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So this scene took us from scene to scene yet there was no further advancement in the story. Totally none. It was obvious that Mir Hadi had succumbed to Khaani yet what would be an ideal next step? Furthermore, there were likewise a couple of enormous escape clauses in the scene yesterday.

Right off the bat, weak endeavor at executing Khaani by Mir Shah needed conviction. For what reason would he, who in his own words originates from a family where they have been slaughtering individuals for their own explanations behind ages, contract an old unpracticed van driver who thought simply hitting somebody and influencing them to tumble down is sufficient for their demise? Besides, Mir Hadi was so worried about her and really trusts that he cherishes her yet he has not demonstrated an ounce of disappointment at slaughtering her sibling yet. Except if he feels remorseful at what he has done , you can hardly imagine how he has turned over another life and the place to do that was previously he was so currently seeking after Khaani. From his character improvement till now, he just appears an over the top spoilt minx.

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