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Pakistan’s entertainment industry is truly blessed with some very talented and versatile actors. There are those among them, who have been illuminating our television screens for decades and there are some who may not have been around for a very long time but they have managed to make their mark in the industry. Then there are those stars who don’t appear on television as often as we would like to see them. Some of them don’t venture into a project for months and some for years. It is either because they are very choosy or they may have family or work-related restraints, since acting may not be the only field they excel in or are engaged with. Whatever the reason may be, I feel we are not getting to see enough of these commendable actors and would like them to shine on our screens more often.


Here is a list of some actors who I definitely miss, if I don’t see them often enough.



1. Sakina samoo:


This gifted actress needs no introduction. Coming from a very conservative background Sakina Samoo had to take a very strong stand to enter the world of entertainment. She started her career from Sindhi plays but soon after was offered Urdu plays. Her first Urdu serial was ‘Dewarein”. She had to work extra hard to make her accent sound as ‘non-Sindhi’ as possible to make a mark in the mainstream. Sakina Samoo unquestionably is a brilliant actor and has put in a lot of effort to earn a name for herself.


We hardly saw her on screen for more than ten years, after she went to England. But she is back now and we want to see more of her. I thoroughly enjoyed her unconventional role in ‘Lips’ and her outstanding performance in ‘Mastana Mahi’.



2. Faisal Rehman:


Faisal Rehman has exceptional talent, there is no denying that. He started acting at the age of fourteen and made a great name for himself not only on television but also in films. He became an instant hit because of his noticeably different style. Through the years he has proved that he is not only an exceptional actor but a versatile one too. I read in one of his interviews that he does not like excessive pressure and that is the reason he is so selective. Mr. Faisal, we miss you when you are away taking a break and will be very happy if you could appear in a play or two every now and then. I am really looking forward to his upcoming serial on Hum Tv, I am undeniably having some withdrawal symptoms.



3. Savera Nadeem:


Savera Nadeem is another exceptional actress with extraordinary talent, who usually makes us wait long enough before she makes an appearance. She has a lot of notable performances to her credit and rightly so to since she started working from theatre at the age of fifteen. I thoroughly enjoyed her work in Qaid-e-Tanhai and would definitely like to see her in some of the leading plays nowadays.



4. Sania Saeed:


This list will be incomplete without this refined actress who was born to perform. Sania Saeed started performing at the age of ten. Most of her work has been with social and community theatre but she has certainly won a lot of hearts with her impressive acting on television too. Another actress I am very anxiously waiting to see in the upcoming Hum Tv serial. Undoubtedly someone I want to see on screen more often.



5. Faisal Shah:


Just incase you guys don’t remember him, let me refresh your memory, Faisal Shah is the actor who played Meerbul in ‘Tum Ho Ke Chup’ and Yasir in ‘Daam’. Faisal Shah started his career as a model but has proved that he has a natural talent for acting too. His main concentration maybe on modeling that is why we don’t get to see a lot of him on television. Another star who undeniably is missed when we don’t see him on screen.



6. Shamim Hilali:


Shamim Hilali is my favorite on screen mother! In fact, I could not help but wish that it was her and not Atiqa Udho who was playing the role of the evil of mother-In-Law in ‘Hamsafar’. I simply love this woman not only for her acting but also because of her elegance. Whether it be her role in ‘Maig Malhaar’ or ‘Maat’, this graceful actress is simply dazzling.



7. Sabreen Hisbani:


I find it extremely unjust when people introduce Sabreen Hisbani as Sanam Baloch’s sister; she has much more to her credit than that. Although she has been in the business for only a few years but her passion for what she does is evident from her work. In my opinion, she has great potential which has not been fully exploited.


This pretty much sums up my list of actors who I dearly miss on television, when I don’t see enough of them. These are the glittering stars who prove the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ totally wrong.






Author: Fatima Awan.

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