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Read Review of this Episode by Fatima




Read Review of this Episode by Fatima

  • diya…

    kasaf to bs uffffffffffff…

    • Meow
      • jiya malik


  • Fatima

    whooooo m the frst 1….:P
    jux awesome have no words to explain….:)
    umaira Ahmed u r just great just great outstanding….:)

    • diya…


  • maheen




  • Mmm

    maza a gya episode dekh ky !!!!!!!!!!!

    • momo

      ab utho merai leyai chaae banaao !!! shabash

      • Maria

        mahmood sy kho wo bnae ga momo

  • fatima


  • imran

    kashaf not look good with fawad !! i think kashaf jaga is drama mein jo is ki friend bani hai use lete … she look good with fawad !! but i am not talking of kashaf acting she is a mavellous job … but she not look good with fawad !!

    • aishabutt

      imran i think you are ri8..but ap kashaf ki acting b dakhn na..aus heesab say aus ka face he is dramay main suit kar ra hai..i like her…kisis ki shakal per nahi jana chiy ..shakal tu ALLAH nay banayii hai brother humra haq he nahi hai kisi ke b barey min bolnay ka..pata nahi wo apnay ma baap ki kitni payarii ho…

      • nosheen

        kyn emotional ho rai hain ap behna….

        • serina ali

          fawad is my fav ur sanam best choice i love kasshif too

      • iman

        aisha i am not saying ke kashaf not beautiful & she cant act she did outstanding job in this drama but my point is as apair she not look good on screen with fawad … like fawad dramas earlier co actress sanam baloch & hit pari fawad and mahira …its my opinion

        • parsa

          bai ds drama is based upon novel n ds is novel requirement….according 2 nvl kashaf is not pretty

        • aishabutt

          yes agree with u brother/ab kiya karein har kisi ki looks fawad khan and mhira khan jasii b nahi hotii….bas yeh role kashaf ki kismat ka he tha jo ausay mila..

    • rabia

      sometimes contrasting personalities have magnetic bonding between them thts what they r showing in this drama,,,like black looks good with white in colours,,,,,opposite personality attracts sometimes,,,,they look perfect in dis match,,,:)

    • fatima khan

      novel mei kasaf ko khoobsorat nai dikhaya gaya.zaroon kashaf ko us ki khoosorati nai pasand nai kary ga balky us ki nature sy pasand kary ga.:)

    • shadowed

      i have read the novel. she is casted acording to the requirement of her role i.e she is not beautiful, her family background is poor, the only outstanding feature she owns is her pride and honour which is the basis of this plot to move forward, which is why zaroon gets pissed off, only to find that his subconcious contradicts his views.

    • shadowed

      and as one can notice zaroon is perfect at everything which pisses kashaf off.

    • drone

      pehlay english to skh lain criticiz baad mai karna

  • Lilly

    Waiting for the last part

  • ashna khan

    Superb….. epi

  • alizasaba

    Like it. . .

  • neha

    awesum episode………..:)


    wonderful job by umera ahmed,The art of presentng so deep angles in this story is just fabolous.Same credits goes to Sultana SiDDIQUE AND THE MAIN CAST OF THE DRAMA

  • saad

    OMG!!!! today's episode was super awesome nd precap was ufffff god… espesially the scene in which fawaad n kashaf was talkng and fawad was jst starng her in a flirty awy… was too gud>3>3

  • matilda

    Zaroon sings very very very good.

    • salman

      yeah reallyyyyyyyy>3

      • Sara

        Junaid Jamshed*

    • Daniyah Naqi

      the song is sung by ali zafar

      • ayesha

        OST is sung by ali zafar but the song zaroon was singing in this episode was sung by junaid jamshed ..

  • Honey

    Mehreen Raheal is so beautiful .. she must do some positive roles also! tired of watching her this evil πŸ˜›

    • faryal

      i agree with asmara bit…i m bored of her same acting

  • nina

    OMG!!!! Love it soo much!! the dialogues are so crisp and i cant stop giggling when kashaf and zaroon talk to each other , i cant wait to see how the story progresses!

  • Hira Zahid

    aw zaroon <3

  • dybbuk

    Missed 8th episode of ZGH. Lanatullahi alal WAPDA :(

  • rani bakhtawer

    i jst love kashaff,,

  • anonymous

    wt did he say wen she was leaving his car??????????

