Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 13 in High Quality – 22nd February 2013

Watch Latest Online Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 13 in High Quality – 22nd February 2013

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Read Review of this Episode by Fatima Awan

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Read Review of this Episode by Fatima Awan

  • Humna

    Astounding, worth watching and simply wow. I wonder that how some people give their thumbs down. I think they can better unleash their acting and creative skills .LOL

    • maryam

      Hmmm :)

      • Farrukh

        true saying humna

    • aisha

      i lov the drama

      • Malaika

        me too :)

        • brits

          mee too simply awesome……

        • http://www.facebook.com/RaffXroX Rafay Aayan Ansari


      • umaz

        Kuch sekh bhi lena isay

        • alizay

          chal nikal farig ho….bongay

          • Danny

            kidhr nikal jaana?

        • saad

          nice one bro

      • http://www.facebook.com/RaffXroX Rafay Aayan Ansari


        • Umaz

          Kya ho gaya bhai? har kisi ko hi shi kyoon kar rahay hain?? yeh tharkiyan facebook pay mar ja kay yar

          • SK

            buri baat? bechara\\ ab ap kashaf ki tarah karwi baatain kar rahi hain

        • saba


      • sumayya

        yes great drama :)

      • qasim

        me to so like that drama ,infact life ki asal haqeeqat lagti hai

      • AISHA

        i agree with u

    • safwan


    • Sim

      Might be because of Zaroon’s hypocrisy.. Thumbs up for the writer who has done great justice with her characters and not shown a Perfect-God-Sent type character… Not even Kushuf who becomes a bit rude even with her mother when she advice her to forgive her father for his wrong doings, No doubt she had been through series of ordeals… And of course, its natural, it really hurts when God-made-Relations like our ciblings or parents leave us all alone when we need them badly. All she needs is time to get through this. And i know these God-made -Relations are not that subtle…

      • Danny

        Kasmy……… u should have been a critic…. πŸ˜›

        • zanib


      • saadnauman84

        bitch please

    • asim

      i totally agree with u….

    • nimra

      i agree with you humna
      i mean it is such a wonderful story who wouldn’t like it

  • ABZ

    AM i first one AND ZAROON looks like he like Kashaaf kind of girl not Asmarraa. The values he is searching for are all packed in one girl

    • zaroon

      Humna is the first one :p

  • Humna

    Astounding,marvelous and simply wow. I wonder how some people can give their thumbs down. I think they can better unleash their acting and creativity skills..LOL

  • pinky….

    jaldi aur upload kro????

  • pinky

    upload more parts…..hurryyy…i love ths drama….

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003487519597 MAa NEe

      JB NEw pArT aYe gE tO0o0 hI uPlOAd hO gAI ……
      mIsS piNkY…..

  • yasir

    not full

  • ABZ

    Zaroon aur Kashaaf mein thodi si misunderstanding hai, aur Zaroon aur asmaraa main understanding naam ki koyi chiz nahi. Aur zaroon aur asmaaraa kay families ki thinking bilkul typical high class stupid logo ki tarah hai. Bahut acha drama jo aaj kaal ke do mukhtalifh living class ko dikha rahi hai, love it love it love it

    • zeeshan rao

      i agreed

    • saba khan

      zaroon aur kashaaf ki family woh keya kahtay han kay (kawa challa huns ki chal uppin beh bohl gaya)

      • shayan ahmed

        kya matlab

        • saba khan

          sorry I meant to say zaroom( mother and his sister) and asmara’s family.

      • http://www.facebook.com/smartemmii Emad Ahmad

        Zaroon apne gher k socalled azad mahol se tang hai , Kashaf ko apne Walid se masla hai .. tou wo kiu upper class logo se bhi Nafrat kerti hai ? upper class logo ne tou iss ko gareeb nahi banaya ??? ye drama dekhtey huwe mujhey Zaroon per afsos hota hai … Zaroon ko apni behan & apni Mangeter k mamley mai thora sakht dekhana chahiye tha … any way ye sab hamari thinking hai ,…. writer ne ye jo Drama likha hai uss ne bhi hr pehlu per socha hoga … .. after all … Drama is supper hit … all cractors done very good job …

    • zara


    • http://www.facebook.com/javeria.chaudary.7 Javeria Chaudhry

      me also agree

    • Aleena


    • librajust

      subb high class log stupid nhi hotay aur ziada tr ki thinking bhi aisi nhi hoti

  • safia

    aww have to wait for dailymotion :-s

  • amna

    very nice drama and nice acting

    • hassan



    super maza a gya next or b achi ho gi

  • MANO

    zaroon and kashaf chemistry ,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol

  • annie

    its simply awesome serial it tells the difference between liberty of muslims and liberalism (behayae), every aspect of drama is best no word to describe, i like Kashaf most in drama nd also my favourite actress previously not just beauty parlour but attractive personality.

