Zard Mausam Last Episode 24 in High Quality – 11th October 2012 Latest

Watch Latest Zard Mausam Last Episode 24 in High Quality – 11th October 2012 Latest

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Read Zard Mausam Last Episode Review by Fatima Awan

  • lilli

    brilliant!!!! Sania saeed is just amazing, loved her.

    • Sana

      Sab ki achi acting thi

    • sunny

      sania saeed PTV ka shahkar hai

  • aoun fareed

    we should wait specially girls.allah take good decions 4 u.plzzzzzzzzzzzz wait.i promise it will good.

    • sitara

      ap jb b ALLAH Likhain A Capital Likhain

      • roshan

        jab ap urdu mei allah likhtey hain tou kiya capital mei "alif" likhtey hain…bs inhi baton mei phansey rehna … pehley khud ke aib khatam karo phir dusron ki itni choti choti ghalatian nikalo.

        • Mrs Asim

          urdu main capital nahi hota as u know but may be u dont know that all proper noun start with capital letter,so its anyways important to write Allah like this.

          • mia

            seriously its not that bigga deal………..asal philosophy of religion ko samajny k bjaey hmarey han log sari umer isi chakrr mein parey rhty hn k a btra likhon ya chota,dayan paun phly rakhun k bayan……..grow up people…..actual religon is more deep n meaningful then going thru mere rituals

          • Mrs Asim

            in fact inhi choti choti baton say start hota hay n then respect khatam hoti hay then next generations religion ko hi nahi manteen etc etc..thats why in baton ka dhiyan rakhna bhi zururi hay along with understanding the spirit of Islam.

        • hina

          roshan….urdu kay hroof e tahaji ka tu upper and lower hai hi nahi:))))))))))))))))))))))

          • hina

            well said Mrs Asim!

      • roshan

        infact ye ghalti b nai

        • saba

          Allah ko pasand hy k hum us ki tarreef kareen bara sab se bara samjhen ,give respect n show it.

      • mar

        can you grow up , teach a virtue .

  • Mohibs Fann

    shit ending with that DHAMMMMMMMMM. STupid

    • Sana

      Kia ending chaiyay thi bhai???

    • Hania

      exactly πŸ˜›

  • ahmed

    amazing end its superb , bht mistake hti hn hum sy life mn n bht sy dhoky milty hn but humain un ko apny ooper havi krny k bjay ALLAH sy mafi mangni chahye n ups n downs to hr life mn aty hn but himat ni harni chahye , i really like the story n theme of this drama , this serial is very teach full 4 us n versatile also β™₯ its story is very much close to real life . xellent !

    • FARHAN


  • Sana qazi

    awesome ending and realistic story … i loved this drama ..acting direction ans atory all were great ..congrats to team

    • Farzana Anwar

      BEHTAREEN story LAJAWAB acting of hole cast .bohat maza aya is tamam arsey main, but ub bohat udass rahoon gi in its abbsent. SANIA SAEED I LOVE YOU ALWAYS. n AYIZA KHAN (AIMAN) bohat creadit jata hey dramey ki sucess tumharey hath rahi.

  • it sucks


    • ash

      this is how the novels r … before watchng n e drama u shud read the novel!!!

  • lilli

    last video is not working

    • Annie

      sign into facebook and try; it will work.

  • eshu

    kia museebat hai ye to ch he nai raha :(

  • Annie

    yaar mujhe tuh rona aa gaya. great end.

  • aleezey

    Perfect ending… Pace of ending is really nice, gave time to certain scene with brilliant dialogues (which is necessary) unlike some drama where director is in hurry to end drama. Aiza's tremendous acting specially scene with sania. Waqar and nana scene is also very touchy…

  • Nusrat

    last video is not working , even frm facebook……öhh

  • Bazinga

    great ending with very heart touchy message for grls….please dont waste ur lyf….ur lyf is not only urs its linked with ur family too…if u go against thm thn remember u ll never be happy never satisfied….so make every decision wisely….dont follow ur heart blindly…ALLAH sb behno baiteon ko sahi rah pe chalnay ki tofeeq ata fermaiy….

    • sitara


      • Ifzal

        True….Never listen to the devil inside ur heart….it will cause destruction….when ever after marriage if any evil thoughts come to ur mind ….make wudu and pray…that evil will leave or else u will fall in the trap of shaitan and later suffer

    • NUDRAT


  • HuuNNY

    hahaha…waqaar ne tou dekha bhi nai k uski beti ki shadi kis se hui πŸ˜€

    • NUDRAT


  • Bazinga

    aimen life feel same as my life….dont knu y v do so shayad koi kami reh jati hy ap k andar jo pyar jo tawajah chahty ho wo ap ko nhi mill pati n v find other ways other ppl….

    wat u guys thnk y aiman did all this??

    • ahmed

      yeah i m totaly agree with u aimen ka character negative nhi ha usy halat or mahol ny aisa bna dia tha , bzahir to humain aimen hi galat lagti ha but us k ander ki gehrai parhny sy i haqeeqat maloom hoti ha

      • maria

        loved this play

        • maria

          i think this isn't an english class where some people are teaching others the use of capital letters.WT…………

    • ash

      well obviously jb piyar ki kanhi kami rah jaye or insan ahsasy kamtari ka shikar ho jaye waha asa he hota ha … jab koi piyar ka do lafaz bolta ha tu wo such lagta ha

    • Romana Noor

      ham wo chahte hain jo dil main hota hia magar waisa doosron ko nahi dete jo un ko milna chahiye tabhi problems aati hain agar aiman bachpan se meher ki bat sunti ya meher bachpan se us ko piar se qabu karti to shayad aaj halat kuch or hote

  • shamaila

    outstanding and I loved the end

  • Adina

    Great story. I really like the way a fathers emotions were exchanged and how ones conscience awakes. In addition to random guests they should ve shown Waqar ul Hasans family at the Nikaah. It looked like something was missing at the end. Waqar didnt introduce himself to the groom even though they showed him looking at the *family drama*.

