Yahan Pyar Nahin Hai Episode 18 in High Quality on Hum Tv – 5th September 2012

Watch Latest Yahan Pyar Nahin Hai Episode 18 in High Quality on Hum Tv – 5th September 2012


  • fatima

    first part is wrong

  • Alishba

    Please Upload the 1st part otoo.Its wrong..

  • amna

    shumaila……… Selfishness ki intehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • arshia

    plz upload corrected 1st part

  • admin


  • Hammu

    They really need to move the story now.And Haleema should take a decision.Overall it was a nice episode.Mavra is the emerging talent of Pakistan.Kiran's role is very strong.I love the way she speaks.Really looking forward to see her as a leading actress.

  • http://dremasonline sheryarkhan

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzz upload the frist part plzzzzzzzzz do it quick thenx

  • Ms. Farooq

    wrong decision n wrong advise by zunaira…haleema khud na jaay gher…but bachoon ko zeroor bhej day….i am sure shumaila will never ever accept them…



  • Sanam Shahid

    gud drama

  • Fauzia Asrar

    Yes Fatima I do agree with you that first part does not belong to the relevant DRAMA but the remaining two parts were excellent.

    • Fauzia Asrar


  • ppp

    kamini shumaila dil tu or bhi chahra galiyan don beep beep beep

  • Lintaa

    This saaim needs a slap ,a big slap on his mouth,If I was at Sabeeh's place then I would have fix him.Shumaila you are the worst woman ever. please dont use word "apaa"for Haleema now , being her sotan :@



  • Sana

    I have a question, should any woman accept her husband back after finding out that her husband cheated on her with another woman??? Even saim comes back, Haleema should never forgive her. Would a husband ever forgive his wife after finding out his wife had an affair with another man???

    • Mrs Asim

      second marriage is not cheating in the real sense…whatever we feel or say against it but Allah has granted men to marry 4 times,n women only one at a time…thats why saim is forgivable while a woman is not!!

      • rafay

        @mrs asim ….lets suppose if u were in place of haleema then i must say ur thinking would totally be change ..bari bari batain karna bht asan hta hai ..

        • nAdia

          Mrs asim is rt, second marriage is allowed in islam without the permission of first wife, thats Allahs rule who so ever speak against it is wrong. However the man is ordered to keep justice in all sense with all the wives..thats why Allah says in quran , that it wudnt be easy so stay with one woman. The disrespect and hate saim shows is however isnt allowed in any way.

        • kaun

          Ok I will pray from now that Mrs. Asim, Nadia, and others like them will have the same experience what Shumaila has, then we would like to see their comments about how practical is it for their husbands to have 3 more wives over them and how happy and successful their relationship is going to be with eachother. Good Luck u ladies!

        • sara

          komal allah nay aqal bhi to di hay

        • Mrs Asim

          to what length we may argue…n how much we hate second marriage….fact remains fact:)

      • Sarah

        Mrs. Asim,

        Please go back through history and show how something that was acceptable hundreds of years ago is still valid today? Yes, Allah has given a man the right to marry multiple wives. However, this was decreed back the day when women could not support themselves or lost their spouses through war, famine, or disease. This was to help protect women in the days when it was unsafe and unacceptable to be alone.

        If you feel that this is still a valid excuse for man to be hurtful, spiteful, and plain old idiot, then you should also know that Allah decreed that any money a woman earns is hers and hers alone and that her husband has NO rights over it. But, we all know this DOESN'T happen!

        So, don't pick and choose which of Allah's you should follow!

        • Aysha

          Sarah, I am happy to see your comments. All(especially Mrs. Asim) who are in favor of polygamy, would you please do a google search on gender ratio in the world? THERE ARE MORE MEN THAN WOMEN IN THE WORLD BETWEEN THE AGES OF 15-60. Even 1% men of the world take second wife, millions of men will be left without a woman. SO WE NEED IJTIHAD. Some muslim countries have already prohibited polygamy be law (Turkey, Tunisia). Saudi Arabia has 121 men for every 100 women and polygamy is still practiced there…By looking of over all gender ratio of the world, polygamy does not make any sense anymore

        • Komal

          Sarah are you saying that Nauzubillah Allah can not see in the future??? how can you say that when Allah has allowed men to have more then one wife that it was for that age period and not this???

          And Aysha i dont care what the law of other countries are. bottom line is no matter how much you and i might dislike it,in the light of the Quran and sunah second marrige is acceptable.

      • Sana

        Mrs Asim, whatever saim is doing is "legalized" cheating. It has same impact on the wife (emotional pain) and same benefit for the husband ( have another woman just for pleasure)

      • honey

        no man has any right to misuse Allah 's permission to marry a woman for his lust ! its the biggest sin to use Quranic verses to fulfill our worldly lust & greed .

        • QQ

          i agree

      • Sohail

        Humain eik ni milti aap 4 ki Baat karti ho…lol

    • Noone

      Yes I think a wife should get her husband back….If he gets her back too after cheating on him…..Coz if you sin and later on regret and never do it again then yes you do desire a chance…………….

