Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai – Episode 13 in High Quality on Hum Tv – 25th July 2012

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  • aisha

    how stupid she is ?

    • Hibah Shah

      insanely stupid.I wouldn't call her innocent but a dumb woman. Now i know why Saaim isn't happy with her. He's a famous surgeon what do v expect from him to be with one dumb woman for all his life.We all should be nice to n our mother in law but we wouldn't spend our nights/days taking care of her While our husband is sleeping in his bedroom alone. relationship needs more time to develop understanding between each other. Man loves to see his house clean,Food ready but the most important thing husband wants is time.

      stupid dumb wife Halima, A woman who can betray her parent can easily break your marriage…


      I love Dr.Zunaira. Does anyone know her real name?

      • RAHEEM

        kiran khan

        • Hibah Shah

          thanks raheem :)

        • http://www.facebook.com rabeea ilyas

          vv nice serial

  • arshia

    shUmaiLa ka tO saiM k sAth bAhr ja k rUnG rOoP hi niKhAr gYa hAi !!!! hALeeMa iZ sUch a StUpiD nD brAinLeSS wiFe !!!!!

    • Hibah Shah

      Mohbat ka rang roop he kuch aur hota ha aur especially dosray k husband k saath tu aur bhi.lol

  • Faryal

    Bechari Haleema is making good use of her worn out bed sheets by making her outfits hehehehehe Her hubby doesnt spend a single penny on wives dressing ….

    Shuker hai producer has actually taken the cast to Malaysia, seems as if this low budget drama is doing well and now has budget for at least Shumailas dresssing …. 2 new outfits bravo

    waiting for the next episode :)

    • Hibah Shah


  • Saima

    Saim ek dil phenk kisam ka larka nikla….

  • Ali

    I want shumaila alone in my bed room :)

    • Mary


    • fiza

      andha aitmadd…..tobah. ik ghr se bhagi hoi larki just jaghan k chge hone se kabhi b badal nh sakti…

      haleema ko apne dost or duman ki pehchan nh jo apne parents ka khyal nh kar saki cousion to door ki bat ha

    • Mahnoor


  • Muzi

    Jadu tu hy shumaila ki personality main gis ki waja sy sam khod ko b rok nai payaia :p


      lolzzz..kia jadu h ?? awein farik si larki h ..bad kirdar..


    i guexxx thix drama.is bitter reality..

    nysh drama..:)(* but i wanna kill…this.

    cruel man,….HITLER…hate him…:/

  • momina iftikhar

    such an idiot husband who finds love in every girl xcpt her wife.n his wife is blind has given so much space to her husband dat he can go abroad wd her czn…strange!!! i really dislike this concept

  • Hibah Shah

    does any one watch man jali?

    I just read that somewhere on another website. But didnt get it.

    A story of a man named Wahab Ahmed who lives with his wife Zareena Ahmed and two daughters Tooba and Gurya. Wahab Ahmed is a corrupted man involved in illegal activities, interested in another woman named Meena but portrays himself as a very pious & religious person. His wife gives an impression that she is happy but in reality she is not. Tooba the elder daughter works in a call center while the younger one is in 12th grade. They are unaware about the real face of their father. Tooba’s cousin Ramis and Toobi seem to develop an interest in each other but Wahab Ahmed doesn’t seem to like Ramis. The story has some interesting twists and turns with Tooba getting forcibly acquainted with his drunk cousin Zavyar, Wahab marrying Meena, Ramis getting brutally beaten up by Wahab’s men. In the end tables will turn and things will be brought to justice and Wahab Ahmed and Zavyar would have to pay for their evil deeds and Tooba will get married to Ramis.

    • Faryal

      havent seen as yet … sounds interesting

      • sana

        its worth watching..specially the dialogues are very good. so is the story line… i guess the best drama onair these days is man jali…

        • mahwish

          yup its worth seeing drama…u must watch it!

