Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 5 in High Quality – 28th December 2012

Watch Latest Online Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 5 in High Quality – 28th December 2012
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Read Review of Today’s Episode by Fatima Awan


Read Review of Today’s Episode by Fatima Awan

Read Review of Today’s Episode by Fatima Awan

  • xaini


    • Areeba

      nice drama because its real things in our life the differences between upper class. and lover every character is doing good job, excellent and as ewes om.

  • babar

    niceeeeeeee drama

    • naina

      lagta ha ap ko to bht intresting laga es liy etna lamba niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee likha ha

  • Dds

    Really good drama and superb acting.

    • abid

      dont waste comments

      • Arihat

        you too

        • anormous

          arihat is that you i never knew you know too much english..wow aala yar ek dum aala!!!

    • iftikhar chaudry


  • mahi

    otherssssss parts???????????????/

    • hira

      where are other parts of drama…???

  • honey

    stupid video

  • Sami

    Hmmmm……zabardast episode…..Asmara ki dressing tu bohat he fazul hote hai.Asmara or zahroon kahnay k table per he arguments karte rahte hai.Osama ka Asmara ki dressing pe hasna acha laga.



  • Najaf Rana

    I like this novel , but drama is so intresting and nice .

  • juneez

    videos are not working

  • hope2go

    why didnt u upload on tune videos these videos dont workkk :(

    • Ali Hyder

      The videos are working just fine .. whats wrong with them?

  • zara

    please upload good videos please,, please please.

  • farah

    plz upload quickly

  • http://Dramaonlin Saba

    Plz koi or website nhi jis pay drama dekh sako… Yahn tu rat khatam ho jati hai lkn drama nhi on hota

    • Sana

      Yah mein drama kaise start hota hai

      • Ali Hyder

        Can't you just watch it on Youtube

    • Mubin

      youtube wala linka dekha karein

  • qasim

    it should be first in TPR

  • Administrator

    Tune.pk is down ! Couldn't Upload on it.!

  • iman

    admin !! upload drama in parts n upload in tunepk

    • Ultimate

      it really take less time if you watch on daily motion link, the only thing you have to do is to lower the picture quality it ll save your time and you'll find this link better than others….. :)

    • Sana

      Plz iska koi Hal btao drama bht slow chlta hai

      • Ali HYder

        I think its gotta do something with the browser and the background processes, or, more likely internet connection. I have vodaphones 4g wifi at my house and the videos play just fine, however they do need a little buffering on other connections like dsl or 3g and stuff like that.

  • bushra afzal

    i love fawad khan.mai first time koi pakistani serial dekhne lagi hoon,i like.

    • Rabeea Zaidi

      Meine dislike is lie nai kia k U love FK.. Meine dislike is lie kia k aap Pakistani drama pehli bar dekh rhi hain..

    • NKHAN

      Bushra call me 321 4411833

      • bushra

        vasy ap ko no ki ku zarorat parh gai ha nkhan 0334 3422443

      • sami


  • kvl choudhary

    kya problem ha drama parts mein kyun nahe kya ha it takes alot of time in buffering >.< plzzzzzzzz hurry uppp

  • zzzzz

    kindly agr video upload krni hi hoti to parts ma kea krn ye playwire wala ehsan mat kea krn…….

    • Abdullah

      ap kun ehsan laty haien

  • kaka


  • asad

    totally agreed

    • naina

      ap na kia bat ki ha jo adman ko del karni pari asad sahb

  • uneza

    seriously!! plz admin

    • Aysha

      yey faiza khan aur asad nay kia likha tha? why are their comments deleted?

      • IHSAN

        Daal mein koch kala tha.. wo hi hata diya Admin ne!! :p

  • abishmughal

    nice story of this play

  • Anonymous1234

    I have a very deep connection with this drama…

  • ahmer


    • kareeman buaa

      really bakwaaas nothindg special in the whole episode

    • samnaz

      mun dkha he apna
      bndar kya jane adrakkkkk ka swad

  • Aysha

    Hey everyone, as they show in other daramas that if a guy is highly educated, he gets a job in nice company which also gives them aprartment/car, can a highly educated gril in paksitan get such job as well?