    • nAdia

      sana, woman can always say no and leave , however in our society women are usually very weak in many senses and need to stay with husband for the sake of finances and security so they usually acept them back.However if there are kids in marriage and it cud be normal household if husband comes back than i guess for sake of kids one shud accept it, though she cannot love him ever.

      • Aysha

        Miss Nadia, you have mentioned that islam allows husabnd to take second wife WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE FIRST WIFE. That is something only an extremist mullah can put into your brain by saying that these are "Gods rules" (in reality these are rules created by sick minded mullahs for their own benefit). Please use your own brain/logic before beliving in that. How come Allah be so unfair with one of his creations (women) by making such unfair rules?

        • kaun

          Hey Ayesha, now u see why Nadia was banned to comment??!! Women like Nadia are the type, how they created Haleema's character. A woman would compromise to stay with her husband who is an animal, a characterless man, and raise kids having him as their role model, than to take care of them by herself. Zulm karne wala aur zulm sehne wala, dono barabar ke gunahgaar hain!

        • sami

          u sound like an Indian. they use such language "extremist mullah" and all that. 1st of all its a God rule and he can never be unfair. he only gave permission to man with some conditions. and its just a permission its not compulsory that u must marry 2 or 3 women. if people r not following rules and conditions then its people's mistake not God's.

        • ume sulaiman

          mula ki nahi yahi haqeeqat hai mard dosri shadi bina parmission kar sakta hai,magar dono ko aik hi darja dai,aur aorat par lazmi nahi hai kai woh ye sahey woh mard ko chorna chahey tu choor dai lakin agar ais baat ko accept kar kai rahey tu ous ka bara darja hai akrat mai.lakin ap sab siraf mard ki asi bat ko kio note kar rahey hu kai ous kai tu mazey a gaye kai sahdiyon par shdiyan karey jab koi mard aisa karta hai tu woh har wakt azmaish mai he rehta hai kio kai woh dono kai sath equal mamla nahi kar pata tu mosalsal us kai gunahoo mai izafa hota hai our bohat mard hai jo dosri karna chatey hai magar kartey nahi siraf ais liye kai woh apney ap ko itni bari azmaish mai nahi dalna chatey.aurat mazloom hoti hai ais mamley mai magar mard kai sath rehney kai liye majboor nahi hoti agar woh aisa faisley par razi hoti hai tu ya tu apna akerat ka darja dekh kar ya bachoo kai liye ya ais bat par kai marey shohar chamakti cheez dekh kar ous kai peechey ja raha hai wapis marey he pas aye ga our bohat dafa asia he hota hai mard nai biwi kai nakrey thorey din utha kar tang a kar apni usi biwi kai pas wapis ajata hai jo sabar our bardash our mohabbat sai ais reshtey ko nibhati hai.jab kisi ourat kai oper dosri atti hai tu pahli par jo guzarti hai woh guzarti hai laikin agar woh apney sohar sai bohat mohabbat karti hai tu woh apney dil kai haton bhi majboor hoti jis nai apni zindagi mai mard ko itna maqam diya atni mohabbat kari kai chorna bhi chahey us ki bewafai par tu chor nahi pati kio kai ous ko dakhey bager chain nahi milta.

        • Zunaira

          ume sulaiman, you said wife has a right to leave her husband if she does not want to accept second wife. Let me ask you this, where would she go if he leaves her husband? She has no option/choice to leave him becuase WE DONT TRAIN OUR DAUGHTERS TO BE ON THEIR FEET AND BE FINANCIALY INDEPENDENT SO ITS EASY FOR THEM TO LEAVE A HUSBAND LIKE SAIM. WE DONT TEACH THEM ANY SELF RESPECT/WORTH AND TELL THEM TO BARDASHT EVERYTHING AND YOU WILL GET JANNAT.

        • Mrs Asim

          ok quote AYAH or even HADEES where it is said that asking first wife permission is necessary.we can say k han aisa krna chahye it will be good but its not a an islamic law

  • Sana

    Saims dialougs made me laugh. He was getting upset that with whose permission haleema left the hosue. Somebody should ask him that he can get another wife without his first wife's permission and she still needs to get his permission even before leaving the hosue??? wow what a fair law

    • Noone

      Yes I think a wife should get her husband back….If he gets her back too after cheating on him…..Coz if you sin and later on regret and never do it again then yes you do desire a chance…………….

  • http://Dramasonline Aliyan

    Sara drama aik part main dekh k maza a gia. Aik part main hi upload kiya kare plz

  • iram

    awsm drama

    haleema ko wapas nai janna chahye :'(

  • Muzi

    they should do Samjohota express

    • kaun

      apka mashwara bara hatke hai, ispe zaroor ghaur kia ja raha hai!!

