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Zard Mausam Episode 1 – Review.

This is surely a show that I was eagerly looking forward to; I literally found myself counting days. I am glad the wait is over and after watching today’s episode, I must say it was totally worth it. The primary reason for looking forward to this show was the leading cast, Sania Saeed and Faisal Rehman. The last time I saw them both together on-screen was in ‘Khamoshiyan’ and their performances and chemistry was admirable, surely a pleasure to watch…good quality entertainment all the way. These two are not likely to venture into a project unless it has something promising to offer, add to that the fact that ‘Zard Mausam’ is a Momina Duraid production and is based on a widely acclaimed novel written by Rahat Jabeen, I believe the show already has an ace up its sleeve considering the cast and crew. ‘Zard Mausam’ has been directed by Abis Raza, the man behind ‘Dolly Aunty Ka Dream Villa’ and ‘Aey Dashat-e-Junoon’. The most recent project that Momina Duraid and Abis Raza ventured into together was ‘Mujhe Roothnay Na Dena’, which was sadly a great disappointment but I think ‘Zard mausam’ is going to make-up for that!


I found today’s episode to be very engrossing, the acting was up to the mark , the direction is surely great and the over-all handling of different stories has been done very intelligently too. I like a play which has a lot of characters and all of them have a presence. The story revolves around Mehr-u-Nisa and Waqar. Mehru is an out-spoken and blunt girl stuck in a situation which does not allow her to be just that. Living in her mother’s house with her three children and being dependent on her brothers has made Mehru very insecure, no matter how much she asserts the fact that it is her father’s house as well, the actual fact is that she has no one to call her own and things are especially difficult because she does not get along with her brother’s wife. One can’t help but wonder if it is her harsh experiences that have turned Mehr-u-Nisa into the bitter person that she is. Mehru’s first husband passed away and is separated from the second; we have yet to know the whole story of why and how it happened. But I am guessing from the promo that Waqar was her second husband. Sania Saeed totally stole the show today with her remarkable acting, everything about her performance was excellent, even her get-up. It is wonderful to see for a change some ‘real’ people on the screen and not polished versions of them!


Waqar’s wife has recently passed away and he is finding it impossible to cope with things. Things are difficult especially when it comes to his daughter Aimen, Khadija Bi (the maid) cannot manage the household and it does not take very long for Waqar to figure that out. I have to add here that all the child actors are doing an outstanding job and I like it how they are involved in the family politics because kids are like that, very receptive and quick to act!! While Mehru’s daughter wrecks her mami’s suit to get back to her for fighting with her mother, Aimen is quick to share with her dad that Khadija B is not doing a good job of taking care of her. Like I said all characters big or small have their presence and I love that. Coming back to Waqar’s household, what the house needs is a woman to run it and the only way that is going to happen is if Waqar calls Mehru back or re-marries. I loved the part where he picks up the Cindrella story again and again…really appreciate the director for giving his viewers some credit and letting us be the judge of what that signifies! He is obviously thinking if a step-mother is going to treat Aimen like Cindrella, wonderful!!! Faisal Rehman did not have a lot of dialogues in today’s show but his performance was brilliant nevertheless. The expressions and the body language said it all. He is as calm and quiet (at least on the outside) as Mehru is loud and rowdy. They obviously come from two different worlds.


In short I loved this first episode and there are so many questions that still need to be answered like, why did Waqar marry Mehru if his wife was still alive? What was the reason behind the separation? Where do Mehru’s kids live if she comes back? Basically, a lot to look forward to and I just can’t wait!


Watch 1st Episode of Zard Mausam


Author: Fatima awan.

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