Silvatein Last Episode 24 in High Quality 18 july 2013

Silvatein By Ary Digital Last Episode – 18 july 2013


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  • sana

    nice episode

  • fan no 1

    please ya drama delete na kar dena

    • guest

      koi drama b delete ni hota

      • Syeda

        her drama thorey din bad delete ho jata hai :) the link stays but videos become unavailable! :)

        • bili

          jo dramas youtube pe upload huay thay wo unavailable hu gaye thay
          werna u can still watch the old dramas on other sites, like tune and daily motion,
          just google them :)

  • DM

    Natasha really won it today! Superb acting!
    Finally, Bilal recalled the MAN in him and Natasha started to address him with AAP instead of TUM, Oh god! she IS giving him respect :)
    Bilal is right, it is difficult to digest the drastic change in her.

    Loved the entire episode.

  • FatEh

    superb ending…<3

  • Farah

    What a lovely ending …. gonna miss this drama !!!

  • Drama promoter

    What about that bibi of Natasha she should be arrested by the police in the end of this drama

  • Mahi

    gud ending chlo is aqal ki andhi ko aqal to ai akhr kar :p

  • hamnah

    Silvatein was good in the beginning but the story got stagnant after it :/ It had the potential of coming in top 5 but sadly it lost it’s charm.

  • hamnah

    This bibi, peer, taavez thing is annoying. It’ll be good if the drama makers & writers don’t include these things.


      NO. actually this is amessage for the society , because it happens everywhere in Pakistan,

  • Aamna

    natasha ki acting bohat hi 3rd class h…bohat buri acting ki isne eesp last episode me :/

  • google

    shukar hai bilal aj bola mard bana hai akhri episod mai

  • Ayesha sadiq

    Finally they sort out their problems in very short period of time.kaaaaaaaaaaaaasshhh in real life it can happen.happy ending like a fairy tale.influential acting by Natasha,bikal acting as a man should be.zaib is real elder sister and rayan behave like head of house should be.

  • Drama Guru

    What a rubbish ending . How can anyone forgive Natasha for what she did & everything goes back to normal So unrealistic. I can’t believe I was stupid enough to watch it through.

    • D

      becuz everyone knows that Natasha is just stupid, Rayyan who hates Natasha still doesn’t go mad at her after hearing the truth ..he just says that she is stupid and foolish, and she was treated like a foolish and stupid person is treated. Even though everyone has forgiven her but she has lost all her dignity, her dominating position with her husband and her future credibility which is enough punishment for her.

  • aliza umar

    superb! truly reflecting the name silvatein. rayan ne natasha ko to understand kr lya lekin apni wife ko nhe samajh ska.natasha ki acting awsome hae.zaib ne jitne asane se natasha ko maaf kr dia wo thora unrealistic tha.bilal ki acting strong nhe the.

  • feren

    best drama n best ending :) realy nyc

  • Fawad Shaikh

    Natasha ko itni bari ghalti k ly itni jaldi maaf kerna.. Sounds unrealistic.
    Last episodes b kamal huti hen, aik he jhatkay mei sab maafi shaafi, punishmnt, hapy ending sab isi mei hujata hy jo tamam episods mei ni hu pata..
    Overall drama 8/10

  • zaria

    i hope yeh Natasha ab kissi aur drama main na aay,pathetic acting!!!!!and annoying as well.

  • im a guest o.o

    dish drama satisfies meh XD

  • Fawad shaikh

    Nataasha ko rona ni ata.. Zaban achi chalati thi

  • Wafa Khan

    Hahaha awsoome ending !

  • zahra.khan

    thank god…………….finally last episode…….

  • Syeda

    Great Ending! All the problems were magically resolved! 😀 I like it!

    One mistake thou Rayan is living in Pakistan for more than a year now, So what happened to Shamroz? Where is he? Rayan didnt think of his son who he supposedly love so much! Rayan’s wife already said in earlier episodes that Rayan should take care of him as she is marrying another man and he is not her responsibility only.

  • Kamran Ghani

    Really like the ending..enjoyed this drama after long time..thumbsup for writer!!

  • madiha

    Happy ending :)

  • LubnaRashid

    Very good drama throughout… but shukr hai k Unchi PARCHI wali Natasha bardasht se bahir thi acting ka A b nahi aata ise

    • Zara

      whats “Parchi”?

      • Buffalo from Lahore

        Unchi PARCHI = Bari Sifaarish ka Khat (letter)
        Yaani Natasha ko kisi ki sifaarish per rakha gaya tha iss dramay main.

