Telefilm: Maatam on Humtv – 8th April 2013

Watch Latest Telefilm: Maatam on Humtv – 8th April 2013

  • ahmed

    mje samj nai ai is dramay ki nikah to aik pakiza rishta hai to phir is drama me kisi ne shadi kyun nai ki?

    • awaissssss

      shadi is laie nh ki q k jb in k parints zinda thy to property k laie apni bahno k rishty nh diye q k, jb un k rishty hon gy to sth propery b jahy ge or is laie in 3no k rishty b nh howe parints k wafat k bad koi rishta he nh aya or yea bhori ho gae.but bot he ajeeb darama tha agr rishta nh howa to khair apny ap per qabo rakhna chaheye baqaya jo allah ko manzoor ho

  • midhat

    MOHAMMAD SAW ne nikkah ko apni sunnat qarar diya hai lekin jab hum ALLAH or US K RASOOL k ehkamat ki khilaf warzi karte hain tu phir shaytan humain gumrahi k garhe me gira deta hai.

  • shagufta

    im so confused… are they nuns? but in Islam there is no such concept of nuns.. and why r they in Black? if their father didnt want them to marry so what now they are alone they shud atleast get the younger sister married off..

    • MeMyself

      she was their sole source of income

  • Faiza A Sheikh

    this drama could have been way better , but I'm sorry the concept behind was not portrait the way it should be infact this is frustating , the link is horrible & the ececution is just awful , this should have been not allowed to put on air

  • Nuzhat

    this drama's concept depicts the harms of "Burqa" in a hidden massage, which is a totally incorrect. Burqa does not keep anyone away from getting a better person as a husband. So I suggest to keep yourself away from misguiding people on the right path.

    • MeMyself

      I don't think so.They were wearing black clothes because of a mannat and their father refused to marry them in to a "lower class."

    • replying

      its not showing burqa in a bad light – it shows the lives of those women, whose `men of the house, be it their father or brother did not wed them for fear of losing their properties. it happens – my grandfather did not wed his sisters, and they turned out to be freaks like the ones depicted here…plus, its NOT a burqa they are wearing…its a `manat` – that some women of their house vowed that they will be dressed in black, until they get to wear a bridal dress…if you look carefully, its black shararas that they are wearing, not burqas.

  • Mrs.Shah

    mje ye drama samaj hi nai aya….k kya msg tha iska….kya purpose tha is m???

    • awaissssss

      is daramy ka msg yea tha aksar khandano mai yea hota hy k log apni behno ki shadiyan nh karty wo is laie k properties mai un ko un ka haq daina partha hy is daramay ka msg yea hy k properties k laie apni behno betiyon k zindge tabbah nahe karo or agr jin ki shadi nh hoti to un ko apny ap per qabo rakhna chaheye apne nafs ko qabo mai rakhin tnx

  • Chandni

    This darama is concept of royal famlies that didnt merry their sisters and daughter only because division of properties.

  • emman

    the concept is to get your daughters married at right time without expecting a landlord husband

  • Sami

    Bad…….very bad drama

  • MeMyself

    This was a very wise drama (although the older sister was overacting q bit much). It is very natural to desire the companship on the opposite sex. This is why Allah has commanded every man and woman to marry as soon as they are able to do so. And Allah is most Wise. Not marrying creates fitnah and unbalance in society.

  • Zille Huma

    good imaan!!!
    merrg is a best solution to fulfill our physical needs as these are natural and created by Allah
    we shuld to get merrd in a right age before these needs take us on a wrong way
    as we know very well that these feelings and desires are more in women as compare to men so thats y writer has showed women in this drama instead of men

  • Sajid

    what a knock about performace by Khajista Akhtar (what's her name?)

  • jawaria

    amazing perfrormance, nice scripting, d real description about the females ,who suffer by having late marriages or remain unmarried thruout their lives,,, awesum

  • ami

    now thisssssssss is called some MINNDDDD BLOWINGGG stuff. i mean look at the topic yaaaar.. hamaray muaashray ka aik aaam topic but yet kithnaaaaa unique picturize kia.. HATS OFF

  • Raza Subha

    dont have words to say! i m speechless for such piece of art!

  • farheen

    waow marvellous! This is such a true nicely the director has shown the sexual feelings and the defiance of nature by their parents.Allah kbhi kisi beti ko aise din na dikhaye ameen

  • jz fairy

    realy nice kafi time baad kuch hatt k dykhne ko mila. hats off!

  • mariam masood

    story of Christian nun

    • roha

      m agree with u its not our story its not a story of a muslim lady

  • ally

    does anyone know the which song is playing in the background when khajista and that man are on the bed?

  • sana

    hmmmmmmm duniya Husan parast ban ge hai . tabhe

  • Nayab Awan

    I never imagine life could be like this, made me sad !

  • roha

    i cant understand the lesson which wanted to be convey this drama not represent a muslim’s life we muslim ladies have right to having a man in the form of husband as NABI S.A.W says “Nikah is my sunnah and who don’t follow it,he is not from us” which type of islam is represented here?????m shocked bcz its not a muslim’s life it is a story of a nun or a hundu lady but not a muslim woman islam is a natural religious dont show the wrong picture of islam m really disappointed by this telefilm or drama

  • roha

    islam is not “suffiism” its a religious of beautiful relations like husband wife, parents, children etc in islam if a man touch a girl its not meaning that the girl become “napak” islam is a great religion m proud to be a muslim lady and i have maximum rights than the lady of anyother religion

  • sarah

    its not a story of a muslim lady!