Telefilm: Ohoo Ahaa on Hum Tv – 5th March 2013

Watch Latest Online Telefilm: Ohoo Ahaa on Hum Tv – 5th March 2013

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Tune Parts

  • sarah khan

    nice drama……

  • june

    after a longggggggggg time….got a suprb drama

  • sadaf

    there was a story in our urdu book long time ago named ghar se ghar tak

    • noor

      yup,, it is similar to tht ..

    • fareena

      long time ago!!!!!! it means u r too old???

  • manu

    soo freaking halarious, just made ma day, i was stressed about studying but now i feel much better, thanks for sharing

  • ainy

    hahahaa it was funny

  • hina

    old drama..but nice

  • nadia

    ghar say ghar tak

  • MT

    lovely drama ..

  • Aryaan

    Nice play..

    • zunair

      very nice aryaan

  • aleeza

    i have read that story (ghar say ghar tak) in my elder brother’s book

  • Ayesha

    People if u keep on saying a really good drama ur an idiot any way its a TELEFILM parna nahi ataa BTW this was pretty nyc and funy

  • Princess Chaudhry

    superb dramma

  • arqam

    bushra ansaari is very funny in every drama she play best role in this drama i enjoy it

  • ami

    it was sooooooooooooo much ausome yaaar.. kaaafi arsay baad kuch HILARIOUS deknay ko milaa… n yeaah yay tho matric ya 1st year ki urdu ki kahani bhi hay GHAR SAY GHAR TAK. main theme wohee bus situation change ke hay

  • Kitkat


  • fareena

    ohoooooooooo ahaaaaaaaa

  • Haya

    very funny…. aik tu yeh aurtain b na 😀 😀 😀

  • mar101

    This is not fun! This is tragic story of Pakistan’s social life where people are happy to spend artificial life like this!This happens in reality when we tell to our friends and family how much we paid for a shoe pair or 2 piece suit.

    What a rubbish life this is!

  • saba

    good drama

  • manu

    seriosly, i was stressed again and i watched it twice now:),,,just love it
    and thank u admin for keeping my previous comment cox whenever i write smthing it gets delete on this website and that’s why i stopped commenting for last few months

  • Najaf

    Really nice and funny …. Muhammad Ahmed is very good writer and also actor too .

  • mariam masood

    good enugh :)

  • baisharam ..badtameez ..

    fresh nup hojaae …
    ooohoo ohooo ahahahaha ohohohoohoho ahahahaha

  • MoNa

    hahahahhaha nice one

    • phudi-killer

      phudi ki shave ki?

  • Guest


  • Lafander

    hahahhahhh goood………..

  • Lafander

    hahahhahhh good………..

  • Xenxetive Gal

    amzinG n full funy yarrrrrrrrrr hahahh love it

  • hhbhggh


  • Annie Chodhry

    superb Telifilm………..

  • Life Beautiful

    very funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Farrukh Akram


  • galaxy

    awesome! jes drama mein ya telefilm mein bushra ansari a jai wo serial bht bht acha ho jata hai :)
    hahahahahahahahhahhahahaha veeeerrrrrry fuuuunnnnny

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