        • LubnaRashid

          thnku for translating :) woh NAJAM SeTHI ki beti hai to unchi parchi hue naaaaa

  • Nazo

    Ronay wali acting sab se buri thi Natasha ki.. Kyun director ne ise rone ko kaha yaar nazar nahi a reha tha screen per kya.. Taubah hai bohat faZool over and stupid acting, very unreal! Shuru main sari takreban achi thi aur end pe apni bi lag gayi us ki aur us ki acting ki bi.. hahah..

  • Kiran Mobeen

    Ajeeb sa darama shukar khatam.. jali bibi orat ko saza milni chaye thi…not comlet ending..

    • Syeda

      Its based on reality! Or Pakistan main her criminal ko saza nahi milti.

  • ShainNaina Mirza

    Good ending. Hats off to all the team !!

  • lavasse

    stupid ending, how everyone forgive natasha for what she did… very unrealistic end and it was too fast… but finally it ended..,

    • mini

      bcoz zaib is pregnant..natasha kisi ka kuchh bigad na saki plus zaib n rayyan never believed that bibi n black magic can change one’s life or effect anyone.moreover zaib ne jo zadati ki thi wo drama mai batai na jane se hum us ke fault ko underestimat kar rahe hai….a child’s mind is like wet cement anything leaves a lasting impression…..thats the message here.

  • Buffalo from Lahore

    Mazaedaar ending nahi thi. Natasha ko itnay gand machanay kay baad itni aasani se muaf nahi kerna chahiye tha Bilal ko… Bilal thoray se current dikha ker phir PHUSS hogaya..Jadoo tonay waali Bibi ko bhi saza milni chahiye thi….

    • Mam

      Bilal ko chahiye tha k Natasha ko thappar mar mar kar pagal banade aur phir usko pagal khane chor aye aur ghar mein sab hansi khushi rahen! -_-

  • ZH


  • madani albarni

    Bilal ko natasha k kass kass k chamat lagane chahiye thy tu maza ata

    • Buffalo from Lahore

      Bilkul theek kaha

    • MeMyself

      violence is never the answer

  • me

    is hospital ka adha profit tu isi family se ata hai… hur epi mai hospital…..

  • tehreem

    lagta ha tamam actors ko paysa kam mila hain..kam payson me assa he kaam hota ha…mgr shukar ha drama khatam huwa..

  • Peaceful dove

    Natasha tou lag samj gae Jo dusroun k liye gharrha khoddta ha wo kud usi mai gir jata ha

  • Buffalo from Lahore

    Bilaal is very handsome and cute. I would love to see him in more dramas!

  • Rezaei

    Rehan her waqt chori chori batien sunta rehta ha lolz

  • xyz

    Rishton ki Silvatein theek honay main waqt zarur lagta hai laikin pyar, bharosa aur yakin agar saath ho toe manzil asan ho jati hai. Nafrat ki shiddat chahay kaisi b ho, aakhir jeet pyar ki hei hoti hai aur pyar say har insan ko jeeta ja sakta hai…..very true!

  • abeer

    good vindup……n lol bilal can also speak…

  • saj

    i hate the endings of pakistani dramas.. the drama is same in all d episodes and then suddenly in the last episode, evrythng jus hapns v quickly and the end.. bilal ko bilkul acting nahi aari

  • roma

    zaib k dresses kis botique k hain?

  • MeMyself

    bakaws drama/ending. musanif sahab, zaib ki pregnancy ki blood report main arsenic ki report kyoun nahi aai?
    Zaib aur Natasha kay beech bachpan ka koi aisa incident nahin dikhaya jis say Natasha kay dil main Zaib kay liye itni nafrat jama ho jai.

  • Fatima Arshad

    I agree……Natasha should not have been forgiven so easily…it was very sudden……..sab theek hogaya. Boom ..end…But I enjoyed it though…

  • raheela

    it was not so good it was a so so drama

  • raheela

    yes theending was totally a bakwas

  • Viewer

    Yeh ary or geo k dramas ki ending bht sudden or bht bakwaaas hoti hai….

  • aiman

    its such a baqwas ending..n natasha’s acting was worst among all!!

  • Bia

    What A Sudden Ending… I’m Surprised!
    Jab Itna Lamba Serial Stretch Kia Tha Tou Thora Aur Nahi Karsakte The Taken Ending Tou Achi Hoti… Bakwas Ending!

  • Marina Khan

    i was watching this drama for one reason and one reason alone….Adeel hussain , the guy acts with his eyes …i have a crush on him…

  • Fara

    The rubbish ending of silvatein diminished the value of the entire drama…making watching the series a gargantuan waste of time!

  • Masooma :)

    last epp main natasha ny bht bakwas acting ki h…. :O or ending thi b bht gandi

  • Masooma :)

    had nai hogai bacha bimar h or parents ghr py hain itnay easy mo0d main 😀

  • anam

    Oooooooo very bad