Veet Super Model on Hum Tv – 7th December 2012

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  • Nousheen

    plz stop this vulger programme.

    • Reader

      Plz stop watching vulger programme

  • Nazu

    ye kia cheezain hen ? koi in ko proper dresses he dy dy baba.

    • Badtameez

      Ye qom k roshan chiragh hain….lol young girls are following them blindly ….truly a rat race lol

  • Jcjc

    Aaminah sheikh and her husband are the same ppl saying TURKISH DRAMAS are very liberal.
    Yeh kya hai phir!!!!!!!

    • Reader

      I dont know know where u got that from but thats not what they meant, they were talking about pakistani peoples double standards… Ek tarah pakistani kehtay hain key humain nanga pan nahin chahiye aur dusri taraf turkish dramas number 1 par hain. They said that pakistanis need to decide do they want turkish style drama or pakistani.

      • DDs

        double standards?!

        these hyprcrite actors have double standards: dramon me hamesha nek parveen aur off screen MODELS.

        not TURKEY or INDIA but these ppl are spoiling the youth,

        • Reader

          Did u forget that in dramas, they are CHARACTERS and not THEMSELVES! Lol learn to differentiate between the two. Do they preach that in real life? Is she dressed the way she dresses in the dramas? So NO she is not a munafik, unlike u who is watching a show like this and on top of that criticizing it. Stop giving it views so it can be off air. Lol so funny, the hypocrites dont realise their hypocricy!

          • Svsg

            Yes they are wearing them. Watch all these awards shows.
            They are half naked!!!!!!


    Pakistan kab se itnay vulgarity national channels par dikhana shuroo ho gaya hai???
    This is limit !!!!!!!!!!
    I never expected that our media will go soo far. VERY cheap. IS THIS CALLED MEDIA FREEDOM????

    • Uneza_j

      its awl abt money, channels ko paisay mil re hain to show this all, what else they need?

  • aysha

    I really hate these girls…why they show there body…IS IT A MUSLIM COUNTRY?????

    • mashal

      lol pretty muslim sister, na karo na DAIKHO 😛

    • maha

      y u watching these shows ankh ka r amal ka gunah same h

    • Pisces

      u r rite agar koi chez galat hai to isay galat kahna chaheay
      spoiling our generation!

  • Badtameez

    Isn't Makli a graveyard ? Graveyard n naapes pan awesome idea …lol

    • Badtameez


  • Reader

    Really like this show.. Pakistani talent should come out. People crtiticize the dresses but cam you answer WHY TURKISH DRESSING is accepted in pakistan? They wear worse than this and they are also MUSLIMS! STOP DOUBLE STANDARDS!

    • Fatima Mirza

      Turkey is a secular country.Their struggle to integrate and call a European country is ongoing.I have been in Turkey,majority of them donot follow Islamic rules/guidelines.Read their history in relation to Mustafa Ataturk and you will understand
      As far as talent is concerned,it does not come out on revealing your half naked body.Our entertainment industry has jumped on the bandwagon with bollywood and hollywood and the actresses are used as a pawns to fulfill their aims.But at the end of the day,they are muslims and as muslims their is an accountability with their creator on the Judgement day

      • Fatima Mirza

        I apologise for missing out on the uppercase letter C. Creator

      • Reader

        Ys and their accountability should be none of our business. Leave the judgement to Allah. I think you are forgetting what secular means. Secular does not mean being an atheist. Secularism stems from separation of religion and politics. I am a history student and my main focus is Turkey. Todays surveys show that 80% of Turkish people call themselves muslims. So why the double standards? We are okay with watching half naked Turkish people on TV and making their drama number one in a "religious" country like Pakistan. What does that tell you about our people? Did you care to think that just like those Turkish actors in their plays, the models in this show also do not follow islamic rules? Its all about accepting others' beliefs. And stopping the judgement.

  • MuSiK_kInG78

    Everything was okay about this show except for Katrina kaif in the begining 😛

  • Proud Pakistani!

    Graveyards like Makli are used for modeling now… this country is seriously f*cked up… Show some respect for ''mazar'' like Makli!!!

  • com_ment

    aik bat samj nahi ati model ka kiya concept hei kiya average girl like amnah sheikh ya or boht ci models jo average looking hein or models hein, quite strange koi bhi model ban sakta hei, model ka concept hi kharab ker diya.

    • Nazu

      Koi concept nei hay , jo b body show krwa dy wohi MODEL hy. I hate dis kind of shows. Wht thy r trying to teach the nation ?

  • Nazu

    Stop this kind of vulgarity In Pakistan.

  • Administrator

    Read An Article Regarding this issue >>

  • aman

    i hate these girls why they show their body and what they want to proof.orat ka matlab perda hota hy yehan per to bepardage hy

  • saba

    bkwas show…should b banned in pakistan…

    • Hannah

      U right sis!!!!

  • shuja cheema

    ya sab veet use krtin han kya mjhay btay ga……….?

  • Ash

    Really, it should be banned in Pakistan. Their dresses are not representing they are from a Muslim country. Bad show

    • arya

      ur absolutly true i agree with u…

  • aqsa

    i am waiting for mahira khan

  • Maryam Xafar Iqbal

    kia cheethray pehanain hoy hain inho na,,,,really shameful….

  • kiran_sa

    Makli say achi jaganahi mili iss khtiya pan kay liyee… qabristan jaker bhi shram nahi hadd hai logon ki soch per n paise kamney kay tariqon per AFSOOS

  • Coco

    I dont get this Pakistan…why did you make that sexual themed turkish drama no 1 and you hate this show,I hate this show and I hate that turkish drama.
    Is whole pakistan two faced like asif zardari? is that the reason he is ruling?

  • Blah

    SPOT ON sister!

  • aleezay

    qaberistan main choraloon ka nazool……..

  • m4e

    Some people takes only the name Muslim.and do not act like a Muslim. very odd!

  • PAKI

    needdddddd to BANNED this bakwas,idiotic, nonsense show………damn on it…. all the shit piece of girls……..

  • DontJudge

    It is amazing how badly people misinterpret things followed by "sheep" copy/pasting the same damn thing without even giving it a look. Half-naked? I'm sorry, I didn't know wearing sleeveless dresses was considered half-naked now… some of them are not even wearing that, neither do I see any cleavage or something that could remotely be referred to as *half-naked*, otherwise, there is nothing so "alarming" here, unlike what this bandwagon effect suggests. Sure, for some this still might be offensive, but these people need to stop judging everything they see on the spot considering how many of them (which I can bet) they themselves enjoy such shows…..and oh yes, *these witches shall go to hell*, appropriately declared by so many people, they must've received some divine permission to do so, stop judging others & worry about YOUR grave, n00bs.

    • glass


  • wasim

    Friends can anyone Know the background song "MAIN Sotte raiya Thanday thanday welay jado"????? Please if anyone know sent me the link or singer name…

  • brand

    City of Melbourne 67% (one,020 of one,520) Thought th is was Way Cool .. yep, Thanks alot for th is amazing report.