Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 2 in High Quality – 7th December 2012

Watch Drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 2 Online in High Quality – 7th December 2012

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Dont forget to Read Review of this Episode
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Dont forget to Read Review of this Episode

  • msk

    first :p

    • nini


      • Asma

        bt zaberdast acting hai dono ki.

  • Dee

    3rd 😛

    • Fahad

      Kashaf was rude in classroom… even if she had problems in her life and house, us ki waja se dusro se seedhy mu baat na karo, thats not right too… if Fawad treat her wid respect she shud do the same…

    • shaam

      main nay bohat saal pahlay ye novel para tha ab us pr dtama dikh kar accha laga weldone to all team but fawad is not looking university boy . he has a mature look.

  • Xadee

    Simply WAO…!!!
    2nd dOse waz mOre pOwerful, face-Off kashaf n zarOon :)

    • dua

      kashaf ka attitude lush hai ……. i like thz drama 😀 bass hope so agay ja kar ye drama bour na hojaye :(

  • MINA


    • yasir kubdani

      i like it it is aowsome story i am extreamly waiting for next epesode…..

  • sal

    amazing episode nd marvellous acting ov every one… espesially fawad… love u

    • wishkhan

      awsm drama m wtng fr nxt episode….

  • dua

    ma sirf aik bat kahna chahti hoon jo log 1 episode ma kah raha tha ka kashaf ko asa ne kehna chahye aur wo galat hai kufar hai etc.ma ya kehna chati hon ka jab hum depress hon halat bhi khrab hon aur uper sa bap bhi kashaf ka bap jesa hon to ya sab hum bs ALLAH sa apna depression share karta hain ALLAH sa batain karta hain q ka humain ALLAH ka ilawa koi apna ne lagta jitni muhabat humara dil ma ALLAH ka liya hoti hai kisi ka liya ne hoti humain lagta hai uska ilawa koi humain samaj ne sakta islye hum sab kuch ALLAH sa kah data hain jo humara dil ma ho gila shikwa.ma bhi asi hoon lakin plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hum asa ne hota jesa log samajta hain hum ALLAH sa bth muhabat karta hai islye hum apna dil ki har bat kar lata hain.ma bhi kashaf jesi hoon ma bhi ALLAH sa asa batain karti hoon par hum matlab koi kufar etc ne hota plzzzzzzzzzzzz try to understand us and people like kashaf

    • Hafeez

      jalsa jalsa jalsa baji ko vote do vote do hahaha

      • AasiaAbdali

        You are heartless and lack "IKHLAAQ" sir, which is the soul and message of Islam. May Allah Improve you.
        By the way you also have lots of free time to be disrespectful to people. Thats a shame.

    • faiza

      i have soft corner for u

    • Nazu

      Hamaisha apny sy nechly darjy pay daikhain or ALLAH ko ye na batayen k ap ki mushkal kitni bari hay balky mushkal ko ye bataen k ap ka ALLAH kitna BARA hy.

    • bazinga

      i couldnt agree u more………u r 10000% ryt…..
      i myslf talk to Allah…infact my best frnd is Allah so i say/share wat ever i thnk, i feel , i want n blve that HE listen to me n gv me watever i pray for.

    • abc

      well u r damn right hum sab shikway krtay hien aur hum sab apni apni jaga na shukri krtay hien ,,,,,for drama i will say k yehi to is drama k lesson ha its a journey from shikwa to shukar …to logo ko chahiye k wo poora drama pehlay dekh itna intitially criticism kiyo kr rahey yehi log hien jo ishq e mamnu jesay vulgau dramas ki rating b barhatey hien aur hmaray achay bhalay saaf suthray drama ka aik dialogur pakar kr issur bna letay hien phir beech may islam ko lay atay hien thats not right even i believe k humay shikway nae krnay chahiye but we all do thing like kashaf whether we admit or not we all do things like kashaf do …..so let it b a drama and try to get lesson which this drama gonna giv eus

    • hjk

      its a part of her character

    • saba

      you realize that this is a drama and she is a character. stop sermonizing a fictional character.

    • AasiaAbdali

      I understand dear :) its between you and Allah and i wont even dare to interfere. May Allah Bless you

  • wahaj

    amzing dialogs


    sanam boht acha nibha rahi hain apna charactor,,,
    aur samina g to soooper hain,,
    fawad to hain e best

  • Syed

    Where's the third part ???

  • asad

    what is written on zaroon's sister shirt … little miss jihad???
    plz request to director avoid such type of things

    • saima

      I too was amazed to see the shirt very tactless n cheap show of modernism

      • Hafeez

        at least she was wearing something. so its ok!

        • zindagi-ki-Diary


      • bazinga


        • Umeed

          but zaroon's sister is going ROCKING ….she performing satisfactory.

      • abby

        Okay im glad i wasn't the only who thought of that, such a turn off seriously!

    • bia

      hmmm rite

    • saba

      yeah the shirt was very immature and insensitive. I dare her to wear this to an airport. She'll end up behind bars!

    • noor

      Yeah! i noticed the same and was disappointed to see the picture of a jihadi girl on the shirt. Jihad is not what the picture tried to show. And a Muslim should not promote such offensive pictures.

  • mrs asad

    fantastic drama fantastic acting by every one
    how many buses and ricshaws she changes to reach university

    • bazinga

      i thnk pehly wo paidal jati hy stop tak….. thn laini tu bus chaheay pr aj rikshaw pr ae the…phir wahan se bus li…aur at the end rikshaw pe uni pohnchi…… i guess m right… :/
      kafi traveling hy bai….so agr ghar k halat bhi aisay hoon n manzil bhi itni asan na ho tu itna rude hona tu banta hy na….

      • none


    • hira

      zindagi isi ka naaam h… jo ye reality face krtai hain ,,wai aagai jatai hain

  • sna

    that was very rude of kashaf, who talks to someone like that on the very first day of school… otherwise nice drama, waiting to see how it unfolds…

    • Hafeez

      didnt u do so at apiit LOL?

    • Sana Ayan

      Not school it's university &. She is right in her attitude if u get frank 1st tym wid someone it's becomes difficult to get rid of that guy or others I hope u got my point

  • maria

    kashaf is too rude…

  • nida

    wonderful how can i wait for next episode i like it

  • zara

    awww..so sweet but why was Kashaf soooo rude in the end??