    • brits


    • MissSulaman

      Liberalism is not behayae. I like this drama because of the interpretation of women shown by kashaaf and her mum. Zaroons mother and sister destroy the meaning of liberalism. And in this way the drama and the concept of liberalism it represents it completely wrong. Liberalism esp for females means that you stand up for you rights not that you don’t compromise. Kashaaf is liberal she stands up for her self but she also know how to compromise. Although Zaroon talks like an uneducated prick who wants to undermine women and he is a hypocrite since he can flirt with women and talk shit about them but wants his wife to not even interact with men! That is wrong. Yeah Asmara should also compromise and maybe limit her level of frankness with her guy friends but it is selfish to ask her to give her life up for what zaroon wants. They both need to learn how to compromise. And the people who wrote the darama need to get the meaning of liberalism right.

  • hamza

    Just 1 word… Superbbbbbbbbbbbb

    • angel

      jitna bra word hay, one hi kafi hay

  • zeeshan rao

    just like real acting……….i like it and a good story

  • mrs rehan

    story is outstanding……its not only drama teaches us Values either…

  • amna

    Kashaf always liked zaroon. but didnt say

    • Bushra Manzoor.

      that’s wrong.

      • HASSAN

        i agree with u.

        • zari

          sme 2 u……….baby

    • http://www.facebook.com/adeel.zaib.14 Adeel Zaib

      yeh, i felt that too, she have feelings for zaroon but don’t wana express coz he is rich.

      • zari

        ADEEL SAHIB kshf ki koi flings ni zaroon k lye wo sirf ye sochti h k kuch logo ko sb kch mil jata wd out any efort………….

        • http://www.facebook.com/adeel.zaib.14 Adeel Zaib

          zari sahib ya sahiba (hehe) didnt u see the smile on her face in this episode??? and her facial expressions when her sis talked about zaroon in few episodes before ???

    • hamna

      Zaroon have always liked Kashaf but Kashaf doesn’t like him at all

      • Hassan

        iam don,t agree with u.

        • shayan ahmed

          so you want read novel

          • mahi

            Nice drama…drama daikh k bhi logo,ko aqal ni ati pata ni kun……..

        • hamza

          sahi he normal

      • aysha

        I agreed with both Amna and Humna :)

    • aliya asif

      i think she was always attracted to him but never liked him..

    • Ch SaeEd

      I agree

    • shayan ahmed

      no she not like zaroon

  • esha

    waiting for review wheres the review? :/

  • sania

    class drama bt zaroon jesi thoughts ke larke ab nahi hote the men only focus on luks n class

    • mir

      not necessary all time

    • Strugler

      Zaroon is the character in this drama that every man is… The difference is that now a days men are so much suppressed so that they are not able to express their feelings… I am a man i know every man is like this deep inside some express it some just go with the flow or u can call it YES MAN

    • shayan ahmed

      ap kis class se belong kerti hain jo y khe rahe hain

      • sania

        i hve observed thts y saying zaroon ki jo klass dikhayi hai us class ke even middle upper class ki bhi soch aj kal zaroon jesi nahi may b hn bt i thnk the ratio s only 10 percnt

    • Fatima Tuz Zahra

      jo larkay luks py believe kerty hein un k relationships long lasting nahe hoty sirf flirt e hty hein….. but jinki soch zaroon jaisi hoti hai wo waqae sincere hoty hein larki k saath…..thats what i believe thats y i like zaroon’s character……… :)

      • sania

        i also dreamd the man with zaroon thoughts magar bdkismati se shadi se phle larke class n luks concious hte hain

        • Rabia Baloch

          thats true fatima i agree with u n u r right jn larkon ki thinking zaroon jesi nae hoti it means k wo sincere nae flirt hain

          • Salman

            LMAO looks like we have loser chicks here ridiculing guys without even interacting them much

    • Rabia Baloch

      its is not true zaroon jesi thoughts ke larke b hote hain n educated larke he hote hain jn ki esi thinking hoti hai but i dont thnk k ye galat hai mard ki soch esi he honi chaiye

  • razla

    Really nice episode….love the last scene especially..!<3

  • iram


  • umme

    umera Ahmed is great..

    master piece in all common dramas

  • http://www.facebook.com/mary.meer Mary Meer

    Kamaaal Print hai janab!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jena.bi.16 Jena Bi


    • angel

      challl oyeeee

  • momo

    I just love this episode and now crazily waiting for the next episode

    • aroosha

      me t0o…!!

