad hota hay. laikin ham main say aksar ye sab feel kar saktay hain, samajh saktay hain. Haq ka rasta aisa he hota hay……thokar par hey aankh khultey hay……aur Allah kay qurb ka jalva he kuch aur hay….. Allah key mohabat ka maza he kuch aur hay……


    i just love umera ahmed and samina peerzada……..

    • DarkAngel

      I HATE THEM!

  • Mid Nyt Travler

    awwwwwweeeenawesome epiiiiiiiiii…
    lv it..:))
    writer umera lv u..:)

    • arifnawab

      such a very nice episode

  • vicky

    awesome job by Khirad…. well actinng yaar…. samina pirzada rocking as usual…..

    • DarkAngel

      I wouldn't call that acting but OVERACTING, Even my niece can act better than this stupid woman, Who allowed her in the first place?

  • maha

    real to life :-)

    • asad_ali

      yep true reality

  • aini

    very nice play littele different from novel bt a nice play

    • muhammad usama khan


  • mina

    i fall more and more in love with this play,each passing episode.fantastic story,beautiful message heart wrenching dialogues.kudos to the tnire shehr e zaat team.

  • Gosho0o

    Drama Acha Hai Per Itna Slow Itne Episode K Bad Ajj Major Act Ye Howa K Falak Ko Talaq Mill Gye Werna Falak Apni Amma Ko Lecture De Rhe Hain Or Falak Ki Nani Falak ko De Rhe Hain Here Jga Per Do Log Baith Same Batein Hi Kar Rhe Hain.

    • Gosho0o

      By The Way I Watch This Drama In 10 Min Fast Forword. Pichle 3 Ya 4 Episode Me Same WHi Rona Rulana Chal Rha Hai.
      Sorry Mahira's Fans But Thats True Drama Bht Slow Hai

    • Oops

      Iss dramey ki beauty hi iss key slow honey main hey

    • zuhair

      Haa Haa Ha Lecture

  • clutch

    han waqai slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww hai drama kafiii

    • Aiman

      Sorry but each and every word of this scene teaches a lesson

      • Salar

        U are right 100 %,,i agree with u,,,

      • Zubair

        I agreed with aiman ……………….. thats true each and every word is worth-fully and we can learn a-lot believe me or not ………………………… everyone have got their own views and sense but i immensely adopt it…!

      • zbarea

        lyken drame ki hiroin ne to koi lesson nai sykha

        • zbarea

          asli zindgi meh

        • faiza

          nhe seekha?kesy nhe seekha? usy to zindagi ki smjh aa gye hai..k life hai kya, asal mqsad kya hai. n wat is important and wat is not.

  • waqas

    darama waz fantastic but previous 3 nd 4 episode ny bore kr diya h ek hi chez ko bar bar dikha rhy hain……bus ab end kr dena chahye…..

  • rabab

    the main concept and message is really good but in my whole life span i did not get a to meet any person on seaside like falak used to meet like the sort philosopher, that bangles seller woman and now the third strange woman.

    • Oops

      Rabab ,wen someone is craving for Allah, it just opens ur inner soul eye…..n then u can see them all around u…..just u have to feel the msge of Allah send thru them to u…words not necessary ….

      • Fatima Mirza

        I totally agree with you. Allah(swt) inspires a person through people, signs and dreams as He inspired the Bee which is mentioned in the Holy Quran. It creates a sense of divine enlightment within your heart.This feeling though intangible in nature, deposits very concrete results which allows the affected to feel the very existence of God within themselves.
        I love the fact that a sheperdess was selected to inspire Falaq and the analogy she gave to her about the mother and her son Truly amazing!

    • Suleman (Sam)

      You have to listen man, you will find those people. search Victor Wooten "I saw the God" on youtube you will find the answer

    • aalia

      Allah ka yahi tariqa hota hai jab wo kisi ko apni raah pe dalta hai wo logonko aap ke paas bhejta hai.ab aage aap ki qismat sudhro ya mazid bigarr jao.

