Umera Ahmed’s New Drama Mirat ul Uroos Promos

Watch Umera Ahmed’s Mirat ul uroos Promo

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  • loe

    nice ,writer is perfect.

    • faraz

      writer of this novel is dupty nazeer ahmad

      • Shifa!

        this is Umera Ahmadz writng…type ov new version of Duppty saabs miraa-tul-uroos…but this one iz not him…:) ..

  • MAry

    seems nice + different

  • John

    Amina Sheikh is in it 😀 !!!!!!!

    • nayyab

      ohoooo!!! ab promo b dekne ka dil ni kr ra shukr hai bta dia…gracias gracias

  • bazinga

    Oh…..Omera Ahmad back to back…ma'am ap ne tu drama addicted he bna dia hy….choray na choara jaiy….

  • UmArqam

    looking great! looking forward for it!

  • apple

    you are my favourite writer i love u so mush

  • zamzam

    wowwww seems nice
    it is soo funny to me coz my mom used to read me this story some years back and my point of view was same as shown in second promo . i think m gonna love this drama
    looking forward to it

    • Nyla

      It was a gift from my Grandma to train me as a good girl because she was so disappointed watching me, playing boy's games with my brothers and their friends. I really enjoyed the story.

  • meerab

    i think so its nt of umera ahmds bt smeone else

    • Xadee

      Basically…isi title sy deputy nazir ahmed ka classic nOvel hai..jis pe aik ptv ka play b ban chuka k main characters 2 sisters thi…arbari r asghari…bOth Opposite in nature akbari uneducated r asghari educated…
      Thiz new play iz related tO that Original master piece.
      WOt a cOmbinatiOn umera ahmed and anjum shehzad…LOoking fOrward tO it…

      • Nyla

        Miratul -Uroos was a real classic. It was given to my Naani as a wedding gift. She told me it was considered as a treatise for girls, to adjust with their in-laws. Asghari's father sent her a letter for the same reason. I read all the books in my Nani's collection at a very young age, Eik se barkar Eik. very interesting. I hope the dramatisation is as good.

      • Sotti_Awam

        nope akbari n asghari was a story in ur school book

    • FatimaAwan

      Meerab it is an extended version of Deputy Nazir Ahmed's Miratul Uroos and has been written by Umera Ahmed.

  • waqas

    where is leading cast? main hero n heroine?

  • FatimaAwan

    Miratul Uroos – Aaj Ki Kahani by Umera Ahmed Extended version of Deputy Nazir Ahmed's Miratul Uroos
    Miratul Uroos-Aaj Ki Kahani Extended version of Deputy Nazir Ahmed's Miratul Uroos
    Starring: Aamina Sheikh,Meekal Zulfiqar, Mehwish Hayat, Ahsan Khan, Umar Naru,Momal Sheikh,Uzma Gillani,Samina Ahmed ,Ayesha Khan (Senior) & others
    Written By : Umera Ahmed Directed by : Anjum Shehzad
    7th Sky Entertainment production

    here is a link to the FB page!/Mirat.ul.uroos

    • baacha

      lag to raha hai k hit ho ga

    • Sotti_Awam

      nice cast it should b a hit "umera ahmed " ka jo hai :)

  • Emaan

    heroins to achi le letay:/

    • Sotti_Awam

      apko na cast karlete for heroin ?? 😛

  • Sotti_Awam

    it seems lika a comedy drama but i dun expect k umera ahmed ne funny drama likha hoga . is drame mein mein tan o mazah hoga but after sheher e zaat there is something new to watch.m waiting for it.

  • Anila

    Looking fwd a great drama. its gonna b like Dur-e-Shahwar, susral ki kahaniyan n adao aadat. This shud be on air on Hum TV as very few ppl watch dramas of Geo:s

  • Faizan

    This play is from book "MIRAT-ULUROOS". but actually writer was only one who wrote first novel in this Universe and he was "Deepti Nazir Ahmed", this story has name of "Asghari-Akbari", but Umera jee has re-write the story so, guyz don't wory oroginal copy rights always belongs to Deepti jee.

    • ihtisham

      umera ahmed has not re-written the same novel, she wrote the sequel of that.

  • Faizan

    and more thing, Umera ahmed drama's is worlds best drama's and moreover when there is a 7th Sky production with Umere jee than no one can stop it to rate full.

  • farrah

    wow! really looking forward to watching this drama after having to read this novel 10 times during school … lol … thank you school syllabus! 😛

  • pissu

    ghunni maisni asghari LOL LOL LOL

  • little urii

    wi8ng for this drma…

  • marium

    It will be an amazing drama serial :)

  • doctor

    when is it starting?

  • somia

    OMG OMG! im anxiously w8ing 4 ths drama! good work geo!…. can any body tell me the tyming of ths drama? :)

  • Lubnarashid


    • nazo

      her name is Aisha khan :)

  • noor

    thursday 8.30 pm on geo

  • arqum

    hope it will be interesting

  • Nyla

    I'm not sure if the Director is the same who ruined Talafi ( flashback) in all episodes. Please save Mirat ul Uroos and its wonderful cast from going backwards. The viewers want to move on….One experiece is more than enough. Thank you.

  • qasim

    its good play but not more than zindagi gulzar ha

  • nida

    Ye kya he..?

  • Vannie

    remake of Akbari and Asghari……….
    I bet Amna Sheikh is Akbari….who knows nothing about being a good house wife….
    Her sister, the young one who married Ehsan khan is Asghari….hmmmmm
    Director, producer sahab kuch zeyada porana nahin howa… kon aise bato pe amal karta hain….bohaat porana soch hain….chalo entertainment hain dekh lete hain………..