    • sweety

      tmhara sar

      • anonymous

        hav sum shame n over mat ho

    • hamna

      He said "ap mai to itni courtesy hai nahi k thank you keh den magar ab ap ko pata chal gaya ho ga k mai ap ko srf drop krna chahta tha"

  • dybbuk

    Kashaf and Zaroon just need a single push to fell for each other and then…….it would be without ignition. Just a single push..as being said that a beautiful eye contact is enough to ensnare each other in bonds of irresistible desire of love. Waiting for that moment desperately. No doubt just a single spark of love can set victim's entire soul hypnotized in the charms of his/her lover. Best thing about our dramas is that they are far beyond the stupidity of Saas – Bahu saga like Indian Dramas. Thumbs up for Pakistani Dramas. Thumbs up for HUMTV!!!

  • Mena khan

    :@ itniii slow video chal rahi haina k bass :@
    dramay ka sara maza khara hogya

    • kutay ppp+n+mqm+Q

      bhai ptcl say jan chura lo na..

    • mahroz

      net package upgrade krwaain please.

    • deedee

      bhat zada slow hai :/

  • hum

    aala πŸ˜€

  • yumna

    Uff kashaf look amazing,,,,,,,she looks so magnetic,,,Mistry women,,,,,,,which keep an egoistic hooked up for his whole life.

  • Asad

    i love this drama

  • sara

    cant wait 4 the next episode

    • Imran Khan

      ok dnt wait. hahahaha

      • sara1


  • nisar

    where is first part. of this serial, it is showng error. upload it again

  • fairy

    wat a promo……. uuuffhhhhhhhhhhhhh cant w8 for nxt friday :(

  • dybbuk

    Fawad Khan is such a versatile actor. Every role he plays he is perfect for it i.e in "Humsafar", "Akbari Asghari", "Dastaan" and now in "ZGH". Cool man!!

  • elf

    Being an abstemious, to be honest I had not been fond of watching television ever since my childhood but it was "Humsafar" which turned me into a lover of Pakistani dramas. Pakistani dramas acted like a talisman for me, almost kindling. Most of my spare time, now I spend in watching Pakistani dramas. I just love them……………………………………………..<3

    • adeelzaib

      if u watch on television then y u need to come here ??? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ just kidding :)

  • javed

    pehla part kyon masala kar raha hai check karo plz

    • fatima khan

      novel mei kasaf ko khoobsorat nai dikhaya gaya.zaroon kashaf ko us ki khoosorati nai pasand nai kary ga balky us ki nature sy pasand kary ga.:)

  • Hiba

    Zaroon & Kashaf look lovely together a perfect pair, Kashaf is beautiful from inside as well as outside !!!!!!!!! totally loved today's episode and eagerly waiting for next episode!!!!!!!!!

    • ahmad

      zaroon iz beautiful not kashaf and how u will know she iz beautiful from inside…!!!!!!! hahah

      • Hiba

        Well Ahmad that's your way of seeing thing's, you don't find Kashaf beautiful whereas i do, when a good looking man tries to woo a girl and she shows no interest in him that just goes to show her beauty from the inside and i never said that Zaroon is not good looking!!!!!!!!!!

        • Badtameez

          larai larai maaf karo….Beauty indeed is in the eye of the beholder…kisi ko khashaf achi lagti hai to kisi Asmara …. ismein larnay wali kia baat hai Ahmad sab?..(waisey Asmara aunty mujay kabhi bhi kisi bhi serial mein achi nahi lagi….over acting ki mari hui hai..lol but ofcourse that my perception…)

          abhi episode dekha nahi so cant comment pahlay comments parh k enjoy ho raha hai…lol baad mein episode dekh k enjoy karain gay…:)

      • Critical Analyst

        She would have looked beautiful to you if she had given a look with a fresh stylish hair cut, bold dressing and that upper class attitude. You can never judge a person by his/her looks. The girl playing role of kashaf is really beautiful. She having that simple look because of the character given to her. We today have a very unrealistic approach of judging people by their face value.

        • noori

          Sahi kaha aap ne, Kashaf agar Asmara aur doosri larkyon ki tarah bold kaprey pehnti thabi tu woh in ko achi aur khubsurat laghti lekin woh dhaki chuppi hai isi leye woh in ko khubsoorat nahin lagh rahi……in ki nazar main khubsoorti bold kaprey pahne se ati hai jo kai us ne nahi pehney huway!!!!!!!!!!!