    • rabia

      yes she can get

    • usman Ilyas

      Salam Ayesha baatoon say to u look like Paki girl dont you live in Pakistan?

      • Aysha

        I left paksitan many years ago. If girls can find such jobs as well…i am so glad to hear that…hopefuly they show in this drama that girls can get educated/get professional job and live a respectful life. A girl does nto have to be "dependant" on someone for her happiness. If she finds a nice guy to marry, thats well and good, but if a guy is nasty like kashaf's dad, she should not be living a misrable life being dependant on him.

      • naina

        i agree wd u usmannnnnnnnnn

  • s.y

    kashaf nay theek kaha kch logo ko sub kuch mil jata hay aur kch ko sirf mehromi aur depression…

    • Miss USA

      Zindagi asan be bun sake thee hai
      Sarf mahnate ( work hard) ki zarrorate hoti hai
      Insaine (human) sub kuch kar sakata hai… Upnee mahnate key bulbooteee per…

    • naina

      wahoo kia bat ki ap na bilkul dil pa lage ha bythwy s.y is??

    • Aysha

      Apney say upper kay logon ko dekhoo gay to kabhi khush nàhi raho gay our Allah st ney jo diya hai us say khush raho gay to zindgi gulzar hai :)

  • mrs asad

    asmara ke dress par aise hi hansnay ka dil chahta hai . very high class straight from MARS .
    love you kashaf.

    • Uneza_j

      haha..from MARS 😛

    • ariba

      thk kha mrs asad

  • nabeel

    admin SAAT PARDON MAIN ki latest episode q nahi upload kar rahay

    • yo yo honey singh

      to wo SAAT PARDON MAIN ke page pe ja kr likho na :/ yeh 'zindagi gulzaar hai' ka page hai :/
      i think u should join the primary classes again :/
      #lost reading senses

  • kvl choudhary

    yar ya kya ha aj to tune bhee bOhat slowww chal rahee ha.:(

  • xaini

    sameena perzada iz all tym brilliant actress of pak

  • nafisachaudhry

    i like to much

  • KalaBhoot

    Very nice and interesting episode.

    • naina

      ap na ghalt name rakha ha kala bhottttttttttttttttttt ki jaga gora boht rakh lain

      • saima

        Naina dont be a fool….
        usk display per picture ek model ki ha.
        or jisko apni identity show karne me sharam aye usay compliments milne ka koi haq nai hota.

        • Fatima

          lolxxxxxx true Saima….:P ab kala bhoot kuch soch k hi rakha ho ga na mohtram nay khud say milta julta…:P

          • samnaz

            u r right yar
            jhoot bole kawa kate kale bhoottttttttttttt se daryooooooo

          • KalaBhoot

            I feel pity on you!

          • anam

            kala bhooot her jagha ghuse hain ap

        • samnaz

          kya khoob kaha ap ne
          saima bji

      • samnaz

        good naina
        mera bhe yahe khyal he hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha kala bhootttttttttttttttttt

    • samnaz

      looche lafange kale bhoot knsi episode tmhe ache lagi y tere chacha ne ak btana tha

      • KalaBhoot

        Aap k walidain ne yehi tameez sikhaee hai aap ko doosron se baat kernay ki?

        • roha khan

          or b ghm hain zmany main kaly bhooooooooooooooot k siva…..chillllllllllll

      • ayaz malik

        @samnaz i think you should behave.. this is a page ..

    • meesha


  • khawar haider

    After today's episode I feel that Kashaf is more aware of her deprivation and simple looks around her than her high academic achievement. she is beginning to feel the lack of attention which other girls seem to be receiving and that is more because of their good looks and the class to which they belong. Everyone seems to be at home with each other and Asmara seems to be proud of what she has and Zaroon whom every girl seems to like is also Asmara's partner and will be engaged to her very soon. Kashaf on the other hand with all her troubles at home and having a father who has left her mother is pressed down with all the economic burden does not feel a part of this environment. She is here to make her family's and her life easy in life. She has her outstanding academic record which speaks for her presence but she now wants more and made a bold comment on Zaroon's class of which she stands at the opposite side. Thus Kashaf will find some interesting things coming her way.

