Tamanna ki Tamanna EID Special on Hum Tv – Starring Bilal Khan

Watch Latest Tamanna ki Tamanna EID Special on Hum Tv – Starring Bilal Khan

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  • Hammu

    Bilal Khan was good,but not great.But i'm sure if he focuses on acting,he'll become a great one.

  • GSG

    hahah nice 1,…. ache story the…

  • sweety

    Actually story kuch zyada hi fantacy base thi,thora real banana chahia tha,but the acting of bilal is so good i think it's his first acting,and he carry it so good,another thing is he looks so inocent that increases the drama liking,he is also so young+educated that's what our dramas need.ajkal unpar lokon ko jab acting kerta or cheep cheep stories per drama banata dakhata hain to buhat dukh hota hai.or takreeban pora Pakistani media hath dho ker indions ki copy kerna per tola hua hain,why they donot think that we have our own culture,hamain isko permote kerna hai,naka indian culture,7 saal ka bacha ko yeh to pata hai ka shadi per 7 phara lana zarori hai,lakin molvi sb nikha parhain tab shadi hoti hai yeh nahi pata.Astagfirullah.

    but at the end drama is good.

  • Hina

    There's no doubt Bilal Khan is a marvellous singer with great looks, but acting!!! Not his piece of cake!

  • Sumbul

    Lols, I am actually thinking to kidnap Atif Aslam now 😛

    • Shafaq Khalid Rana

      Hahahaha.. this kidnap thing is gonna b famous soon :p n soon all the singers will b kidnaped by their fans :p ahahah

  • Faree

    soooo CANDY :)

  • roohina fatima

    aww bilal khan u rocked man !! u were looking so handsome !! nice bt faltoo story 😉

  • Adnan

    I didn't know Bilal is a singer in real life also. Anyways, do you guys know who is Tamanna (Her real name) ???

    • rose

      she looks so much t girl in movie AYESHA of sonam kapoor

    • sweety

      yes he is a singar in real life.his one song tanhai is very popular.

    • Safia

      the girl's name is Almas Fidai. A very new and talented actor!

  • Maria

    Nice drama I like it :)

  • rose

    my my dont have words to express,,,YEH kia tha

  • zameera ch

    nice play

  • rubykhan

    a very different drama…but bilal khan looked shoo cute..!!!!!!!!!!!n his acting was amazing too….:))) anyways nice drama…..but extra filmyy…!!!LOL..:P

  • Adiba

    Bht he unrealistic story the

  • http://[email protected] sunny khan

    nyc actors nyc story veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice

  • anonymous

    i wonder what would happen if this actually happen to him

  • Husnain ali

    I like it.

  • ain

    hahaha funny drama

  • Nav

    Nobody wrote anything about the girl.She did a great job in my opinion.she created a character that was annoying ,innocent and of a girl who lives in her dreams.She performed it greatly.when she kidnapped him ,it was very annoying but when the story took the amazing turn ,everything was so clear.The lead actress's eyes were really dreamy in the last sceneshe can be a very succesful actress or may be she alread is,i don;t know so much bout her.but again girls,always remember that this was too, a drama .things are not like this in the real world.Even your own husband never gets aap k pyar main pagal .men are different.they don't get crazy about any girl unless she is a super model or extremely beautiful.In the real world ,what really happened that the girl went to jail,her mother died and then she committed suicide .The singer on the other hand got 100 more beautiful fans around him and couldn't even remember his kidnappers face or name.

    • parsa

      bitter bt true :(

  • Sullu

    Who was the girl Tammana? What's her real name? The girl was absolutely stunning. The best character in the whole drama and she did a fantastic job I must say. It suited her so much. Such a cute girl.

    • zainab

      her real name iz almas fiadi

      • Safia

        her name is ALMAS FIDAI.. mujhe bhi kaafi mehnat karne ke baad pata chala 😀

        she is super talented

  • Paarsa

    super cool scrypt….out standing acting by tamanna<3

    • rose


      • Paarsa

        ya wahee…=p

  • Mano Guria

    larki k baal itny bary kesy hogay 😛

    • Mano Guria

      ohoo main ny ab dekha k wo to artificial thy 😀

  • zameera ch

    zabardast so romantic nice

  • zameera ch

    jahnjab looking so cute

  • Shafaq Khalid Rana

    Hahaahah u rock bilal <3 :* i love ur acting :) ur supberb pluss u r damnn cutee :*

  • Shafaq Khalid Rana

    but this telefilm is farr farr awqay from the reality :/ ..cuxxx its nt easy to have an access to any singer,actor etc…. i hatee thee tammnaa girl..i dnt likee her.. neither tht girl i guess nainaa name ha..i dnt like her..his acting is soo cheap man…

    but besides these actress.. bilal khan rock.. no doubt he is an awesome singer n now actor alsooo :) if he continue doing the acting too..he will improve n he will also improve his face expressions :) Best of luck to Bilal Khan :) <3 :)