  • vicky

    ye dialog maa baap hee apne bacho se q kehte hain…..hahahaahahahh…… wat a dialogue delivery and style of salman's 2nd wife…..
    perfect acting of her and style.

  • vicky

    ye dialog maa baap hee apne bacho se q kehte hain…..hahahaahahahh…… wat a dialogue delivery and style of salman's 2nd wife…..

  • Prince Charming

    Although Tallaq is disliked by Allah but he does not say that you should not seek divorce.

    Ladies in nikahnama there are clauses you might not be aware of, that your moulvi would be tempted to cross out because he deems them irrelevant or contrary to tradition. But take note that they are provided by the law and designed to give you certain marital rights.

    The most abused clause in the nikahnama – which, by the way, is routinely crossed out by moulvis without so much as consulting the bride – is the one stating the right of a woman to initiate divorce.

    If this clause is struck off, you lose the ability to file for Suit of Dissolution of Marriage by Way of Talaq. You may still file for khula which means that you lose the right over your mehr. While khula gives you the benefit of not needing to record evidence against the husband, it places you at a financial disadvantage and for many women giving up that financial security effectively means forgoing divorce.

    You need to decide whether you want to retain the clause which would entitle you to receive your mehr in case you ever need to initiate a divorce.

    • Oops

      Molvi is not a correct word, actually it's an insulting expression for maulana ,created by liberal muslims,just to humiliate them……our laws r not according to Islam that's y they cross out that clause which u r talking about…. Coz they r not lawyer…u might register ur nikah without these maulana…as u r obeying the law , not Quran n sunnah. But u might need them on ur funeral…..u can live without them , but can't be buried without them…..thats y we prefer to follow Quran rather than law… As they r subject to change thru parliment

      • Prince Charming

        In the Central Asian and South Asian (Indian Subcontinent) context, where "Mullah" does not carry a formal sense, Maulana is often the word of choice for addressing or referring to Muslim religious scholars that are respected, while Mullah is used often derogatorily for people the speaker considers to be more rabble-rousers than scholars.
        Although the words Maulvi and Maulana are interchanged in the Indian Subcontinent as a title of respect, Maulana is more often associated with formal qualification following study at a madrassa or darul uloom and Maulvi is usually more a general title for religious figures. In Bangladesh, in the government Aliyah madrassa system, Maulvi is also associated with formal degrees for those who have passed the course of Maulvi (basic), Maulvi Alim (intermediate) or Maulvi Fazil (advanced).

    • Aney.D

      This story resembles mine in so many ways, the fact is that the other woman in my relation with my ex was not just any other woman but his own mother, who couldn't see that her son was happy with another woman, who was legally his wife and his own mothers choice. I did have the right to divorce my husband, clause #18 in our nikkah Nama, and it's not just by law, it's present in Islam, but only if the husband to be agrees to give this right to the woman, then only it can be gained at the time of nikkah. My ex only accepted it coz my father demanded for nothing in mehr but this clause. So financially he didn't lose anything at the time of nikkah, no liqduid money, no gold, no land no nothing. Just this clause. And his greediness to the worldly things at the end cost him this clause. So yes, I was fortunate enough to have this as my right, otherwise if I would had gone for khula, Im sure he would had given me a hard time, for nothing else but for me to suffer.

    • zainab

      1st of all ur nikah nama is nothing in shariat its an pakistani legal document which was documented by ayoub khan and second moulvi is not an apropriat word try to give some more respect to ur religion n knw it litle thn speak. n secondly go n register ur nikah in court mr leave shari nikah if u r not intersted in it n then show me ur marrige documnts i ll c what u n ur lawyer do with those papers tick cros game is in our society dont blame islam for everythng.

    • zainab

      1st of all ur nikah nama is nothing in shariat its an pakistani legal document which was documented by ayoub khan and second moulvi is not an apropriat word try to give some more respect to ur religion n knw it litle thn speak. n secondly go n register ur nikah in court mr leave shari nikah if u r not intersted in it n then show me ur marrige documnts i ll c what u n ur lawyer do with those papers tick cros game is in our society dont blame islam for everythng

      • mar

        priest is a priest,pandat is a pandat ,maulvi is a maulvi you tell us the appropriate word for maulvi WTF.