    • Sana

      Mujhy b English sekha day plz.. Ur English very fast …

    • Amber

      Lol oopse I read your name as KHUWAR like in desperate so i was like what kinda person would be this hahah sorry my bad but then my friend corrected me that its khawar not khuwar

      • ayesha

        oh my god (omg)

    • princessss

      you are absolutely right khawar haider g i agree vd u guuuuuudddddd.

  • Liza Khan

    Kashaf's and her family story is like that of mine :(

    • farrah

      aww :(

  • Sana

    Yeh drama download kaise hota hai.. iPhone mein plz everyone reply me must

    • saddam

      iss drama ko dawanload karny kalia dawanloder manager , dawanload karo,iss say asan dawanload hu sakta ha

      • naina

        bri bat btai ha ap na to sadam to ty cha gya ha tha kar ka

  • mohsin

    iphone main download krkah kya karna hai?

    • naina

      by the which iphone do u have 4 or 5…………or none anwy show marny ky liy kah rahy thy….. r jin ka pas na ho ap ki tarah vo kia karain

  • star

    I wish they could kick out asmara from the drama……..she sucks……….aunty bani hoee univ ki larki……….she is completely misfit in tht role!!!

  • Hira Fatima

    asmara is a real pain yar…
    i hate her for no reason….

    zaroon is definitely a confused personality… either u want a gal or u dont…. :s

  • Khadija Naqvi

    The story is goingg intense and i am loving it. Zaroon and Kashaf's fight was indeed a terrific onee <333

  • sidra

    nice episoad

  • tani

    nice drama indeed……………………i like zaroon n his friend……….kashaf is very brave grl ithnk sooo her way of talking is suprubbbb……………

    • naina

      kia khak brave 24 ghantay dhukii aatmaa bankee jesaay koi bhot badii musibat ho..

  • iffi

    ye uni konsi actually?

    • Ali HYder

      Cant be IBA but its some business university as they are doing MBA.

    • shazi

      indus valley school of art and architecture in karachi

      • iffi

        yr cnfrm btaowhich uni is this?

        • namirah

          Indus Valley school of art and architecture , karachi .. confirmed

    • mariya

      ye isb ki uni hai

    • kate

      indus velly , karachi

    • katty

      its behriya university karachi

  • hina

    Asmara ko pants pahna k chota dikhanay ki na kaam koshish ki gai ha !! Aween zaroon k ser chari ja rhi 36 saala anty..ooper se university me dal dia usko…

    • shensla

      ilovethis drama

    • aleema

      36 ki nhi 32 ki hai asmara

  • Aysha

    Hopefuly they will show in this drama that a highly educated/professional girl (kashaf) can live a respectable life without being depnedant on anyone. If a girl finds a nice guy to marry, thats well and good, but if a husband is like kashaf's dad, a wife should not be living a misrable life being dependant on him for her happiness.

  • Aysha

    I like kashaf's fathers second wife's acting and voice…I beleive she is new but she is a good acctress.

    • Fazz

      She is not new… she is Shazia Afgan, Nadia Afgan's Sister. she started her carrier in Shashlik

    • Najaf Rana

      No she is not new bcz I saw some episodes of shashlik on YouTube , ye us main b hai , her name is shazia afghan ! Ye lgta hi Nadia afghan ki behan hi but not sure.

  • Aysha

    hey readers, I have seen real cases where sometimes grils from rich families were married off to boys from poor families; But in real life, I have never ever seen a rich/high class boy (like zaroon) getting married to a girl from lower class (financialy). Why is that?

    • Shehla

      So true, numerous times girls marry to a lesser status boy but never the reciprocal , anyway I think those guys that do marry to a higher status are nothing but weasels

      • isha

        well i knw a cple.!! hsbnd kafi rich hai n girl is frm middle class..!! aisay 3-4 cplz dekhain hai manay..