  • kamran ahmad

    good episode…………………..

  • Sj789

    outstanding drama even more good than humsafar

    • shayan ahmed

      ya i agree

      • haya

        yeah i also agree


      humsafar is sy boht zyada acha or outclass drama tha is dramy ki story koi khaas nai hy or hmsfr main fawad zyada piyara lag rha tha

  • angel

    end bta k maza khrab karun drame ka ??? πŸ˜€

    • http://www.facebook.com/afreen.butt.54 Afreen Butt


      • MR

        haan krdo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Bushra Manzoor.

      I think apnay already novel parha hua hai?

      • angel

        novel se alag hay ye drama… but I know end and story, kaise ye secret hay :) πŸ˜€

        • Saba

          app really an angle that’s why app nay story ko end nahee bataya, Agger mayri saas ki tarha devil hoti to end bata kay dramay ko maza karab kar datin >:(

          • angel

            sad face kyu? just chill ….

  • Bushra Manzoor.

    I have no words for this precious drama serial.

  • http://www.facebook.com/afreen.butt.54 Afreen Butt

    simply wao,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • mir

    nice play great script

  • fairy

    nice drama

  • Nasar hussain

    plzzz Upload on youtube all dramas

  • Maira Khalid

    Superb drama………….Superb cast…………..



    • waseem

      thats gr8 same my thought she is best no match with her acting

    • zara


    • Adnan

      you r rite..
      main ap ki soch imaan le aya hun..

    • Tyba

      no doubt she must be awarded… she can role any play awsomely!

  • nadia

    zaroon is a male chauvinist pig

    • Emaan

      and you are a jahil ji insan ko pig keh rai ho, beyshak dramay mai he q na ho,insan ashraful makhlooqaat hy.tm bari kab hoge?

    • Emaan

      and you are a jahil ji insan ko pig keh rai ho, beyshak dramay mai he q na ho,insan ashraful makhlooqaat hy .tm bari kab hoge?

      • nadia

        moun sambhal key baatt karo,emaan bibi
        yeh aik expression hey miss alima, khabhi kuch parh lo tu aqal aye tum jesoun ko molana baneney lagtey hien forn, ashrafulmakhloqaat ki lagti koi khud bata dya keh jahil koun hey dramey dekh key palney wali qoom..

        • Altaf

          hahaha.teri hr jaga beizti hoti he bt tm chup ne re skti.

          • nadia

            bezti tujhey lag rahi hogi tum jesoun ya emaan jesi massi ki sun ker mujhey tu tum jesoun ko tapaney ka bara maza ata hey lol bas aik baat kaho phir dekho sab kesey tawey per beth jatey hien lol

          • Duraid Akram

            some people show that they dont care.inside they are burning infact.. chaloo bakti rahoooo tum subha tak.—-ki tara .lol…me cmnt ne krta bt roz ap ke bkwas s lye padta hun k ap ki zihnyat pe afsos hy. other grls r maasi n tm un ki khaala:D

          • nadia

            LOL, ur aik tum ho jo aisi jagoun per comnts ko sab kuch samjhtey ho aur dosroun ko bhi apney level ka samjhtey ho, burn tu tu hoa hey aur terey jesy aur jin ko aik expression samjh naien aya aur shurooo ho gaye , lol bak bak bak bak, bara maza ata hey tum sab ki bakwas sun kar aur mental capacity ka andaza laga ker . lol massyan koun yeh tu pata lag hi jata hey ab massey bhi aa gaye

          • bdtamiz

            hahahahha true

        • Altaf

          Q tm ne drama ne dikha?tm kya tasbeeh par ri ti?Hehehehehe Hainnnn, tm to hr jaga tapkak parti ho.tm kis qom ki ho?. tm jesi beshrm aj tk ni daiki

        • Amna

          aqalmand chup hote he n jahil bakta he,hence provd πŸ˜€

          • nadia

            yeh aap ki apni kahawat hey, jisey samjh hogi woh hi jawab dey ga werna waaz dena tu sab molvanyoun ko ata hey bheja ho na ho bas bak do.LOL