        • sceniglamorifableurhypnosa

          that's soo true…people nowadays are hopeless and so mean, they classify you in terms of what you wear and how you carry yourself rather than what your morals are – that is totally sad :(

        • Ikleel Khan

          ya m totally agree wid u dude ……….. u know today when I was watching one of previous episode with my little bro and sis ……. one of my bro said to mee that kashaf will look stylish like ashmara if they gave stylish look to her

      • wasim

        hahahahh she is beautiful fro inside……!!!!!!!>3

      • ZGH lover

        oh bai kya ap khud ko husne Yousaf samjate ho? hote kaun ho ap kisi ko ugly kehne waley- chichore pan ki koi had hoti he ap ka tu dil aur chehra dono hi bad surat he. aur yehi baat ap ke lye bhi wasim stupid kahin ke.

        • Sara

          shame on you for giving such remarks. zgh lover.
          sharam atee ha kasa kasa log forum per ajatey hain…!

          • ZGH lover

            esa kya kaha maine ke ap ko sharam ane lagi ? kya koi be hayye wali baat ki maine?

    • ZGH lover


  • Daniyah Naqi

    when will the review come?

  • abdul

    yar darma download nai ho rha kia masla ha adm plz check tis out

  • aalooazhar

    ufffffffffffffff clap clap clap..for actors diractor and for whole team…m impressed..never ever seen such type of drama in my whole life..hatts off

  • sana ayan

    owesome episode luv the acting of all

  • amal charlie

    really simply superb story n kashaf.

  • javed

    asl me jo novel hai us me dikhaya gya hai k kshaf aik intahai aam shkl o surat ki malik lrki hai jisse zindgi se bohat se shikwe hen,, uski personality b depresssing si hai mgr phr b us me undekhi si attraction thi jo logun ko us ki trf motawajo hone me mjboor krti thi,,, yhi wja hai k sare us ki trf dhehan dete the,, chahe wo positive way me ho ya negative, as she has actualy ''herself''

  • Annie

    Nice drama

    • tabassum

      coming apisode no 9 will amazing superb drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mano

    WTH wid speeeeeeeeeeeed??? :/ :/

  • kawnal

    hmm baki sab tou acha tha but zaroon py juned ki awaz i thnk k suit nhi ki,, uski apni awaz achi hay usi py dubing ke leaty tou that wud be better ,,

  • huma

    i just hate asmara type girl and role

    • sceniglamorifableurhypnosa

      yeah everyone does i guess per eysay log boht dikkat main paay jate hain aas paas unfortunately enough

  • sara1

    Zarun and kashaf class felloows se tu ziada behan bhai lagte hain jo itna larte hain.

  • bazinga

    woooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……………..maza a gya….. cant wait 4 a week………… :(

    • rania

      really nice darama and zaroon looks like my husband

  • shaista

    superb drama yaar, cant w8 for next friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bazinga

    zaroon khud pasandi ka shikar insan……

    khuda jb hussan daita hy nazakat a he jati hy…( for Zaroon) πŸ˜›

  • dr.sajidsallam

    Well if you guyz read the novel , Kashaf ( sanam saeed ) is excellent choice , in novel a girl with below ordinary looks ,and very poor background .

    Well its combination of dual standards, at one side Zaroon ask her sister its not good to come at midnight at home even with her fiance , and asking kashaf to travel with her at midnight,

    its reality , we all doing this !

  • rehan

    at end when Zaroon was dropping kashaf when he stopped the car there at that stage there was no sound so I didnt hear what did he say when she replied that mein tumharey dil mein nahi rehti key pata ho….

  • dr.sajidsallam

    Well if you guyz read the novel , Kashaf ( sanam saeed ) is excellent choice , in novel a girl with below ordinary looks ,and very poor background .

  • sanaprincess

    great episode

  • fairy

    ausam promo… cant w8 4 nxt friday…
    kashaf jxt love ur attitude….

  • Samsam

    Very good kashaf dil mosh kardea

  • ali jibran


  • ADIL

    the 1st part of 8 eposide is not ply why?

    • adeela zaheer

      same here

  • MeMyself

    how come zaroon is not upset over asmara's clothes in this episode? I see no difference in what she is wearning now vs. what she was wearing before (epidose 6).