    • kanwal ashiq

      qk zaroon nay usay churail awal kaha tha kashaf ko s baat ka gusa ta

  • Diya

    upload other parts soon

  • DIYA

    superb drama…. lekin to be very honest fawad thori over acting ker raha hay…

    • Sidra

      jee nai boht achi acting kr raha hai…… :/

      • Umeed

        chamcha geeri choro sidra….. tum smartness wise kah rahee ho or diya acing wise kah rahee ha….. drama per to asa lagta ha sanam cha gayee ha.

    • sal

      bilkul b ni… he z perfectly performing his role… shyd ap ne real life me ease show off boys ni dekhe… ease hi behave krte hen. us k character ki demand hi ye hr

    • maha

      yes he is doin overacting when he is speaking english….urdu waly dialogues went very well but english wernt so well…..

  • Anonymous

    Why is kashaf so rude to zaroon, is it because she was offended by what he said about her on the admissions day?? Fair enough people have bad experiences but that doesn't mean that that person has the right to be rude to anyone they don't like for what ever reason???

    • abc

      kashaf is rude to her cuase she is not rich as zaroon is .she is not happy as zaroon is .she doesnot wear branded clothes as zaroon wear .infact wo aik shikway krti hoe pessimistic larki ha jo her waqt sari rehti ha lol

      • samosa

        I would have been rude to a guy who is a complete stranger and says hi like that. Come on, who does that? You only say hi, if you have a mutual friend in common or something. Also, she needs to keep her limits since she is going to a prestige college with her family's reputation in hand.

        • saba

          that's stupid! it's not like he is some random guy on the street. He is her classfellow. It is customary and in good manners to greet someone you are meeting for the first time.

          • qaisar

            it is all because of her experience about her father.she took every man as a bad man.she is brought up watching all the mess created by a man.
            its true that we only feel like the way life behaved us.

        • nadia

          samosa u really think like samosas

    • anonymous

      off course, she has the right.. as a matter of fact, the only right!
      one should have the freedom of speech. we choose who we like and who to treat nice.
      yes, we have the right!

      • nadia

        u have a rt to speak not to insult, girls shud always be careful what they say as if the guy becomes rude its a big shame for girls if he makes a joke on her infront of everyone in pakistani society , men can make a joke of girls very easily.

    • anushka

      ur rgt

  • Honey

    Aww Its a nice story .. <3

  • Maha

    Amazing drama effectively highlighting the sad realities of our male dominated societies. Interesting juxtaposition of lives of the so called modern elite and the more conservative middle class.

    • AasiaAbdali

      but i think fawad is also right k equality mardun ko qadmon mein gira k milna lazim nahi. i think most of our MODERN females have crossed the lines.

  • Noor ul khuda butt

    kashaf is so good so caring about mother and she consider the world right the word is as much cruel n bad as her dad

  • tahaanoo

    achee thee na bht mza aya waiting 4 3rd.luv umaira

  • imran

    its owsome . well written well directed owsome acting by everyone ..thumbs up for humtv team love this dramas

    i am proud to say pakistani no match with other contries … !! why such people watch such shitt dubbing turkish play .. guyzz plz promote our dramas not cheap play like ishq e mamnoon …. this is quality of our dramas … proud pakistani dramas !!

  • bilal

    I like kashafs thinking , about anybody who she knows and tells truth

  • bazinga

    Drama is superb superb superb….awsome ausum…awusummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….. intro part zara rude tha pr tha lajwab………………. now excited for nxt episode…..

  • Muhammad Usman Rafi

    i love derama i love ilove llove ilove ilove

  • m_s

    sooooooooo gooooood this episode was…………can't wait for next fridayyyyyy….aap ne do hafte late lagaya to ab hamein do episodes akhate dikhayen………..

  • sONia

    Nyc Novel n also drama
    i lyk her (kasahf)'s accent style
    Halat insan ko bohat talakh bana daite hain
    chahay wo gum k moqa pr hon khushi k hon ya phir ghurbat k specialy or aajkal to waise bhi nafsa nafsi ka dor chal raha hy 'har insan apne nafs ka gulam ban gaya hai gareeb banda ameeron ko daikh kr aise lafz na bolay to kia kare or waisy bhi Allah to 70 maaon se qareeb hota hai ussi se shikwa shikayat hi karain gy jb koi aasra nahi ho ga to:(

    • AasiaAbdali

      well said!

  • imran

    its owsome . well written well directed owsome acting by everyone ..thumbs up for humtv team love this dramas

  • m_s

    soooooooooooooo gooooood this episode was…can't wait for next fridayy……hum tv walon ne do hafte late lagaya to ab do episodes akhate dikhani chahiyein

  • kiran

    yar or b bohot ladies hain jo mommy ka role kar skti hain…. continously HINA BAYAT HINA BAYAT HINA BAYAT… HUMSAFAR MAI HINA BAYAT , phir sath hi MATA E JAAN mai HINA BAYAT, phir SHEHR E ZAAT mai HINA BAYAT , ab ZGH MAI B HINA BAYAT…… or 4 drama mai just MODREN MOMMY…..
    SHAGUFTA IZAJ , SAWERA NADEEM, BUSHRA ANSARI, SABA HAMEED, or b bht c actressess hain jink naam shayad abi mere mind mai nai arahe…. but mentioned ones are pioneers…. yeh log to her role mai dhal jane wale log hain…. in mai se koi nai nazar aya jo agggggaaaaiinnn HINA BAYAT……
    KAMAL hi ho gya….

    PLEASE HINA BAYAT ko rest de dain for sometime

    • imran

      saba faisal , rubina ashraf , atiqa odho , tehreem zubari, sakina somoor etc…

      • kiran

        exactly …!!! thats wot i am saying ….. phir yeh HINA ANTI hi reh gai hain her play mai MOMMY ban ne k lie……

        • imran

          kyun ke she is not that busy that other actress are !! & she choice also same not challeging role like other …she work only humtv & now i have in aik nayee cinderella but same role

    • imran

      Like : Saba Faisal, atiqa odho, rubina ashraf, laila zubari, sakina somro, samina pirzada etc

    • Sidra

      and wot abt Zeba Bakhtyar …… :)

    • maha

      HINA BAYAT suits n MOD MOMMY roles,.. sakina summo ,. rubina ashraf dsnt suit in such character,.. they look ssoo CLASSY

    • pissu

      but i must say her prformanc in mata-e-jaan was suprb

    • Amber

      kyonke this role is not as challenging or difficult jo who kiss barry actress ko lay .. koi bhi mediocre actress yeh role kar sakti hay and hina is doing it well so why not .. even tho i am also fed up of her monotonous acting

    • ramsha

      agree wd u

  • hina

    why ayesha omer is wearing "little miss jihad" T shirt? naqab mein eik khatooN and boom on her back

  • bazinga

    ye complete drama aik he baar mai kun nhi dikha daity… :(

    • gsg

      haye mere dil ki bat yahnan tm ne keh di :)

  • saf

    superb maza aagaya……….