      • Rumi

        Now you think we have to watch this as well…

      • http://[email protected] AZMAL ALI

        must see

    • honey baloch


    • ayesha

      ohh yess the drama is really good specially the dialogues of saba hameed !!

  • Hibah Shah



  • ali

    haleema ko un dono ko nhi bhjna tha.haleema is a stupid


    shukar hai shumaila ke kapre change the

    • anum

      shayed us ne last coments mein se kise ka coment perh liya ho lakin bht hi fazool kapre the beshak change b ker liye

      • hana

        aap log aise keh rahe hain jaise aap ko shumaila kay kapron ko

        pehan kar fashion show mein jana hai….

  • mehak

    no doubt, Saba qamar is a wonderful actress!

  • Aena

    Haleema Muhtarma ghar k phool hi sanwarti rahen bus…. Hud hai!

    • fari

      loved your comment :)

  • sana

    aik orat apna shoher ko khud moka provide karti ha kharab hona ka. dunya ko sirf aik nazar sa nahee dakna chahiya.

    • fari

      iss drama me dia hai mauka lekin waise kaise deti hai aurat? aurton ki aukaat hi kia hai hmaray muashray mein? aur haleema iss lia ghlt hai k woni cousin ko layi aur saim k sath bhejti hai her jgha ussko lekin agr woh na bhi laayi hoti ussko tou kia woh dr zunaira k peeche nhi para hua tha? woh nhi to koi aur hoti…aur haleema k sath uska behaviour hamesha se hi aisa tha ab aisa nhi hua… tou haleema kia ker skti hai iss situation mein?

      • huzaifa

        jo khud innocent ho use sari dunya innocent lagti he,ye haleema ki ghalti nai he k wo innocent he.han use start se hi saj sanwar k or saim se d grade ho k nai rehna chaie tha.

  • zon

    haleema shouldnt send her cousin with er husband …..n haleema shoudnt trust her cousin evn she shouldnt bring her in house …dats haleema mistake…shumila is very greedy n immature …..she is destroying her cousin house ….whn haleema ll know truth wt ll happen. untill it ll too late…saima do love other girls bt cnt give love to his own wife his wife deserve love care n attention …..GOD SHOW RIGHT PATH TO HUSBAND LIKE SAIMA …ITS TRUE story coz man instict to bluff n take intreast in other girls …….nowdays its hv been becoming an tragic flaw…..our society hv detrioting his ethic n moral values …..

    • heellaoo

      hehee its saim not saima..lolz

  • http://Youtube Amal

    The director should ve shown Haleema in a worse looking condition. She keeps looking beautiful inspite of all bad taste clothes. She should ve had messy hair, no eye make up etc

  • samreen imran

    I hate shumaila dresses,pata nhi stupid halima ko apne husband pe itna bharosa he ya behan pe??or i live in KUALA LAMPUR,MALAYSIA..jaga to sari dikhai hein per ye hotel or mall mene aj tak nhi dekha…

    • MQ

      Main soch rahi thee itna sasta drama with only 5 6 characters, out of country ka kharcha kaise Utha sakte hain :d

      • heellaoo

        samreen imran that place was klcc……n the other 1 was bukit bintang …me too staying in malaysia :)

        • samreen imran

          mje pata he ye KLCC or bukit bintang he.me 12 sal se yiha rehti hu.in logo ne khali palaces dikhae hein.saim or shumaila ki shooting dubai me hui he malaysia me nhi…

    • heellaoo

      ohh really in dubai…ok…..i am staying here from 7 years ..m 15 years old..lolzzz……

  • http://Youtube Sara

    This household cannot belong to a foreign qualified surgeon. There s no such Dr in Pakistan who doesn't have servants. It's all middle-class style.

  • http://www.woogii.blogspot.com usman

    i love the husband character usne apni wife ko sahe control rakh hova hai. but i don't know how he feel in love with his saliiii. sali is good but characterless. she even don't care for her sister however husband cares. girls ko boht roop hoty hain kun girls?

