Upcoming drama attractions

Although countless dramas are being made these days, there are some special projects, which the audiences eagerly wait for. These dramas feature either their favourite stars or are helmed by their favourite writers or directors. Here, we are given you a brief about upcoming big drama attractions.


Zindagi Gulzar Hai

There are multiple plusses working in favour of this project. It highlights the class differences in our society and is penned by Umera Ahmed, today’s most sought after and top notch writer. It’s based on her short story of same name and features the heat throb Fawad Afzal Khan who is paired opposite the rising talent Sanam Saeed. Sanam Saeed has already proven her mettle even in a small role in Daam and later on in Mera Naseeb and Mata-e-Jaan hai tu so no order fire works are expected from this couple this time. It will be a redeeming factor for Fawad whose current project Ashk hasn’t found favour with the audiences. Last but not the least it marks the comeback of the supremely talented President of Hum Network i.e. Sultana Siddiqui. With so many creative, famous and intelligent people coming together, you can well imagine the kind of expectations associated with this project. It is expected to start once Shehr-e-Zaat ends on Hum TV.


Aik Nayee Cinderella

Aik Nayee Cinderella is a desi adaptation of popular children’s story Cinderella wherein Cinderella escapes the troubles created for her by her step mother and step sisters and marry the charming prince. The story’s currently being published in Shua Digest in episodic form and four episodes have been published so far thus no one knows the entire story as such. The serial’s pictures and promos have already hit the audiences who find the lead new pair of Osman Khalid Butt and Maya Ali (who played Sanam Baloch’s younger sister in Durre Shehwar) as refreshing. It’s shot in scenic locations of Murree and other Northern Areas which again give a fresh feel to it as audience are bored with seeing locations in and around Karachi in almost every other play. It has been produced by A&B Productions and is a test case for director Haissam Hussain whose last two projects Akbari Asghari and Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan failed to create the desired impact. The serial will be on air on Geo soon.


Tanhayiyan Sequel

Tanhayiyan is a serial we have grown up with, its characters, its romantic and comic moments, the emotional bonding between characters, simply everything associated with the drama remains etched in our minds even after more than two decades of its airing. Keeping in view the popularity of the serial, Marina Khan who played Sania in the serial is directing its sequel which most probably will feature the journey of the kids of the two sisters. It is penned by Haseena Moin and Mohammad Ahmed but surprisingly does not feature Shahnaz Sheikh. Its cast includes Marina Khan, Behroz Sabzwari, Badar Khalil, Alishba Yousuf, Syra Yousuf, Shehroz Sabzwari, Shehryar Zaidi, Asif Raza Mir and others. Its shooting is almost complete and it’s expected to start on Ptv soon.


Saray Mausam Apnay Hain

Haseena Moin is a name synonymous with so many quality plays on our TV screens. Who can forget Tanhayiyan, Ankhai, Dhoop Kinaray and Aahat etc. This play produced by Mediacity Productions features two new girls, Hassan Soomro, Farooq Zameer, Sakina Samoon, Hammad Farooqui, Sohail Sameer etc. Its shot in Northern Areas and has beautiful frames with snow covered lanes and houses. The promos are on air on Geo and reflect the signature Haseena Moin style story i.e. a bubbly brave confident girl, bad in household work, going to office and making blunders over there. Directed by Ali Rizvi, this Geo play is expected to find favours among the audiences.


Teree Rah Mein Rul Gayee

It is an adaptation of a novel by Maimoona Khursheed Ali of the same name and has been scripted by Maimoona herself. It features Sami Khan and Samiya Mumtaz in two central characters. Many changes have been made in the basic story dealing with a widow made to live in her dead husband’s name for all her life and her younger devar falling for her which invokes wrath of his father and others around him. The play has been produced by A&B Productions and will be shown on Urdu1 soon.


Ik Tamanna Lahasil Si

This Hum TV play has been written by Wasi Shah and directed by Syed Atif Hussain who has given many good and memorable plays to audiences. Its main attraction is the lead pair of Mawra Hocaine who’s the hot favourite of many and Fahad Mustafa who’s known for his screen charisma and brilliant acting. The play revolves around a girl’s struggle to make her place in her in-laws place where her mother-in-law and sister-in-law scheme and rule and make Mawra’s life difficult.


Mera Pehla Pyar

The play’s written by a very young and new Syed Zain Raza. It’s a romantic comedy and will be a respite from the depressing plays currently ruling our TV screens. It has been produced by A&B Productions and star cast includes Faysal Qureshi, Aijaz Aslam, Laila Zuberi and others. Faysal Qureshi and Aijazz Aslam are already known for their good comic timing and on-screen comic timing and coupled with a fresh feel script, the drama is expected to be a hit. It will be on air on ARY.


