Zard Mausam Episode 23 in High Quality – 4th October 2012 on Hum Tv

Watch Latest Online Zard Mausam Episode 23 in High Quality – 4th October 2012 on Hum Tv
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  • Aleezey

    OHH Unbearably Slow episode… Camera is not moving…Such a disappointment.

  • ash

    uff ….very slow drama had become..!!!! ..

  • rubykhan

    y is the preview..of next episode…the same as this episode?????????????????=O

  • mohsin

    aleezay dont be sad

  • zahra

    yar plz dramas online owner plz plz plz u tube band ho gai hai …. plz we have this website to watch dramas plz zzzzzz is ki speed theek cant watch dramas plzzzzzzzzzzz cant watch the old episodes ,,,, plz do something for the improvement plzzzzz

  • mohsin

    zahra there is another website too

    • Sara Ch

      Plz tell me the name??

  • http://Maseemusebtay SHAHIDA GUL

    very slow tempo n unreasonably turned toward this place,it could be more reasonable decisions.

  • Hirra

    y is thir the same preview

  • warda

    yar episode chlte h nhe sara maza khrb hkr rhgya h drama dkhne ka bthe he rho kuch btao kia kya jae kaise dkhn drama

  • Aryaan

    Thanks Admin..

  • Aisha

    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy slow drama scene drag he kiay ja rahy hain or yeh aimen ki kisam ki larki hai ajeeb hi hai

  • Sehar

    God, Mehrunisa is truly hateful. But you all will see–"Jise Allah Rakhe use Kaun Chakhe". Aiman will still have God by her side in the end!!

  • Annie

    I really love all the scenes with her grandfather.

  • Syeda

    I honestly feel sorry for Aiman. She is not a bad person. She is suffering from psychological traumas. Whoever she trusted sorta betrayed her especially her step mother. She has been neglected by her father coz he didnt trust her when she really needed him and was actually suffering. She had no one to turn to, she already lost her real mother. She has lost faith in everybody and life. She is self-destructive mindset, although she is not harming her body she is punishing her self psychologically on purpose. It really sad. Its very easy for us to say oh why doesn't she do that or she is crazy but when you experience such event in your life, you will know its ain't easy! Uper se Mohabat main dhoka, is not easy to recover from it. Her us shaks ney uska waqt peh, jab usay shadeed zarorat thi, sath chohra hai, jispeh usko etibar tha or bohat mohabat thi.

    • Bilal

      I admit that she is in psycho situation but when she get someone who trusted her, who is giving her care and love, she returned same to him what she got from others. Even when she realized her mistake, even then she did not try to become soft and loving with him. And as she said she does not need an angle then A man will do what her husband did.

      Because he was also hurt by her behaviour. Anyways I like the situation because it is what happen mostly in real life so instead of giving each time a fantasy of every thing good we should show such cruel realities to save people in reality to do such mistakes.

      • Maahi

        Love is not just happens..tariq was a gud person..but not so gud to be loved..aur jab uske apne samne wo situation ayi tab uski mohabbat aur zarf kahan gaya..jab ek larki ne khud usay sab kuch sach bata diya aur wo sharminda b thi tb b usne usay maaf nahe wo aimen se muhabbat karne ka dawa kar he nahe sakta..

        • Bilal

          Maahi Jee, Yeh Mard ki Muhabbat hai, Aik Aam Mard ki. Mein nay yeh nahi kaha k wo buhat Ala Zarf hai,

          Aur aap jis happen honay ki baat kar rahi hain…Wo Allah ki dain hai… JO iss tauluq ko sachai say apnanay waloo ko zaroor milti hai.

          Per kabhi kabhi Insaan Gusay mein wo khoo daita hai. Bas us nay b aik aaam insaan honay k natay yehi kiya. Aur jaisay mein nay kaha, hum mein say aksar insaan Aam hi hain (Chootay Sofi jo chooti galti per hi saza suna daitay hain…Aik Muhabat Soo Afsanay)

        • Syeda

          Maahi.. this is exactly what I meant. Tariq left her when she decided to come to him. Hamesha jab usnay palatna chaha achai ki taraf, dava kernay waley uska sath chor gaye :)

  • sara

    hats off to aiza khan amazing she knows how to act . . .Falak hoti toh hil hil ke saray dramay ki Satyanaas mar deti . . .she iz so over and by dat i mean over acting

    • Bazinga

      falak hoti he q jnab….wo bhi tab he hilti the jb uz k role ki demand the ab laga d na tum ne bachi ko nazar…

      • Syeda

        Lolz I agree, she shakes alot :)

    • Maahi

      sara u r absolutely right..:)

    • Freeha

      So if she shakes,agree aiza's acting is good but it's really unfair to compare mahira with her.she acts according to her role and she is doing marvelous job and critics like u can't ruined her image.