      • qabacha


    • rose

      it happens and it happend with many ppl …rich class boys marrying lower middle class

    • anonymous

      me too

      • anormous


  • naina

    ASSALAM_O_ALIKUM ap mujy adman bna lain i am very active i will be very helpful for u to admannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn sahib or sahiba

  • B.shah

    Asmara scenes are so pathetic , time waste !

  • zakhi

    ab es site ko 2 , 4 servers ki zrorat ha site spead din ba din down hoti ja rahi ha

    • abas

      like you better know

    • aifos

      haan yaar bakwas site hey

  • Erum

    Bakwas episode!
    ab inko thoda agay badhana chaiey drama ko aisa lag rha h jese aik point pe aa k atak gaya ho

    • samnaz

      hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooona pakistani awam her cheezzzzzzzzzzz ki jaldi

  • Zeeshan Afridi

    the girl is taller than hero.
    suits with tall & muscular man like me. lolz

  • fizza

    fazo0o0ol tym pass darama

  • Laila

    is ka song sunene k lye plz link send kr dain


    very nice drama mgr insan ko ALLAH TALLAH say mayoos nahi hona chahiye q k mayoosi gunah hai is k siwa kuch nahi gilay shikway say zuban door rahay to dil ko sakoon rehta hai ALLAH b hush rehta hai rat ko sonay say pehlay agar roz ki adat bana lo SURAH WAKIYAH parhani ki to kabhi fiker o faka na ho ga sahaba apni betiyon ko b is bat ka hukum diya kartay thay mgr aj k parents ko sirf dunyawi kam karwanay atay hain betiyon say is k siwa kuch b nahi SURAH WAKIYAH wo surah hai jis ko roz parhanay say insan fakay main nahi parhata ALLAH TALLAH rizk ki barish karta rehta hai or insan khud b samajh nahi pata k yeh rizk kahan say a raha hai log dunyawi taleem k peechay bhag rahay hain or islamic study say door hotay ja rahay hain degrres sub ko chahiye ALLAH ki fiker kissi ko nahi aise main insan tanha na ho or pareshaniyon main phans jaye to or kiya ho

  • fmmzz doctor

    Looks like Sameena Parzeeda has a Thyroid nodule…

    • maheen

      awesummmmmmmmm drama

  • aimm hotiana

    awesum drama…

  • gul

    ye kashaf perht keb hey her wekt to diary likhtee rehti hey………..

    • sirfham1

      jab wo etne sare problems me rehti he to kese parti he ye to phir diary he

  • s. ally

    why there is no tune.pk link?

  • Ali Hyder

    God this sites needs a couple of servers and mirrors, its slowing down by the day and quantitative addition.. anyway nice episode :)

  • Fana

    The drama is good but there needs to be more action. Same dialogues and scenes and discussions. They need to get to the point. Feels like a drag at some points.

  • any

    I dont know y they r not showing any of class room scenes as in novel

  • rani

    such a nyc drama

  • shahid khan shirazi

    life is very difficult i know but when i watch this drama i feel
    i feel better becouse i realised very close i mast say
    all charctors very pawerfull my all best wishe to this
    team. Goodluck for this.

  • mano

    Sultana sadiqi nain boht fazool drama bnaya hai.,..novel jitna khoobsoorat or mazay ka likha hua ha us k samnay drama bohat bkwas hai….novel main yeh story bus aik bar dscuss ki thi k yeh teen behnain hain,, n nothng else but dramay ka main plot hi yehi rkha ha…. boht hi bkwas drama ha,,, i wanted to watch scenes of zaroon n kashaf in college… n wo debate novel main itni aala thi.. or dramay maain bkwas thi,,, jx cheap drama,,, umeedon py poora nhi utra jitna imagine kia tha k acha o gya us say kahin zada ghtiyaa hai,, :( :( :(

    • anne

      fazool tm kud ho wait to karo tori dyr stupid

      • mano

        haha… ji nhi.,. colge scenes k liyae to time hi nhi hai dramay walon k pas..

      • afeef

        hahha,, gareeb tea nahe pi skte kia..