      • Muzi

        Dear practical life is full of Samjhotaas, So why our woman following Hindu cutler, as every one giving impression on second marriage as Sam done a kind of Kuffar…

  • sk

    haleema ka dil itna bhara hai ke akhir me kahin shumaila se samjhota kar ke accept hi na karle…yaar isko to kahin gussa hi nahi araha..abhi bhi isse shumaila se koi shakayat nahi hai..kya aurat hai..

    • kaun

      she s on druga!! dope leti hai, lala land me hai, is dramay ka naam ye nahin hona chahiye ttha " yahan piyar nahin hai" balke hona chahiye ttha " yahan khaata khula hai" aur bhi shadi ki umeed war larkiaan arzi den, shumaila unko apne ghar me rakhe gi aur roz subha plate me rakhke naashte me Saaim ke aagay paish karegi,take a number n get in line, kiunke…" yahan khaata khula hai!!"

  • nAdia

    why was i banned on this site? then opened again without any reason ?

  • Sanam

    This drama needs to move on and haleema needs to make a decision any ways this drama is awesome

    • Muzi

      yes she should come back to normal

  • Sanam Shahid

    gud drama ab haleema b kuch fasla kry woh marrid hy chor dy saim ko shumaila ko to dil krta hy me mar dn

  • Rabii.kayani

    big big fan of saba qmar

  • sajad


    • jero

      ary itny sary dislike sajad k msg pay ??????whats wrong with u all…its jst a drama..shumaila real life main tu asi nahi ho gi baba…and this hate towards her shows that how brillent actress she is…she acted realy well infront of saba qamar jo k ek boht hi achi actress ha koi shak nahi iss main

  • Sweety

    A man can marry another women with the permission of his first wife and he have to treat them equally … but here Saim IDIOT is not treating them equally and he didn't took permission from his first wife and top of that he's treating Haleema like trash … and excepting Haleema to Still take his permission even going to see her chacha… How selfish these men are…. apna right leny k liye tu sab se agy khary hoty hai … agar aurat ki baat ho tu LOOSER wali harkatain shuru kar dety hain … MEN LIKE SAIM ARE THE BIGGEST LOOSERS ON THIS PLANET… Agree ???

    • sami

      permission from 1st wife is not compulsory according 2 Islam. its only in the law of Pakistan and India made by Britishers. i totally agree with u that a man have to treat his wives equally. it is the main condition in Islam.

      • sara

        a man should have a valid reason too.

  • Muddy

    Yahan Haleema par sb tars kha rahay hain but ksi ko yad hai haleema ne kya kuch kia tha apni sagi behn k sath MAAT drama mein 😛 😛 😛

    • Kiran_ottawa

      that was saman not haleema 😛

      • Sarah

        That was not sanam. Maat was not drama of sanam. Watch at YouTube.

        • Sarah

          Sorry you said Saman. I thought you said sanam. Sorry about that

    • zunera

      lolx.. dat made me laugh so hard hahhahaha

    • saba

      sooooo funnyyyyyyy

  • zarqa

    Shumaila ko tu jotye lgane chaye.

  • affy

    Samjotaa kar Lo bahuu bacho k khatir ufff saas Kia ajeeb hai


    Shumila if I ever met you in my life I swear I'd chop ur head offf

    Ur such a mess creator ..

    Saim ko ab yad aaya ke halima stil osk nikha me hai lolz saim u only

    Deserve shumila ur not worth it

    • M Raza

      app ki ego kyun hurt ho gaee hai ye sirf drama hai…. lol

      • affy

        EGO lol

        Hello mate wheres this EGO come frm??

        Yeah its kis a drama u try do this in real lyf ul get beaten up :) no offence

        • kaun

          Ofcourse EGO hurt hui hai MR. M Raza, jo kuch bhi dramay me dikha rahay hain, kiun na EGO hurt ho?? Kia ego sirf mard jesi makhlooq me hi ho sakti hai??? Aurat jese insaan me nahi????

        • affy

          Well excuse me its only Men Ego

          Whn this stupid saim said woo kis k ejazat k bagir na mehram

          K saath bahir gai wooo b adhi raat Ko….



    • QQ

      @KAUN … mard jaisi makhlooq or aurat jaisi insan???? ha ha shukar hay alien nahi kaha. i think u shud consult a psychiatrist.

  • idg

    This is predictable story… Shumaila will die during childbirth and Haleema will come back to look after her husband and Shumaila's child!

    • Komal

      mein Haleema ko joote lagaoun agar aisay karein

      • kaun

        haha but woh ullu ki patthi most likely aisa hi karegi!! Aurat itni sust aur lazy hoti hai, usko bas muft ki rotiaan torni hain, chahe shauhar zaleel karta rahay, shaadian karta rahay, relf repect jesi koi chheze se uska lena na dena hai, bas ghar mil jae, bache paale, wohi bache baray hokay usko bilkul wese hi treat karen jesa unka baap usko treat karta aya, bas khud se kuch nahin karna!!!

        • QQ

          khud se wo kya karay? basically aurat ka yahi kam hai even agar wo job kar rahi ho. ghar, bachay, husband in se hi aurat hai and un ke liye wo. mard ka kam hai financially apni family ko support karna. chalein ap husband or bachon ka jhanjhat na paanlna kuch or kar k dekh lena. lets c apko kitna sakoon milta hai.