    • http://Youtube Manna

      What can the husband get out of keeping the wife "sahi"….. Pathetic chauvinist thinking

  • http://Youtube Alina

    This drama rocks …..

  • http://Youtube Manna

    How can a girl throw herself upon a man like this?? She is supreme leechar .

    She has no comparison with saim s wife. Check out Saba qamar in black and white shalwar kameez . Wowwww!!

  • http://Youtube Manna

    Dr saim is so unlovable. Dr zunera serves him right

  • http://Youtube Mah

    Dr saim is so unlovable, Dr Zunera serves him right!

  • zarqa javed.

    aik bat bohat galat dikhai hai k haleema jin kapron me hoti hai on me he so jati hai,or dr saim k pass sirf blue shirt or black pant he hai.

    • fari

      tou aur kin kapron mein soye halima?

      • huzaifa

        saim ne use nighty la k nai d ho gi,haleema khud b khareed leti magar haleema ko us ne makeup karne pe dant dia tha to wo nighty me samne aa gai to jaan se na maar de use


        • zarqa javed.

          zarori nahi k nighty he pahni jaye normaly ladyes koi lose t shir or pajama pahen leti hen ,or saim koi villeger tu hai nahi os ko mana kar de.

      • Sana

        Its a norm, us girls dont sleep wearing our ready made dresses. These days, a simple kameez with light karhai of Daaman (the brand) costs Rs. 2300, who would be mad enough to sleep in such clothes and wrinkle them, all girls are smart enough to wear an old pair of shalwar kameez wen going to bed

      • zarqa javed.

        kisi bhi causal kaproon me ,per on me nahi jin me wo din me pahanti hai,

    • saira

      ap ka iss sy kya matlab hyyyyyyyyyyy

      • zarqa javed.

        yehi matlab hai k jo kaprye ham din bhar pahannte hen on me he raat ko so jaen tu kesa lage ga,aesa tu ab village me bhi nahi hoa.

  • Rumi

    Oh!Please let the cat out of the bag soon….when will haleema come to know? She is a real dumbo and what a claim "wife understands what is in his husbands heart" poor halima.

    • Faryal

      She has no self respect and ego.

    • Arsalan

      Don't worry.. Inshallah sab theek hojayega 😛

  • Mehwish

    Mard ko barhawa deine wali aurat he hoti hai,

  • Aryaan

    Saba Qabar .. Excellent..

    • sayra

      she is not saba qabar,her name is sba qamer

      • sayra

        saba qamar

  • Haniya

    Zunaira ke samne Halima is tarah pretend karti hai jaise ke wo bahot ghusay main ho.Or ye Shumaila ki bachi to bahot hi ziada hoshiar nikli.Pehle Saim ko pyaar ke jaal main phansaya phir shadi ke liye manaya.Phir yeh baat bhi clear kar li ke wo log shadi declare karain gay ya nahi.Ab Halima ko talaq bhi dilaye gi ke main Saim ko share nahi kar sakti.

  • Emilly

    Haleema Ki Sas Ko Zunaira To Bohat Khatakti Hai Magar Shumaila Ki Taraf Koi Dehaan Nahi……..Haleema K Chacha,Chachi,Aur Haleema Ki Sass…..All Of Them Are Stupid..

    • zoya

      only the briother knows shes a chinal

      • Emilly


  • Fahad

    Haleema should not have trusted her cousin Shumaila and sent with her husband abroad. She is really doing wrong. And for Shumaila she is really an immature girl who wishes to destroy her cousin's home just for her own benefit. Saim is not doing well also..he should not betry his wife. Let's see what happens in this next episode..

    • huzaifa

      bechari haleema agar roke b apne hubby ko shumaila k sath abroad jane pe to uski itni ehmiat e kahan he,wo idot sune ga!