  • imran

    its good !! bilal roczz again & also the girl tamana owsome telefilm humtv is best love You guyzzzz

    • Anam LiaQat..

      yppp… :) :)

  • imran

    the dream girl look like parineeti chopra of movie ishaqzaade

  • Er.Pervez

    A nice tele drama,a treat to eyes,not least, that a modern & progressive PAK could be seen as so- many drama serials currently on DRAMAS ONLINE are showing same old fashioned family problems,cruel parents,jadu tona-superstition,sister breaking sister's home etc etc.I am only afraid that the climax may not encourage some silly & crazy girls to go & use unfair means to fulfill their "tammana"- wishes.Congrats to the production team. THANKS.

  • sadia hussain

    nice one

  • Farhan

    super hilarious 😀

  • chinchinchoo

    Much has been written about Bilal's acting but too me the lead actress Tamana acted really well. She is damn attractive and has a very good voice, though she does not fit to size zero concept but thats a good change. atleast people who look normal can be equally good performers. Overall good job by everyone

  • Safia

    The play was mediocre. Unrealistic but the character tamanna put the energy and a factor which made us believe in to her innocence and determination. I love bilal khan and after watching this tele film I would appreciate him to take acting seriously and I am sure he can do it. Besides, the girl tamanna was played by a very new girl Almas Fidai. what to say about her? As her first acting debut she made me speechless. Tremendous acting. She is very beautiful even. I just love her expressions, dialogue delivery, voice and her speaking eyes. her eyes are damn expressive. She is an upcoming icon of pakistani media industry. Mathira was okay and sanam saeed as always rocking. But as a matter of fact the story would have been nothing without Almas Fidai's excellent performance and Bilal khan's looks. Would love to see them more on screen.

  • Fan For Realistic Dr

    Piece of Crap, Unrealistic, full of Self Obsession from Bilal

    Qayamat ki nishanyoo main say aik or Nishani Marasi logo ko sab Hero samjhain gay and nowadays it happens

  • Hum

    Bear copy of ishqzaday

  • Talal Ahmed

    zabardast HUM TV ne Eid ki khushiyan dobala kar dien nice telefilm

    • Anam LiaQat..

      truely agree… :)

  • Sapphire Blue

    kinda unrealistic but da ending was so darn sweet <3 hats off Bilal Khan and this new girl Alams

  • Anam LiaQat..


    true Love of Gal..makes Bilal's heart soft for her… simply sweeettt… and the ending is amazing & sweeettt… :)

    Bilal khan is marvlous singer.. :) realllyy… n tooo good persnality… <3

    dekha na thaaa.. kahee hm ny yh sama… <3

  • Faraz Nawaz

    good Drama……:P

  • Faraz Nawaz

    Good Drama

  • anam

    i have never seen such stupid drama in my life. so unrealistic. where did that ama go? and how come she kidnapped him? i mean c'mon… shallow! so shallow!

    • waqas khan

      arey yr its just a drama dont take it serious yr agr aysa reality men hota to phr yeh drama nae as a news aap k samnay aata har news channel par, i totally agree wit u that story was so unrealistic but as a drama it was so intresting n entertaining especially tamanna's charactor was soooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee GIRLS such main sachee mohabbat kartee hain woh kabhe kise ko dhoka nae daiteen just like BOYZ :)



  • parsa

    hahahaha….omg…dt,s enough..girls can,t b such crazy…waise ye kn sa reality ha as z drama it,s ok bt girlz dnt take it serious ;)….waise bilal ko abi aur try krna chahiye apni acting ko improve kro

  • Reader

    Not everything has to be realistic IDIOTS.

    If that was the case supernatural, lost, heroes, once upon a time kind of shows would STOP! Take it as entertainment, if you don't like it, STOP WATCHING!

    • Riz

      100% agree!

  • Riz

    The tele film would have been nothing without the lead character "Tamanna". Excellent choice of the character! Bilal khan was good too. But Tamanna was a great performer. I would love to see her more on the screen.



  • Rubina

    Moti bhensa you dont deserve him he is too cute for you jao jakar wazan kam karo i hate u so much :@



  • waqas khan

    bilal AWSOME acting and tamanna is a great talent story is nice and both the charactor are soooooooooooooooo cute

  • ali

    very bad drama and cast

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  • Imtiaz Hassan Ali Mo

    Dear all

    for all those who are wondering about the Tammna, her name is Almas Fidai and she is originally a singer too, I have known her for the psst 2 or more years and she certainly is a multitalented girl.

    prayers for her.


    • Waris

      She is a singer??? Does she have any album recorded?? Must say being a newbi she was marvellous. She is not only beautiful but very talented too.