        • ume sulaiman

          QQ i agree with u aurat ka kam yahi hai bacho ki parwarish kitna galat bola hai KAUN nai kai mofat ke rotiyan torti rahti hai aurat apney haq kai liye nahi uthti atni bardash ye aurat ka lazy hona nahi ba himmat honey ki neshani hai

        • Aena

          Kaun, r u a lady? If ye, and you comment this way. Shame on you. Yeh Western soch plz yahan na le ker aya karen ap jaise log. Agar aisi zindagi guzarne ka itna hi shauq hai then find a way and go to that side and stop watching these dramas.

          Yes, I agree k aurat ko apni self respect nahe khoni chahye hai, per jitni qurbani dene ki himmat Allah Taa'la ne aurat ko di hai, woh mard ko nahe. It's by Nature aur agar aurat bhi mard jaisi hoti tu aik bhi ghar nahe basta. It's mean mentality men like Saaim, who can't value a sincere partner. They think being a man, they have the right to exploit every woman's life just to get pleasure at any cost.

        • Aysha

          I agree with you Kaun. Thats exactly what pakistani women are taught from day one. They dont have any self respect or self worth and then they call it QURBANI. An independent woman like Dr. Zunaira will never accept a husband like saim who degrades her 24/7. Women who are not on their feet usually accept all those brutalities and then they are appriciated for being great for not raising voice for their rights.

        • kaun

          I am a woman, I was married for 8 years, with kids, Me and both my kids were abused by my inlaws,it took me 8 yrs to get aout of that pain, mene apne bachon ki khaatir, apne ma baap ki izzat ki khaatir aur apni behne, jinki shadi nahin hui thi, unki khaatir itne saal bardaasht kia, jabke me aik parhi likhi masters degree, honor roll student tthi, magar me bhi haleema, durre shehwaar aur tum sab ki tarhan bardaasht karne pe beleive karti hun, Allah ne aurat ko bahut bardaasht di hai.Agar mera shauhar aik acha baap hota, ya mere saas susar ache dada dadi hote, to me har zulm bardaasht karti, apne bacchon ki khaatir, magar mene woh ghar bachon ki wajah se hi cchora, me nahin chahti tthi ke mere bete bhi apne baap ki tarhan banne. Aurat ko har museebat ka saamna himmat se karna cchahiye magar itni aqal honi chahiye ke kia jo kuch bhi woh bardaasht kar rahi hai, usse bachon par ulta bura asar na paray. Zaoroori nahin hai ke shadi shuda honay ka label ap par aur bachon par honay wali har ziaadti ko jaaez karde, warna islam me khula jesa koi haq aurat ko na dia jata. Allah ne har insaan ko huqook aur faraaiz diye hain, aur unka sahi istimaal karne ke liye Allah ne aqal di hai. Kisi ko shauq nahin apna basa basaya ghar barbaad karne ka.

    • IDG

      And in the process Haleema will develop a backbone!

      • kaun


  • kaun

    I dont hate Haleema, I dont hate Shumaila, I dont hate Saaim. THE PERSON I HATE IS HIS MOTHER!!!!! UFFF WHAT A SELFISH, CRUEL EVIL HIS MOTHER IS!!! Uss hi ne apne bete ki zindagi barbaad ki, jiski wajah se itne log barbaad hue. Mera beta hota to bachpan se hi itne cchiter laga ke rakhti ke maa se hameshah nazar neechi karke baat karta. Sabse barh ke, usne waqaii apne bete par apni marzi tthonpke usko piss off kia, u really cant blame him. She s the one who created the frankenstien. Kameeni, bete ko kuch bhi nahi kehti, aik dafa bhi oonchi awaaz me usko nahin zaleel kia, zor ka aik tthappar maare, uski dono biwion aur bachon ke saamne, lag pata jaye ullu ke patthe ko. Aisi maa honay see behtar insaan bachpan se hi yateem rehta. Maa ki tarbiyat aur parwarish ke naam pe kala dhabba ha ye aurat, Sahi kehte hain ke aurat hi aurat ka ghar barbaad karti hai, aur is aurat ne Saaim jese larke ko paal poes ke aisa insaan banaya, jisko aurat ki koi respect nahin. Anyway, very good drama, keep up everyone's attention from day one. Looking fwd!!

    • QQ

      madam aj kal ke bache thappar nahi khatay. chahay Europe ho ya Asia. maan apne bachon pe had se ziada sakhti nahi kart sakti. ye kam baap ka hota hai and saim jaisa hai usmein uske father ka na hona shamil hai. apka beta nahi hai isi liye ap ye sab keh rahi hain jab maan banein gi tab usko jitna marzi maar layna. agar himmat hui to.. ha ha.

