Thakan Episode 17 on Ary – 30 august 2012

Thakan Episode 17 on Ary – 30 august 2012


  • Zara

    Why did mehek HAVE to marry khursheed? If no one was willing to marry her becuase of badnamai, COULDNT SHE STAY SINGLE?. ISNT IT BETTER TO STAY SINGLE THAN MARRYING A PERSON LIKE KHURSHID? why is marriage an ultimate goal of life in paksitani dramas? Why cant girl survive without marriage?

    • sam

      i agree with you……

      • rabbia

        mind blowing

    • Sehar

      This is because Mehak was the kind of girl who neither wants to study nor work hard. In such a case scenario this was perhaps her only option. Also for poetic justice's sake they had to show Mehak suffer. Mehak's character is based around extreme selfishness and laziness.She should have apologized to Sadaf but has to date not even realized how terribly she has treated her own sister. Also there are people in this world who with their goodness make the best out of the worst and others who turn the best into the worst!

    • Nab

      If Mehak is selfish n lazy den its not its fault totally.. her mother taught her to treat like this always to her sister. She is wounded by heart and has seen many hardships(in the sense of suffocation of many desires in d teen age), bitter truth of life, BF made her fool, couldn't enjoy life, mother also say bad things abt Sadaf to her etc.. this made Mehak to treat badly with her elder sister n afterwards with all. She is miserable, doesn't deserve such horrible result. Mostly make mistakes in this age but wl become better by the time and by learning from guardian. So she izn't only responsible. Environment, on-goin scenes n mistakes, freedom, unjust behaviour of mother to her children n etc things couldn't make Mahek's character n mind narrow.

      • Nab

        Environment, on-goin scenes n mistakes, freedom, unjust behaviour of mother to her children n etc things couldn’t make Mahek’s character n mind BROAD*


  • CoolGuy

    Mehak married because people dont wana c dis, 2ndly its not reality just drama and reality is different, so just chill and enjoy… :)

  • Aneela

    nice episode roheena nay boht hi giri hoi harqat ki kaminiiiii aur kashan ka sadaf ko suport karna boht acha laga eh drama boht acha ja raha hay very nice :)

    • http://google harisjan

      very nice drama

  • http://google harisjan

    i agree your comments

  • http://google harisjan

    i agree yours comments

  • HawaJi

    Sadaf: Thank you!

    Him: Kiss Baat ka?

    Sadaf: not for over

    such a awesome show..

  • http://yahoo moona

    drama drama hota he kabi reality dikhaty hen to kabi drama me thora haqeqat s hat k ab to real life m bht drame hote hen ye to phir behtar he

  • mano

    excellent reailty base drama

    • huma

      han tm ny bilkul thek kaha mano…………………

  • neha

    nice .. and awesome drama…

  • warda

    i like saba qamar as sadaf realy reality base drama is n actng too kashan overreact ker jata h kbhe rohina n bht cheap harkat ki h n bht acha laga k kashan n side li sadaf ki good keep it up sadaf

  • humaira

    mehak ke sath buhat bura hua. kuch bhi ho woh khursheed jaisa husband nahei deserve karti thei mehak teenage thei aur life ko nahei samjh sakti thei is liye us ne mistake ki. buhat ghalat kiya sadaf ki maa ne mehak ke sath.

    • Anum

      Teenage mein bhi itna selfish aur ahsaan faramoosh nahi hona chahiye aur jo hota hai hamesha hi rehta hai

      • humaira

        mehak ke character ehsan faramosh apni maa ki ghalat tarbiat ki waja say tha, agar sadaf ki maa ki acchi tarbiat hoti mehak aik different personality hoti. insaan zindagi ke halaat se buhat kuch seekhta hai aur badal jata hai jab zindagi ki asal talkhi nazar ati hai.

        • sanachaudary77@yahoo


        • sami

          bilkul ghalat. her insan ki apni personality hoti hai. parents sab bachon ki tarbiyat ek si karte hain phir b koi acha ehsas wala hota hai and koi us ke opposite. sadaf ki tarbiyat ke liye koi governess nahi thi jo wo achi ban gai and mehek buri.

  • hamid

    i like this drama especially saba qamar and toqeer nasir in this serial and i hate mehak coz she is very selfish

    • Sehar


  • Tanya

    One of the most interesting dramas currently on air.