        • Maheen

          tm kia tasbeeh par re ho dramaonline pe akay? πŸ˜‰ hehehe

        • Maheen

          hm tou drama daikh k palnay wali qom hain tm ks qom ki olad ho ?:p tm tasbeeh parh ri ho kia dramasonline.com pe akay?.heheheh

      • Malaika

        emaan I loved the word”jahil” for her HAHAHAH. pehli dafa ksi ney acha wrd kaha nadia k lie :p

        • Altaf


          • nadia

            hey altaf tum bhi ab zaroon ki terha na ban jao. molana emaan key ashraful makhloqaat bano

        • nadia

          mager jahalat emaan ney apni hi dikhaye hey , aur tum dosri aa mili ho lol. zaroon is a male chauvinist pig .period :) chey tum jesi kitni masyaan us per mar mitien

          • Nadia Ijaz

            I’m the one nt crazy about actors like fawad,but yes u r kinda frustrated gal.grow up plz.zaroon was nt gud before,atleast he is gonna accpt all the thngs he did and he is gonna dmit dat kashaf z a good chrctr gal,there are men who dnt even get changed by getting mature.zaroon just saw grls like kashaf n ds wrld, sara n asmara k cmpare krnay k bad us ka mind broad hua,jb insan k aas paas behayai ho tou usay beyhayai buri ni lagti.

          • nadia

            jesey tumharey aass pass , khud larkouyn sey vchipka rehta hey woh behaye nahien jab mangeter chipki tu behahyayi wah bhai wah he is a male chauvinist pig , chaye jitna tarpoo .lol

          • Nadia Ijaz

            tarapna.hahahahah.. a woman thinks about others the same hat she has n her own mind.lgta hy tujay b asmara ki tara n harkaat ki wja se ksi zaroon jaisay male chauvinist ne chora hy,pjr tou koi masla nai,bujha lai dil ki aag :) πŸ˜€

      • Altaf

        SHE DZRV 8

        • nadia

          tobah yahan tu chaplousoun ki aik fouj hey lol

          • Nadia Ijaz

            fazool baten kar k dil ko tasali na dijyye..
            yahan tou saray log ap k khilaff hain:D
            heheheh… infact ap ki iss 3rd class thnkng k khelaf.koi ksi ki chaploosi ni kar raha.wrna sb ki thnking aik na hoti, ap ki b koi chaploosi kr leta bt fazool baat pe koi ksi ki chaploosi ni karta,like u did. maasi hogi tm and tmari maan

          • nadia

            ji mujhey zarorat bhi nahien aap jeseoun ki chaplosi ki mujhey aap ko aik tika ker hi maza a jata hey , dramoun sey aagey soch saktey tu thinking ka pata bhi hota who cares koun kis key khilaf hey massi tu tum sab ho jesi batien kertey ho aur teri maan kya hey yeh bhi pata lag gaye jis terha tu boli.

          • tera yaar

            tu to bin baap ki jani hui lagti he…..pata hai na use kya kete he…….*zaadi

      • nadia

        molvani emaan khush ho jaien aap jesi zehniat key aur bohat sey aa gaye lagta hey sara gher yahan khata hey buhahahaha

        • Nadia Ijaz

          Buahahahahah..molvani lfz phli dafa suna.

          • nadia

            chalo tumhari aqal mien izafa hoa.lol

      • nadia

        any ways maza aa gaya aaj , sarey massey massyan kesey jal uthey , always enjoy commenting on ZGH yahan tum jesey zaroor hotey hien bakwas kerney ko lol.bye

    • rana

      nd wat abt u? be sensible while choosing words…

      • nadia

        well its a popular expression u know that ..LOL what can i do??? rana ji just dont be one if you dont like it.

    • angel

      wah nadia… itne dislike to kisi ko nahi mile jitne tmhen mile… cngrats πŸ˜€

  • adiba

    zaroon aur kashaf will happily married .

    • hamna

      well thanks to the ost everyone already knows that!

    • rana

      nt happily in start…at the end they will cooperate specially KASHAF coperate karegii…

  • siam6

    awxmx drama……………………..

  • Rabiya :)

    Loved it <3

  • siam6

    axmara mom iz nt makng sense in diz……aswell as her daughter……….kshf iz doing gr8 thngi wth zaroor……..

  • fairy

    end pata hai tho bata dein???