      • irum

        han apny bchy ko dil khol k marna…………lol n ye concept bhhtt galat hy k maar kha k bchy thk hty,,,,jinho ne thk ni hna hta vo maar kha k zada zidi hojatay….hamesha pyar se treat krna chaien

        • kaun

          Ap dono ki liye information hai ke mashallah mere 2 bete hain, jinko bachpan me unke baap aur dada dadi ne itna mara ttha ke mujhe police bulaani paari!!!!! Me apne bachon ko uttha ke ghar se bhaag gai aur picchle 15 saal se khud paala hai!!! Ye kaam asaan nahi hai, kisi me itni himmat hai to ji ke dikhaaye meri zindagi!! Me physical abuse ke balke kisi bhi tarhan ke abuse ke sakht khilaaf hun, jisne bebas hokay apne chote chote bachon ko abuse hotay deha hai!! Ap sab ne meri baat ka bilkul ghalat matlab liya, kisi aik ko bhi samajh nahi aya mera point of view. All Im saying is that his mother needed to take big responsibility to raised her son, only son to teach how to respect women and how to be a good responsible person he should be. She should have been strictly made him realized what he has to to his wife, his children. Jo kaam uski dost Zunera karne ki koshish karti rahi, woh kaam uski maa ka hona chahiye ttha. Mashallah mere dono bete meri aur aurat zaat ki bahut respect karte hain, mene apne beton pe kabhi haath nahin utthaya magar meri aik awaaz unke liye kaafi hoti hai, me job karti hun aur jab ghar aati hun, mere paire dabaate hain, mene kabhi bhi apni marzi ya faisla unke sar pe nahin tthonpa, woh aisi larki se shadi karen jo unko pasand ho, zindagi unki hai, mere liye woh dono zimmedari hain jo mene nibha di Allah ka shukar hai! Dunyaa me bahut ssare bete hain jinko sirf maaon ne pala aur woh bahut achay shauhar, baap aur bete banay!!

  • QAZI

    thank god shumaila is alive

    • Ayesha

      Kyun are you in love sitt her 😉 lol dont mind

  • QQ

    KAUN ko is site pay ban ho jana chahye wo aik to men ko offend kar rahi hai doosra islamic laws ka mazak ura rahi hay

  • http://nothing shabbo

    shumila kitni behis hy us ky father ki death ho gayi hy leken usy kuch fark nai para..

  • Ayesha

    Islam main aurat ko khula ki ijazat hai our dosry shadi ki bhi so agar app ki shadi kamyab nahi hai so go for it kun us shohar ko wapis laya jaey naya kyon nahi agar kisi ka shohar sami jisa hai to us ko khud chor dena chahiey

    • sami

      i think u wana say "saim" not "sami" lolxx

    • laiba

      ayesha kya itna asaan hota hai shohar chorna?

    • Zunaira

      Aysha, khula lay ker kahan jaay gee bivi??? we dont train our daughters to be financially independent and be on their feet so if they get into a situation like haleema, they can easily come out of it. If our daughters are in situation like haleema, we jsut tell them to DO SABAR and they will go to jannah. As far as woman's second marriage is concerned, aap nay kitnay marduon ko bachoun kee mothers say shaadi kertay hoay daikha hay??? The only solution is polygamy should abolished (just like its against the law in Turkey and Tunisa). There are more men in the world than women so polygamy does not make sense by looking at current gender ratio of the world

  • sanaqader

    shumaila ko afsos hona chayay k os ny galti ki hy aur sab rishton sy cutoff ho gai hy is
    liay maafi mangay haleeeeeeeeeema ka dil bara hy wo osay maf b kr dy gi nahee tu boron k sath bora hi hota hy

  • Z

    I think aurat kisi ki life mein apni izzat apni value khud banati hai … Aur agar appka husband Itne years ki marriage ke bad bhi apka nahi hua tou usko through kids force ya trick kerna is all foolish…. Is pori story mein sub se Zada ghalti Siam ki mother ki hai aur unke baad haleema ki khud ki…. Her Mard chahta hai ke uski wife mein 10 mein se at least 1 quality uske nature ke mutabiq ho jis ko compatibility kehte hen…. Lakin haleema sirf ek typical good house wife he…. Lakin saim ke interest ka us mein kuch bhi nahi… Aur us per yeh ke Itne years ke baad bhi woh yeh nahi seekh saki ke uske husband ke mutabiq kese chalna chaiye usko… I agree Kitchen se koi aurat Jaan nahi chura sakti chahe woh B.A pass ho ya Ph.D pass…. Lakin ghar ke kamon ke ilawa bhi aurat ko aur bht kuch kerna perta he to win his husband heart..nd that's the basic line of this drama…

    • Sweety

      Ur right…. Lakin in this drama ghalti haleema ki saas ki hai because wo apne hisab se haleema ko chala rahi hai… Usko ghar k kaam k elawa kuch karne hi nahi deti… Jab haleema ne koshish ki through zunaira tab bhi uski saas ko takleef hoo gai…

  • zoya

    yaar haleema is seen tolerating and biting her tongue so much..i feel at onepoint she will burst like a lava and khari khari sunayegi Saim ko. maza ajae agar aisa ho nai?