    • esha

      exactly … novel mai kaafi saare college scenes b the plus wo itne aalaa the specially debate scene novel mai acha khaasa interesting r lamba tha r drame mai 1 jhatke mai khatam ….. sirf 1 change compared to novel jo acha hai wo zaroon r sara ka relation

    • Aby sheikh

      Sahi baat ha novel xaida best ha

    • princesssss

      nana dear dont use that type of words for our dramas.

    • afeef

      mano.. g.. ap nai waqae thyk imagine kia hai.,, mai nai aj e novel perha hai.. and waqae mai jitna disuss in 3 behno ko kia ja reha hai.. utna zroon and kashf ko ni kia ja reha.. jo kai novel ka main plot tha… hands soft of u, miss mano.. g

      • sheg

        may i knw d name of novel n writr frmwre i can get ths novl? i wna read

    • waleed

      thk to h

    • Sidra

      i agree with u……
      Novel is qadar khobsorat and dilshasp ha …k ye Darama bana k Novel ka bera he kharq kar dia ha.
      And han jis ny novel na parha ho. us kay ley darama awsum ha….but Slow ha…..:(

    • ayshi

      mano u r rite … jitna acha novel hh utna acha daram nai bnaya h…

    • sheg

      may i knw d name of novel n writr frmwre i can get ths novl? i wna read
      plz rep perhni h mjhe

    • kiran

      Mano ji I really appreciate your comments and this is all what I wanted to say about this drama.. Novel is much more better than drama

  • mariya

    hai frandz ye bat tu hai mujhe bhi lagta hai k ye drama mari lyf par likha gya hai ye suchhai isa bhi hota hai lyf mai jab sub jaga se itne masail a jate hani

    • axsa

      agree u mariya….. khahaf thinks just like the way i think about life….

  • kashhaf

    i hate asmara pata nahi kyon. thora sa lamba kar rahe hain par interesting drama hai specially script. class room mein waqai kashaf ne zaroon pe personal attack hi kiya tha. zahir hay jab uska naam beech mein agaya to personal hi hoa na. par class difference kay baray mein us nay sahi kaha. i love watching this drama. samina ji hatts off to u.

    • uzma

      i hate asmara too

      • falak

        me too :)

    • sami

      logon ke pas boht time hota hai in kamo ke liye practically kuch nahi karte

  • sami

    bari aulaad pe hamaisha ziada zimmaydari hoti hai or wo sab se ziada sensitive hota hai.

  • naz

    no doubt novel mai totally class rooms k scenes hain or jo speech kashaf ki novel mai thi wo boht awesome thi..its a lil part of that speech..but drama boring ni hai..ye novel muje meri university life yad dilata hai..har class mai aisi aik kashaf zaroor hoti hai:) meri class mai bhi thi or sab log ooske comments pr boht enjoy krte the specially me..aisi aik bahadur larki sare larko pr bhari hoti hai:)

  • roha khan

    asmara is physco.such possessiveness ruins the relation….what do u think guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • sana

      yes i agree kitni dheeth hai jan hi nahe chor rahi zaroon ki ..engagement kar lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo o o zaron ko kah dena chahiye nahi karni engagement (behen)………..hahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahh

      • roha khan


      • shamayla


  • gona


    Its an exellent play of " HUM TV" I like all characters except of Kashaf ' second mother ''s .Ilike Kashaf ;role in this ply- wiating when kashaf & zaroon will become friends – i liked this play v-much &wait through for friday to see it – Kashf is a bold girl

  • mubashra

    Salam to all this drama is awsome but i was waiting from 1st episode for classroom scenes that was in novel why thy didnt show those scenes in drama

  • iqra

    lovleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy DRAMA

  • maryam

    i hate Asmara

    • mariya

      Same here :@

      • iram

        zyadti tou asmara k sth hai wo tym b spnt kry or zaroon usy kch dy b na……….!!!!!!