  • Dazzling waqas

    Acha hay :)

  • pak

    Nice episode…but ireally enjoyed the nook johok between zaroon nd kashif…nd face expression of zaroon on kashifs rude replys…was owsum…

  • kiran

    a true story ….bilkul aisa hi hta hai jab bap apni betio k sath aise karte hn n kashaf was rude but us ka rude hna galat ni jo us k hallat hn un k mutabiq thkk hai

  • ramsha

    maza a gaya episode dekh kr face off b/w zaroon nd kashaf was wow 😀

  • razla

    Amazing drama……superb dialogues and lovely acting by sanam and fawad….Loving both of them…Especiallly…sanam saeed is amazing….i love her..<3

  • Sana ayan

    Lovvvvvvvvvvv today's episode nice acting by all

  • Sami

    Maza aya dehk kar….love it…..dialogues….acting….zabardat tha…..chuilal awal

  • nasreen

    brilliant work by the team, story is v close to reality. pakistani dramas r the best

  • rabia zafar

    damn hilarous outstanding episode….seriously dnt have words!!! speecless!! wht an epi!! zaroooon junaid killing us!

  • sharjeel

    kamal a

  • anaya noor

    Love this serial, cant wait 4 next episode…

  • sara

    thortha sa kashaf ko makeup he karwado bala lag rahy hai

    • tom

      balkul sahi kaha ap nay zaroon ka foundion tortha kashaf ko laga de

    • hira

      u r wrong…

    • maliha

      hahahaha…haan boora dikhana hai toh itna boora bhi mat dikao ke bala hi lagge:D

  • heena

    A one the dialogue of kashaf when she attend her first class in uni "waqt mera zaya horaha churail awal" haha

  • areebaiqbal

    kashaf's character is too lovin'

    • Hadeed

      YES . her Character is Well-articulated and sharp.
      very nice dialogue of CHURAIL AWWAL which shows that she can dare see storm in its eye.

  • mahum Armaan

    nice drama…luv u umera ahmed

  • Sherry

    "All the single ladies, all the single ladies…"
    If I ever come face to face with Fawad I'm going to make him sing the full song in the same voice… Lol!
    That is my life's ambition.

  • nasir

    jo b ha lakn kashf ke dresing bht achi the full covered . r wo sb ma uniqe r achi lag rahe the

  • asma

    chrail-e-awal 😛

  • muji

    entry to achi mari hy les c agy kia hota hy nd ap is site pay streeming bht hi slow hoti hy plzzzzz chek ur servers..

  • balalii zanani

    hy na wt kind of cheap girl is dat zaroon sister, why the hell is wearing sch shrts.. dont she have any respetc to our emotions.. how can she do dat to us , how can she play wid our emotions like dis.. she is so mch annoying OMG..

  • basma

    OMG !!!!! m in love wid the last scene b/w zaroon n kashaf…. lovvvvvv her atitude !!! bilkul aise deal krna chaie lrkon ko…. dil khush kr dia kashaf ne 😀 😀

    • Maheen

      He's acting like a typical rich, spoiled Pakistani boy. So I'd say his acting is pretty good. I

      • basma

        ya his acting is more than gud for sure n i think dats y i liked to watch him being insulted by sm1. he plays it so realistically !

    • sonu

      Khush fehmi achi nahi hoti dear !!!

      • basma

        wat sort of khush fehmi ????

    • nadia

      mashallah, bohat acha socha aap ney magar yeh drama hey real life mien yeh harkat na kerye ga werna larka woh beizati kerey ga aur aisa tamasha baney ga keh yaad karo gi, aur aisi batameez larki sey koi shadi nahien karey ga.. khabhi yeh samjh betho larka phans jaye ga.

      • basma

        lol baat lrke phnsane ki ni hai.aap ki soch apko mubarak . aur agar larka shadi k qabil hua to aisi badtamizi ki nobat hi ni ae g !!!!

    • kashif

      agay chal kar jo zaroon karay ga kya sab larkon ko bhi aise hi deal karna chahye larkiyon ke sath? afsos hota hai apki soch pe. but i liked the scene as a drama.

      • basma

        wo phir larki ki bewaqufi hai .me ne us baaray me koi cment ni kiya . m jst talking abt that particular scene.apne ap ko kuch smjne walon ko unki auqaat bta deni chahie

  • shazi

    is drama ki heroine male and hero female lagta hai:P Heroine without makeup where as hero in FULL makeup even their looks:P n style of talking 😛

    • asma ajam

      hahaha v.nice

  • hooria

    fawad ki shakal mr .bean se milthi hai ….idot abnormal lgta hai mjhy to is ki jaga koi or role karta ….bastard

  • sadaf

    aisay to koi b larki kse larkay ko nae kehti no matter how confident the girl is… they went a lill far thix time.
    well congrts hum tv for bringn up such a wonderful drama again.. i only get to watch a single drama in whole week n humtv provides me wth that 1..n its a coinincidenc that all great dramaz of humtv were aired on friday,satrday like sher zaat,malal.
    also after sher zaat i just glad therez another great drama to wait for th whole week. good job i hope v get more like thm

    • laila

      lo himat ho na tou bnda kuch b keh skta hy kci ko b…………

    • Ms shumaila

      agree – why did she say to his friend" apni befqoofi per hans rahe ho?? that does not make any sense !!

  • areena

    novel me tha k sir abrar kashaf se koi sawal kerte hain to us p zarron english me kashaf k kichae kerta ha jo kashaf ko bht bura lagta ha phir next clas me kashaf ko moka mlta ha is tarhaa roude hok bat kerne ka …. ye bat to samajh ate ha … lakn zarron jsa larka dopate wali lerki ko helllo bolta ha or kashaf rude hojate ha ?/ ye starnge nah tha kafi ?? wht u say guys ??

    • Fahad

      Mujhy ye is liye strange nai laga k Zaroon nature ka acha dikhaya huwa, aur even wo apni sister ko bhi dressing k mamlay me kehta k tum ye shirt pehen k jaogi?? so he respects baa-hayaaa lerki..