  • ayesha

    hating haleema !! kabhii husband ne lift nahii karai usay lekin ye hai k us k pyar mai pagal hai .. khyalo mai hee !!! TOTALLY DUMB !!!

    • sara

      haleema k sath esa he hona chahiye andhi!

    • zoya

      ya you guys are right! such docile, placid , passive and boring women deserve to be treated like that. her wardrobe is aweful! and she has got to be the 'dheet-est'. She misses her husbands ' laan taan ' . the idiot is smiling when thinking of him yelling at her..maybe she is turned on by it (you never know)).personally i dont think any woman can still take things positively if husband mistreats wife so much,. in reality a wife would lash back and threaten to leave OR have an affair with another man. every woman needs to feel like a woman by her man and if shes not getting the attention, she will take it by hook or crook by him or anaother whos willing to give her attention. i say ahleema., so have an affair and cheat on Saim, that would be the best punishment for men like him!

  • jacky

    eww…saim and shumaila romance scenes are so cheezy!

  • aimen

    ufff itna slow or bura tha aj ka episode.saim choti si bat pay haleema ko itna beizat karta hay par wo phir bhe uska sath daiti hay kitna fazool hay

  • nADIA

    dr zunaira is so chummy, itni besti hoi hey phir bhi lagi hey peechey saim key.. lanat bhejey…nosy person

  • mojojojo

    kea fazool drama hae farikh hae.pata nae main kyuon daikh rae the.waise aik baat hae jub wife ko her cheese pata chal jati hae apne huby ke to kea haleema andhi hae use nae pata chal saka ke uska huby shumaila ko ab love karne lag gaya hae

  • HJ

    theyare stretching it way too much pichli 4 episodes say yehi emphasis hai k saim and shumaila are involved in each other and their story is going nowhere either. Boring!!

  • eman

    OMG boht cheap hain saim n shumaila n saims way of looking at shumaila lol apni taraf se romantic way mai dkhta hai….

    • umair

      i think saim is right as he is a doctor so he deserves a wife that should be good look and manered to show in socity. he pointed haleema at so many times that i m not interestd in your tipical bahu style with working like a mate and having work like achaar dalna etc but she is lazy to respond so i think she deseves that all that happening

  • GiirrL

    FINALLY, Shumaila have new clothes!! I'm soo happy 😀

  • Asiya

    Main bohot Khush hon ke shumaila ne apna ghisa pita purple color Ka suit nahi Pehna poore episode main. Haleema should show some self respect Jo ke her aadmi main hoti hai kiya zaroorat hai jab us Ka husband itna jaahil hai to us ke aage peeche phirne ki aur shumaila ke Nakhron ke bawajood us ke fazool main khushamad kerne ki

  • http://hotmail samia

    laant hai is daramye pr yah hmraa culture hai or yah thzeeb doob k mar jsin yah dono and i hate the story this is all bullshit

  • honey baloch


  • sama

    yaar frnds tum sab ko nai pata ye jo dikha rahay hain asa hi tu horaha hai aj k dour main …..bilkul sahi nd zabardast drama ha ye

  • Natasha

    Insan khud paak ho tu dunyia paak lagti samia jee mgr may ne aisay logo ko qareeb se daikha hai its nt callad culture by da way

  • affy

    Itnaaa gandd uff asai chaahay cousin ho ya sister Asy insaaan

    Ko Shoot he kar dayna chaiye .

    Men r players no Doubt bout it but shumila is super B….

    Poor halima needs to change her dressing ..phely shumila k dressing ab

    Halima lolz

  • Liz

    If saim marries shumaila, and spends equal amount of time/money with both shumaila and haleema, islamicaly he is not doing anything wrong. Is that correct? and does audience if this drama think it will be fair with haleema?If its not fair with haleema, then why its allowed in islam? How come a wife share her husband?