      • nadia

        if u file for khula now the law is that u get it in 6 months no more than that..

  • zubu shaikh

    writer umera lv u..:) falak jitni tareef krun kam hy nani ji ap ki bat hi sab se hat k hy nanu luv so much :*****

  • jasleen

    awesome..direction and dialogue too good!!

  • momo mano

    such a 9cc ply …. umaira ahmas u r grt …suprrrbbbbbbbbbbb wrdng evry wrd hv its own mng

  • Nasreen

    The scene where nani takes Falak in her lap…..ufffff….tears to the eyes. Nani ka pyar wasai kitni ghaira pyar hotha hai…….

  • sana

    har koi philospher milta hy falak ko 😛

    • Nazu

      Mehsos krny wala dil ho to har cheez main azeem philosphi hy.

    • zee

      insan jis cheez ke justaju karta hai usay wohi milty hai. when u start looking for answers u will find them everywher….u just have to b concious.

  • layla

    too good to be true

  • KLM

    Excellant story,acting…Lesson 4 Every 1..How to live a life,,,May Allah show us Right Path Ameen….

    • zuhair


  • tuti@yahoo,com

    uff awsome serial

  • Nazu

    Ay ALLAH hum sub ko apni sachi mohabat aata frma AMEEN.

    • ABC

      Ja-Namaz pe jayein. Yeh website hai.

    • Danish Soomro


  • killer

    comparison amer or gherb ka bht acha dhya hy . hum logo yahi waja hum logo ki tabhai hy

  • rakia


  • HATE Politicians

    I think our politician should start watching this drama series. Where will they take all those looted money? They cant buy pleasures in the hereafter. Only good deeds will come in handy. And true happiness is without doubts achieved through helping others.

    • zuhair

      I agree..

  • AQU

    Yaar ko hum ne ja bja dekha!……………….

    • ABC

      Accha????!!!!???? HUMNE KYU NAHI DEKHA???

  • KalaBhoot

    nice episode!

  • scorpio 29

    u guyz must watch movie of prophet yousuf …. will forget disone !

  • Pisces

    acting of Falak is awesome which shows a real passion of finding ALLAH.
    May ALLAH show us the right path! AMEEN!

  • Fateha

    If you can deliver my message to channel so please do it! The dialogue in which nani (Samina Perzada) said that Allah ko talaq bilkul napasand hai ! She was wrong Quran main kaheen bhi yeh nahi aya ya esi koi baat ni i jo k yeh zahir karti hai k Allah nay talaq ko na pasand farmaya hai! Balkay larnay ya rishtay main khatas paida karna ki bajaye Alehdagi k liye hi kaha gya hai!
    JazakAllah khair!

    • faryal

      i dont think so, cuz aAllah duznt want us to fite or seprate from eachother so he duz not like talaq

    • waqar qureshi

      my dear fateha ,kindly i want inform to you what she sad its trou allah rabul izzat dont like tallak)one of hadise sad allah give that permisssion people can tallak ,but near to allah very bad attitute if we does tallak ,insallah if i find some where that hadies insallah i will post you same page ,,,but please dont mind waht i sad but trou ,thanks best regards

    • Sarah

      She said right…there's a Hadith saying that Talaq is the most obnoxious thing in the sight of Allah

    • Faisal

      If you know how to talak islamic way you would know that is not so simple the way people do talak these days is actuly sin full and if you find out how is in Islam is permited you would know how hard to give talak right way in Islam from that you would understend weather Allah like it or dont like it for the detail search for mufti menk speech for marrige.

    • Hasan Umar

      Kindly read Ahadees chand Ahadees mai yeh mention hai k Jaaiz Kaamon mai Allah k nazdeek sab say napasandeeda amal Talaaq ka hai.