  • Sana


  • shaukat ali

    end is the best

  • Meerab

    nice drama n good ending..loved aiza n sania's acting..their last scene brought tears in my ws just awsome!

  • Syeda

    Eventhough I wanted more, but this End is also Good!! I loved the Scene B/w Waqar and Nana! Perfection! But Yes as someone said above. I wanted some dialogue b/w Groom and Waqar, also Fake Mommy and family to attend Aiman's Wedding specially after their Intervention :) Beautiful Story with Perfect Cast and Executed Realistically :)

  • Administrator

    Check 4 !

  • putputa


  • nuu


  • zia

    Best scene was Sania Saeed with Amin. Excellent story. and great message if some one wanna learn.simply how some one can be happy with out their parents blessing who gave us the best time of their life.

  • Syeda

    To Administrators: Urgh! I really dont like this new website style! Its soo Crap and especially this comment section πŸ˜€

  • Ayesha

    Abrupt ending….shud hav been more elaborated…not even close to the actual novel…:(

    • Mrs Asim

      bs krdo behn;)

  • sumaira babar

    Amazing end .good and realistic story.

  • Tanya

    Muhib Mirza ka kuch toh end yaa koi aik chota sa scene toh dikhana chahiye thaa… Babar was also missing… and the Momo's scene to meet his boyfriend seems picturized in haste and without giving much thought to its effectiveness on the drama.
    Aiza Khan had most of the time similar expressions on her face, though it suited her role.
    overall slightly above average drama for me.

  • DR.Rabia

    bht acha novel or bht alla drama tha

  • biya

    amaizing drama and a nice end.

  • Asma

    waliedeen ki muhabbat ki qadar us waqt hotti hai jab insan khud sahib-e-oulaad hotta hai…very true nana's last lines was awsommm great….kitni bar last part daihkha hai maine………it was really reallyy gud drama…….missed na:(

  • QAA

    Good lesson for impatience persons. End was good, it can be completed within 8 episodes. Acting of Nana (Manzoor Qureshi) was no.1.

  • Rana Basit

    MASHALLAH,drama bohat acha tha…..<3……………mujy or meri family ko ye drama bohat aaya………….i love Zard Mausam drama………………thanx……………..

  • sadaf

    excellent ending

  • Tinkoo

    Great ending. Great drama. Good work !

  • Faizan

    Sania apee, who are you? mean really, what can i say about you, you are mesmerizing you know. i mean i never seen such an actress who actually talks and speaks to audience with her emotions and silence you are a PAUSE beauty… your scene in which u suddenly stop and create such expression on your face which actually tells the whole story without saying anything by you. and the master piece of your such acting is "ZARD MAUSAM", really i'm speechless by this kind of acting…. can you tell me what is the name of this type of acting…. i really don't know??? and even i didn't decide yet is any actress have done this kind of acting… i really can't explain what i wanna say. but to till i concluded is that your acting is PAUSE acting and you are PAUSING QUEEN. tell me if u considered me for this answering.

  • Nimra

    aimam's mom said..,k ab tmare doli ezat say ese gr sy uthy ge….bt wt happnd at d end.uski famly ny to shirkat tk ni ki….r waqar son in law sy mila tk ni…. ya kuch negtv points han…wel gud endng…nyc drama

  • hina

    boht behtreen drama tha aaj kal k bacho ko aisay dramay zarroor dekhnay chahiay kunkay maa baap ki dua k baghair ghar kabhi nahi bastay unn ka dil tor k apni dunya basanay walon ka yehi anjam hota hai insan ko apni khwahishon k peechay bhagna chor dena chahiay.

  • zeee

    zabardast drama tha acting kamal ki her eak ne apna role khobi sa nibhaya

  • Zamair

    Love her Aimen Is The Best.. I LOVE AIZA <3

  • Zamair

    Ayeza is Looking So Cute whenn she was Crying…..

  • Ifzal

    Special advice for girls…before making any decision think 10 times and then make decision and after marriage never cheat your innocent husband….and once you are in relationship never fall in the sweet words of other men….be honest and faithful to ur husband….
    If Shaitan comes inside ur heart and drags you to evil path immediatedly start praying salah to vanish the evil idea arising inside ur heart….
    same also for men….

  • Ifzal

    Special advice for girls…before making any decision think 10 times and then make decision and after marriage never cheat your innocent husband….and once you are in relationship never fall in the sweet words of other men….be honest and faithful to ur husband….
    If Shaitan comes inside ur heart and drags you to evil path immediatedly start praying salah to vanish the evil idea arising inside ur heart….
    same also for men….

  • ariba

    bohat owsum drama tha yay aiman ki acting bohat lash…. han hum t.v k dramai bohat achay hotay han

  • paro

    good drama

  • mahwish

    very good acting

  • ali

    i like him very much

  • shining

    very impressive end

  • Ch Asif

    Such a nice drama and nice story. Nice acting by all actors…A story full of lessons and silent message for all of us, specially for girls to take care of that precious time and don't waste your time in bad activities and think 100 times before
    taking decisions. Love Allah and your parents, a most precious relation on earth. Maa Bapp kabi bi ullad ka bura nahi soochta…Kabi inn ka dil na dakhoo…

  • Aryaan

    Zabardast hai..

  • hubdaralijanwari

    i like good v good story