Bin Roye Ansoo

It will be Farhat Ishtiaq’s third play for Hum TV and is expected to be helmed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat. Its cast is not known as yet while the story is based on two sisters, one who has to step in the shoes of the other sister after her death.


Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai

Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai is a Barkat Siddiqui production and boasts some of the best talent in the industry i.e. Ayesha Khan, Meekal Zulfiqar and Ahsan Khan.


Besides these dramas mentioned above, popular writer Aneeza Syed has also written a serial for Hum TV whose scripting is complete and shooting will start soon. Sarmad Sultan Khoosat is also working on a number of projects. Let’s hope these projects do well, entertain viewers and bring happiness for all the concerned.


Haseeb Ahmed

  • Rida

    i am waiting for Aik Nayee Cinderalla, Teri Rah and Tanhaniyaan sequel. Haissam Hussain directed the blockbuster DurreShahwaar, which by many is stated better than Humasafar.

    • Sadia

      I agree with u Rida.

    • Fatima Awan


  • Bia

    Eagerly waiting for Zindagi gulzar hai, Tere Rah Mein Rul Gaye & Bin Roye Ansoo.

    • asif

      good play

  • Hammu

    Very well done man ! Thanks a lot for informing about new dramas.Every drama is on it's deserving spot.Cannot wait to see ZGH.It's my most anticipated one.Not because of Fawad,but because of Sanam.I would really like to know how she does with Fawad.I think they make an excellent pair !

    • haseeb

      thanks Hammu thought should let everyone know about upcoming projects.Glad u liked my effort

    • AAMNA

      im totaly agree wid u sanam saeed is v talented

  • Rubab

    Well doen Haseeb for nice overvew of upcoming drams. really looking fwd for these. its going to be a good winter.

    • haseeb

      Thanks Rubab for liking my article

  • Zebi Azhar

    i hope bin roye ansu wud be a nyc one with good cast…as the novel was too good…:)

  • ARYA fazal

    im really excited for zindagi gulzar hai

  • FB

    wow interesting list…….thanks a lot Haseeb….

    but how can we watch Teree Rah Mein Rul Gayee?????

    can't find any drama from Urdu1 channel…..

    koi upload he nahi karta urdu1 ko ….

    • haseeb

      hopefully it would be uploaded on A&B's channel on youtube,if not,will try to find out some other way for you

      • FB

        jazkaallah Haseeb

  • Sadia

    Waiting for ZGH & ANC.

    @ Haseeb Ahmed: I want to thank you for providing us the information, but also correct you for giving us wrong information. The director, Haissam Hussain's last play was DeS, which was a big hit on Hum Tv., not AA or KPKP.

    Rest of the plays look fine too ,but we will have to watch to be sure.

    • haseeb

      Yes i forgot durre shehwar but isn't too big a mistake

      • Sadia

        Its not a 'big' mistake, but a mistake nonetheless. It would be nice if you would correct your review instead of giving out wrong information.

    • Fatima Awan

      Sadia I agree DeS was very close to my heart too, so I have very high expectations from Haissam Hussain.

    • AAMNA

      how can u frgt dastaan.

      dastaan sbse best tha,hai ,r rahega..

      haisam is v talentd director..

  • haseeb

    I am sorry i forgot to mention Durre Shehwar as Haissam Hussain's last project,it's just an ommission and not provision of 'wrong information'.Kindly look at the rest of the information gathered specifically for you people

    • Rubab

      abs right. we are grateful

  • Fatima Awan

    Excellent compilation really enjoyed going through it … Good Job.

  • sarah

    akbari asghari and kuch pyar ka pagal was a great dramas. Haseeb you giving wrong information.

    • haseeb

      these dramas being great is just an 'opinion' not 'information'.Thanks

  • saba

    really nice to read about all the upcoming dramas but i am really excited for aik naye Cinderella can't wait

  • naddiya athar

    i am waiting ek nai cendrella, bin roey ansoo, tanhainan, zindagi gulzar hae.

  • naddiya athar

    i am waiting ek nai cendrella, bin roey ansoo, tanhainan, zindagi gulzar hae. ham par anay waly dramy amooman achay hoty hain.

  • khadija Mughal

    en sab me se best zindge gulzar hai r bin roey ansoo hai.kmal ke stories hai dono

  • Farah Sadiq

    Wow, looks like a promising line up. Waiting for zindigi gulzar, Cinderella,& esp tanhaiyyan although I dont think it will create the same magic as the old one.

    Admin; please correct that last play of of haisam Hussain is not aa or Kuch pyaar but Durreshewar which was a big hit, & not fail which this reviewer has written.

    • haseeb

      kindly bother to read the below mentioned comment where i have already apologized for the ommission.you people don't realize the pains taken to put together this information for you,just pointing out one ommission for which i have already apologized

  • Farah Sadiq

    Mr Hasseb, option can be different, & we should all respect others opinion, but information given out by a respectable site like dramaonline should be correct.