    • Mrs Asim

      u must think n research before saying anything dear,Quran main sirf ehkaam hain,hadees elaborate them.we know through the reference of hadees k talaq is most disliked things to Allah in all halal things.

    • …..

      its true… Talaaq Allah ki nazar mein sab se na'pasandeeda Jaiez amal hai..

    • faryal

      its a sayin ov our most respectable prophet hazrat MOHAMMAD salilahu alihe wasalam tht Allah rabbul izzat ko halal cheezon mey sab se zyada napseend talaq aor ghusa hai…

      • …..

        ghussa haraam hai..

    • Ajaz

      Dear Fateha…there are a lot of Hadees regarding this topic. But you can consult following few:

      Ibn e Maaja:
      Narrated Abdullah bin Umar (R.A.): Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: "Halaal kiye gaye kamoan main say Allah (S.W.T.) ko sab say ziyada na-pasand (cheez) talaq he". (Chapter: Talaq ka baya'an, Book 2, Hadith # 175)

      Sunan Abudawud:
      Narrated Muharib (R.A.): The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: Allah did not make anything lawful more abominable to Him than divorce. (Book #12, Hadith #2172)

      Sunan Abudawud:
      Narrated Abdullah ibn Umar (R.A.): The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: Of all the lawful acts the most detestable to Allah is divorce. (Book #12, Hadith #2173)

    • faiza

      talaq aisa amal hy jo jaiz honey k bawajod Allah Ta'alla ko na psand hy……..
      kunkay yeh ak bnday ko effect ni krti pora khandan destroy ho jata hy…Han par jb kisi k sth guzara boht mushkil ho jae to alehdgi ikhtiar krni chahiay ..or yeh Ahadis say sabit hy..

    • abc

      Fateha i guess u read it wrong its very clearly written that talaq is a na pasandida act and Allah doesnt like it at all, He said in quran "agar tum samgho tu yeh tumharey haq main behtar hai" plz read and understand the quran and then talk about it dont be mis led read it your self with translation and then comment

    • Anum_Emran

      give the reference of Quranic verse

    • Sush

      In easy words dear….divorce is the most unliked thing near Allah subhana amoung all halal things…its true better to be apart but even then talaq is not liked in islam though its halal…

    • mohammad sawaiz

      Fateha jb zameen pe ek bar talaq ka lafz (sirf) istamal hota ha tou oper asmaan kanp uthta islam ki roh se ye itna nazuk pehlo ha..
      mujhe yad nai ab xactly par ye nabi paak ki hadis ha..

    • Annie B


    • Tahira Sajjad H

      Talaq halal cheezon main badtareen cheez hai n sirf or sirf bht extreme situations or masalehat ki koi surat na hony p jaiz hai n ye such hai k ALLAH ka talaq napasand hai lekin qk ALLAH Ta'ala REHMAN O RAHEEM hai is lye USNY hum bandon k lye asania paida ki hain or is he lye USNY ye hukum dya k agar achi tareeqy se sath nai reh sakty to achy tareeqy se alag ho jao.

    • sihaam

      fateha dear ye sach ha allah ko talaq nai pasand bayshaq ye haq us nay khud banaya ha
      per us zaat ko alehdagi nai pasand

    • wishromo

      lakin yeah fail us key nuzdeek sub say napasandeeda hai is baat ka zikar hai quran mai yeah ek halal kam hai lakin Allah kay nuzdeek napasanddeda hai aur shetan is amal par sub say ziyada kush honay wala hai infact husband wife kay durmayan jhagra paida karnay wala yaehi shetan hai aur yeah hi gussa peda karta hai aur is fail ko karnay par uksata hai