    • Raheel

      i observd the same thing as well…:

    • sam

      being rich isnt anybody's fault…being arrogant is,,,

    • Ms Amber

      bai is episode main ya dialogue ne bolna tha,,,bs is lia upset ne hua,,,hahahah

    • saba

      May be thats bcz 1st of all now he is busy with kashaf second he must be thinking key fayda asmara kay mun kagnay ko?????

    • Ameena Fahad

      ya riGht !!!

    • Yousafzai

      Q k ab usko pta ha k bhains k aagy been bajany ka koi faida nae ha

  • sadaf

    kia bat hai KASHAF ki maza agaya.

  • Afifa

    I love Kashaf's role …..I like sch type of girls who have a good self esteem and are confident about their abilities and talents…..best of luck Kashaf (;

  • vb nm,

    this is fantastic drama

  • dybbuk

    Drama ki khoobsurti yeh nahin k how does heroine look like. I mean Kashaf. But asal khoobsurti yeh hai k how deeply it touches your soul and how long you are able to keep yourself calm without letting a single drop of tear rolling down your cheeks. I swear I was shattered completely after watching 1st episode when Samina Peerzada ended up walking bare-footed.

    • jamila

      yes i agree wid u n badtameez bahut muskil he apni ap par kabu pana jis strength ke saat kasaf ne apni upar kabu pa raka he koi dusra nahin rak sakta ta mujh ko ye larki boht achi lagi n her acting zaroon bi acha he or kasaf ki ama bi

    • sceniglamorifableurhypnosa

      true aur jo log yay kehte hany Kashaf is not goodlooking and dhmkaanlooking they should just try to learn the fact kay yay drama un logon ko yehi baat sikhanay kay liay bhi bnaya gia hay that it's not only the looks and status that matter…there is lot more to that aur tabhi jab ye log band hokain gay yay sab kehna , in logoun ko is dramay ka faida hoga…sirf enjoy na kero iss serial ko …iss say sabk bhi sikho people:)

  • Badtameez

    zaroon brother pai jan needs to get a grip of himself ….whats wrong with being simple and why he or someone like him feels the need to "flirt" with a girl who wants to keep it together for the sake of morality ? whats wong with this so called upper class?

    • sceniglamorifableurhypnosa

      i know it sucks, but there are a lot of people out there that picture portray Zaroon ! SO beware of such type of mean guys iss serial ka one of the other learning message :)

      • loyal


      • Badtameez

        Thank God I am out of that age group now …:) But would love to slap the shit out of people like Zaroon if they try to come near my daughters in future …lol May God keep our daughters and sisters safe from evil people like these …not every story in real life ends with…. happily ever after…..

        • sami

          hmmm agree!! n Ameen

    • Faizul Maab

      i Mean hahahahaha..uper class wtf?? everyone is born same so whats the upper class is!!!

    • Zaina

      He's taking it as a challenge I guess…shows that upper class in the drama really have nothing better to do than interfere and create challenges and obstacles for themselves whereas middle class already has plenty of those

    • sherrykhan

      i think this episode was too good and as ameerzado k sat ase he hona chaheye kashaf your acting nd atitude iz too good keep it up….

  • fatima


    • Gulraiz

      biscuit chaae k sath !!

  • Benish

    nice drama but herione is not suitable for this act

    • waqas

      she is best

  • Sami

    Did anyone notice the song that zaroon was singing? It wasn't an original.

    • Sami

      it was tum kehti ho by junaid jamshed! lol

    • gull

      it was junaid jamshed,s song tum kehti ho

    • mano

      my fvrt darama yaar but kashaf ALLAH k bary men boht galat bolti hai its really bad

    • Ms.

      junaid jamshed ki aawaz may gaa reha tha zaaroon πŸ˜€

    • Getalife


  • faryal

    i hate asmara she is so dan fake n y the hell she have to be in all drammas n same role

    • MOMO


  • faryal

    y does khashaf always talk about her being poor ..evryyyy episode n u go like ohhhhhh here we go again lol

    • shahanwaz

      awesome drama……………………specialy acting of zarooooooooooooooon

  • faiza

    wowwwwwwwwwwww wt a drama!!!!!!!!! simply awsum <3 eagerly waiting for da next episode…………..

