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Wake Up To Morning Shows!

Oh yes, you read it right! The title says loud and clear WAKE UP TO MORNING SHOWS. Gone are the days when people used to wake up to breakfast or for coffee, even tea. Ever since the morning shows with all their glitz and glamour have taken over the Pakistani television channels, majority of the television viewers look forward to starting their day in the company of charming hosts who will leave no stone unturned to make their show a success.

There was once a time when Pakistani television was best known for its plays. Majority of the households had their chores done by 8 pm so they could end their day with a dose of ‘tanhayaan’ or ‘dhoop kinaray’. Our television industry has evolved greatly since then. Now we don’t only end our days with captivating plays but the mornings are bright and vibrant too thanks to these live morning shows. Morning shows are an outstanding addition and take television viewing to a whole new level. No more pre recorded talk shows that discuss nothing but political matters but a range of lively shows that interact with their viewers on so many personal levels that we actually feel like Shaista Wahidi or Nida Yasir host a show especially for us! This is nothing short of a great achievement that ought to be acknowledged and appreciated.
Apart from giving its viewers something very special to look forward to early in the morning, these shows have done our society great service by increasing awareness about numerous social issues. They have provided a very viable platform for governmental and non governmental organizations to convey their messages to a wide range of audience. There are so many amongst us whose hearts have been deeply touched by the plight of the poor people who come to these shows. There are many others who have found it easier to help those who are less fortunate through these shows.

The morning shows do not cater to the rich and famous only but do their fair share in providing relief to the victims of injustices in the society. This puts pressure on the authorities concerned to address the issues at hand and enable the public to do what they can. So, it is not all glitz and glamour but something extremely productive coming out of these shows. These shows like many other things in our society are indicative of the fact that even with all our weaknesses we have evolved a great deal as a society. We believe in debate and resolving our issues now as opposed to staying silent and looking the other way.

The expectations from these morning shows are many. And for this reason hosting a morning show is no longer just fun and games but a job that entails great responsibility too. But, hey it would be unfair to leave out one very important aspect of these shows. Some days you just wake up to see what the morning show host is wearing today (c’mon girls you have got to admit). Some of them are extremely well dressed and we can all do with copying a design or two!

The flashy sets and the competition between the top shows is what adds extra spice to these shows…who gets hold of a celebrity first? Who comes up with the most novel idea? And the ever present controversies about who is copying who. There is something for everyone, whether it is men or women, rich or poor, young or old. It is exactly this characteristic that makes these shows a delight to watch. The people behind these shows do their utmost to give their viewers what is expected from them. Kudos to all those who dedicate their mornings to us and make every morning a memorable one…thumbs up!


Author: Fatima Awan


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