    • gull

      fateha you are wrong ,….nani bilkul theek keh rahee the , har bat quran main lafze meaning main nahi hote tafaseer or ahadees ka sahara lea jata hai samjnay kay leay , ALLAH nay hum say jo be farmaea for example nemaz qaeem karo kaha quran main lakin kasay parho Allah kay nabi nay sekhaea quran main kisi be jagha wozo ka tareeka nahi hai lakin Allah kay nabi nay bataea ,… same asay he ahadees say sabat hota hai kay Allah ko halal cheezono main say sab say na passand talaq kay ilfaz hain in ilfaz say zammen kanm jate hai , … Allah ko talaq ka lafaz na passand hai pher be halal karar dea logono ke asane ke leay, takay woh halal rasta ikhtear karain

  • Mrs Asim

    well done Nadia afgan,aj Umera ahmed pr Ashfaq Ahemed ka asar nazar aaya:) waisay i know through her writings k she is a big fan of Ashfaq Ahmed,Bano Qudsia and Mumtaz Mufti trio:)MASHALLAH

  • rizwana

    drama is very slow but the topic of drama is very good.but in some aspects falaq's mother is right as in this episode she told that she can't build bangla for them,this is also the fact so writer should not show falak right in every aspect.

    • waqas

      bangla bnana zarori nahi hai. asay matters me senstive hona zarorat hai.joe k falaq tryng to say her mother

  • Syeda

    I will give the credits to the Writer, wesay tou drama main choti moti kafi ghalatiyan hain mager Story tou bohat hi Aala hai, or Script bhi acha hai. Wesay tou main pehlay se hi Allah se bohat close hoon, liken mujhay is Drama ney apnay nafs ko aik bar phir evaluate kernay peh majbor ker diya hai :)

  • ramzan

    story& dialogues. best story very very nice story of this serial and very very nice work of this channel i like this story and also all program on hum tv channel ,

  • ferri

    drama ka theme to acha hai but falak to allah ko dondad rahi hai but usska ka dupatta kahein bi nazer nahi aa raha .shahid falak or mahira donot mess her dressing

    • Faisal

      Do you realy think that dopata is enough to that she is muslim one bad thing about our socity because they think that dopata is enough there is a corection that muslim dressing code is way difrent not just only doputa

      • waqas

        dupata is not enogh but its the 1st step. islam orat ko kehta hai jhupa low apni zeenat her na mehram se. Allah kehta hai k me tum me se sub se zyada sharam karnay wala hoan to koi orat joe Allah ko dhondna chahy by parda ho k woh kasy usay pa sakti hai.

        • jigzu

          arey mere bhai ALLAH tu dhondle pehle woh apni zaat tu pehchan le aik baar sakoon ajayega ye chezein bhi insaan ahista ashita thik ker leta hai aik dam se momina tu nahi ban jata na koi duppata pehnne se Allah ni mil jata bhai beshak ye amal bhi zaruri hai koi shaq nahi ismein .. try to be lenient my frnd evrything can not perfect :)

          May ALLAH guide us all, this drama has taught me alot.
          May ALLAH give ajar to all those associated with the drama
          hats off to them for picking such a topic
          humsafar jesa drama bana ker jismein ishq e majazi ke siwa kuch
          aesa drama banana bht bari baat hai

          • Mrs Asim

            u r very right jigzu,we r so impatient na?abhi wo bechari Allah ko dhoond rahi hay or kisi ko ye process long lag raha hay kisi ko dupattay ki fikar hay…we concentrate too much on zahir..beard hay toa acha insan hay dopata hay toa…Allah hamain aqal day.

  • anonymous

    Dear Admin,

    Please add titles in English(if possible) so we can recommend good dramas to our friends who don't understand urdu..


  • Australian

    Yeh hamey kaisey pata challey ga, kay Allahhum se muhabbat kerta hay,ya Allah hum pay nazar daltta,Plz reply…

    • Anonymous

      "Say: 'O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of God: for God forgives all sins (except shirk): for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.'" (39:53)

      And it is He who accepts repentance from His servants and pardons the evil deed and knows what you do." (42:25)

      Indeed, Allah is more happy with the repentance of His slave than a man who stops in a barren, desolate land; with him he has his riding animal. He then goes to sleep. When he wakes up, [he realizes that] his mount is gone. He searches for it until he is on the verge of dying. He then says, ‘I will return to the place wherein I lost it, and I will die there.’ He went to that place, and he was then overcome by sleep. When he woke up, his mount was [standing] right beside his head: on it was his food, his drink, his provisions, and the things he neded. Allah is more happy with the repentance of his believing slave than the aforementioned man when he finds his mount and his provisions.”