      • areena

        lakn ye drama novel based ha to phr ye changng kyu ?? novel me her cheez tarteeb k sath dekhaye gaye ha jo bht khobsorat lagte ha

    • hiba

      wesay mujhay b novel wala introduction zaida acha laga ha…is ka itna maza nahi aya..

    • sajjad

      kashaf was looking different by dressing in that classroom,may be thatswhy zaroon wanted the introduction.

  • asma ajam

    nice drama, reality k kreeb rhay to acha ha

  • hina

    Churail awwal ne to bager ariel k hi suthri tarha dho daala ameer zaday ko hahaha…becharay ki muft me dhulaai ho gai…

    • Fahad

      haha. ameer zaday ki to ki hi ki, beechare Osama ki bhi kar di…

  • gsg

    no words for cast, acting,story,dialogues deleivery.. everything is just awsome and complete…hats off hats off hats off,.. waiting for next episode……

  • bobi

    chrail-e-awal 😛

  • Fahad

    haha.. Ameer Zaday ki to ki hi ki.. beechare Osama ki bhi muft me kar di..

  • Aysha

    in last episode, i commented about a dialouge in the darma about wife taking husabnds "permission" when stepping out of the house. I mentioned that in my house, where both me and my husband love and care for each other, we dont take any permission to step out of the hosue. HOWEVER, BOTH ME AND MY HUSBAND let each other know where we are because I know if i dont inform him he will be concerened where i am and if does not inform, i will be concerened if he is ok. I got many dislikes on that comment and I dont know why?
    So My question are:
    1:Does an adult woman has ANY control over her life once she is married?
    2:If an adult woman is not even allowed to make decision about stepping out of the hosue, what other decisions can she make about her life?
    What if a woman is a doctor/engineer and she wants to pursue her career and hsuabnd says "NO U CANT"

    • khan

      es main married ya unmarried honey ki baat nahi hai,
      har company ko chalaney k leay aik boss ki zarorat hoti hai only one head of that company,
      jaisey hum sub ka malik aik Allah hai,
      esse tarhan Allah ta'la ney duniya main admi ko yeh kaam dea hai coz aurat par aur bohat c zimedariyan hain.
      shadi say pehlay aap ko apney father ki permission ki zarorat hoti hai shadi k baad husband ki es main mujhey koi burai nazar nahi aati coz yeh Allah ka rule hai, aur agar husband ya father without any genuine reason aap ko roktey hain tu os ka hisab unko qayamat k din Allah ko dena pareyga.
      aur aurat hotey hoey aap yeh baat achhi tarha understand karti hongi k hum hur aisy physical ya mental condition main nahi hotey k barey barey decisions lay saken(like during pregnancy and periods) esse leay Allah ta'la ney yeh barey kaam ya ghar say bahar k kaam humarey zimmey nahi daley, i m a well educated mother of 2 so don't thin that i m illiterate or something like that, i live in USA and m part time business consultant in my husband business.
      agar aap k aur aap k husband k beech understanding hai tu dats gr8. lekin yeh baat such hai k agar aap ka husband ya father aap ko ghar say niklaney ko mana kartey hain tu aap ko nahi nikalna, lekin agar husband aur father apni zemedarey sahi say nibhaen tu woh aap ko ossi waqt bahar janey ko mana karengay jub woh aap k leay ghalat hoga Allah ney admiyon k ooper bohat zimedariyan dali hain aur aurton ko bohat say hoqooq deay hain amagar aaj kal k aurat bekhabar hai aur admi laparwah.
      meray case main i feel like a princess in may fatehrs home and queen here with my husband Alhumdulillah.

      • syed mohsin hassan

        mujay aap ki sab batain bohat achi lagi or khushi huee kay aap usa main reh kar b in sab baton ko samajti hain or mard or aurat ki resposibilty ko janti hain main b in sahiba ko jawab dena chahta tha magar aap nay jo keh diya hai meray khayal say woh hi kafi hain agar un ko samaj aa jaey to pakistan main log apnay islamic culture or responsibilties ko aksariat main bhool chukay hai or aap ko advance counrty main reh kar hum say bohat behtar muslim hain mujay khushi huee aap say baat karkay

        • Aysha

          mohisn sahab mera aap say sirf aik question hay. lets say in this darama if kashaf's dad does not give permission to kashaf's mom to step out of the house and work, if she does not listen to her husband in this regard, will she be gunhegar?

      • aleezay

        great …..100%agreed:)

      • Aysha

        well miss khan, dunya mian (especially pakistan main) sub mard aap kay husband jaisay naheen hain. I am talking about 90% of pakistani women who are abused. Let me ask you just one question. In this drama, if kashaf's dad does not give permission to kashaf's mom to step out of the hosue and work, what would u say? do u think if she wont listen to her husband she will be gunehgar?

        • khan

          main ney aap ko apney comment main likha tha k aik mard ki bohat c zimeydariyan hain jo woh bhool gaey hain aur aap ko andaza nahi k qiyamat k di un par kiya guzreygi jub aisey mardon say Allah ta'la aik aik lumhey k barey main sawal karey ga aur un ko es ki kiya kiya saza miley gi.
          well main yahan yeh batadon k aurat ko majbori main bahar nikalney ki ijazat hai, humara mashub majbori main arat ko even iddat tuk main ghar say bahar janey ki ijazat deta hai, magar bilawajhey jo aurton ney apney sir par itna bojh dal liya hai west ko women ko dekh dekh kar khudara os say bahar aajaey yahan west main aurton ko koi izzat nahi un ko sirf aik he nazar say dekh jata hai, sirf un k moo par un ki izzat hoti hai jhooti.
          aur aysha ma sha Allah aap ka name itna achha hai plz Allah k banaey hoey rules par bilawajhey ungli utha kar gunah gar na baneay pehlay ja kar pori knowledge hasil kejeay phir baat karen.
          kashaf aur us ki ammi ki jo situation hai us main woh jo kar rahi hain sahi hai. main ney kaha tha aaj kal k mard (moslty) apni zimedariyan aur faraez bhool chukey hain. aurat ko aur mard ko Allah nay design aur creat kiya hai tu zahir hai wohi behtar bata sakta hai k kis ka kiya kaam hai.
          yeh hamara mazhab he hai jo aurat k education ki baat karta hai aurat ko job aur business ki permission deta hai, magar hur cheez ki limitations hoti hai. yehe dramaey he hain jin main aap ney dekha hoga k jub aurat bahar nikalti hai tu ossay kitni problems face karni parti hain.