  • zephyr

    ufho……kia drama hai…..in actual zaroon z ignorant person kashaf z not..mujhai ek baat samajh mai nahi aati…ghar mai zaroon acha hai to pir kashaf k sath bura q hai..wo to lecture daita rehta hai apni sister ko then y he z doing bad with kashaf…kia usai is baat se chir hai k kashaf usai left nahi karati..is episode mai zaroon says "aaj k zamanai mai ye konsi values hai k ek larki larkai k sath akeli gaari mai nahi jaa sakti" ths z bad..ad kashaf behaviour with zaroon z totaly ri8 QK islam says "na mahram awrat na mahram mard k sath agar baat karai to sakht lehjai mai karai k mard us ki taraf maayal na ho"

    • dohqa

      zephyr ap jo b hain bilkul teak kaha hy ap ne…. very goooood

    • Tahir Mansoor

      @ Zephyr: Daykha jaay tow Zaroon or Kashaf dono eak jaysay hee hain. yeay dono her chez ke against he rehna chatay hain, Jaysay….. Zaroon ko apnee mother or sister say ikhtalaf rehta hay per Kashaf ko wo conservative sumajh… ! Dosree taraf Kashaf jo upper class ki her bat say iktalaf kertee hy or kehtee hay k wo log etnay lucky nahee howtay jub k apnay gher mein un hee logon key misalain daytee hay….! But jo bhe hay…. Yeay such hay hum log easay hee hain….. I like this…

      • zephyr

        yea u r ri8…..tahir !!

  • shumaila naz


    • Tahir Mansoor

      Yar easa hee howta hay jub insan parayshan howta hay tow us ko sub say ziada shikayatain apnay Allah say hee howtee hay….! Han hum ko Saber say kam laynay chaheeay per is kashaf mein etna saber kahan hay, her jaga tow wo lurnay kharee how jatee hay…..!

    • sidra

      listen jab insaan naumeedi kei jee raha hota hai na to aisy hi word use karta hai dilon k haal Allah janta hai or itna serious lene wali baat nahi jitni ap logon ny le li hai…. Allah k sath bandy ka rishta aisa hi hai wo us scene mei Allah sy gila kar rahi thi us mei shikaiyat thi jo ap bhi kabhi kabhi kartien ho gi bas alfaz difff use karti ho gi ….so take it EZ ..:)

      • saba

        Aur keya sub ko bus bakwas karni atti ahy jasay khud to Shumaila sahiba nay kabhe Allah say shako sikayat nahe ki ho gi???? Siraf batayn hayn. Unless Shumaila is like Usmara not that rich but have all the happiness and support etc. Didn't you guys hear kay ( jis ka koye nahe hota us ka khuda hota hay) To Kashaf ko koye nahe hay jo help karay to who sirf khuda he say gila karay ki na!!!!

        • Yousafzai

          Take it easy saba. shumaila ny apni opinion hi di ha na ap is sy agree ya disagree kr skti ho itna harsh hony ki kya zaroorat ha.

      • Ata

        I agree Insan jab real life m mushkil time ata he tu wo almost aisa h react karta hy or I think Allah s gila theek nahi h lakin ya b tu socho insan gila apno s karta hey or jo Zarf Allah ka hy wo bandey ka nahi hy. I think Umaira Ahmed is one of the talented ever writer I have seen. God bless her.

    • ali

      shumaila ALLAH par chor do .

    • barfi

      listen shumaila ye sirf ak drama hai aur is ko drama samajh kay hi dekhien warna na dekien.ap zarur films bhi dekhti hoon gi un films main kya kuch nahi hota

  • ain

    just love kashaf, she looks very attractive, a wonderfull actress. i bet no other girl could perform like she z doing. fantabulous

    • fatimajamil

      exactly !!! same here :)

  • Maheen

    I love the way Kashaf told off both Asmara and Zaroon. Zabardast! This is how rich, arrogant people should be dealt with, whether that is in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world.

    • sceniglamorifableurhypnosa

      yeah maheen I totally agree with u …Kashaf totally stands out and she is so protective about her dignity and stuff, that it inspires me …and I mean self respect is really important and one should not just sell themselves just coz they see someone out there with good looks!

      • Maheen

        She is a great role model in that sense. I just hope she doesn't compromise on it once she marries into Zaroon's upper class, bayghayrat burger family.