      [al-Bukhaari: 6308 ; Muslim: 2744]

      Sahih Al-Bukhari it is recorded from the Commander of the faithful `Umar bin Al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Messenger of Allah saw a woman among the prisoners of war picking up her child, clasping the child to her breast and nursing him. The Messenger of Allah said:

      (Do you think that this woman would throw her child into the Fire even though she is (physically) able to do so) They said, "No.'' The Messenger of Allah said:

      (By Allah, Allah is more merciful towards His servants than this woman is to her child.)

      i am in no position to help you but i hope this can be useful:)

      • Faisal

        Hi i dont understend the first part of your replay that Allah forgive most of the sin except shirk dose this means if none muslim become muslim allah wont forgive him because he was doing shirk

        • camna

          islam me enter honay k baad all previous sins Allah pak maaf kardeta hai

          • ismaeei

            ha ALLAH sab kujh maf karta

          • ismaeel

            wo batra kareem ha

        • sadia

          ALLAH ka name capital words se likhte hen………..

        • manal

          faisal sana is right; jab kisi bat ka pata na ho to bakwas b nae kartey jab hum galti kar k allah sey maafi mang leyn or ahed kar ley k ayanda galti nae karey gaye to allah maaf kar deyta hai keep it in ur mind

          • Saima Bashir

            Guys please be polite and respectful while replying.Probably, he is just asking the thing he doesn't know. there is nothing wrong in asking. if anyone asks with bad intention, he is just doing wrong with himself. so why would we curse anyone and just earn gunah. and also DON'T TELL OTHERS YOU ARE MUSLIM, SHOW THEM YOU ARE MUSLIM. this comment is not to degrade anyone. it's a reminder first for myself and then for others. Jazakallah khairan

        • nomatter

          it means if he dies as a mushrik he wont be forgiven

      • sana

        agar aik insaan sachay dil say shirk karnay kay baad muslim ho jaiy to allah usay muaaf kar deta hay wo barha raheem hay.zaroor baksh deta hay

    • moutishm

      Allah humien judge karaha hai hum usko judge nahi karahey hai aur jaha nazar ki baat hai to wo har jaga hai

    • camna

      agar Allah aik namaz k baad apko doosri namaz ka intazar karne usay waqt pe ada karne ki taufeeq de to it mean Allah apse raazi hai jo apko apni taraf anay ki hidayat de rha hai or Allah nafarmanon ko hidayat nhi deta

    • Saima Bashir

      In simple words when He guides us on right path it means He is seeing us, loving us. Jab ham taareekey main gum hon, to USEY ZAAT ka nazr-e-karam hamain tareekey say nikaal kar hidayat key taraf laata hay. Jab ham gunah kar bhaitain, to US ka nazr-e-karm toba key taufeeq ata karta hay. Us ka lutf-o-karam hamain naikey key taufeeq daita hay aur Us kay bta'ay hovay ehkamaat k mutabiq zindgey guzarnay key himaat daita hay.

      • Zahid Rahim

        100% Agreed….Really nice Reply

    • Suleman (Sam)

      I asked the same questions while living in Canada. This is my interpetation, when you start feeling humble. You only feel humble only when you feel Him who is most magnificent and powerful.

    • maha

      ap me kami is cheez ki hai k ap khuda ko dil se yaad nahi krty aap us zaat ko dil se yaad krty tou kbhi aisa sawaal na pochty

      • Saima Bashir.

        ho sakta hay, aisa ho. but in my opinion this question is also asked when we start remembering Him, loving Him and also wish to be remembered by Him, to be seen by Him and to be loved by Him. jisay Allah key yaad he na a’ay vo ye savaal kun poochay ga?