      • imsa

        totally agree with u..veryyy ri8 u r

      • saree ehsaas

        bohat khooooob kahaaa ap ne,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i totaly agree wid u dear sis,,,,,,,,,kon hy jo ap jesi akalmand or samajhdaar b.v or beti par fakhar nai karay gaaa

    • Sherry

      Totally on the same page with you! An adult woman is responsible for her life and whatever she does. In a relationship, both husband and wife and even the children are obliged to inform each other whenever they leave the house. Islam gives a woman the right to control her life in accordance with ISLAM and rationality first, and then with the husband's wishes. Agar husband usse rok deh kahin (halal) kaam karne jaane sey bughair kissi wajah keh, aurat ki right banti hai ke woh usse sawal karey "kyun?"
      Jabh aurat kam per jaati hai, to kya uss ka farz banta hai apne shohar se poochna keh "Mein nokri per jaa sakti houn?"
      Religion and rationality are two sides of the same coin.

    • meer

      do u have problem with dislikes, negative comments or with women who r taking permission?

    • saba

      y r u so concerned? if u and ur husband have an understanding then be happy with it. y do u need others to tell u that u r right? wat works for u will not always work for others and wat works for others will not always work for u.

  • sohaib

    Waisay abh saray larkay aik jaisay b nahi hotay…Abh kashaf ko father ka ghusa Fawad par to nahi aana chaiay na…:)

  • zainab

    i like zaroon's thought and views about women and also about working people like the way he argued with her sister for making his fiance wait downstairs like a driver and women dressing.. though he is dude type but its because of his up bringing otherwise he is a decent guy with good thoughts.. and kashaf is awesome too ofcourse..

  • binanaveed

    awsum drama

  • guest..

    ye typical mard aur typical aurat k tanz dena samajh se bahar hai.. ab abnda possesive aur gharelu rahe tw bhi problem?!!

  • Maheen

    Zaroon's sister's "Miss Jihad" t-shirt is a reflection of the "brown Sahib" mentality that pervades Pakistan's upper classes. Most of them will do anything to lick the boots of Westerners, even if it means insulting their own faith and culture. It is disgusting, but is perhaps done one purpose, to reflect this mindset.

    • Sherry

      Come on yaar, its only a t-shirt! Not a slogan! Grow up!

      • Maheen

        Sherry, I think you need to grow up and see the reality. This t-shirt is offensive and insulting. If it was insulting African-Americans or Jews, I have no doubt you would condemn it.

        • pakhana

          I am a American born Pakistani…but I totally agree with Maheen, I did get offended by seeing the message displayed on that shirt. These people will give up their morals and sell their souls to the devil for fame and money.

      • nadia

        u need to get out of your complexes.

        • nadia


    • zamzam

      me too noted that shirt. that was sick
      dont ike it

      • nadia

        i just went back a nd saw it, that was sickening, ayesha umer has gone beyond her limits to wear that piece of crap , she shud be condemned and the directer of the drama shud be informed and protested , ido*t women shows as if she was born to a lord..these kind shud be kicked in as*s real bad

        • anonymous

          Very insulting. Especially when you live overseas and have to constantly explain to the non-muslims the real meaning of jihad.

  • Maheen

    I like the way Kashaf responded to the spoiled, arrogant Zaroon. She was rude, and yes, it would have been better to be polite and ignored his original statement calling her "churail awwal". But too often, in Pakistani society and around the world, the rich are allowed to throw all kinds of mud on those who are economically lower class. Kashaf was simply putting Zaroon in his place and making it clear her class would not allow her to tolerate being stepped on. In Western countries, there is a big movement against "bullying" and Zaroon's stupid comment about Kashaf being ugly because she beat him is perhaps a reflection of that.

    • cheef sahab

      nice essay. 😛

    • Rabia

      but when zaroon called kashaf as churail awwal her class was not known to him

    • Momal

      jab zaroon ne kashaf ka naam dehk ker usko churail awal kaha tha, tab wo usko jaanta bih nahi tha, aur naa hi usko dehka tha… is tarah se to koi bih kaih sakta he…. (he did not mean it)…. to pihr Kashaf ko itnaaaa Ghussa kiou he???? Ok – rude jawaab de rahe he… lekin itni badtameezi koi bih bardasht nahi kerta jo kashaf kerahi he… usko is baat ka hi khiyaal rakhna chaiye the wo uska class fellow he… i don't like the way she answered… she crossed her limits… with NO REASON !

      • assas

        kashaf is having some inferiority complex ….

    • Sidra

      i totally Agreed with u…….lady must be like her to every Zaroon……………………..

  • Aysha

    They are showing two extremes. No mother is that bad that if kids ask her where she is going, she will get upset. If a loved one asks where you r going, it means they are worried and concerened about you. In my home, both me and my husband inform each other where we are becuase we care for each other and love each other and get worried about each other. HOWEVER, NO DOUBT, THERE ARE SOME CONTROLLING MEN IN OUR CULTURE TOO.
    Secondly, why do they even let kashaf's father come into the hosue? baap sirf bachay paida kerna say naheen banta. One becomes a father when he fulfils his reponsibilities as a father and when he loves his children to death. A loving father will never ever do a second marriage because he would know it will bring so much damage and pain to his children. children usually consider second marriage of their father as betrayal to them and their mother. And in many cases, daughters of such men start hating every men and dont want to marry at all

  • Aysha

    people who are say according to Islam a wife should not step out of the hosue without husband's permission, I just have one question for them. In this drama, lets say Kashaf's dad does NOT give kashaf's mom "PERMISSION" to work or step out of the house, In that case WHAT SHOULD KASHAF's MOM DO ? If she still works, is she gunhgar?

    • masooma

      wo to apni bation ki kafalat nahi kr ra balkay apni doosi biwi ka khial rakh raha ha is liay wo gunargar kiskhatay m ho ga

    • Yasir

      fight for the rights

    • Hina

      No one will give you any anwers.I myself was divorced and no one came to help me in need.Now I am posted at very high level in government and I am role model for other.This so called Muslims society has NO answers for you.BTW the wife of our Prophet was businesswoman and Hazrat Ayesha fought the battle of camel…..while staying at home????????

