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Top ‘Brain Eater’ Hosts in Pakistan

If you say I am bragging, believe me I am not but let me first introduce the meaning of the word ‘’Host’’, a host is a person who is capable to be a ‘link’ between the show and manages the show in good way. Nowadays, as media has gained so much attention of people, this has made hosts go crazy and every third man is a host now (in fact BRAIN EATER host now).
Here, I will be telling some of the names of people who are excellent in their work but as a host, NO VACANCY.
Before I further proceed, no offence to any one of them, it’s just what my mind forced me to write but you people are best at your work, anyhow It is my humble request, ’QUIT HOSTING’.


Chef Rahat:


Chef Rahat is no doubt one of the best Pakistani Chef who thinks that she can cook and talk at the same time but this ‘done Dana done’ lady don’t know what to say and where to say. From too-ma-too to chintoo, bubloo, she creats so much noise and too much interruption during her cooking. I barely think that she can host any serious or may be funny program!!!!


Sahir Lodhi:


Sahir lodhi or Mr Srk. The funny part is that despite thinking that sahir copy Shahrukh Khan, He thinks that Shahrukh copy’s him (EeeWwww). There is a dichotomy in what we see Sahir all year around dancing and singing and being sarcastic to his fellows and guests then suddenly we find him conducting holy ramzan programs. What is this?


In fact I was amazed heard somewhere Sahir saying,’ I don’t copy Srk, I say what my heart says, these are people, my fans who resembles me with him’’ OMG How proud !. Mr Sahir lodhi, I remember your mother’s day show where every viewer was sheddig their tears and that was the only show that made me think that you could be a good host if and only if you stop doing Cheap acts like asking to scream loud and giving mobile, what a pity.


Begum Nawazish Ali:


I was astonish to see a woman, no, a man, no actually a man who pretends to be a woman ( Ooo Laa Laa), I still cant understand if he does not knows or not which gender he belongs to. I think he is basically a reflection of deteriorating moral standards prevalent in our society. He often uses obnoxious statements and gestures which is not able to see in a family atmosphere.
So what is the reason behind all this? A just fame or something? Have your say?????


Written By:  Maryam Sohail.

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