    • maya

      tell us she is ur??????????

  • Handzum prince

    Wa0 tele film is 0wsum i realy luv it thx for give us a this tele film 0n eid we realy enj0yed…….. 😀

  • umara sarfraz

    nice telefilm with a different story i and my czns loved to watch it <3

  • http://[email protected] tehmas

    uffffffffffffff………….itne fazoooooooooooooooooooooool story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    itna time zaiya kia…………..O MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • maya

      kis n kaha tha k daikho hahahahahahahaha i love this film

    • maya

      r u tehman kia ap teaching kartay hooooooooo

  • http://Facebook Pari

    Wow very nice

  • sam

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv nice drama unrealistc but esa real mai ho jaye tu kya hi baat hy bcz mai bhi ksi ko kdnap krna chahti hoo ,tamanna s vry talented nd innocent nd bilal s also lookng v stuning.i lov both of u nd god bles u.

  • Memoona

    I just loved Tamana's dance on Noor Jahan song . Lol. She is tan complexion. yet she is so attractive. she looked very good in the white dress while walking on the beach. but honestly when she kidnapped bilal, and the way she dressed was sooo awkward, pori dadi amma ban gaye thi, but baad main she looked so cool, and why drama portrayed her as a fat girl, she looked okay with her weight.

    • Memoona


    • KK

      noor jahan nhe NAHEED AKHTAR

  • Kala Bhoot

    Good to see new fresh faces. The girl played Tamanna's role is an excellent new addition in showbiz.

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  • asma

    such a sad story man….:( i almost cried when she was dancing…

    • ch zeshan

      whyyyy .. there wasnt any nasty thing

      • AMNA

        OH U WONT GET IT..

      • asma

        @ ch zee yeah..shuu shuu

  • nayalash


  • ch zeshan

    good telefilm … lagta hai muje katreena kaif k lie ye sab karna pare ga ,,, 😛 😀

  • http://qasaba.blogspot.com Saba

    I just saw this coz its an eid special and it is written by bushra ansari but sad is that its nothing to do with Eid and dont know what she wrote and what msg they want to convey??if you love someone run away from home sale precious things ur parents made for u after hardship and kidnap ur lover do stupid and cheap acts he/she will start loving you ,huh Bushra ansari disappointed me .

    • rafay

      @saba ..it was jus a drama not reality an entertaining act so dnt take it by heart

      • http://qasaba.blogspot.com Saba

        dramas n telefilms r reflection of our society and many immature minds take it too seriously ,there should be entertainment but healthy entertainment .

    • maya

      excuse me it is a drama ok i think sooo u r out of ur sences

  • Marriam nadeem

    Amazing telifile <3 This drama made our Eid perfect!

    And Bilal Khan was just too good :*

  • umm e afnan


  • reem

    yaaaar itna acha drama hai yeh……

    i just luvd it…..

    so very cute……

    nd whus the larka?

    kitna acha hai yeh….

    kaaash aisa real life mai bhi hota ho:(


    this telifilm is okay :)

    Bilal Khan is a good singer bt unfortunately not a good actor………….

    • http://haneenehsan haneen

      u r rite



  • Zee

    That's very interesting story it's tell us the difference bet a common and a famous person . It shows how famous a man is as fake he is. This also tell us instead of looking on shining things we must see ordinary things . Anyways a good simple heart touching story.

  • s.

    Yaar everyone's talking about bilal's cuteness.. but larki kitni cuteeeee hai.. I love her eyes.. aur acting to aalaa aallaaa…. zabardast… very cute story.. bilal khan ko mehnat ki zarurat hai.. but i am a fan of this new girl.. she is very attractive and has beautiful features.. aur awaaz tou ufff kamaal ki hai… aww I love this drama yarr

  • javeria ali

    i lov this .

    myri b is tamana ke tarha ak tamana hai

    kash mai b apni tamana pori kr pati

    vry nic story

    cast bst hai n spcly the boy

  • SH

    awwwwww that was such a cute end:)……tamana looks so cute at the end..i wish it could happened to me….nicely written bushra ansari…i just lovedddddddddd it…simply amazingggggggggggggg…+ I loveeeeeeeeee BIlal khan

  • umm

    kesi dushman ko be kbi kisi famous admi say mohbat na ha…bushra ansari well done…bohat say loag relate kr skty han es story say …magar in real world fantasy ni hoty jasi es girl tamana ki es daramay mein thy…jo asali duniamein ni ho skta usay darama wagara mein hota deakh kay kush hota ho jta ha insan for a moment… am happy to see dis telefilm,,,yeah ho skta ha kay kisi insan nay es dunai mein tamana say kheen brha kay kesi insan ko chaha ho ifsos kay famous insan ko….!magar yeah impossible ha kay es telefilm kay hero jasa response kbi us insan ko mela ho..so reality is different but deakh kay acha laga …

  • Biaa Ali

    :DDDDDD pyar impossible…….