      • Aysha

        Hina, I salute you for your courage.God bless you and your children. Be strong and take good care of yourself. You are absolutly right, no one comes forward to help such a woman. If she is facing bruatal treatment from her husband, even her own famliy says "guzara karo" because they dont want any "burden".They support her if they know she can take care of herself. If a woman ends up in a bad situation, she should be strong and capable of taking care of herself and her children financialy. Thats the only way she can earn respect.

      • khan

        hazrat khadija use to do business while staying home, she always send her employes to tours for trade.
        And Hazrat Aisha's act of going into war was achieved partly from her Jahilia days independence for women but in the end Islamic values overcame and everyone looked down upon Aisha's involvement in the war, demonstrating how once a woman tried to achieve an equal status but it was put down by conservative Islamic thought. There was also the incident where Harun ar Rashid's wife, when her son was killed, was asked to follow the example of Aisha and avenge the son's death but she said it was no place for women to take political avenges and therefore she mourned and stayed put. The underlying message in this was that what Hazrat Aisha did was an anomaly in Islam.

        • Maheen

          It is clear that Rafia in this play has to work because her unjust husband is not supporting her. In Islam, if a man takes more than one wife he is OBLIGED to provide equal treatment and provide his wives and children with their needs. It is clear that Kashaf's father favors one wife (the second one with whom he has a son) over the other, to the extent that he can take a family trip to Islamabad but cannot even pay for the repair of a mold-covered wall in his first wife's home. This is clear injustice and inequality that he will be answerable for.

          This is not about feminism at all. It is about Muslim women in Pakistan and around the world being given their due rights under Islam. Muslim countries have, for the most part, failed Muslim women because fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons, as well as governments run by men have denied women the rights Allah guarantees women in the Quran and Sunnah. This is why so many Muslim women misguidedly turn to feminism, thinking it has the answers.

          Muslim women now have no choice but to fight for themselves, since the males of this Ummah, for the most part, are not real men who can be trusted to treat women with the respect they deserve, as Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and the Sahaba did. Muslim women should not shut up and take the injustice. Rather, we should arm ourselves with the knowledge of our faith and defend our rights in the context of the Quran and Sunnah.

    • Syeda

      I agree with u Ayesha! people who never have such hardship in their life and have never experience this kind of brutality in life just sit at home and criticize other people on how bad other Muslims are. they themselves are 2 face Muslims. if they really had knowledge of Islam they would also see the context of the situation that when it is permit-able and when its not permit-able. People just remember the rule but dont remember when its applied!

      • Aysha

        Syeda, I agree with you 100%. . People dont look at the context. This all started in Zia's era when he sold Islam for political gains. You must have heard Karl Marx saying " relgion is opium for masses". Thats exactly what happend in Paksitan in zias era. "relogion was used as opium" and we are seeing the result.

      • khan

        agar aap k samney sarey burey experiences hain tu os k leay aap rules nah badal sakti, main kisi aisi working women ko bura nhai keh rahi jo apni majbori main bahar nikalti hai, aap dono khud meri baat baat ko ghalat lay rahi hain. aap ney apna mind set kar lea hai aap baat ko samajhney ki koshish he nahi kar rahi.
        humara mazhab bohat flexable hai woh majbori main ijazat deyta hai.
        magar mujhey afsoos hai, nd i feel so pitty jo aurten zabardusti bilawajhey apney ooper itna bojh dal layti hain main aisi aurton ko bhe janti hon jinhon job kar kar k apney husbads ko ghar beth kar aram karney ko aadat daldi hai, un k barey main aap ka kiya khayal hai.
        jo aurten admi aur aurat ki barabri ki baat karti hain agar bahar koi admi un say battamezi kar day tu wohi kehti hain tum ko aurat say baat karney ki tameez nahi os waqt woh khud bhool jati hain k wohi aurat aur mard k barabar honey ki baat kar rahi thi .yeh wali baat merey samajh nahi aati aurton ko bhe cricket khelna hai but apni alag team banaegi agar barabar hain tu mardon k samney aakey khelen mardon ka muqabla karen proof karen ossi team main jagha banaey jis main mard khel rahey hain.
        Allah ta'la ney mardon aur aurton ko alag alag banaya hai dono equal hain magar same nahi hai es baat ko plz samjhen aur Allah ney he dono un ki duties samjhaen hai woh Allah hai hum saub ka malik hum sub ko banaey wala, os ney bata dea hai kis ki kiya jagha hai,
        aap ko undaza nahi k aik mard ko ooper kitni zimey dariyan hai agar sarey mard sahi hojaen tu yeh duniya jannat bunjaey, sari aurten mazey ain zindagi guzaren sirf husband he nahi baap bhai agar woh nahi tu khandan k dosrey close relative ki zimedari hai, par sarey mard soey hoey hain.
        lekin agar mard apna kaam nahi kar rahey tu es ka matlab yeh nahi aap Allah k banaey hoey rules ko bura ya ghalat kahen, ghalti admi kar rahey hain.
        aur aisi situation main agar aurat bahar nikalti hai tu kiya Allah os ka saath nahi dayga, Allah khud os k saath hoga os ki madad kareyga.
        aur sub say bari baat yeh duniya Allah ta'la ney es leay nahi banaey k yahan aub sirf achha achha he hoga, yeh humarey examination haal, yahan humain proof karna hai k hum jannat k qabil hain k nahi, hur insan ki capabilities alag alag hain aur Allah hur insan ko alag alag tarhan say test kar raha hai, agar duniya k lehaz say koi zayada mushkil main lug raha hai aur koi asan zindagi guzar raha tu es ka matlab yeh nahi k Allah na insafi kar raha hai.
        Allah day kar bhe azmata hai aur lay kar bhe, jub day kar azmata hai tu woh aur mushkil hota hai coz bundey ko pata he nahi chulta k ossay test kea ja raha hai woh apni pursukoon zindagi main khojata hai, aur jis say lay kar azmata hai ossay atleast Allah say mangna yaad rehta hai.
        tu jo jis haal main hai Allah ka shukar ada karey kiya pata humain baad main kis cheez ke kiya jaza miley