    • khan

      Someone once said Allah's opinion of you is what your opinion of Allah is.

    • Aminah

      Allah SWT loves all the momineen. But we need to know that is He happy with us or not??Once i asked the same question from my teacher and she told me that agar hum ye daikhna chahain k Allah hum se razi aur khush hain to hum apnay aap ko judge karain k agar hum Allah se khush hain, Allah ki commandments ko khushi khushi follow kerte hain aur agar hamari zindagi wesi hai jesi k Allah ne guzaarne ka hukum dia hai to it means k hum Allah se razi hein aur Allah bhi hum se razi hein and He loves us.

  • ali

    aala drama ja raha hai

  • Faisal

    Is any one hear about sabar reading all the coments here and watching drama just one couldn't understend why we people forget one thing Sabar.
    What did the guy do second marrige and is alowed right so why every one go against him did any one ask that he have the option also to devorse and then do other marrige why he didn't devorse because Allah take exam in every way so is for falak if she can
    Realize with that exam what her mistake is best for her how many of us can realize this so i just like to point out one main thing here to every one please realize that there is one thing that Allah like most is Sabar

  • faiza fuad

    One of the best dramas ever…….well done mahira! what dialogues……..eye openers for our messed up society:)

  • ain

    hum kitney gunah karte hyn but ALLAH saza k tor per hume moat nahi deta q?is liye k ALLAH hum se sater maon se zada muhabbat karta hai aur hum pe nazar dalta hai tub he to hume naimaten b deta hai aur gunahon ki mafi b

  • Khalid

    Good Job……..

  • ayesha

    they are just acting

    • sana

      haan to ye drama he to hay

    • Waqas Awan

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      It also appears that you are projecting your feelings on the director/ writer.

      • hassan

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    • MAAYA


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      writer is not stupid and by the way why r u referring to ancient mythology, umera ahmed didnt mention ancient mythlology. in islam black is not a forbidden colour nor it represents satan. so correct your thoughts and try to feel the message.

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    The next time when she meets the lady shepard, it again is a manifestation of her Nafs, which is now more humble, sobre, submissive …. though still wandering, but more at peace with herself. The mad Faqer and the lady shepard say exactly the same things , but their manner is different because now Falak's Nafs is humbled and is more willing to listen and reflect/ponder/repent.

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    • Blossoms

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    Allah apni naimato ka shukar chahta hai humse , humain uss ke naimto ka shukar ada karty rehna chaiyh .Our muhabat to Ji sab se bari naimton main se ak hai . Kissi ko Allah apni naimat bohat azmaishon k baad ata karta hai oussy bohat zeyda uss k hasool k leyh intzar karwata hai ta k jab wo naimat us shakhs ko milly to wo uss ke qadar kary shukar ada kary appny KHUDA ka.Our kissi ko Allah apni naimat se bin mangy he nawaz deta hai .Asy log bohat khushnaseeb hua karty hain mager Sahib baat phir wohi shukar pe aa kar thehar jati hai.:) Our jin ko binna mangy naimat milla karti hai akser wo uss ke qadar nahain karty tab ALAH un k dilon main kissi aisi haqeer cheez ke muhabat dal deta hai jo k unn k haq me theeak nahain hoti our na he unn ke rasai me hoti hai , aisi mubat naimat nahain saza hoti hai ek azaab , tab wo uss ke chahat main khuwar hoty hain log unn per hansty hain k iss ke ankhon per pati bandi hai jo aisi cheez k leyh khuwar ho raha hai jo uss k laiq he nahain per sach main uss k dil per muhar laga di jati unhain achy bury ke tameez khatam ho jati hai our jab wo uss lahasil ke chahat main thak kar choor ho kar ghir jaty hain toot jaty hain tab unhain dekhaya jata hai k unhon ny kiss naimat ke nashukri ke .

    From Novel :Khyal-e-dil se Khyal-e-jan tak .

    By : Tariq Mehmood Sahib

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