    • Abid

      Why ????? wht sin tht poor soul saim has committed. his only fault is tht he fell in the trap of another women

  • mahnoor

    esi lia kehtay forcefully marriages mat karo specially apne bachay ki nature ko jantay huwe!

    2nd thing haleema ko etnay yrs tak saim ki marzi jesa ho jana chaeye tha esi ko pyar kehtay poora nhi but try

    3rdly agar haleema nahi kar pai tou saim ko chaheye tha to groom her d way he wants!

    saim loves no one q k usko zunaira nahi mili tou shumaila pe dil aa gaya dil hai ya bill kahin b aa jata lol??

    shaadi aik bohat bada dicision hota na tou yeh munn utha k haleema jesi opposite ladki se honi chaeye thi aur na he etni jaldi haleema ki sis shumaila se

    but again great patience gets reward one day!

  • saadiya saqib

    nice drama nice caste and v.nice story

  • Tinkoo

    Saim doesn't love or even like Haleema. That's why he married Shumaila. If he's happy with Shumaila & loves her, why not be with her.

    I think Haleema should leave Saim and let him be with Shumaila.

    • Zunaira

      If haleema will have any self respect and self worth, she will do so. But that is not the lesson given to women in our dramas. They give lesson of "SABAR" to already abused and mazloom women of pakistan (like haleema)

      • sara

        why all women have to learn the lesson of sabar and not the men .why dont saim have sabar to live his life with haleema/

        • Abid

          Why shud he live with one if he has an available choice n tht too not because of his fault but cos of seduction of the other women

  • Aysha

    An independent woman like Dr. Zunaira will never accept a husband like saim who degrades her all the time. Women who are not on their feet (haleema) usually accept all those brutalities from husbands and then they are appriciated for being great for not raising voice for their rights. The lesson for women in this drama is "BE FINANCIALY INDEPENDENT" so u can easily come out of a misrebale situation without much worry.

    • peeru

      do u think woman like dr.zunaira r happy in their life divorced and living alone in the end most prob if they wants to get married again they will have to compramise and will get someone worse than the firstone.

  • Zunaira

    Saims comments about second marriage that " yey mera qanooni aur sharai huq hay", pushes me away from islam sooooo much. kia yey ihmeeat hay islam main bivi kee jo haleem kee hay?

    • Amir

      its a drama for heavens sake. you are going to decide merits and demerits of Islam based on a drama????

      • Zunaira

        No, Not just in drama, I have seen it happening in real life too (in peshawar). I Have seen women in excruciating pain when their husabnd took second wife and those women had no where to go becuase they were not able to take care of themselves financialy if they sought divorce. Their family was not able to financialy support them either so they had no other option but to live with their husband and accept that brutality. That made me think kay wife kee value islam main yehee hay jo haleema kee is dramay main hay. Even saim treats both haleema and shulamila equally,do you think its fair with haleema?

        • sami

          drama and reality r 2 different thingz. u can blame people n their attitude but u cant blame Islam. these thingz r happening just becoz everyone pick thingz from Islam which r in his/her favor. they dont know abt conditions and rules or shud i say they dont wana know.

        • Zartasha

          Err there is a huge difference between the rules and values set by our society and the ones set by Islam .. What happened to your emaan ? Is it that weak ?

          Islam is such a vast and tolerant religion . Don'tjudge it by people 's unislamic actions

    • Amina

      The problem with our society is the fact that we are so Hindu and Western oriented that we cannot see the other side of the coin. Monogamy is not the only way to happiness in marriages; I know loads of Arab families where the man has married multiple wives and they live together as sisters. If one wife is sad, the others come to her aid and support her. Islam gives the utmost respect to women/wives in general. Just because the males in our Pakistani society fail to follow that, doesn't mean Islam is flawed. It means our culture is flawed. Furthermore, Islam explicitly states that if a man is even slightly doubtful that he won't be able to equally treat both wives (materialistically and emotionally) then it is FORBIDDEN, yes, FORBIDDEN for that man to marry the second woman because he will then be inflicting injustice upon his first wife and that is a sin. Step out of your bubble for a second and try to see the rest of the world…there other ways to live. Don't bring down Islam because you aren't knowledgeable in the subject. This is just a drama and you're basing your judgements of our pure religion on it…sad.

    • Falling star

      Hello Zunaira I am very touched by your comment.I felt this while growing up,I even left islam(not that I was an apostate)I just made a pact that I do believe there is Allah and propeht s.a.w. but this islam which I see nowadays must not be true,so I started a journey, I just searched and searched for every tiny detail I heard about any life matter,and I realized that in every aspect Islam has a superior ruling than any law of present day,that made me accept islam but still this little pain remained(about women's right),which I got before I got married.Islam is not about a Man and a Woman,its not about gain of worldly affairs it actually much more than that,its about extending your good deeds to paradise.And what we women do? we think that we get everything once we get the love of a man,who buys us anything we put hand on,who does not sleep until we are happy,who goes to earn money for us,we think thats it we just needed that but its not true,we don't need it we need love of Allah,we need to strive for His love till we die and thats the reason he does not want us to feel content with the love of a man he wants us to feel content with His love,

      do u remember this saying "jab tak hum apni sab se pyari cheez Allah ki raah main nhi de dete tab tak hum momin nhi hosktay"

      and there it was BAAM,I got it.