    Tamaana ki tamana pOri hoi but or kisi ki ni ho sakti:DD

    aisi tamana faxool hoti hai:D

  • Biaa Ali

    A SMILE CAME on face when we c d darama!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1J1010Kg-O4 iqra azam

    i love u bilal khan :-)

  • mariya

    mjhy bht acha laga ye darama :p 😀 loog aese b pagal hotay hn :DDD impressive 😉

  • sania

    nice drama or ye drama dramey ki had tak hi achha hai real life mai koi sense nahi banta koi shareef larki aisi fuzool harkat nahi krskti or phir wohi larka us larki se kbhi shadi nahi karega

  • maya

    ab y film kab lagay giiiiiiiii me waiting………………..

  • Nina khan

    Baat tou tab banegi, jab yeh true love shaddi ke dus bara saal baad bhi kaem rahega.. lols…. us waqt tak tou k dusray ki shakal se bhi nafrat ho jati haie… yeh wakeh hi drama tha….

  • amna

    this serial was awesome!!

    • nafisa

      i agree amna!!!!! :)

  • nafisa

    love itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ……………………. <3 love bk

  • eman shehxad

    omg gooddddd yyyyyyaaaaaaarrrrrrr♥♥♥

  • sonia

    love it 😀 hyeeeeeee tamanna seriously i have seen such kinda of love

    • Danish Alvi

      yup Tamanna i love ur style and love

  • june

    nice n soo cute….

  • Shiza

    Bilal Khan is so DAMN HOt

  • Shiza

    He looks so good with tamana

  • Danish Alvi

    i have never seen this type of drama in this history :-) i love u Tamanna

  • Ash

    Yup it was so NYC and different drama I hv ever seen lov it yr nd bilal khan u rocks:)the end wz really ausum.

  • Amy

    Great job Bilal Khan!Very cute drama :) wanna see you in more dramas!

  • komal

    asa bus dramo hy ho sakta hay werna mien kab ki atif aslam sey shadi kerchuky hotey :p

  • fatima

    Aweeesooomeee drama….. seriously its cool…….. and Bilal khan u rock.. keep it up :) 😉

  • fatima

    Osam n Cooolll telefilm…… love yaa 😀 bilal khan *____*

  • hamza

    omg tamana i love ur style and ur awesome!

  • MAHA ♥

    Waahhhhh maxa a gaya such an awsome telefilm after such a long time …… luved it Bilal Khan ix a NYC actor…………… Kash aisa asal mein ho sakta to aj ♥ATIF ASLAM♥ se meri shadi ho chuki hoti hahhahhahhha :p ♥♥♥♥

    • Amy

      Waisey Atif Aslam DID marry a normal girl like all of us :) Sarah Bharwana is not a celebrity.So keep your hopes high girls!LOL 😛

  • Javaria Aziz

    buhahahaahha jazab ko acting bulkul nii atti plz yr proper classes lany k bd acting start kro warna flop ho jwo gy 😛 😀 and yeah great effort by othrz actorz great drama 😀

    • mahanaeem

      Realy niceeeeeeee¨:-))

  • Amy

    Never thought that Bilal Khan could act and look cute as well <3 Come on guys!His acting wasn't that bad!if he comes in a proper drama series, his acting will definitely improve in sha Allah.Just give him a chance; like you did with Fawad Khan.look how far Fawad Khan has gotten now :) Wish you all the best Bilal Khan!Hope that you become a very famous and successful artist in the future in sha Allah! :)

  • sonu

    yar kia bakwaas hai drama hai .. hete these sort of girls ……….
    this drama is too far from reality and as far as atif is concern he married a common girl but not his fan . he know her personally . Aur bohat si guppe hai iss drame mai .

  • huda

    tamana ki tamana pari hoe thi k nai

  • attitudequeen

    yawr m ixka end ni daikha lit chali gae :(

  • girl

    luvly sarial and tamana z soo cute:)

  • rabi

    hahahahahaha awsm

  • Nayab Awan

    It’s very filmi but Nice innocent ! :)

  • Moon Khan

    Itne bakwas filmi story.Ufffffffffffffff

  • ali


  • ali

    jazi i think u r good actor and i hope u wil shine like a star inshahallah. best of luk

  • Maryam Asif

    bilal khan is a good singer but a very bad actor…bakwas and boring telefilm

  • amna

    Fitty mooo is telefilm kay banany walyy ka….hamara time waste kya……

  • uzma

    bilal u r best singer of the world

  • Jahangir Khan

    Wah….amazing..quite different yara

  • Salman Raza

    niCe aWsOoM biGGeRR faN oF biLaL kHaN niCe wOrK :* <3

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