    • SABA


    • khan

      main ney aap ko apney comment main likha tha k aik mard ki bohat c zimeydariyan hain jo woh bhool gaey hain aur aap ko andaza nahi k qiyamat k di un par kiya guzreygi jub aisey mardon say Allah ta'la aik aik lumhey k barey main sawal karey ga aur un ko es ki kiya kiya saza miley gi.
      well main yahan yeh batadon k aurat ko majbori main bahar nikalney ki ijazat hai, humara mashub majbori main arat ko even iddat tuk main ghar say bahar janey ki ijazat deta hai, magar bilawajhey jo aurton ney apney sir par itna bojh dal liya hai west ko women ko dekh dekh kar khudara os say bahar aajaey yahan west main aurton ko koi izzat nahi un ko sirf aik he nazar say dekh jata hai, sirf un k moo par un ki izzat hoti hai jhooti.
      aur aysha ma sha Allah aap ka name itna achha hai plz Allah k banaey hoey rules par bilawajhey ungli utha kar gunah gar na baneay pehlay ja kar pori knowledge hasil kejeay phir baat karen.
      kashaf aur us ki ammi ki jo situation hai us main woh jo kar rahi hain sahi hai. main ney kaha tha aaj kal k mard (moslty) apni zimedariyan aur faraez bhool chukey hain. aurat ko aur mard ko Allah nay design aur creat kiya hai tu zahir hai wohi behtar bata sakta hai k kis ka kiya kaam hai.
      yeh hamara mazhab he hai jo aurat k education ki baat karta hai aurat ko job aur business ki permission deta hai, magar hur cheez ki limitations hoti hai. yehe dramaey he hain jin main aap ney dekha hoga k jub aurat bahar nikalti hai tu ossay kitni problems face karni parti hain.

    • Nasir

      It's for the husband to provide for the wife and for their children., we need to learn and practice Islam., "if you don't live as you believe, then you begin to believe as you live " this is the meaning of a Hadith of the prophet (saw) while the west is turning to Islam we are turning to the west

  • Azba

    This words "CHURAIL AWWAL" has nt mentiond in di noval so why has spoken in di drama???????????? Drama kuch kuch noval se hat k ja raha hai?????????????????

  • uneza

    last scene was more than awesome!!
    sanam n fawad did it perfectly..

  • AasiaAbdali

    Umera Ahmed is amazing! This script is just fabulous and thought provoking. But all fathers are not the same and i really wanted to mention that Alhumdulilah my father is the exact opposite and the bestest father in the world I am sure no other father can be better than him.

  • KalaBhoot

    Kashaf , 200 rupees kharch ker k khud tou taxi mein beth gher aa gayee, lekin jab subha uss ki mother ka joota toot ghaya thaa to un ko taxi nahin kerwa ke di……wesay bari caring ban rahi thi…..

    Kashaf, mithaai bhi khareed sakti hai …..lekin apni mother ko naye jootay nahin dila sakti……kuchh ajeeb script hai.

    • Atif

      I think some time when we get over excited we do spend like this so no big deal take it positively and dont criticise.

      • Umeed

        Kuch logo ko her cheez me Keeray nikalne ki aadat hoti ha. Ye cheez insan ko gathering and society se miltee ha . so its not his fault….:)
        Atif , agree with u cent percent.

      • moona

        yes ap taeek kah rehe ho …

    • dybbuk

      Kashaf k mithai kharidney ko uski ammi k jootey se compare karne ki kia logic hai? Ammi ka joota toot gya tha to woh keh to rahi thi k ammi naya joota le lain shop se. ya ghar se ja k dusra le ayen. Now tell me if you want to say that Kashaf wasn't allowed to celebrate her success. jahan tak 200 ki taxi ki baat hai to iss drame mein kashaf ko middle-class girl dikhaya gya hai, faqeer nahin jo 200 ki taxi bhi na kar sake. There is a shortfall of money and it's hard for them to prioritize their necessities, that's why they didn't spend 200 on shoes. But iska yeh matlab nahin k unkey paas 200 rupees bhi nahin. Agar woh 200 ki taxi kr k ghar aa gyi to there is nothing wrong. Insan ko celebrate karne ka pura pura haq hai. Uski ammi aur behnain sab hi khush thi uski succees se. Aise mein 200 koi importance nahin rakhte

      • wed

        bara time hy app k ps

    • hamza

      i think he is saying correct mithae or taxi sa imp maan k jotay thay .anyhow overall drama is nyc

    • Yasir

      Thesis likh rahe ho kia dramy apr jo itna sanjeed hogai ap hhahahahaahhahahaa

    • Zindagi-ki-Diary

      Good one!…(Baat to theek hai……)

    • imsa

      jb joota tota tha tb use ye nahi pta tha k use scholarship mile ga.kharcha us ne tb kia jb use pta chla k mje scholarship mile ga…so, its very simple,i think.

    • zouya

      200 wala shoes payedar nehi hota paisay zaiya is liye nehi dilwaya

    • Chaudhary

      its drama yar

    • naila


    • diana

      bilkul sahi kaha

    • emad

      heheheh saHi bat hay kala bhOOt

    • Anum_Emran

      yup i feel the same thing itni hi tension hoti hai ma ki job se to khud kiun koi part time job ni karleti. sirf batain banati hai

  • KalaBhoot

    Ab next dramay mein Hina Bayat ko kisi ghareeb maasi ka role milna chahiye :)

    • Atif

      Yes Agreed. She has enjoyed a lot in playing role of modern mother. She has to prove her talent in playing Ghareeb Massi Role.

    • Atif

      She has a Monopoly in playing modern mother on Hum TV and bad thing is that there is no variation in the way she acts in all 4 dramas.

    • meerab

      her insan ki apni personality hoti hai or usi ko dekh ke characters ka intekhaab kiya jata hai. jaise kuch log banay hi negative roles ke liye hain kuch comic ke liye or kuch her tarha ke character mein dhal jate hain like sameena peerzada. so sab kuch zehn mein rakh ke character mein liya jata hai

  • ZGH

    finally a drama has aired where i cant wait for the next episode to release…the role given to everyone is jus superb….the way zaroon and kashaf r acting is cus of the environment they have lived in and things they hav faced…jus love it and i feel Kashaf's the main reason I look forward to watching this drama…have seen her other drama's but didnt think she wud be this gr8!!!