      If you can't share your man with another woman then you must pray that you get the best muslim man,becoz islam allows 4 but Allah prefers a muslim man has one,so you will get two benefits one you will have a good man,2,you will have him all for yourself.

      Or you can pray that you get married in USA,becoz in USA even a muslim man cannot marry two if he is a citizen,and he cannot have one in USA and one back home,its against the law here.

      You can also get a clause in your nikah nama that you don't want your man to marry without your consent.

      • Falling star


        hope I helped

  • sanaqader

    shumaila ko afsos hona chayay k os ny galti ki hy aur sab rishton sy cutoff ho gai hy is

    liay maafi mangay haleeeeeeeeeema ka dil bara hy wo osay maf b kr dy gi nahee tu boron k sath bora hi hota hy

  • biya

    saim ko end me dono me se koi bhi larki nh milni cahye na halima na shumaila saim jesa mard yehi deserve karta he jo apni har ghalti aurat pe dal deta he.

  • Jia Agha

    iss cheez ki to islam bhi ijaazat nahi deta k koi mard apni pehli biwi ki ijaazat k baghair dusri shadi kare

    • Zafer

      Really??? I have heard that in Islam, husband does not need permission of first wife to get second wife. Does anyone know whats the truth? Becuase even saim does justice between haleema and shumaila, its not fair with haleema.

      • jal pari

        in islam husband doenst need permission but but have to guve equal rights to both

    • Amina

      No, in Islam a man doesn't need the permission of his first wife to get married. That's absurd and is a creation of our culture/society in Pakistan. However, that being said…the Quran and numerous hadith state that equality between the two wives MUST be maintained. Equality in material and emotional aspects; there is a hadith or verse in the Quran, I can't remember which…but it states that if even a slight thought comes across the man's mind that he won't be able to do justice to both wives then he is not to marry the second one. If he does so, despite his doubts, he's done a sin bcos he's treating one wife unjustly.

      • sara

        in todays world no man con do the justice between his wives .as far i know ,according to islam ,the man should have a valid reason for his second marriage.

      • Jia Agha

        yes you are right amina

  • jero

    when my elder daughters had a fight….my 5 years old son sing this song…“yahan piyar nahi ha“………lol

  • Sania

    i just love saba qamar & her acting she is just s0oooooooooooooooo perfect and talented tooo

    & even i like mawra acting too even if she is playing a negative role :)

  • abq

    Shumaila should die… along with saim…

  • noori

    iasi chrailain mara nhy karti hain woh to bas maar sakti hain

  • moom

    There are two aspects regarding a husband taking a second wife; a) Shari?ah, b) Practical.

    According to the Shari?ah, a man may have four wives at once on condition he maintains equality among all his wives as stipulated in Shari?ah. This is clearly mentioned in the Qur?aan. It is not a Shar?ee pre-requisite for a husband to get the prior consent of his wife to take another wife. If he marries another woman without the prior consent of his wife, the second marriage will be valid. However, from a practical point of view, it is observed that when a man takes another wife and marries her secretly, that poses many problems, for example, when the first wife comes to know about her husband?s second marriage, she feels betrayed. That itself leads to many more problems.

    In order to avoid such problems, we advise that the husband discuss with his wife his intention to remarry. It is obvious that he will have to use wisdom and diplomacy in discussing such a sensitive issue with her. He must also expect her to react negatively to his intention, especially, when women are generally possessive over their husbands.

    The advantage of discussing with the wife is if she is the issue and cause of his intention to remarry, that will present her an opportunity to make adjustments with her husband and avoid him remarrying. Furthermore, if the husband remarried after having discussed the matter with his wife, she will not feel the pain as much as learning about the husband?s second marriage without knowing his intention. In brief, according to the Shari?ah, the husband does not require the consent of the wife to remarry but the matter must be approached in a practical way with wisdom and diplomacy.

    and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

    Mufti Ebrahim Desai

  • Ch Asif

    Nice Drama…Superb acting by Saba…

    • Riaz Ahmed Farooqui

      Saba is an excellent actress.

  • hina khan

    shumaila churail ne apni behn ka ghar brbd krdiya or saim ne to ane bevi bachon ka b lehaz ni kia

    ye buht ghlt bt hi

  • kamran

    islam mard ko dosre shadi k ijast deta ha magar agar oarat sokan bardasat nahi kar sakty to vo hola ka zary mard se elada ho sakty ha laken agr vo bacho k laye samjota karty ha to Allah QARAN MA IRSHAD KARTY HA k ma sabar karny valo ko dunya or ahart ma baland makm deta ho magar ouarat mard ko zana karty bardasht kar sakty ha magar vo naka kary to bardasht nahi karty.its horrible

    • peeru

      u r rirght,thats the hindu culture,and also notice they r using the word sotan,in islam its first wife or the second wife or the 3rd there is nothing such as sotan bec all the wives have equal rights.