    • fatima

      end mein zaroon,kashaf ko propose krta hai pehle tu kashaf inkaar karti hai magr phir baad mein maan jati hai,shadi k baad b unki larai hoti hai,magr zaroon use mna leta hai,unki mulaqat asmara se hoti hai,aur sab is tarah khatam ho jata hai

  • Faraz

    Kashaf is simply impressive. Outstanding she is

  • affan

    i like zindagi gulzar hai.

  • heer

    great daramaaa
    kashf r zaroon jesy co-incidnce real ma kun nahe hotyyy

    suprb darama

  • http://www.facebook.com/mena.khan.77 Mena Khan

    innaaa short sa scene zaroon or kashaf ka :(( waiting desperatly for next epi πŸ˜€

  • Pinky

    Love Samina’s acting! she does so much justice to her character…

  • nomi

    Great drama

  • nadia

    zaroon is a male chauvinist pig.LOL

    • Sam

      SO TRUE! it annoys me how people are actually praising Fawad’s character and supporting it ! I’m not saying asmara and Zaroon’s sister are better but come on this is not the 1930’s PEOPLE ! geez!

      • Mobi

        xctly.ds z nt 1930’s.then u n nadia shud date me n go with me to dubai like asmara went with her frnd. done? 1930’s ni hy tou s k mtlb hy k ab kapraya dhay horai hain, 21st century mai to fir tm jesi lrkio ko nanga hona chaye.beyshrm larkian n bato ko nai samjti.zaroon ko maaro golo,bt khud mai shrm paida krdo,so-calld modern log.for u sam jee

        • nadia

          ABEY JA BEYjab tu date pey jaye ga kisi larki key sath tu tu bara sharam wala hoga?

      • nadia

        sam yeh sab lakeer key fakeer hien , digest perhney waley aur drama dekhney waley , bara maza ata hey inhien koi controversial baat tika do aur dekho in ki zehnyat woh woh words use ketey hien keh bas, phir claim kertey hien barey aqalmnd aur naik maolvi hien sarey lol. yeh mobi ka jawab hi parh lo apni taraf sey talqen ki hey becharey ney magar jitni sooch utni aproach.hehehehe.
        zaroon is wrong he is asking asmara to think his way and be like him , why should she why cant he adjust and the marry her then change her by love not by dhons dhandli, khud saaf keh raha hey keh mien nahien badloun ga na compromise keroun ga tu shadi sirf aurat ki nahien hoti mard ki bhi hoti hey. magar yeh sab massey aur massyan fawad khan ko dekh ker droll kertey rahien gey , but its true he is a male chauvinistic pig in this drama.yeh jo sab yahan bool rai hien na in ko aisa shohat miley tu lag pata jaye jo jotey mar ler bas apni marzi kerwaye.o god ab aik aur lecture shru ho jaye a kesey husband key gey dum hilni chaye.LOL

        • Oyeee

          n popular expression that one should use for u is “BITCH” in fact the “Foundling Bitch”.. khush? tm b popular bn gai.hahahahahahahahaha..ap tou keh rai ti k bye,but u provd u r a real bitch.LOL dafa door.

          • nadia

            hahahaha, tu wohi boley ga /gi jo tu ney apney gher mien seekha, yes i was going mager soocha dekhoun kesey aag lagi hey sab chaplosoun ko lol , ab tu madri zaban bool rahey hien sab. lagta hey bara popular word hey yeh BITCH terey gher mien.lol
            kahien tu bhi male _______ tu nahien jesey ssedha dil per lagi

          • Invisible

            Oh bibi yeh teri gandi zabaan thi jis ki waja se tere level par aah kar baat karni parhi humen warna hamari zabaan tere jesi gandi nahin hai…..tune bhi tu yeh sab kuch ghar se hi sika na ya phir tujhe jesiyon ke ghr bhi nahin hote haun ghai …….am i right nadia????? ghar hai bhi ya nahin……hahahahahahahaha

          • Nadia Ijaz

            nai nai,is ka jawab ye hy k phr s k gar ki zban “PIG” hy n s k gar mai b PIGS paye jatay hain .hehehehehehhe

          • Nadia Ijaz

            phir tou teray gar ki zban “PIG” hy.hehehhe.waaah re,dual nature ppl,khud bolen tou xpresn hy,doosrain bolen tou us k gar ki zban.achi filsofy hy keep it up..isis tara izt afzai hoti rahege.tme pori dunya chaplos nazr ati hy ,bt sch tu ye hy k tm beghirat ho baqi sb thek n tm une chaplos keh re ho.pagal ko kon samja skta hy/Allah tjay hidayat dai,aur s aag me jlnay se bchaye.ameen.Buahahahahahahah

          • nadia

            wesey tum jesoun mien tum jesey hi popular hoan chaien gey.