        • sceniglamorifableurhypnosa

          OMG I laughed so hard on your comment 'burger family' ..yeah truee this upper class is soo mean and has no idea what harm they are to our nation and Zaroon jese log aesehi khuamkhua nak phulay phirte hain LOL

  • shehzad

    o tobha kya drama h

  • zgh

    koi Allah ka banda jisnay novel perha ho plz yeh bata day kay zaroon r kashaf ka connection kab ja kay mil jae ga i wana see that moment otherwise i am bored now. meri taraf say bahut se duaen milay ge batanay walay ko

    • iqra urooj

      mene novel parha hai , nd zaroon n kashaf ki shadi in k collge k kuch years baad hogi jb zaroon kisi multi national company me job krne lge ga, n kashaf b ek bari police officer bn jaegi.. but in ki shadi bht typical tareeke se hogi ,means zaroon apni jeet k lye kare ga,but deep inside he is going to love her nd kashaf bhi yeh show nhe karegi k wo pyar krti hai zaroon se shadi tk even engagement k bd bhi ghumna phirna pasand nhe krti zaroon k sath.. n even after shadi bht dafa larai b hgi inki..

      • fatimajamil

        they will meet soon as I guess cause they have cut the story a lot especially that classroom scene in which they both argue in a very emotional way and the speech was very sentimental from kashaf's side and that scene was pretty long but in actual drama they have just shown a half minute scene , that was the most reality based and nice scene of the whole story but alas !! and I am quite sure that if they did show the whole of it , it would be the most popular scene of the century but alas again !!
        anyway zgh they will meet soon as I hope so on sir abrar's house after leaving college for many years and zaroon will propose kashaf through sir abrar who will consent kashaf to marry him… :) ending is very cool :)

        • zgh

          matlaab yeh uni mein to lartay he rahay gay uskay baad conection hnaaaaa baat kuch hazam nae hoe..jan kay dushman baad mein mian bevi ban jaen gay kerna to tha to uni mein he kuch ker detay..
          uni end ho ge sab juda pher achanak mulaqat pher shadi bhe ho jae ge pher shadi kay baad pher lerai.pher sulah r zindagi shukaar per khatam

          • shinylucky

            agar aap khud hi Novel parh lein tou ye zyada behtar hoga coz they have changed story a lil bit… actually Novel is based upon the dairy pages of zaroon and kashaf and through that we can know their actuall thoughts k in dono k mind mein kya chal raha hai…last mein in k 2 kids hote hain but here in Drama 2 little girls are shown…read the novel ….its not so much lengthy…. !

      • Ikleel Khan

        jab kashaf police officer ban jati h to is k papa k papa aur papa ki 2nd b.v pe kia guzarti h …… wo scene zara bta do bht betab hun us scene k lia πŸ˜€

    • zufashnoor


    • Muhammad Ali

      next 2 episode bAd in ki shadi ho jayegi,,in k teacher in ki shadi kra dety hain…and boths given the exams of css,,,kashaf Assistant commisionr appoint ho jaye gi,,and zaroon b officer lg jaye ga,,,kashaf ki post zaroon ki post sy achi hogi,,then zaroon ko feel hoga k kashaf hi us k lye hi bhtr thi

  • Hammu

    Words cannot describe the beauty of this play.Too brilliant man ! Sultana Siddiqui has really done a wonderful job.Each and everybody whether minor or major is doing awesome! But the best one is Sanam Saeed.She has improved a lot.I mean what was she when she starred in Mera Naseeb,then the totally opposite Yameena.And now this.Totally proud of her.But i must say,even at this moment,when they (Zaroon and Kashaf) are almost eating each other,look too cute! They definitely share the world's best chemistry.Cannot wait to see them together!

    • fatimajamil

      that will be the best part .. when they will start living together under the same roof .. in novel that was awesome now I don't know how will they dramatize it but I hope it will be nice as always :)

  • Waqas

    yar Kashaf's friend is giving very CUTE expressions.
    lovely girl

  • horaira


  • Ms Amber

    Another great epic episode of ZGH,,,,,,,,, ufffffffff,,awesome,,super hit.maza a gia,,everything is going perfect,,
    keeps rocking UMAIRA how beautifully you explained the different aspects of life,, excellent selection of actors as well ,,,,,
    FAWAD is really dashing man,,,

  • zufashnoor

    zaroon or kashaf ka connection shadi se kuch lamhy qabal mil k phir tot jay ga or shadi k kuch arsy bad tot k asmara se milny k bad ho ga AS IN NOVEL DONT KNOW ABOUT DRAMA


    wao zbrdast bht he awsum episode thi

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