Silvatein episode 1 by ARY digital – 7th february 2013

Silvatein episode 1 by ARY digital – 7th february 2013


  • Asif

    Nice Drama

  • abeer

    nice start but again two sisters story………let see …..

  • syeda

    really it’s nice drama and good start.

  • waqas

    drama n story is good n amna also but ye dosri sis kia cheez ha? na beautiful n na h acting ati ha es ko

  • sajal

    i love this drama

  • sh khan hira

    toobha ye 2ri behan kia hy…na shakal na aqal baans…agr ksi achi actress ko lety tou bht acha drama hoskta tha

    • Muslima

      I don’t know is this my observation or some one else ,and second sister looks like more man ……I agree with u she is not suitable for this role ….
      And plz this drama not should be like the others 2 sisters ……1 is evil and one is masooma ……..

      • Australian

        Agreed with you,Other sisters have a bit male appearance, not only height,features also

    • zkhan

      Bori baat hein …..being a Muslim u shouldn’t criticise some ones face bec Allah subhanahu wata’ala had created humans …
      How long does it take to lose beauty , the actual beauty is the beauty of
      Charactor and manners…

  • human muslim

    awww such a sweet drama

  • human muslim

    i really loved the little moments in this drama, like when zeb was complaining to her mother that phupoo can’t live in my room her mother (inspite of all the petty issues with her ‘nand’) still told her daughter to help her phupoo in unpacking,i think its a good example of bringing up our kids in our society. In my openion its normal to have small issues with the inlaws but one should always teach kids to respect elders no matter what. I really liked the way the writer has written this charcter of ‘phupoo’ i think real life ‘phupoos’ are just like the one in this drama, they might have some issues with their bhabies but they adore their nieces and nephews.

  • rija

    nice start… lets see what happens next….

  • Syeda

    Lolzz I like this Drama

  • malik

    buhat acha ha bahno me ek behan ise zoror hoti ha chahy wo choti ho ya bhari start buhat acha laga

  • Bela

    luv it

  • shafaq

    Great drama, soon it will get da highest ratings :) Amina Sheikh iz da most versatile actress i have ever seen, it’s a treat to watch her on screen, love her <3 nd waiting for Adeel's entry !!

  • sana

    agr ap drama ko gour say dykhain to idea hona chaheye k 2nd sis ko role k hisab say hi rakha huwa hai unho ny

  • uneza

    awesome start!!! loved it

  • hina

    mora piya k bad yeh ek aur superhit drama hoga

    • saba khan

      I think bari apaa and zindagi gulzar hay was also amazing dramas!

  • hina

    zabardust team hai …aks aur maya k bad ARY ka ek naya future super hit drama hogaa ye

  • Ruby Khan

    reallly… the episode…..i love both the sisters…i donno y ppl dont like the other one….i like her as well….she is just a normal girl with normal sense which every girl thinks….abt her future….yess i agree she has a bit of attitude….but she is not that mean….she is just a bit different frm Aamina…..n i think thats a gud thing….!!! n i donno y ppl think that natasha is not cute…..btw i really liked her she has a cute face….n no one has any right to criticize anyone…..bcoz Allah has made evryone in the best shape…..n we have not been created to criticize…..we should always just thank Allah for evrything….:) really gud start of the drama……curious for next one…:D <3

    • simi

      right 100 percent

    • Memoona Gul

      i agree wid yew…i like nataha very much..da way she fights n taunts .iits very cute n elegant .. n dere is nothing wrong wid her appearance …she has class .. n those who think of her ugly have no taste …

      • Memoona Gul

        n main thing ..dix world is nt only made for beautiful ppl ..

  • shahi

    nice drama………

  • dua

    nice drama….. realistic

  • kitty

    achay khassay log hain n ghr main guest rooom bhi nhi???

    • rfff

      blkul, bs 2 hi bedroom hen itny bary ghr mn !

  • iftikhar

    nice starting…

  • ayesha

    wow really it dosent seems drama it looks like life!big hands 4 director n all team!

  • Ayesha K.

    Yes, its really amazing drama. After watching bari appa, aks, ek tamana lahasil se, the new drama that started like syskeyan, parchayan, kash aysa ho, etc they r very boring dramas. After bari aapa I thought god knows when i will get to see good drama( oh yes zindagi gulzar hay, sitam gur, marta-ul-uras are also very nice dramas but they r half war through)) was so disappointed but after seeing this wonderful drama I am relieved. this drama not only has good story but it is very very funny toooooooooooo. I could not stop laughing at p1( 5:14- 5:30)-(12:20-12:33) p2(2:10-2:32)-(8:54- 9:55) so many other parts in fact the whole episode is full of these kind of funny moments. Olive part was so hilariousness (lay kar awo no main nahe hil sakti hon yehan say:—–)))))))) ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • viniza

    love it