  • Iman

    Can't wait to see the next episode so shocked I loved the part Churail awal

    • Pwince


  • sania

    awesome drama n zaroon oh my God .too good

  • Safe

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  • MaNsOoR

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    Classic story of my favourite writer umera ahmed
    and very fine cast
    i m a big fan of writer

  • Anmol xaidi

    Drama ix just awsme i luve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    nd kashf nd zaroon both r dh awsme but i dnt lke asmara here
    except asmara all r awsme just luv it nd the last scene of univrsty CHURAIL AWAL wow i lke it zaroon xiada ovr smart banta hai uxe kashf he theek karege
    mere ye matlb nhh hai tht i dnt lke zaroon infact i loveeeeeee zaroon but ovr smart banna ache baat nhh
    so in shrt drama ix fabulus nd fawad khn ka koi drama bura kbb hota hai:-)

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    DRama is just outstanding nd FAWAD OMG!!!!!
    whle cast was awsme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    kitna he acha ho na agr har upper class lrka in middle class lrkiun sy shadi kr ley and sari umar shadi ko nibhaye lrki b khush lrka b khush and ALLAH b khush

    • Talha

      or upper class larkian middle class larkon se shadi kr lein ..:D

      • Maheen

        dunno about that. Phir jo middle class ki larkiyan hain, vo upper class banjathee hain aur apna past bhool jathi hain. Phir vo vohee upper class logon ki elite zindagi guzar ti hain. They don't go back and help the middle to lower classes they originally came from. They become part of the selfish, arrogant elites who rule in most countries, including Pakistan.

    • Rabia

      i really liked your comment and this type of marriage practice should be implemented to overcome evils like poverty and to keep Allah and his Rasool(S.A.W) happy

  • Talha

    300 rupees ka bara acha jota b ajata h wese..:D

  • imran

    very nice…..
    a very good direction on a very good story….
    hats off for sultana siddique + umera ahmad+sanan saeed+fawad love it all

  • Iman Ahmad

    WOW I think it's the next great drama like humsafar was and haven't you noticed they have most of the humsafar crew

    • Saira

      Ya your right and I am a big fan of humsafar but I still think its not that good but It's growing on me

  • farzana FAF


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  • Quratul-Ain Anniey

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    what i think is k kashaf ko ist day he itna rude nai hona chahye tha.aur agr us k ghar k halat theek nai tou is mai logon ka koi ksoor nai hota.

    • u-z

      this is wht exactly her personality is….normally if we r passing thru tough times we are never amused by happy life of others…its quite difficult to tolerate that im having hardships n others enjoying at best…this is human psyche…n this is apart from logical reasoning that its not others fault….this is moralization n in talking about psyche…v target others unconsciously for our deprivations n project our negative feelings towards others be its their fault or not..its our peronality's defense for survival during that situation…here she was already annoyed by his comments…thts v obvoius if sm1 calls u churail u cant miss any chance to break his teeth… so her personal bitterness plus her annoyance with zaroon made her behave like that…hope i replied well…

    • Wallia

      woh itni rude is liye thi kyun k zaroon ne uski beizzatti ki thi

    • Haseeb

      She is rude because zaroon called her Churail awal the first they when she was standing behind…WATCH drama carefully and than comment…!!!

      • Qurat

        tumhain bri takleef hui hai kgta hai hu!

      • Momal

        wo to tab usko jaanta bih nahi aur na hi usne usko dehka tha… so what's yje big deal ??? Huhhhh pooor Mentality of Kashaf

  • http://facebook saira


  • dybbuk

    With every stage the drama is passing through gradually, it's completely casting a spell over me. I watch ZGH like a hypnotized peep. But was amazed to see the words "Little Miss Jihad", though it wasn't comprehending for me and to be honest I really didn't get what it was exactly, I liked episode 2 as well. Thumbs up for ZGH, HumTv and Pakistani Dramas :)

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    at 8:25 the girl is wearing a purple top which says "Miss Little jihad" and the cartoon has a bomb at its back.. i didn't like that at all..coz no matter what it portrays a wrong image of islam.. they should take care of it!! rest its going good.. showing the reality!

    • far far away

      in which part?

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          @khan, if you haven't got balls inside your head instead of a brain, read the last lines of my message again where I myself wrote if I was unknowing, let me know..But the way you commented evinces your acerbic calumny and alacrity of passing comments without thinking. If I asked something, it doesn't mean you start advising me to use my brain (in that decried way). That's the reason I deprecate my contribution to any kind of public debate for fear of seeming presumptuous. I am not diffident otherwise. Better keep your fatuous limericks upto you. Your grandiloquence (I would say indeed) is not gonna make you sound smart. Mr/Miss iconoclast. @Ali I agree with you man, I myself was confused with those words. But would you please tell me how those words ridiculed male chauvinism you just said that? Not if you are using the word chauvinism in an undue partiality, it's ok. But I will ask again what it has got to do with male chauvinists? And yea, I got your point that those words shouldn't be written on such a place. I was actually watching those words just with a single perspective of their individuality. Thanks bro!

    • Ms shumaila

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    • Maheen

      The t-shirt is a parody of Jihad. The "Little Miss" is part of a series of children's books in the West. I grew up reading them too. Here is a look at them:

      By themselves, they are cute and amusing books. There are titles like "Little Miss Chatterbox", "Little Miss Nosy", "Little Miss Neat", Etc.

      However, the maker of the t-shirt that Sara, Zaroon's sister wore in the drama, took the idea from this series and used it to make a joke out of the noble concept of Jihad, or struggle for the sake of God in the Islamic context. As I mentioned above in another comment, the aim is for the "brown Sahib" or "kalay Angrez" type of elite Pakistanis who look down on anything remotely Islamic to mock the faith and culture of the country they are living in and benefiting from.

      Perhaps the t-shirt was used intentionally to show this mentality among many rich, upper-class Pakistanis who have turned their back on who they are to be more "modern" (read Westernized), adopting bigotry and prejudice against themselves to please their real masters. I know for a fact, also, that many Westerners who are not Muslim would be offended by this kind of a t-shirt, which insults Islam and Muslims. It's too bad there are Muslims who are not.

      • dybbuk

        @Maheen, isn't "Little Miss Jihad" a comedic film? I didn't find this one in above given link of yours.

        • Maheen

          Not as far as I know. But the "Little Miss" and "Little Men" characters by Roger Hargreaves are a children's series that are supposed to teach kids good values.

          • dybbuk

            It is a film. When 10-year-old, Afghani-American, Sally Khan, discovers that the father she never knew disappeared on September 11, 2001, she becomes convinced that he is a terrorist. Now if she could only figure out what that means. Gloria Adora, Jasmine Chan and many others are in the cast.

          • Maheen

            wow, never heard of it. But if you look at the character on the t-shirt, it matches the character of the "Little Miss" series, not the movie.

          • dybbuk

            Rest God knows what was the purpose behind displaying those words, but Sultana Siddique has apologized and said that there was no intentional or meaningful inclination towards hurting anyone.

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