    • khalil

      no you thinking in wrong way Islam allow 4 marriages but only on true need base means if a female has nothing to eat or a couple didnt have a baby ……. but in this case its for enjoyment for example islam strickly forbid to drink but even its allow in case of a disease ISLAM says aimal ka daro madar niyate pe hai dont be confused my religion is to much clear

      • Liz

        If that is the case, then why almost every Arab has multiple wives??? Just do some research on gender ratio in the world on the internet, you will find out that there are more men in the world than women. Many website show men/women ratio by country. Saudia Arabia has a 127 men for every 100 women; why men have multiple wives there? is there any need?

      • http://liv.com sweety

        it's a good drama but haleema ko itna zyada bear ni krna chahyee or ye saim ko respct krni chahye iski or uski mothr bss apny tareeky sy chlana chati haleema ko…

        youn lgta h jesy haleema yaha leadng role ni ksi made ka role kr rae h ya phr like a doll jisy jesy chaha use kia…..

      • http://liv.com sweety

        what the hell is going on…??????

    • hana

      well first of all Liz…it is NOT correct beacause Saim treats Haleema like trash and Shumaila like a queen. In Islam it is permissible to marry 4 women ONLY if the husband can treat them all fairly. Evidently, this is not the case with Saim as he already treats Haleema harshly. Please know your facts before you just throw information out there. Thank you.

      • Liz

        Miss Hana, I think you did not read my commment correctly. My question was "if saims marrys shumaila AND SPENDS EQUAL AMOUNT OF TIME AND MONEY ON BOTH SHUMAILA AND HALEEMA AND TREATS BOTH OF THEM EQUALLY", Do you think its going to be fair with Haleema that heR spends every other night with shumaila?

      • Liz


  • Sohail

    Well, first of all shumaila and Saim don't look like a couple, secondly, their expressions are like they don't love each other but are brought together and forced to love each other….some kind of BAZARi expression (excuse my language).

  • aroojzuhra

    i become furious after watching this drama.

  • sara

    xcellent drama but haleema is shown as a bongi wife itna budhu b to koi nhe hota,, these places r not in dubai.dubai isnt too much green.

  • DOC

    Ohh Cummon Guys forget abt Haleema being bongi…can't u all figure it out in part 1 d hotel Saim n Shumaila entered … d shot is 4m PC Bhurban even d room she settled in! 😛 sirf bahir k pics Malaysia k ander ki shooting Bhurban main 😛 😛

  • Ms. Uzma Farooq

    Saaim TIE laga ker cinema jata hay :p

  • http://[email protected] AZMAL ALI

    very nice drma. we all member of home use to see drma yahan piyar nh hi wounderful drma of all tv"S

    • http://[email protected] AZMAL ALI


  • sehrish

    Does anybody know the name of the girl who plays Saba Qamar,a cousin/sister? She looks a lot like Saba Qamar…

    • fatima awesome

      her name is urwa

  • ak khan

    kya bkwas hai :/ haleema shuaila sy bht khoobsurat hai is ky shohar ko ye nazar q nahi ata 😮

  • NDF

    zunaira green dress is very nice. suits on her.

  • http://Youtube Amal

    I like DR Zunaira v much

  • http://Youtube Amal

    Love dr zunaira

  • sara

    drama ko bhot over kr diya hai aaj kal k dor mein wives itni stupid nahi hoti that they trust their husband's blindly…

  • mamuna usman

    dr zunaira ap bht nice hen bht bht .ap ki batain bht achi lagti hen ap ka bolnay ka style bht nice he i love you so much .green dress main bht cute lag rahi hain haleema or shumaila sy zayadan.wo kuch same same hain .saim ko to kuch dikhae hi nahi dy raha hahahahahahahahha wah saim teri muhabbat

  • umer

    well yahaan pyar nahi milta its reality duniya dhukoon ka ghaar hai………….umer

    • http://yahoo sabz

      v true…

  • kiran nadia

    awsum drama h all cast r prfect its own act

    such a reality show