  • Australian

    Kam az kam is dramey se larrkion ko lesson laina chahiya, jo maan baap ke izzat aur apna waqar kho ker apney app ko barbad kerteein hain,Kash in dramoon se ajkal ke genration koee sabq sekh lain.

  • arg

    well…, I like this episode. such situations fascinate me when a person gets to the reality,accepts the facts & turns to self-realization. Basically, it was a very hard decion for Aimen,apparently very foolish for the people arround her (father,brother etc.), but ultimately she will attain the position of self-actualization.

    I don't know the reasons, but I like Aimen's character… may be Aiza Khan performed it so well :)

  • Bazinga

    part 1…:'(

    part 2…:'(

    part 3 …..:'(

    todays episode is out of ths world…..

    n aiman acting is mind blowing…..agreed with her decision….she cheated the man who was sincere with her…so omer bhar khud ko aziyat dainy se behter hy face the reality…pr tariq was a great man wo ab bh greatness show kr daita…maf kr daita:(…aiman realized wat she did n was ashamed so agr tariq ko uz se mohabbat the tu uz ko support kerna chaheay tha coz galtiyan tu sb krty hain pr un ko tasleem kerna he azmat hy….khair overall boht acha drama hy….

    never leave ur desires belagam…werna pachtaway k ilava kuch nhi millta….my personal experience too…

  • Khizra

    Non of the drama on this site is working …..

    Plzzzz do something …..I m not able to play any video on my iPad or laptop from last 1 week

    • faryal

      try some other browser.

    • Ch Asif

      Use Mozilla or Google Chrome browser…Video successfully playing on these browsers. I am watching all dramas episode quite successfully on these browsers without any loading problem…

  • Tahira Khalid

    Well done ayeza

  • sofi

    This is bit strange to me , why they are showing preview of next episode same as present episode ??

  • HMA – Oz

    oh man oh bioeee what an acting by Aiman… looking forward to the next episode 😀

    Bring it on :)

  • ayaz

    this is the worst a drama maker can show is this frustated environment of pakistan where everybody is looking for relaxation and stress relief

  • sana

    what stupped nonsence,girl aimen . Aisi larki ka ilaj sirf jootay hee. step mother attitude was not so bad . she gets alot love from father and husband but she donot desreve love…. she is total mad girl cure by AIDHI Center……….

  • Ch Asif

    Superb Drama…Nice story and nice acting…A silent message for all of us in this drama…

  • Saraz

    Honestly, i don't get Aiman. She had opp. to lead a happy life, even after finding Tahir's reality, she still wasn't satisfied. She is a miserable personality. Hater her.

  • Jahan

    Bewakoof aurat khud ka hi parda na rakh saki to iska parda koi or kiya rakhay ga waise tariq ko maaf kar dena chahiye tha ghalti to kissi say b ho sakti hai laikin drama hai kiya kahain jo baron ki bat nahi mantay unko pachtaway k siwa kuch nahi milta aiman k baap k kuch b ghalat nahi huwa aiman ki maan ko bhaga k lay k gaya tha jo aiman ki maan nay kiya apnay baap k sath wohi aiman k baap k sath repeat huwa isy liye suyanay kehtay hain achi or naik aurat say shadi karo q k beti apni maan say pehchani jati hai ab shayad aiman ka baap wohi zilat mehsos karay jo us nay apni jawani main aiman k nana ko dy

  • Sara

    bewakoof urat nahi kah sakty aiman ka koi kasur nai h wo na anjan thi us ki kisi na tarbeat nai ki …us k baap ka kasur h jo apni choti naanjan bati ko us ki sutali man k pass chor kr chala gia us k bad aiman ko ghr sy wo pyar nai mila jo us ko milna chahya tha jis ki waja sy wo dosra k pyar ma a gai qk aiman ko kisi na pyar dia hi nai tha na us k baap na man na kia dyna tha wo to mar gai thi or sutali man kia pyar dy sakti h kisi ki bati ko …so aiman ko ghr ki us k baap or man ki tarbeat na thi or ghr ka khaloos or pyar nahi mila jis ki waja sy us na ya sb kia or sb na usy use b kia … ma yahi kahu gi k baap ka kasur h jo apni bati ko dosron k hath na dy kr chala gia yahan us ka koi wali wars na tha na pyr dyny wala na samjany wala or nai achi tarbeat karny wala us k baap ka kasur h bs!