Telefilm: Abhi toh mein jawaan hoon by GEO entertainment 20th april 2013

Telefilm: Abhi toh mein jawaan hun by GEO entertainment 20th april 2013

Playwire FULL

  • Sammy

    Wow, Mikaal iz looking so handsome <3<3<3 ThankGod he has done some different role…Great telefilm

    • MARIA


  • rania

    very nice……love it
    mikal done grt work

  • Aamir Butt

    Meekal is the life line of the telefilm i loved his acting and OFcourse Bushra Ansari steals the show rest were good too…..Grt Telefilm great effort from Tarang and Geo Hatts of to u guys

  • Sim Khan

    chamat wala scene buhat funny tha lol

    • Dead

      ap kay bhai ka name mobile khan hai…..?

  • anonymous

    loved mikaaaalll <3



    • OedipusTyrannus

      Playwire wala tou aik hi part hai full movie

      • arsal

        wo chal nai raha

    • stella

      then u should hve watched it on the tv damned nuisance>>>>

    • sana malik

      sare parts combine kr dene se downloading speed pe effect ho ga. aur shakayat ya masala tameez se bta dene se ap ki izzat ma kami nae ho g izafa he ho ga.

      • arsal


  • Bisma

    amzing film n i like the character of Meekal…..
    i think is a gud effort frm taarang & also Geo.

  • sehrish

    Thumbs up for whole team…. 😀
    Meekal…. man u rock this one ,,, bushra ,atiqa nd saba pervez.. They r always gud :)
    Great Effort

  • alikhan

    owesum movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stella


    • Guest

      so cheap u are

    • bansuri

      you are so cheap

  • Waqas Mahmood

    nice documentary i love that

  • Hammad Hameed

    nice telefilm
    concept se aisa lg rha tha jaise bollywood movie dekh rha hun
    nice work…

    • K

      satya nas kar dia bollywood keh kay! had hai yarrrrr

  • hina

    awesome telefilm. meekal was grrrrrrrrrrrrrr8

  • hina

    meekal,s acting was superb

  • bansuri


  • bansuri

    good good…..paas ho gai movie

  • Guest

    meekal cha gay ooooooo tusi thaaa kr k very good all team bushara ,saba and ateeqa well down thanks trang such a great telefilm

  • Rania Raval

    mekal and ayesha paring vry nice ,busra,saba ,ateeqa very gud keep it up and thanks trang grt job love u all

  • Noor

    AWESOME!!! i loved it!! kept laughing throughout the film! and Meekal has done an amazing job! looking forward for the other films of Tarang.. very very impressive!!

  • ABC

    hi, can anyone tell did they also played song in between tele-film or just at the end i watched in parts so i don’t know if i missed it????????????

    • javeria

      yup i miss it

    • syra

      yes they played the song…….that part is missing and also another part is missing.

  • farii

    lol mje tw song acha laga ..hahahahaa…

  • javeria

    mekal done great job……….nyce film

  • Nikki.

    Mikaal was brilliant with his comic timing. Haven’t seen him do much comedy apart from the uFone ads, but he was definitely the star of the show here! His expressions were adorable, and everyone else was a brilliant addition. I did feel that the story felt a little too dragged at some points, and way too fast at others. But a massive shoutout to Vasay Chaudhary for some BRILLIANT dialogues! Especially all the digs at Pakistani actos! (Humayun, Moammar Rana) I thought they were excellent.

    Here’s to a job well done! Good start, let’s hope Armaan’s next. :)

  • Shaheer Saqib

    Just Superb..!

  • Gul J Raza

    meekal did awesome job i m so impressed with his acting flawless work meekal keep it up! u have proved u r a classy actor

    • aiza rafi


  • syra

    parts are missing……..Even the song part is not there…..please upload!!!

  • syra

    parts are missing…….Even the song part is missing……..please upload!!!

  • faki

    where is the song ?????

  • farhan

    pl upload full drama, it has been edited a lot. not the same one as shown on tv.

  • blue

    a commendable job indeed….the train just needed a push,now INSHALLAH we’ll get out of that bolly holly polly dolly folly collygollyjollywollyzolly(as much as OLLY words i cud add=p)woods…quality work is always appreciated
    meekal did a good job and the halki phulki comedy made this telefilm worth watching,liking and appreciating…keep it up guys

  • Hani shah

    Great job!!! But meekal was awesome I loved his acting..

  • Maya

    1 of a kind telefilm! Loved it!!! Specially meekal’s double role acting,just mind blowing. Our Pakistani actors and actresses have no doubt no match!!! <3

  • mona leeza


  • RS

    add the whole movie plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • Abbas

    Great Movie…wow…10 out of 10..

  • Abbas

    The Best Tele Film i have watched..great acting by Mikaal..stunning performances by other actors/actresses…bravo 10 out of 10

  • Aamir Sohail

    its a very best film i ever watched. thanks to Geo and Tarang for making such a great Movie….. awesome


    its was awesome telefilm I ever watch love it : )

  • Maryam Asif


  • Muhammad Usman Khan

    nice flim

  • aiza rafi

    gr888888888888888 actinggggggggggggggg

  • bilal


  • Azka

    wow !

  • Malak Bilal

    uuuffff etne parts mai dainay ke kia zarorat the….
    by the way enjoyed very much, Meekal great acting

  • raja moin

    Nice movie

  • usman

    very nice teleflem and the good profamace

  • Adeel

    gud :)