    • Mobi

      xctly.ds z nt 1930’s.then u n nadia shud date me n go with me to dubai like asmara went with her frnd. done? 1930’s ni hy tou s k mtlb hy k ab kapraya dhay horai hain, 21st century mai to fir tm jesi lrkio ko nanga hona chaye.beyshrm larkian n bato ko nai samjti.zaroon ko maaro golo,bt khud mai shrm paida krdo,so-calld modern log

      • Invisible

        Bahut hi acha jawaab dia hai aap ne is Nadia ko,waise tu main esi language pasand tu nahin karta lekin is ke lye yeh bilkul teek hai……yeh hum sab ki attention lena cha rahi hain thabi tu esey cmnt dey rahi hain aur baat karti hai chaplooson ki jab ke khud mar rahi hai line lagwane ke lye

        • nadia

          teri attention, terta reh hawa mien lol

        • Ramla

          hahaha.achi kichai ki nadia bibi ki

          • nadia

            terey jesoun ki izaat aisey forums pey hi hoti hey lagta hey is lye itni ahmyat deti hey .lol

          • Invisible

            tou tu kyon ahmyat de rehi hai ????? kia teri izzat kuch kam hui hai ???? tujhe bhi ghar main is se zyada izzat mil rahi ho ghi jabi tu apni frustration yahan par nikal tai he

          • Invisible

            humen keh rahi hai ke hum drama dekhne wale hain tu yahn par yeh bibi kya tilaawat e quran sunne athi hain ?ALOL yeh bibi tu zehni mareeza hain ese mareez attention hasil kar ke bahut hi zyada lutuf andoz hota hain
            hamare cmnts parh kar kese isey mirch ka tarqa laga hai….hahahahahaha

      • nadia

        aur tu keh bhi kya sakta tha mobi, tu jo jaye ga dubai tu teri izaat nahien hey kya , mard chaye jo kerta phirey us key lye sharam nahien hey, ??? kouyn koun si kitab mien likha hey keh tera hissaab nahien hoga? meri bala sey tu dubai jaye ya amreeka agar tum mrdoun key lye savb halal hey tu tum kouyn nahien kaprey utar ker phirtey tum tu har larki sey phone number maang saktey ho aur tumhari maan behen betyan gher mien burqa pehen ker bethien kouyn??? quran ney kaha hey saaf burey mardoun key lye buri aurtien , ab ja dubai

        • Ramla

          haiii madam molvani ban gai .BUAHAHAHAH..shakal daikhi hy apni?teray sath koi dubai vobai ni ja ra,teri beyshrmi ki exampl dai raha he. tm ya tu mjay pagal lgti ho ya bot he baigharat.. bari ae batain kehnay wali.puri ayat tou ati tak nai,1930’s mai madam rehna nai chahti aur baat karti hy buri awrat ki,vo to tum ho. tujh jaisi larkyo ko ghaas daalay mardon ki jooti.lol

          • nadia

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      it means you’re a gal who want to go everywhere without her parents permission,have BFs,wear disgusting dresses.well. u may be right,but dont forget that boys always like a grl who is packed not open like u n nadi. either u call it chauvinism or smthng else, the truth is that boys want to get entertained with gals like u n want to marry good charctr gals. karti raho ayashyan

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  • saba

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  • http://twitter.com/momina95 Momina Amjad

    I can’t believe everybody here is okay with Zaroon’s hypocritical character. How is him flirting with all those girls in university and then flirting with Kashaf today (when he’s engaged to Asmara) okay? Having that in mind, his arguments about compromise are baseless. Why does the woman have to compromise? Zaroon is everything wrong about our patriarchal society, his double standard especially. Your wife is not your property, dude. The real problem with his relationship with Asmara is that he never loved her, he’s an indecisive, insecure hypocrite.

    The other thing that really bugs me about the social commentary in this show is the stereotyping of women in the elite/high social class. They’re not all the same, they don’t all hate their husbands, and god no, they do not get a divorce because they have different viewpoints. While I love the feminist ideals of Kashaf and the portrayal of her social class, I think the other generalizations and chauvinism in Zaroon’s character are too much, and sadly, I didn’t see a single comment about it.

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  • Fatima Tahir

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