    • haseeb

      bhool gaya tha mein,sorry keh diya ub aur kiya karoon aik bat bar bar kehnay se kiya faida ho raha hai ap sub ko,aik aur dafa sorry keh deta hoon

    • Farah Sadiq

      ' opinion'

  • Zain

    Great article Haseeb bhai :) looking forward to all these dramas… And thanks for including my serial in the list… I'm humbled :) thanks…

    • haseeb

      thanks Zain and your serial deserved to be here,that's why it's here.i accidentally ommitted durre shehwar as last serial of haissam hussain due to which everyone's after my throat over here overlooking all the information i have painstakingly put together

  • UA

    Thanks for the new lineup.Just wanted to add one drama on your list "Laaj"Rung Laga Ishq Da, that will be on aired every thursday on 'TV One' seems really promising starring Shabbir jaan, Shagufta aijjaz, Resham, Moamar Rana and Babar Ali directed and produced by Shahid Zahoor.

    Howcome no body uplooads Tv one shows and dramas here?

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      Youtube Banned in Pakistan.

      Still Trying to Upload on Youtube for Out of pakistan Visitors.

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        why youtube banned in pakistan…..don't know abt that………wats the story…….

  • Saira Kamal

    Desperately waiting for Aik nayee Cinderalla and Zindagi gulzar hai. Durreshewar is amongst best serials ever made. How can you pin down the director like that?? SHOCKING

  • sam

    and a new comedy serial Haseena Chalbaz on Express. Looking forward to Sadia Imam playing Hash Khan

  • Misty

    Bin Roye Ansoo was one of the best novels by Farhat and i really hope they do justice to the story. i would imagine they might cast fawad as irtiza, mahira as saman and sanam balooch as saba. i would love to see safeer played by mikal and zafar played by mohib.

    other then that really looking forward to Zindagi Gulzar Hai :)

    • AAMNA

      aap k mooh m ghee shakkar,,,blkul prfct cast 4 bin roye ansoo.


    waiting for bin roye ansoo ….ap ko jb b cast k bary mea idea ho to zaroor btaea ga

  • Ali Saad

    I'm so damn waiting to Watch "ZINDAGI GULZAR HAI" because I love "SANAN SAEED", She is gorgeous and talented actress.

  • drama lover

    i want to wach ek thi cinderella,and aik amana la hasil s relly wan to watch it

    seems really intrested

  • drama lover

    well i am also waiting 4 zindagi gulzaar hai

  • anoshia

    waiting for ik tamna lahasil si … shuker hai ye hum tv se a rha hai

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    I am waiting for zindagi gulzar hai aik nai cindrella and sequel of tanhaiyan

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    nice article.thnx for uploading that information nd really waiting for these dramas…………

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    upcoming dramas i hope will be more interesting than current dramas.

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    Glad to hear about Tanhayiyan Sequel :) Hoping the best.

    Thanks for the article.

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  • Kala Bhoot

    @Haseeb Ahmed, Good Job!

    Nice article about upcoming dramas. Tanhayiyan Sequel & Zindagi Gulzar Hai seems like very interesting to me.

  • Ayesha

    Eagerly Waiting For 'ZINDAGI GULZAR HAI' And Bin Roye Ansoo…

  • Meo

    Dear admin of this page, why dont u upload urdu 1 dramas? Please upload that channel dramas too because ther are good especially ishq e mamnoon plz plz its a req upload this drama too =(

  • Nuzhat

    i am eagerly waiting for AIK NAYEE CINDERALLA ! Does anyne know when is the 1st episode

  • hmmm

    Grammar errors… :(

  • hmmm

    grammatical errors

  • Tanya

    Kuch bhi karr lo Tanhaiyaan jaisa shahkaar phir kabhi nahi bann sakta. It was the magic of great Shahzad Khalil jin ki exemplary direction ko koi chhuu bhi nahi sakta.

  • aqsa

    i am ecited for zindagi gulzar ha;ik nai cinderela and ik tamana lahasil si

  • sosan naqvi

    desperately waiting for bin roaye ansoo an awsome novel, a novel which i read again and again and never gt tired or bored……..

    ik naee Cinderella is also going good in novel i dont knw wht twists and changes will occur in drama as sheher e zaat is a bit different from its novel……..

    • sosan naqvi

      ohh yes how can i frgt tanhaiyan sequal……. when it will be on air??

      • haseeb

        soon Insha Allah


    im desprt 2 see zindagi gulzar h and bin roye ansoo.

    hope k cast achi h…………sanam baloch to hone e chahiyee saba k role m warnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mra dil tooot jaegaaaa

    plzzzzzzzzzz sanam hoooo

  • FDA

    Nice info Haseeb ….don't worry about the people ,who are always looking for KHAMIAN