    • sara

      men alwaye remember the right of having 4 marriages but what about the duties or fraiz.

      • kamran

        mard ko agar apne fraiz pory na karny ho to vo 3 lafz talaq kha kar apne jan asane se shora sakta ha ye mashra talaq yafta aurat per ungle utatha ha mard ko koe faraq nahi parta ya to ap muslim hone se inqar kar de ya per allah k banye qanon ko mane agar mard aurat ko ye granty de k vo insaf kary ga dono bevyo ma na insafy nahi kary ga to per b phely aurat use shade ki ijazat nahi de ge kyoka ye us ke ana ka masla hota ha

    • dua

      dear brother Islam mard ko char shadio ke ijazat deta hy per sath he ye b hukam hy ky agr tum apni sab biwion main barabari ka salook rakh sako insaaf ker sako to.phr sath he ye b kaha gaya hy ky ALLAH janta hy tum aisa nai ker saktay….ye ijazazt zarurat ky waqt ky leay hy na ky aik mukammal life ky hotay huay just apni wife ko forgranted ly kr koi dosri dhondnay ky leay hy.plz dont misinterpret Islam and also dont mislead people.apka apna jo dil kerta hy karen per Islam sy koi chez relate kerny sy pehly hazar bar socha karen ky kahin ap kisi ky bura amal ke reason na bun jaen …JazakALLAH o Khair

      • kamran

        sister j ma islam k bary ma halt ray nahi de raha sirf ye batana chahata ho k islam is bat k ijazat deta ha k agar ap insaf kar sakty ha to dosary shade kar sakty ha es k misaly hamary history ma melty ha bohat se sahbyo na 2 shadya ki or saudi arbia jase islamc country ma ye aam bat ha or vaha ki aurty bhoht hoshy se is ki ijazat dety ha i do not misinterpret islam phly apny history pare pher bat kary ap aurty to kiss tara b hosh nahi hoty or is k vaja ap logo ki nashakry ha

  • saba

    sab mard aik jaisy hoty haen selfisf, looserz n idiotx sari zindgi guzar jati hae lakin nazar sirf 2sri aurton mer rehti hae sewae apni bewi k………..aur nikah k waqt itny bary bary wady kerty haen or phr un mein sy aik ko b pora nae kerty mostly aisa he hota hae…….sorry Guyzzzz agr tm mein sy kisi ko bura laga but itx true

  • huma

    ha aisa hleema k sath ai hova ksa is ley howa q k us main sence of judgement na hay………………

    • ridu

      its not sence,its sense idiot!

  • waleed

    asal main orat hi orat ki dushman hy talli kabhi aik hath sy nai bajti.

  • zindagi

    wah kiya khoob kehne mard dosri shadi aise ghatya tarike azma k kre tb bhi jaiz he or aurat jo ghar me uske bacche dekh rahi he uska ghar sambhal rahi he

    us pr aik din achanak bomb phate k us pr sotan aa gai he

    to wo aurat bichari kahan ki reh jati he

    use khabar tk na i m agree with koun kiyu ki jis pr bitti he wohi in feelings ko samagh sakta he baqi sirf apni rai dete hain

  • Shabbir

    Shumaila Is Good Haleema ko Talaaq Da Deni chahiye Main Shumaila K Haq main Hun Wo b Ab Maa banany Wali hai Agr Haleema Ko Rehna Hai Sath To Rhay Warna Usay talaaq Da Dai

  • Falling star

    Yahan kafi saray comments parhay hain aur ye andaza hua hai k log doosri shadi ko accept kar rahay hain siwae chand logon k,aur jo acceot kar rahay hain wo arab mashray ki misaal de rahay hain,to arab mashray maint o biwian talak le leti hain agar wo chahain to aur foran doosri shadi bhi hojati hai,agar haleema itni nakhush arab mulk main hoti to kia wo saim ko chor na deti?usko aram se koi arab mil jata kyun k wo inti khubsurat hai,arab main theek hai mard ziada shadian kartay hain per wahan 50 saal ki aurat k liye bhi shadi karna mushkil nhi,aram se usay rishta mil jayega.

    Islam main mard aur aurat dono aik doosray ko chor sktay hain.

    • kamran

      u are right lakn arab coutry ma ik bat or ha k vaha shady ka vaqat haq mahar boht siyad raka jata ha is k alava b orto ko bohat se haq dey jaty ha ji ki vaj se vaha k ort apne ap ko kharmahfoz nahi samajty harbiy hamry mashary ma ha jo oart ka haqoq ki hafazt nahi karty

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    I would like to appreciated Haleema she is really responsible wife :)

    & Shumaila is going on erronious way..

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