    • Sehar

      True, I just hope they do not give it a "rushed ending" like Bilqees Kaur and other really good dramas in the past.Such dramas and their viewers deserve a detailed , thorough and satisfying ending!

  • Umariya

    Interesting drama

  • Rqansari

    Superb dialogue… "Aur Jab betay Ma'on ki god say alag ho k Bivi kay anchal main basera daal lain to Ma'on ko dar hi lagta hai}

    Well done :)

  • naveed

    red saree kafi dare baat utree

  • hunny

    hahah…kashaan is another challenge for sadaf:P

  • yasmeen

    very good drama.but sadaf ki sis k sath boht bura howa hai

    • http://facebook UNiqUE JuNaid

      jesa kro gy wesa bharo gy

    • Ms. Farooq

      hmmm….per bal tu abh bhi nahi gaaay….@ sadaf ki sis

  • ume sulaiman

    kashaan kai face par muskurahat ati hai sath marey bhi a jati hai zabardast actor hai

  • vannie

    I wish the director and producer of this drama reads my message …….

    It's a lovely drama and has a nice concept but please don't drag it further, we will all lose interest if it gets meaningless !!!!

    * kashan changing, trusting woman, he likes saba now….

    * kashan's kids love saba now, so as sophie….

    * mehek is punished enough for her mistakes & jealousy towards saba….we have seen what deeba went through with khurshed….so are we going to see the same situations in mehek's life… dragging please………..

    * Saba's mother left alone, no one she can use or rely on…..

    * kashan's brother, his wife shaheena been the same in every episode, needs a different direction, either leave the house or change, please don't drag this issue further….it's irritating….

    * Saba's mother in law, she was nice before but now shown changing, her changing attitude doesn't fit her character from earlier episodes… it the time to show her getting evil like soapie drama's typical mother in law……no further dragging please !!!!!!!!!!!

  • sami

    there was nothing much in yesterday's episode except excellent acting by everyone and a very gud direction. this is what u call a different drama. new actors shud learn acting from Tauqeer Nasir.

  • http://facebook UNiqUE JuNaid

    with in 1 or 2 episode kashan also behave with her wife very well

  • Aryaan

    Thanks Admin..

  • subah

    rally gud drama very gud acting i know mehak did wrong but thats enough for mehak

  • sana


  • Riz G

    Yeh kashaan kab theek ho ga???kab Sadaf k niche lage a???? hehe & good acting by Mehak

  • ruqaiya

    saba parvez acting is da best…excellent work in a typical lower class woman

  • zarqa

    Shukar sadaf ne sari tu change ki warna me tu samjhi k last tak osi me rahye gi,hahahha

  • Sabeen

    Saba Qamar is very beautiful…Mashallah!

  • baacha

    ab is drama ko end kar dain kuch khas nai raha,koi sadaf k ye saree change kara dai

  • hafsa sis

    mehak ka saath baht acha howa

    • hafsa sis

      bhat acha drama chal raha i wish that other episode come more better from these episodes

    • Jehan

      HahAHahAHahA ha yar boht acha howa 😛

  • aashir

    i love my pakistan and i request all indian tv adicted ladies to plz watch our paki tv dramas tatally realistic and heart rendering dramas this drama is realy very nyc i love it although i didnt watch all episodes ……

  • Haniya

    What did Roheena do?

    Actually,we have only internet explorer and youtube or any video is not available there so I cant watch dramas these days.

    Can somebody please tell me what happened in this episode?

    • fb

      sorry haniya meri english nahi achi esi liye urdu me answer kar rahi hoon…hoa yeh k kashan hospital se wapis aagaya tou sadaf ki mother us se milnay gaey tou rohina usay blame kar rahi hay k uska cell phone jo k 60 thousand ka hay woh chori kiya hay…aap firefox download karain dramsonline mujhe bhi chrome per taang karta hay

      baki ki story khas nahi sadaf ki choti sis aur bhi batameez ho gaey hay aur uska behnoey plus husband bhi ziyada batameez hogaya hay aur zid kar raha hay k woh sadaf us se maafi mangay aur esi zid me woh ghar chor kar apnay ghar move kar raha hay

  • M.Atif M.Arif

    nice episode roheena nay boht hi giri hoi harqat ki kaminiiiii aur kashan ka sadaf ko suport karna boht acha laga eh drama boht acha ja raha hay very nice

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