  • aleenasajid

    waqai main novel ziada acha hai itna k parh k maza a gaya …….plz is darame ko novel hi rehnay dete yeh baat zahir hai k diary related novel ka darama ban hi nahi sakta …i mean is novel main itna sucpens or maza hai jitna darame main nahi hai is se achawa tou humsafar tha ….umera ahmed k novels bht strong chracters k hotay hain agar ap darama bana rahe hain tou yeh baat zehn main rakhein k daram b novel hi ho sultana siddique ne bht hi bura direct kia hai momina duraid bht acha karti hain ap un se rujoo karte ……..to b honestly i personally like humsafar geo ap ka ek or darama tha meri zaat zara e be neshan voh ab b repeat hota hai usko jab dekhti hoon tou aesa lagta hai jese pehli baar dekh rahein hoon ……ek tou jo characters ap ne liyeh thay voh perfect thay ….is main asmara b fazool hai kashaf tou bilkul b sahe nahi hai zaroon b theak nahi hai kashaf ki behnay or ammi phir b theak hain ……i mean har bar ek hi actors q lete hain ……plzzzzz aesa darame bante rahein tou logon ne hum channel ki eent se eent baja deni hai

  • maryam

    Management plz alwayz upload dramas in 4 parts bcz 40 min k part bht heavy hota hai or load b bht mushkil se hota hai

    • Mariya


  • **M**

    kashaf and zaroon scenes are interesting

  • guest

    It will be one of the memorable drama. Although story is somehow different from novel but in spite of that drama is awesome as was novel…:)

  • farooq

    Awesome acting by Samina Pirzada. She in herself is a university of acting, perfect face expressions and dialogue delivery. Just couldn't be better. Keep it up Samina Ji!!

  • white heart

    best drama

    • kash

      hey black heart heheheheh

  • roha khan

    director has spoiled the beauty of umera's writing

  • http://[email protected] arishma khan

    good drama

  • syeda

    uff asmara zehrili :p

  • rimsha

    i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this drama and fawads acting is superb

  • zarnab

    i dont think there will be any one who had read this novel nd would appreciate the drama….!!!!

    • m.zaid

      novel apni jga acha hae or drama b acha hae,dono mn farq hota hae.

    • sadaf

      what is your name meaning????

    • sadaf

      what is your name means??????

    • zunera

      i hav read this novel and i personaly liked it so much that i did nt wanted to see a little bit chang in serial …. bt after 5 episiodes i think serial will b as gud as novel

      serial and novel both are two different things
      dono ki requirments alag hoti ha n secondly time period k differnce ki wjha xy serial m kuch changes ha
      novel 1981 m likha gya tha , so wo apny time n society k hisab xy bht accha tha
      and now we are seeing zaroon n kashaf in 2012 …

  • maroof


  • Refan

    episode is better going..
    i thing start next episode Kashaf Zaroon Stories…

    Bcoz Kashaf's started thinging about Zaroon…

    best Luck Sultana madam… GOod Writing

    • Maira Khalid

      This drama is written by "Umera Ahmed",not by "Sultana Madam"

  • samnaz

    yameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee drama

    • kash

      q koi icecream hai kia ahooooo??????

  • Maira Khalid

    Love this drama……….
    Awesome acting of all the stars…………
    Best of Luck…………



  • sonia

    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 😛

    • kash

      123456789 hahahaha:p

  • waleed ahmed

    zindagi gulzar hai is my favourite drama

    • princessss

      mee too.

  • toba

    i love it drama

  • princesssss

    its verrrrryyyy intersting drama i like pakistani dramas pakistani actors rocks.

  • zoyi

    Nice drama

  • farah

    itnay gareeb hai to chai kyon peetay hai bar bar

    • m.zaid

      gareeb bnda srf chae he to enjoy kr skta hae,

    • mehreen

      ab chai bhi na piyen????

    • maha

      chaey to har ghareeb ghar mien jahan behnain rehti hain baar baar peeti hain chaey ki patti chupa kar :-)

    • sadaf mehmood

      had h farah apki soch kii koi ghareeb h to khana pina chor dy,,,?
      agr han to gareebon ki to dunia nhi phr yae..

    • HaDi!

      chai pee ra hai……………Pizza nai kha ra……..FARAH….;)….

  • muji

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